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My Dad's TS Girlfriend

Studio: Mile High Distribution » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 7/22/15

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Running Time: 1:27
Director: Nica Noelle
HD: Shot in HD
Studio: Mile High Distribution
Number of Discs: 1
Year: 2015
Watermarks: No
Condoms: Yes

I knew from its cover that “My Dad’s TS Girlfriend” would be a great bit tranny porn, I didn’t know it’d be the hottest I’ve ever seen. At ninety minutes, Nica Noelle’s film sports a narrative about a father and son torn between two gorgeous transsexual lovers. Dad David is still in love with his former lover Jessy but is marrying Sunday, who is in love with David’s son Wolf. What will the pair do? Who will end up with whom? It’s certainly one of the most erotic I’ve ever seen.


Sunday Valentina and David Chase

Sunday and David begin kissing as she rubs through David’s shots. Sunday looks amazing in her purple dress and hard cock, and takes a mean sucking from David, who gobbles her cock and licks her hole through her panties. He licks her hole clean, rimming and tongue fucking her hole, then sucking her cock, deep throating the goddess. Sunday then turns bending over and gets her hold sucked on by David. She then lays him down and goes to town on his cock, sucking him off. She then dominates his mouth by watching him take her in to his mouth, all while he masturbates. She bends him over massaging his hole, and then fucks him from behind, pounding him fast and hard. After dominating his ass, they fall in to one another’s arms, kissing and jerking each other off, as David finally cums all over himself.

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Jessy Dubai and Wolf Hudson

Jessy Dubai is another beautiful Latina dressed in black who pulls Wolf to her and begins making out with him. She then rips his cock out of his trousers, sucking him off, then strips down to her skivvies revealing her long hard cock. She rubs on him for a while before undressing him, and the two kiss. He undresses sucking her titties, and sucks his cock as he feels on her plump ass. He then reciprocates by sucking on her hard cock and licking her hole as she turns away from him. He sucks on her hole, licking her cock and the two form a 69 sucking each other off furiously. He finally mounts her, kissing her passionately, and pumps her entering in to her and fucking her hard. He then dominates her by fucking her from behind, and the two make out passionately. She mounts him riding him cowgirl style, joining hands with him, and takes him hard and fast from behind. She then turns riding him reverse cowgirl style, getting fucked hard and fast by Wolf. Both lean against the head board fucking and Hudson fucks Jessy spread eagle as she jerks off. Finally, he finishes off on her stomach and then leans down to kiss her.

Jessy Dubai and David Chase

Very sexy Jessy takes David throwing him on the bed and begins making out with him as he clutches her big ass, and the pair strip one another. She kisses David's chest, and they make out again, as Jessy takes off her dress biting David's cock. She straddles him as he kisses her stomach and then begins feasting on her great big tits, as she moans softly. They kiss some more as she rubs his cock and he sucks on her tits once again. She takes his pants off as he kisses her ass and she goes down on him sucking his cock. He takes his clothes off sliding over to Jassy and takes her spread eagle, kissing her tits, and then goes down on her hard long cock kissing her balls through her panties. He rims her ass for a little while as she eggs him on. She takes off her panties as Jessy leans over sucking David's cock furiously, and David fingers Jessy's hole. The two 69 sucking each other's cocks, moaning softly, and he begins jerking Jessy off as she sucks David's cock.

He leans down licking her asshole as Jessy sucks David's cock going chin deep, and she begins jerking herself off as he fingers her hole. Finally, he straddles her licking her hole as she moans, and sucks her off, licking her shaft and balls lovingly. He finally enters her from behind and fucks her ass as she grabs her own tits, and he drills her along the edge of the bed as she moans, taking the pounding. They make out as David fucks her hard and fast along the bed sliding her up with her ankles behind her head and dominates her, fucking her balls deep, hard and fast as she moans aloud. They embrace kissing and making out as Jessy mounts David and begins riding his cock cowgirl style much to his delight. She rides his cock hard and fast taking him deep in to her, and goes down on all fours as he licks her hole rubbing her cock and balls. She slides back sucking his cock as he fingers her hole, and he dominates her sliding in to her ass hole with his cock and drilling her hard and fast as she cries out. They kiss some more as he tongues her hole and fucks her again, sliding in to her hole, and fucks her fast and hard as she groans aloud clutching the bed for control. David kisses Jessy, sucks on her tits, and finally cums all over her chest and stomach.

Sunday Valentina and Wolf Hudson

The beautiful and sexy Sunday leans over rubbing Wolf’s leg, and he kisses her as she reciprocates. She kisses him back again as they make out passionately, as he kisses her neck rubbing her legs. They lean back stripping each other as they kiss deeply, and Wolf goes for her tits. They kiss more as Wolf undresses and kisses Sunday’s juicy big tits, rubbing her long legs. He licks her tits as they undress one another, and embrace as he rubs her legs. She takes his pants off rubbing his hard cock and goes down on him sucking him deep and fast. He rubs her bare ass as she sucks his cock, and she spreads for him as he pushes her head down on to his hard cock. As she sucks him off he kisses her ass and back, spreading her apart and playing with her hard cock and balls. He leans down spreading her apart and goes down on her sucking her beautiful cock and tits, and sucks her hard cock fast and deep.

They kiss again as Wolf goes down on Sunday’s hard cock licking her balls. He slides up taking Sunday with a kiss and spreads her legs apart kissing her tits, and then skudes his hard cock into her ass as she moans. He fucks her soft at first then speeds up with both of her legs up in the air. He fucks her hard and fast as they kiss deeply, and he lifts her up in to his arms as she rides his hard cock cowgirl style. They kiss passionately once again as he fucks her hard and fast while she rides his lap moaning aloud, and they slide down along he couch. He kisses her with her legs spread as she jerks off and slides in to her ass, fucking her slow and steadily. He fucks her from the side clutching her tits lovingly, as they kiss, and he speeds up pounding her in the ass. He sucks on her tits fucking her deep and slowly, and spreads her eagle, with both legs in the air, sliding in to her ass. He fucks her slowly and gently and then speeds up fucking her hard and fast. He kisses her passionately before finally cumming all over her stomach.


There’s a two minute blooper reel filled with dialogue flubs and an incident involving a prop television, there’s a cum shot gallery from the TS women and men, a fine Behind the Scenes featuring interviews with the performers and a great slideshow gallery.


“My Dad’s TS Girlfriend” relies on dialogue and imagery to convey its narrative and it works. Nica Noelle pulls through with a clear and brisk picture free of watermarks as well as clear and crisp dialogue that gets the point across. The movie is top notch production quality and it sucks you in.

“My Dad’s TS Girlfriend” is hopefully the first of a series, as it’s one of the hottest bits of tranny porn I’ve ever seen. It’s erotic, it’s alluring, the TS women featured are absolutely mind blowing, and the story is simple. I wanted more in its short run time. This is an X Critic Pick for sure.


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