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Ms. Grey

Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 7/22/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genres: Feature, Lesbian, BDSM

Directors: Dee Severe and Lily Cade
Writer: Lily Cade
Executive Producer: Jimmy Broadway
Cast: Lily Cade, Dolly Leigh, Ela Darling, Skin Diamond, Kasey Warner. Non-sex role: Dee Severe
Length: 204 minutes
Extras: The interviews of Lily Cade, Dee Severe, and Dolly Leigh are quite informative and revealing. Lily and Dee are interviewed together while Dolly's interview is by herself. There are five photo galleries in which each female performer is showcased well. A trailer for Kink School Beginner's Guide to BDSM is also included.
Condoms: None 

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Overview: Ms. Grey is a film from the studio Severe Sex. It is directed by Dee Severe and Lily Cade. Lily also wrote the script. In this all-girl film, Ms. Cade plays Kristen Grey who is a successful and mysterious business woman who is a no-nonsense, in-control minded lady who enjoys BDSM. She meets Annabelle Irons played by newcomer Dolly Leigh for a pre-arranged interview. In the course of the interview, Kristen finds the inexperienced and innocent woman intriguing. It leads to them agreeing to an arrangement of pleasure and punishment. In other words, it's Annabelle's journey into a new realm of sexuality that will be lead by the kinky businesswoman. Other performers who have important roles in this film are Skin Diamond, Ela Darling, and Kasey Warner.
Scene One: After some negotiation between Dolly Leigh and Lily Cade, their initial sexual encounter occurs in a soapy sudsy bathtub. The scene feels erotic at times. I liked listening to Dolly's innocent moans and groans as Lily touched and rubbed the woman's sensitive vaginal pleasure zone. Suddenly, a surprised Dolly finds her wrists restrained to the shower head. A blindfold is placed on her. The young novice can feel and sense Lily's touch on her body. Emotional screeches are given out by Dolly as her sensitive nipples and pussy are being stimulated by the lady in charge. Some flogging activity occurs on Dolly when the woman uses a feathery flogging item and a leather strap along Dolly's body. My favorite moments occur when we see Lily place her mouth around Dolly's pussy. I really got turned on watching Dolly's behavior as the cumming sensations in her become more intense. Afterwards, Lily turns the woman around and starts to orally pleasure the student's asshole. More emotional moans and screams from Dolly occur when Lily whips her ass with a stick. But, it's the pussy rub that makes Dolly lean over to achieve pure satisfaction. More oral play on her asshole resumes, but this time, Lily uses a plastic butt plug of anal beads to insert into the novice's butthole. This item did not make Dolly moan so much. Next, Lily releases her so that the blindfolded lady can lick in between Lily's pussy lips. I enjoyed watching Lily hump Dolly's mouth during that oral play. A passionate Lily gets off so well. Next, Dolly's wrists are tied to the shower wall as Lily uses the stick on Dolly's sensitive areas. Some pussy rubbing follows, but it's those instances when Lily spanks it hard that really turned me on even more. The remaining back and forth pussy play by both ladies continues to bring excitement to their performance. Overall, I love watching Dolly react so emotionally. It is quite intense and very cool.
Scene Two: Dolly receives a very good spanking from Lily because she rolled her eyes at her again. Lily as Ms. Grey hates to be disrespected and is a total control freak. Thus, a spanking occurs. She spanks the woman over forty times and also places metal balls into Dolly's luscious pussy. The sight of Dolly squirming and moaning so hysterically and intensely is so hot. Meanwhile, Dolly's red dress makes her look so beautiful.                                        
Scene Three: Lily puts a collar and leash around Dolly's neck before she spanks her ass many times. The scene does take time to become very exciting, but when it does, it is worth it. Those early moments are suppose to be more mental rather than physical. And for the most part, BDSM play is not a fast paced activity anyway. There is quite a bit of foreplay action. Also, it takes time to strap on restraints and other types of items to a person. In a mental state of mind, a big part of BDSM play is the anticipation factor that the receiver creates in one's own mind about the upcoming actions that one's domme will be performing on her. That's why blindfolds are a big part of it. You have to use your other senses to feel the unknown. Later, the cute student is laying on her back in her bra and panties restrained to the table and blindfolded while Lily runs her hands along Dolly's lovely body and flogs her a while. Later, her eyes are no longer covered. Once again, it's Lily's relentless pussy rubbing that gets to Dolly the most. The pussy licking activity on Dolly as well as the kissing moments create a more personal tone though. Afterwards, the strap-on play begins right after another heated pussy rub session by her is applied to Dolly on the floor. It's a short anal fuck by her. Then, the woman in charge removes the strap-on device and sits on Dolly's mouth for some oral action from the student. In the end, they kiss with happiness.

