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Perky 4

Studio: Kelly Madison Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/22/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Perky 4 (Teenfidelity’s Perky 4)

Kelly Madison Media

Genre: Gonzo, Young Women

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Director: Ryan Madison


Cast: Valerie White, Ryan Madison, Delilah Blue, Maci Winslet, Harley Dean

Length: 129:42 minutes

Date of Production: 6/24/2015


Extras: The first disc held the movie itself and some trailers with a list of the second disc’s contents. The second disc also began with trailers until the selection screen came up to show a POV Fluffing Camera/BTS series of clips for the ladies in the 69:34 minute production. There was then a series of text questions and answers by the ladies, a photogallery of stills (polaroids with comments written on the sides), a true photogallery, a BTS photogallery, a 52:48 minute long bonus scene starring Kelly Madison, Faye Reagan and Ryan Madison called “Solo Sleaze” from 9/25/2009 (described by the company as: “Ryan decided to hire Faye Reagan, a hot Pornstar that unfortunately only does solos. Miss Reagan showed up late but promised a great production. Little did Kelly or Ryan know, Faye was playing both fields, satisfying each spouse separately. This saucy teen did much more then solos and this couple was more then willing to participate!”), some trailers, and website spam.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Perky 4 was shot in anamorphic widescreen as credited to director Ryan Madison for Kelly Madison Media. The production followed the performers around for more than just sex, using the mundane settings as a means of getting to know their personalities better. The scenarios were shot in different styles here, some of the issues with camera work and editing previously noted being addressed in spades to upgrade the footage in most cases. The scenes were reportedly shot in ultra high definition (4K) so while there were framing problems at times, the flesh tones looked accurate and the editing wasn’t bad. The aural components were also well done, the vocals easy to hear and the balance of the elements showing more effort, the 2.0 Dolby Digital in 192 Kbps audio bit rate added in post production.

Body of Review: Ryan Madison tries a lot of interesting things as the director at Kelly Madison Media, not all of them working to stimulate me but at least a willingness to try new things rather than copy everyone else. His latest release is called Perky 4, a series of four scenes that showcase an attractive array of ladies having sex with Ryan, providing some hardcore fun. The emphasis of the series to date has been to showcase younger women who are fairly new to porn, the bread and butter of Ryan’s body of work recently. The ladies were Valerie White, Delilah Blue, Harley Dean, and Maci Winslett, though Maci’s scene looked like a retread given the pictures on the back cover so I had to look into that (more later).

The back cover described the movie like this: “A teen girl’s body is immune to time’s cruel process and it shows in their perfectly perky tits. If you like your girls young, stacked and perky, then you’ll love Volume 4 of Teenfidelity’s Perky. With Valerie White, Delilah Blue, Maci Winslett and Harley Dean getting fucked hard and taking load after load from Ryan’s cock. Our 4K cameras are now able to capture these teen’s curves better than ever!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Country Cream Pie: Valerie White, a cute little blond newcomer with most of her 16 credits in lesbian, fetish, or at small companies, was up first with Ryan Madison, the gal bouncing around like crazy in tight blue jeans and a shirt tied off around her stomach in a rustic bedroom. Her pretty blue eyes were most appealing and while I think she needed a few burgers to flesh out to my liking, she certainly fit the series theme as she shook her money maker and seemed so happy to the upbeat music. When the music ended, Ryan was all over her, their kissing turning to him diddling her and gobbling her gash, her yummy ass shaking really well when naked. They whispered to each other most of the time but it was a sex positive scene despite the gal looking a third (or half) his age, her pink labia glistening with juices as he continued to warm her up. She then slobbed his knob aggressively, taking at least half his turgid rod into her mouth as she tried to throat him and nuzzle his nuts, some hand to gland friction included as she stroked him at times. She was an active vaginal rider and both gave more head as the scene progressed, the fun factor levels plentiful before she drained his dragon of sperm in a realistic vaginal creampie. The company described this scene like this: “Country girl Valerie White is such a tease in her tight jeans and visible thong. She knows how to ride cock from years of horseback riding and puts those skills to use on Ryan's fat dick. She sucks his cock like she's starving and Ryan fucks her all over the room. Valerie takes his cock deep, getting filled up with cum as he dumps his load inside her.” or “I love seeing a nice sexy horny cowgirl, don’t you? Blonde sexpot Valerie White takes a break from teasing the ranch hands with her tight jeans and sweet cleavage to make this update for Teen Fidelity called Country Creampie, showing off her riding skills on a saddle and then on Ryan’s big hard cock after getting her pussy eaten out! Valerie loves a nice deep dicking rodeo and gets a Fidelity style pounding in this hot hardcore fuck scene, moaning as Ryan pinned her to the bed and slid his dick in and out of that wet hole before shooting his load deep inside!” 2/6/2015 29:02 minutes



