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Entrapments 2

Studio: Forbidden Fruits Films » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 7/2/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Teens/All Sex


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Cast: Marsha May/Sabrina Banks/Cadence Lux/Kimber Lee/Levi Cash/Tony D./T Stone

Director: Levi Cash & Steven Escolar

Extras: BTS/Photo Gallery

Bonus Scene #1: Zoey Foxx & Tony D. from 'Father's Forbidden Fantasies'

Bonus Scene #2: Kendra Lynn & Jay West from 'Father Forgive Me'

Release Date: 6/10/2015

Runtime: 102 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Levi Cash's 'Entrapments #2'!


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*Scene 1:

Marsha May/Levi Cash


The premiere scene in Levi Cash's second installment of his Entrapments series kicks off with a scenario where Levi Cash plays a down-and-out husband, whose deceitful ways seem to have caught up with him. Early moments feature Levi on the phone with his most recent fling, played by Marsha May, who guides him through her parents house in an effort to blackmail him into stealing her mother's jewels in order to keep her mouth shut about their recent affair, and give him his wedding ring back (which he apparently left at her house during their one-night stand). Introductory moments are shot partly through a home security camera and partly with some shaky handed viewings of the action to show the perspective of Levi's anxiety, as he rifles through Marsha's parents things. Eventually, Marsha appears at the bottom of the staircase as he attempts to exit the house, upping the ante as she now insists that he has to fuck her. Acting is mostly strong here, with Marsha playing the role of deceptive youngster to a tee, as Levi ultimately gives in to her coercions in hopes of getting his ring back. The action begins with Marsha tossing Levi's throbber deep into her throat, staying in character through the entire scene with constant mentions of how much better she is than his wife, while giving a pretty solid blowie in the midst of it.  The sex sets in with Marsha taking a reverse cowgirl dick ride on her co-star, evolving pretty well through a variety of different positions before Levi busts a generous load over her face to close it out, only to find out that Marsha has again reneged on giving him his wedding ring, mentioning that she now has footage of him breaking into her house. Well played. Overall, I think this scene accomplishes what it sets out to do pretty well; some of the open-ended comments in the preface leave a lot to be imagined, and while the sex wasn't an over-the-top fuckfest, it still translated pretty well in my viewing of it. 



*Scene 2: 

Tony D./Kimber Lee

The next scene kicks off as we hear a phone conversation between Tony D. and Kimber Lee, who have created an unlikely companionship after Kimber wrecked into his car. The two exchanged info and have been chatting for a few days, and Kimber has now bribed him into allowing herself to come over to his house while his wife's away. Kimber's demeanor plays well with the meddling character she portrays, as she eventually encounters Tony at his house dressed in a casual get-up that still reveals enough for viewers to see her more appealing pieces and parts. After some arm-twisting, Kimber eventually talks her much older co-star into having a quickie, with Tony retreating to the bathroom while she secretly sets up the camera on her phone to record the entire thing. Kimber welcomes him back into the room with a sensual blowjob, charming him with flattery while constantly reminding him of her "19 year old pussy", soon stripping down and initiating the sex in a reverse cowgirl positioning. The viewing of the action jumps back to Kimber's phone footage at sporadic points, with sex having some nice moments that escalate pretty well thanks to Kimber's overt dirty talk. The scene jumps through a handful of position changes, bridged with a few generous mouth fucks from Kimber, with the later stages of it all having a heightened intensity as Tony pummels her in a doggie style dick plunging. Things eventually reach their finishing point with Tony busting out a healthy load of cocksauce over Kimber's face, only to find that Kimber has been live-streaming their affair to her boyfriend's computer, and unless he calls the insurance company and changes his story, it's going straight to his wife. BAM! This is a pretty strong scene overall; it had some slight moments of slowness but those were overshadowed by a pretty intense effort on the parts of both of the stars. And I'm definitely going to be looking for more from Kimber Lee after seeing this, she's super hot and seems to have a bright future if she keeps at it.



*Scene 3: 

Cadence Lux/Tony D.

