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Asshole Therapy

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 6/10/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Anal/Gonzo/POV+



Cast: Adriana Chechik/Karmen Karma/Ella Nova/Rachael Madori/Nickey Huntsman/Mike Adriano

Director: Mike Adriano

Extras: Trailers/Web

Release Date: 5/6/2015

Runtime: 198 Mins

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*Scene 1:

Ella Nova/Mike Adriano

Anal, ATM

The premiere scene in Mike Adriano's Asshole Therapy kicks off with a brief conversational piece with relatively new anal savant Ella Nova, who's wearing a fishnet outfit that leaves little to the imagination, with the classic garter & stockings look and some heels. Introductory moments consist of some really nice walkshots of Ella's juicy junkbox, chock fully of booty jiggles and the like. Some ass-winks prelude the pre-sex foreplay, ultimately setting in with some trademark Adriano anal tongue fucks that evolve into Ella showing off her throating skills by jamming a conveniently placed dildo into the nether depths of her throat. Mike's jizz-nozzle steps into view soon after, as Ella gives some beautifully exaggerated throat chokes whilst letting the drool flow down her body endlessly and making sweet music through massive cock chokes and hungry throat squelches. The cocksucking runs rampant throughout the early parts of the scene, captured nicely in the POV+ style angles before Ella spreads her gaper and accepts Mike's throbber in a slowly heightening missionary style buttfuck. Sex starts out really well, with Ella mixing it up with some filthy-mouthed dirty talk for added effect, progresssing wonderfully upon the scene's continuance. Positioning switches up nicely, with some butter-fucking taking place in the latter stages featuring Ella getting two sticks shoved up her anus while Mike relentlessly pounds her and she squirts it out simultaneously. Things eventually cap off with Ella giving a few final throat chugs to her stunt-hog, coaxing him to bust his nuts directly into her mouth before she swallows it up and blows a kiss to the camera. Awesome. A solid scene here to say the very least; Ella was amazing to watch, her expressions and energy were spot on and the scene's loaded with huge gapes, deep throats, and hard fucking. COOOL!



*Scene 2: 

Rachael Madori/Mike Adriano

Anal, ATM


Rachael Madori is the focal point of the second scene in the film, a super hot girl whose engaging personality and authentic looks help make her a favorite of yours truly in the more recent crop of porn girls. Rachael looks as gorgeous as expected upon the scene's opening, dressed casually in a tight pair of ripped jeans with her thong sticking out of the sides, and some stylish high tops with a tiny red shirt. Early moments consist of some great shots of the brunette beauty, as she strips out of her clothes and gives an ass-induced tease to the home viewers before Mike dives into her asshole face-first for some preparatory tongue fucking. Rachael soon returns the oral favor through a nicely slopped up cock-plunging, consistently working her hardest to jam Mike's nozzle deep into her throat while her eye makeup drips down her face in the process. The assfucking sets in with a missionary themed rump romping, as Rachael shows some initial hesitance at first but manages to take Mike's hog balls deep with action heightening nicely upon it's progression. Position switches are mostly bridged with some hard ATM cock chugs from Rachael, moving on into the later moments where Mike shoves some gummi bears up her anus and pounds them out of her for added effect. Things cap off after some rough doggie style dick dunks, with Rachael falling to her knees as our director jerks his jizzwhistle and she gathers up his cokcsauce in a martini glass before drinking it up and sending us on our way. A pretty solid scene here for the most part; if there's one girl I go full-on fanboy over it's definitely Rachael, mostly because I can see some serious potential in this girl becoming one of the best. Good stuff. 



