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Courtney Trouble's Trans Lesbians

Studio: TROUBLE Films » Review by Sex Reed » Review Date: 6/14/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Transsexual

Director: Courtney Trouble

Condoms: No

Running time: 106 minutes

Production dates: 4/6/2014, 6/18/2014, 6/28/2014, 7/10/2014, and 7/24/2014

Cast: Chelsea Poe, Betti Rubble, Bailey Jay, Courtney Trouble, Drew Deveaux, and Andre Shakti

DVD extras: Extras are limited to some trailers for other Trouble Films releases.

Video and audio: Video was shot in anamorphic HD widescreen with a 16/9 ratio. Audio is in Dolby Digital. Both are very good overall.

Scene one: Chelsea Poe and Betti Rubble

Chelsea Poe and Betti Rubble are in a bedroom, talking on the bed, when the scene opens. Betti is getting bored when Chelsea notes that she’s in-between the ages of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Betti wants to make out. Betti is the aggressor and quickly establishes the safe words. She puts a leash on Chelsea and puts on a glove to finger Chelsea’s ass. Betti also puts on a strap-on and makes Chelsea suck on her cock. Chelsea then puts on a ball gag. I found it a turn-on to hear Chelsea beg for Betti’s cock through the ball gag. She also asks for Betti to spit in her face a few times. Chelsea strokes her cock to a climax while she’s being fucked by Betti and her strap-on. One of the hottest things I’ve seen recently is Betti sitting on Chelsea’s face after putting a cloth over Chelsea’s mouth. The scene wraps up with Betti applying a Hitachi Wand to her pussy while Chelsea sucks on her tits. Betti calls Chelsea “Taylor Swift” a few times in that moment, and the scene ends how it begins: Betti asking Chelsea to make out. This is also, I believe, the first porn scene where I’ve spent as much time looking at all the riot grrrl and post-riot grrrl band posters on the wall (seeing a poster for Team Gina brought back some nostalgia).

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Scene two: Bailey Jay and Chelsea Poe

I’m glad to see Chelsea Poe in another scene because she is fast becoming one of my favorite porn performers. Here, she’s paired off with Bailey Jay, who mainstream pop culture connoisseurs may remember her being interviewed on the new season opener of “Inside Amy Schumer.” Putting these two transbabes in a scene together was a stroke of genius from Courtney Trouble because two of the hottest trans performers looked fantastic together. The scene is much more tender than Chelsea’s scene with Betti Rubble. I thought it was a lot of fun to see Bailey put on Chelsea’s famous red glasses in the middle of the action. They begin by making out and soon, Bailey is sucking on Chelsea’s cock, with the favor quickly being reciprocated. When Bailey puts on Chelsea’s glasses, Chelsea pleases her with a Hitachi while Bailey strokes her cock. There was a lot of intensity when Chelsea was using the powerful vibrator on Bailey’s ass, and when Bailey shoved first some fingers then a dildo up Chelsea’s ass.

Scene three: Bailey Jay and Courtney Trouble

When Bailey Jay and Courtney Trouble are making out (which begins the scene), Courtney pulls off their t-shirt and says “I know you love my John Waters shirt.” Bailey agrees, but says she likes it more off. Good point. There’s lots of kissing and petting going on, and both Bailey and Courtney appear to be having a lot of fun enjoying each other’s bodies. Bailey does anything to please Courtney’s pussy, first teasing it with her middle and ring fingers, then spitting on it and licking Courtney to ecstasy. “It’s such a pretty pussy,” she tells them. (Courtney Trouble prefers to identify with the non-gendered pronouns they/them.) Courtney moves on to sucking on Bailey’s asshole while she strokes her cock. It was quite erotic for me to watch these two beauties fondle and pleasure each other. They didn’t use any toys on one another, and they didn’t need them. Courtney had a big smile on her face when she was stroking Bailey’s cock while also massaging Bailey’s ass. So did I.

Scene four: Drew Deveaux and Courtney Trouble

Courtney Trouble and Drew Deveaux are acting as college students who need each other for their class projects. Drew wants to have her photos taken for a philosophy class project about “breaking down the fourth wall.” Courtney wants to use the photos for their photography class. Drew poses quite sexually and Courtney is there to capture it to film. Soon, they start getting friendlier and friendlier and they begin making out and fondling each other’s bodies. It is a fun and playful scene between these two beauties. Early in the scene, Drew cuts off her underwear with scissors and promptly puts them in Courtney’s mouth. Drew also puts on a strap-on and fucks Courtney doggy and missionary styles.

Scene five: Drew Deveaux and Andre Shakti

I’ve come to love how Courtney Trouble uses the San Francisco Dyke March as a backdrop for her scenes. This scene (co-directed by Ajapop), has Drew Devereaux and Andre Shakti making signs for each other that say things like “Cis on my face.” They get turned on and find a tree that gives them minimal privacy at the Dyke March so they can make Drew can punch and suck on Andre’s tits. In his excellent review from a few months ago, Apache Warrior noted that Drew has a versatility that she displays here, first being more playful with Courtney Trouble in the fourth scene then rougher with Andre here. The publicness of this scene is quite hot, seeing as how they could be discovered at any moment (though few would mind, I presume). The last few minutes are in a tent, where they’re allowed slightly more privacy. It was a hot time for everyone (including viewers), and there wasn’t any penetration.

Final thoughts:

I’ve found myself enjoying Courtney Trouble’s porn, I’ve noticed, because I feel like we have the same cultural references and though I’m a straight, white, cis male, it reaches me on an intellectual and familiar level (like the posters for Northwest bands and musicians I’ve spent hours listening to like Sleater-Kinney, Team Gina, and Mirah). But it’s also fucking hot. There is a DIY nature to Courtney Trouble’s films that a lot of other porn doesn’t approach. The sex feels like it’s dirtier because it’s so intimate. Here, there’s performers with diverse backgrounds and turn-ons, and they are finding ways to pleasure each other for a different audience. I also liked that there was a “lesbian” scene with two trans stars (scene two). There is a lot of continuity to the film, too, with two scenes with Chelsea Poe, then two scenes with Bailey Jay, then two scenes with Courtney Trouble, then two scenes with Drew Devereaux, and they were all overlapping. Finally, I’d love to see Betti Rubble in more scenes. She’s very cute, comfortable on camera, and she’s got a hairy bush. I found myself crushing on her throughout scene one and wanting to watch more of her.

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