Scene Four: In the "Red Room of Pain", Dolly and pretty brunette Kasey Warner are on their knees while Lily whips their asses. Dolly and Kasey kiss a bit which is nice to see. The two womens' wrists are restrained to each other as Lily finger fucks them. Their moans are big turn-ons. Meanwhile, a butt plug is in Dolly's ass. Then, when Dolly is eating the newcomer's pussy, Lily continues to flog them. At this point,, the ladies are no longer restrained to one another. More intense screaming occurs by Dolly when the woman in charge slaps her pussy. Lily continues her driven finger fucking actions on Kasey before she doggies the woman by using a strap-on. She drives herself into her well as Dolly tastes Kasey's delicious vaginal treat. Later, some titty sucking activity by Dolly occurs when Kasey is on her back and getting fucked by Lily. The energy level among the trio is good and Lily increases her pace as the scene progresses. I really enjoyed watching Dolly look so satisfied while sitting on Kasey's mouth. The emotional loud moans by Dolly and Kasey are hot. We finally see Dolly do some whipping next. This scene is really about seeing Lily and Dolly taking turns being the center of pleasure. Dolly's wrists are strapped to the bed posts while the other two women continuously flog her cute butt. It turns a nice shade of red. Overall, I liked how Lily took charge of this scene and applied worthy fucking on the women. Also, it was nice to see two women pleasure their third partner throughout this performance. I also enjoyed the chemistry between Dolly and Kasey a whole lot. 
Scene Five: At the bar, old friends Skin Diamond and Lily Cade hook up. Lily, of course, is in the dominant role. She places a collar around Skin's neck and the bartender crawls towards the seating area. Then, Lily spanks her repeatedly before they kiss. More whipping action occurs on the cute lady before Lily's strong hand rubs the woman's pussy. Some fast feet spanking follows. A brief heated finger fuck on Skin is applied by Lily. Some foot worship by Skin is shown before she gets to suck on Lily's tits and pussy. Good energy is shown when Lily is riding her friend's mouth and then, Lily puts forth a driven pussy pleasuring session on her. In the end, we can see a very good connection between Lily and Skin as Lily rubs the woman's mound affectionately.
Scene Six: Dolly and Ela Darling are sitting on a couch at her place. They are drinking some wine. They met on Tinder. After Dolly explains her situation, the both of them start their play. Ela spanks the woman's cute ass several times in a playful manner. They kiss sweetly. In this performance, I really like how they communicate with each other. Ela is aware and is sensitive to what her partner prefers and not prefers during their BDSM role play. For instance, she asks Dolly if she liked to be bound. After she wraps her legs together, Ela starts to suck on the woman's tasty pussy. It becomes more heated when the lady starts to use her fingers on it too. Dolly moans with much emotion. A big smile is on Dolly's face when she gets blindfolded by the passionate woman. Then, the pussy play becomes even more heated as Ela really focuses more on her partner's delicious vaginal plaything. Afterwards, she focuses on some titty slapping and caressing action before Dolly gets to eat some scrumptious pussy. More spanking activity and pussy play by Ela follows, but the playful tone continues and it is enhanced by the soft background music. A final oral massage by Dolly is shown.                                                   

Final Thoughts: Even though the first instinct about this film is that it follows the 50 Shades of Grey storyline, it is however, quite different. Of course, there are some similarities, but overall, the noticeable differences make this film better than the mainstream book or movie. Lily Cade is in her natural element as someone who enjoys being in charge sexually and dishing it out on women. She does it extremely well. Dolly Leigh deserves an AVN and XBIZ Best Actress nomination for her believable and well acted portrayal of the innocent Annabelle Irons. She is the heart and soul of this film. I was very pleased with the outcome of her character. Thank you Lily for not being selfish. Ela Darling is always good as a passionate and caring performer. Skin Diamond illicits pure sexuality. Pretty Kasey Warner shows good teamwork with her partners in her amazing three-way. Lily Cade wrote a very good script and directors Dee Severe and Lily made a very good film. I highly recommend this most likely Best BDSM nominated film. It's the one to beat thus far.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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