*Scene 3:

Nickey Huntsman/Mike Adriano

Anal, ATM, Speculum

Nickey Huntsman enters view for the third scene in the film, looking adorable as she chats it up with our director in the introductory moments. Nickey's dressed in a pink neglige number, with the camera giving the home viewers some glorious ass shots while she struts her stuff through an indoor setting, ultimately reaching her destination on the couch and blowing out some gapes for us as she spreads her anus. After some tongue fucking from Adriano, Nickey takes her place on the bed, lying on her stomach and returning the oral favor through some heavy throatfucks while staring up at our director in the process. The blowie is solid, having spurts where Mike gives her some pointers as the fluids drip from her mouth, ultimately leading into the anal sex that sets up in a missionary style butt-bang. The sex gets gradually stronger upon moving forward, showcasing a plethora of gapes from Nickey as the camera takes some strange cuts before she takes some gummi bears up the ass. Some speculum play comes next, with Mike pushing Nickey's hole to the limit via his medical tool of choice before reverting back to anal. The scene reaches it's finale soon after, with Nickey falling to her knees and taking a jizz splat to the face as she smiles adoringly up at Mike and the screen fades soon afterwards. A pretty strong scene here performance-wise; the entire movie has had some weird cuts and noticeably strange things going on behind the camera, and it became even more apparent in this particular scene. I don't think the scene really suffered from it, but something seemed off to me. Still good porn. Nickey is super cute and gave it a good go. 



*Scene 4: 

Adriana Chechik/Karmen Karma/Mike Adriano

Squirting, Anal, ATM, Speculum

The final scene in Mike Adriano's Asshole Therapy kicks off with two top performers in Adriana Chechik and Karmen Karma, dressed in comparitive lingerie outfits as they start the scene off with some small talk before getting down to business. Adriana is the first of our featured buttholes, showing it off as her galpal gives her some friendly tongue-fucks while taking a few breaks to give some pre-scene cock-chugs to Adriano's jizz-stick. Adriana lets out some early squirts to start off, with Karmen lapping up the cooze before switching it up and being the primary "getter" before both of them take their place in front of our director to initiate the cocksucking. As expected, the throat-throttling is off the fucking charts, with dickspit flowing like a goddamn river as Adriana and Karmen take no prisoners in jamming Mike's nozzle into the nether depths of their throat while giving out some wonderfully exaggerated cock chokes for added effect. The blowie runs for an extended period of time, carrying an exceedingly strong energy that leads into Adriana getting buttfucked in a doggie style positioning. Karmen plays a vital role in the scene throughout these moments, slurping Mike's knap sack and stuffing his dong into her mouth whenever it comes out of Adriana's asshole, adding to the hotness of everything and keeping energy levels high. The scene progresses wonderfully, with mass amounts of pussy-squirting from Adriana, along with some more anal gummi bear action, and even some pile driver speculum spreading in the later stages to mix it up. Things cap off with Adriano blowing whatever's left of his load over Karmen's face and mouth, finishing with some conversation about the scene before the credits roll. This scene is a no-brainer, as I'm guessing it's theprimary reason most people will buy the DVD, and for good reason. Karmen and Adriana continue in proving their status as top tier performers here, making a team effort in providing an exceptional scene in the movie. Yea, Adriana is the only one to get buttfucked, but Karmen's role in the hotness of this scene was crucial to how well it ended up translating to the viewer. Great scene - pure fucking filth. Beautiful. 



 Mike Adriano's Asshole Therapy from Evil Angel Video is another solid release from the highly acclaimed director, featuring a slew of hot anal babes with a nice range of talent and a couple girls you're likely to have not yet seen. As always with Mike's movies, the scenes had an authentic intensity with some sporadic slow points but nothing that keeps any of them from being a good watch from the second they begin to the moment they end. Tech specs were a little shaky in comparison to what I'm used to seeing in Mike's movies, having some off-putting camera cuts that isn't really too much of a negative, but just something noticeable that threw me for a loop. The viewing was still crisp and clear, with some nice POV shots, especially in the final scene with Adriana and Karmen. Extras are sparse, featuring only the typical trailers and web content, but the film's content is enough to make it well-deserving of a recommended rating even so. Fans of anal themed gonzo porn are probably well aware that Adriano is among the very best in the genre, and I think the action in this film speaks to that pretty well. Give it a look if you get the chance. Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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