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Suck Balls 4

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 6/23/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Category: Blowjob/Gonzo



Cast: Kalina Ryu/Aidra Fox/Vicki Chase/Jillian Janson/Adriana Chechik/Vicki Chase/Ariana Marie/Winston Burbank/Jonni Darkko

Director: Jonni Darkko

Extras: Web

Release Date: 6/1/2015

Runtime: 208 Mins

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*Scene 1:

Aidra Fox/Winston Burbank/Jonni Darkko

The premiere scene in Jonni Darkko's 4th installment of the Suck Balls series begins with a mouth-watering 7 minute tease sesh from Aidra Fox, as she's dressed in a tiny pink bikini with nude stockings and heels to complete the look. The tease features some great close-ups of Aidra giving some incredibly flirty looks into the camera, evolving into Winston Burbank's dong stepping into view as she welcomes him with a cock massage to open up the action. Sloppiness comes into play early, with Aidra lunging her mouth onto Burbank's nozzle diligently while keeping a keen eye on his balls to keep true to the title. Things stick to a POV view through the entire scene, capturing an energetically dick-hungry Aidra giving some wonderfully exaggerated cock-chokes and knob slobs while smacking and smudging her lips over his cock & balls before he busts his nuts in her mouth to close out the first half of the scene. After Aidra swallows up Winston's reward our director steps in, as she welcomes him by cradling his balls in her hands, soon wrapping them up and slurping on them for added effect. The second half of the scene is a little more "ball-focused" (if that' even a thing), featuring a ton of ballsucking mixed with some occasional deepthroating from Aidra while she stares hypnotically at the home viewers in the process. Overall it lasts for about 45 minutes, ending with Darkko spurting out the most generous of the two loads, spanning Aidra's entire head for the most part as she sucks the life out of his dick before the screen fades. A solid scene here for sure; tons of ballsucking combined with a great energy from Aidra that made it a filth-ridden good time for all. COOL!



*Scene 2: 

Jillian Janson/Jonni Darkko


Jillian Janson is next, kicking things off with a tease as she lies shirtless on a bed staring into the camera, with her lower half covered in some skimpy lingerie throughout the intro piece. This time Darkko's cock is the only one in the scene, as Jillian gives some dirty talk to the home viewers while munching on his balls and gobbling up his dong nicely as things progress. The scene runs for an abbreviated time in comparison to the first, ending with our director releasing an in-mouth jizzload before Jillian shows off her reward to the camera and the screen fades. A nice scene here; I'd certainly have liked to see a little more of Jillian and I'd be lying if I said it was a bummer not to see her face covered with cum by scene's end, but I still enjoyed it as a nice little segment in the movie.



*Scene 3:

AJ Applegate/Jonni Darkko


Top performer and monster-assed beauty AJ Applegate steps into view for the third scene, looking gorgeous with a more tanned look than I'm used to seeing from her, wearing a fishnet number that does little in terms of covering her up, but makes for some great stroke fodder through the introductory tease. The action starts with AJ giving some hand-humps to Jonni Darkko, slurping his knapsack as we get a POV viewing of the action that moves in and out of some side angles as she death-grips his jizz-whistle and gnaws on his balls incessantly. Darkko gives some words of encouragement as AJ shows off her skills, bundling up his balls and sloppily slurping them before tying her hair back for easier access. The scene caps off with a sizeable faceload of cum splashed over AJ's face, fading into the next scene as she collects some of it and slurps it off of her finger while staring into the camera. It's no surprise to note that this is one I'll probably come back to; AJ's beauty mixed with her filthy antics and strong camera interaction made for a great watch. 



*Scene 4: 

Vicki Chase/Jonni Darkko

Porn super-starlet and winner of last year's AVN spotlight showcase of the year Vicki Chase comes next, looking magnificent as she struts her stuff on a staircase in the introductory moments, dressed in all black lingerie and red heels as she fondles herself in preparation. Things move to the bed before the tease reaches it's conclusion, fading into Vicki stroking off our director and giving some inventive dirty talk into the camera before sloppily slurping his sack to get things going. Some cock-chugging deepthroats give a nice pace to the action, with Vicki playfully giggling after Darkko's dick comes dislodged from her esophagus, eventually putting her hair back so viewers can get a better look at her face before pouring honey into her mouth and drooling it over her stunt cock. Vicki's camera interaction is only one of the key factors to why this scene shines, with yet another prop being tossed into the mix in the form of an ice cube to the ballsack. Some throatfucks encapsulate the final moments, ending with Vicki capturing most of her co-star's jizz-wad in her mouth, blowing cum bubbles before the screen fades and playing with her food. A great scene here overall; BJ porn and Vicki Chase seem to go hand in hand thanks to her bubbly personality and willingness to make every scene she's in a good one. I loved it. 