Cadence Lux is the primary focus of the third scene, playing the role of a sales associate who's looking to get a new account, as things open with some candid conversation between her and Tony D, playing the role of a doctor whose wife is away for the evening. Cadence, of course promises that her forward remarks of wanting to fuck Tony have nothing to do with her picking up his account, and Tony, being a warm-blooded human of the males species, naturally goes along with her requests. Tony sneaks off to the bathroom before the action, as Cadence sets up her camera-phone in an effort to have a leg up on her affluent colleague, making sure that all's copacetic before he returns. The action sets in with a solid blowie from Cadence, progressing with the sex being initiated in a reverse cowgirl positioning, as the young vixen constantly spouts off rude remarks about his wife in the process. It all continues pretty well, having a shorter runtime than the previous scenes and capping off with Tony busting his nuts over Cadence's grassy knoll while we get a close-up view of it. Before the screen fades there's a really well acted sequence of events where Cadence comes clean about her intentions, while Tony sits with his literal dick in his hand, realizing that his simple-minded ways have again gotten the best of him. Rats! I liked the dialogue in this scene a lot, mostly because Cadence carried it out so well. At the end of the scene I almost felt bad for Tony (before realizing that he just fucked Cadence Lux) because her representation of a malicious and vengeful girl seemed all too real. The sex was pretty uniform to the rest of the film, but had some more attitude that I think adds volumes to a movie such as this one. COOL!



*Scene 4: 

Sabrina Banks/T Stone

The final scene in Levi Cash's Entrapment's 2 begins as we see Sabrina Banks, who's chatting with her girlfriend via telephone while we get some beautiful city views in the background, as Sabrina's dressed casually in a tight pair of jean shorts and casual top. Introductory moments are fused into moments where we see Sabrina setting up a sting operation against a  random guy, with viewers being uninformed of exactly what the reasoning for her malice is, as it concludes with Sabrina saying, "Karma's a fucking bitch". T Stone plays the role of Sabrina's unlucky target, lured over to her house as she claims that her computer has been on the frtiz. Stone of course fixes the problem in seconds, with Sabrina then professing her lust for him, and thus begins the action. Sabrina takes a head-first dive on Stone's dong to set thing into motion, lasting only seconds before the sex sets in with the evil beauty taking a cowgirl dick ride to initiate the sex. A handjob sequence gives the scene some contrast, reverting back to the fuck-fun with some mildly intense moments in the later stages before "T" blasts some cum over her chest in closing. The scene caps off with Sabrina angrily wiping Stone's cum back on him, coming clean about her efforts to thwart his relationship with his girlfriend while telling him that the entire thing was streamed to her computer. Oh snap! This was a fair scene at best; the storyline was far less noteworthy to the scene than the others, causing it all to translate a little less appealingly to me, and the sex was just ok if I had to put it in a word. 




Levi Cash's Entrapments 2 from Manipulative Media offers up a pretty good take on the taboo themed scenarios that have been sweeping the porn world throughout the last few years. It has a lot of hit-and-miss parts through the sex, but the attention to detail in the storylines worked wonders for how each of the more prominent scenes stood out in my viewing of it. Movies like this require a level of acting that's necessary for it all to work, and while no one is going to win an Oscar for their performance I still think it was mostly pretty well done; in some cases exceedingly well. Marsha May's scene started out the film with what was probably the best of the bunch, and most of the cast followed suit pretty well, making the comprehensive viewing certainly worthy of a recommendation. While it's certain that the sex is the primary reason for buying any porn movie, I'd argue that point with this film since some of my favorite parts were dialogue sequences where it seems to attempt to play into some of the more psychological aspects of porn; I'd have liked to see it go even further than it did in that respect, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Tech specs were good enough to allow the scenes to shine if the performances were there, but some of the excessive close-up penetration shots had me pulling my hair out since we all base our opinions of a scene on expressions and actions and not just watching a dick go into a pussy - "potayto-potahto", I guess. Extras include a generous helping of options, including 2 bonus scenes from other Forbidden Fruit's films, along with a photo gallery and a solid 15 minute bts segment that features some candid talk from all of the stars in the film. I'd recommend this one to fans of the genre, noting it's ability to showcase some of the more promising young talent, along with what I've already explained throughout much of the basis of my review. It's a mildly taboo movie that leaves enough to the imagination for most fans of the genre to appreciate. Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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