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Fetish Fantasy Extreme Ball Stretcher

Studio: Other » Review by Spook Central » Review Date: 5/28/15

XCritic's Advice: Skip It


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The Fetish Fantasy Extreme Ball Stretcher by Pipedream Products is a weighted aparatus designed to tug on a man's testicles, allowing him to feel a more intense orgasm. It is described as such on the back of the box:

Experience the most extreme climaxes with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Ball Stretcher! Simply snap the heavy-duty parachute cuff around your balls, then add up to four ounces of force that is evenly distributed by three metal chains. Beginners and enthusiasts alike can easily attain their desired pull with these easy screw-on metal weights. Typically, as one reaches orgasm, the scrotum pulls the testicles into the body. By stretching and resisting this pull with the Ball Stretcher, your body tries even harder to retract, making you cum harder than ever before!

That sounds great, doesn't it? I thought so. I even liked the idea of screw-on weights. The box says that "each weight weighs approximately 1.3 ounces", and provides "up to 4 ounces of force". On my postal scale, they weighed *exactly* 1 ounce each, giving a total of 3 ounces. You only get three weights in the package, and Pipedream doesn't seem to sell more weights individually. So, if you want to add more weight, you're up to your own resources. I actually didn;t feel much tug with the three weights, and would have liked to add a couple more.


The weights hang from three metal chains, clipped to a vinyl parachute cuff. The cuff is described by Pipedream as "heavy duty", but I found that not to be true. Taking it out of the box, and before I even used it, I noticed that one of the eyelets (the holes the clips go through) was coming off of the vinyl. That wouldn't matter much since I found a bigger problem with the cuff. The box says that "One Size Fits Most", but I must not be "most" because I found the cuff to be too big on me - and I never considered myself to be very small. There are two "sizes" to snap into, but they're hardly different since the snaps are placed right next to each other. There should have been a bigger difference between the placement of the snaps. The smallest size eventually slipped off after moving around just a little bit.


With the cuff not capable of staying on, this item was totally useless. I knew that I could not return it to Adult DVD Empire, since they don't accept returns on opened novelaties - and rightfully so. I thought that I out $25, when I came up with a novel idea. Oxball's Sacksling toy has two little holes under the "scrotum", which serve no purpose in the normal version of the product. (It's used for electrodes in the "shock treatment" version, which uses the same mold.) I unclipped the weights from the Ball Stretcher, and put two of the chains through the holes in the Sacksling, chaining them together inside the sack. Not only did this allow me to use the weights without them "falling off", but with the added weight of the Sacksling, there was sufficent tug that was missing from using the Ball Stretcher alone. The photo below shows what the Sacksling looks like with the weights added.


So, in conclusion, I can't recommend this product because, simply put, one size does not fit all.

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