*Scene 5: 

Adriana Chechik/Jonni Darkko

Another top tier performer is our featured star of the fifth scene in the film, as self-proclaimed dirtiest girl in porn (I tend to agree, at least in the states) enters our view. The ballsucking starts early here without much of a tease, with Adriana forcefully blowing the dickspit out of her mouth and puckering her lips in between cock-chugs for added effect. Adriana wears a revealing pink fishnet outfit that we don't really see too much of since the camera is primarily focused on her beautiful-mess-of-a-face, hammering down Darkko's dong like she's a vagrant devouring her dinner in a homeless shelter on thanksgiving day. Her camera interaction and overall filth-factor is ridiculously hot, making the scene translate perfectly as it unfolds. Later we see Adriana take a chomp out of a stick of butter, jamming Darkko's schlong into her throat and creating an eruption of filth, before Darkko blasts her with the best load of the film yet and she smiles beautifully and relishes the jizz that covers her entire face. Beautiful. This is easily the best of the bunch so far; Adriana is an absolute force when it comes to ANY scene she does. As far as consistently strong performances go, there is no better girl in the business than Adriana at this point in time, bar none. BOOM!



*Scene 6: 

Ariana Marie/Jonni Darkko

Ariana Marie comes next, looking lush throughout the introductory tease as she's dresses in a purple negilige piece with black stocking and high heels to complete the look. The tease is mostly solid with some hollow-ish moments, having some epic views of Ariana in different positions and capturing some delicious close-ups of her gorgeous face before the action sets in. Ariana welcomes Jonni Darkko's cock into the scene with some handy cock-pumps and nut licks, progressing with some dirty talk and sporadic cocksucks to mix it up a bit. Initial energy pales in comparison to the last scene but gets better as it goes on as Ariana gives some eye-watering throat chugs to her mouth-toy before reverting back to the sack-sucking. Latter stages of the scene get really good, with much more of the same in terms of action but an increasing intensity from Ariana that fuses wonderfully with her cuteness. It all caps off with Ariana getting facialized by Darkko's dong, fading after we get some nice glimpses of the finished product and playful dirty talk. Overall I thought this scene was pretty strong; it would have been better if Ariana found her surge earlier in the scene but it's still a good watch for sure.



*Scene 7: 

Kalina Ryu/Jonni Darkko

The final scene in Jonni Darkko's Suck Balls #4 kicks off with one of Darkko's go-to Asian girls, Kalina Ryu. The scene opens with a short tease, as Kalina lies shirtless on a bed and pries open her holes for the home viewers before making her acquaintance with our directors cock. Kalina has a playfully horny vibe to her upon the initial nut-munching, moving downward for some early rimjob action before stuffing his nozzle into her throat. Energy is spot-on from Kalina, keeping true to the title by gnawing on Darkko's nuts but adding in some monster deepthroats and rimjobs to make it even better. Her playfulness and gorgeous smiling face make the scene translate wonderfully upon it's progression, capping off as Darkko hoses her down with a facial blast and spoons it off of her face in an attempt to feed it to her. A great scene to cap off the film here; I've yet to watch a scene from Kalina that I wasn't fond of for one reason or another, very strong performer and an absolute beauty to boot. Good stuff.




Jonni Darkko's Suck Balls 4 from Evil Angel Video had a consistently strong front-to-back viewing, with standout performances from Adriana Chechik (nothing new there), Kalina Ryu, and Aidra Fox that undoubtedly help the film be a must-watch for fans of the genre. There were almost no particularly slow moving moments for the entire 3 and a half hours that the film runs for, and considering it's primarily a "ball-sucking" movie I think that says a lot. The meticulous filming of Jonni Darkko continues to be the primary reason that his films are so good, and while I certainly agree that the top tier talent showcased in this film added volumes to it, I think the essential reasoning lies in his directing. Tech specs were as strong as usual from the Darkko cavalcade, with nothing negative sticking out to me in any way, and a crystal clear viewing of the action with the use of the slo-mo cam for two facials in the movie. There are really no extras to speak of on the DVD, but I think the content speaks for itself; fans of beautiful top notch porn babes slurping on cock & balls and getting a faceload of splooge as their reward are going to like this one. While the loads aren't quite as excessive as Darkko's previous installments of the series (aside from maybe two scenes) the energy is there, and it's great blowjob porn. Don't miss it. Highly Recommended.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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