Scene Two: Fuck My Husband: Delilah Blue, a cute young newcomer lady with pretty eyes and a taller than average body, was up next with Ryan Madison, half her dozen released scenes listed as lesbian or non-sex on the IAFD. Busty Kelly Madison had a cameo this time as she bantered outside the house with the pretty blue eyed cutie, the younger lady looking built for speed over comfort. Kelly had to leave but she left Delilah to play with Ryan, the man all over the girl on his front steps as he peeled off her attire and kissed her all over. Then some garish music started to play and a more formal tease montage took place, the gal sucking his dick and Ryan going down on her repeatedly with some energy if not actual chemistry, her ability to throat his modest boner noted before they started to vaginally fuck. Her pink stretch pants hugged her tight even when torn as they screwed in the doorway, her boobs flopping around as she panted, the couple moving inside for some of the best part of the scene as they continued the action on a bed, her otherwise bald beaver sporting a few wisps of pubic hair though this was one time when his load was deposited in the gal’s mouth, her ability to milk his balls dry of semen not harmed at all as she swallowed the manly fluids. The company described this scene like this: “Kelly has to leave so she sets up Delilah Blue to take care of Ryan's needs for the night once he gets home. He rips her tights to get to her juicy booty and she quickly gets to work sucking his cock. They don't wait to get in the house and fuck on the front porch, moving into the bedroom where he fucks her deep from behind. Ryan shoots his load on her face and she sucks his balls dry and makes sure to not miss a single drop.” or “When Kelly Madison heads out of town on her own she knows she had better leave someone to take care of things around the house so to speak…not necessarily to clean or anything like that but to take care of her husband Ryan’s insatiably horny dick! This time she called up Delilah Blue to come by and put those sweet titties and her nice round ass to work, and Delilah was definitely up for the challenge. When Ryan got home he immediately pounced on that tight body of hers, grabbing her boobs and fucking her right on the front porch before even heading inside to make this Teen Fidelity update called Fuck My Husband!” 3/6/2015 29:31 minutes



Scene Three: Georgia Girl: Maci Winslet, Ryan Madison: Maci Winslett, a tiny gal with big boobs and a winning smile, was up next with Ryan Madison, the two getting frisky in the driveway as he lifted her up to swing around and glance up her skirt as they slowly made their way up the steps to the house. While her tits were not as big as the others, the gal looked like she was 90 pounds soaking wet too, her flower patterned dress barely holding in her assets as they moved about. Once inside the house, the music stopped and he admired her colorful panties, pulling them aside to use his saliva to lubricate her cookie as both undressed. They kissed and she seemed to like him, Ryan lifting her onto the bathroom counter to continue the foreplay on her precious pussy, this leading her to reciprocate by inhaling his pecker before they showered. This led to a multitude of vaginal penetration positions where she wasn’t consistently active at riding but she was fun and gave more head, the duo doing it on the floor and her perky ass oiled up before he nutted his manly juices on her face and into her mouth with a quick trip to the pool (it was funny seeing him toss her around so easily). The company website described the scene like this: “This Georgia Peach, Maci Winslett, is as sweet as they come and cute as a button…whatever that means. Today was just a genuinely fun day for Ryan and Maci. They hung out all day, flirted, got to know each other and came home to further explore one another's body and boundaries, and we got the whole thing on film for you to enjoy. Beautiful Georgia girl Maci Winslett wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Teen Fidelity and Ryan Madison but I bet it wasn’t a fun carefree afternoon playing in the park! She and Ryan had a good time in the afternoon sun just relaxing and laughing and getting to know each other before heading back to the house where the real fun began…Maci’s clothes came right off so we could see that perfect teen body of hers before she got Ryan’s big hard dick in her wet hole in pretty much every room of the house! This girl loves a deep dicking and she looks incredible getting fucked in the shower especially…those tits and that ass of hers are just magnificent.” 10/31/2014 41:03 minutes



Scene Four: High On Harley: Harley Dean, an exotic cutie with almost as many credits as all the other ladies of the show combined, was up last as she took on Ryan Madison, something about the scene making me think I had seen it before. The theme was drug use here and I’m surprised she missed out on being placed in Ryan’s recent tribute to pot smokers given her great physical appeal. She drove the large SUV along what appeared to be mostly deserted roads, soon sparking up some pot before the tease montage showed her masturbating in the back seat as the car continued down the road, the camera shakey as always and the lighting a bit low though her sexy body looking just fine. She pulled up and was back at the wheel, getting out to show her light green top hugging her tits, a matching thong tucked into her gray booty shorts that looked a few sizes too small and her glasses on her g\face as she knocked on all the doors until Ryan answered one. Her nipples poked through her short and he pressed her against the brick wall as he helped remove pieces of clothing, rubbing her feet and kissing her before pulling her inside. They were all over each other kissing and caressing, her delicious ass looking as fine as ever, Ryan enjoying her taste from head to toe. She sported a small patch of neatly trimmed pubes and he seemed to find her snatch heavenly tight, a jeweled anal plug nestled deep inside her ass as he porked her precious pussy. She was an active rider with great eye contact, her plug falling out as they fucked on the floor, the latter half of the show too dark to see everything other than the realistic looking vaginal creampie oozing out of her cookie, any anal opportunities missed this time though it was still a very stimulating encounter (merely in need of better lighting and camera work like most of the company scenes). The company described this scene like this: “It was a long drive to Ryan Madison’s house so Harley Dean had a few tokes of that sweet dank kush, daydreaming about his big hard dick buried in her twat…she started getting wet in the pussy and by the time she got the house she was so turned on she just about pounded on him then and there! She wrapped those sexy black legs around him and pulled his cock into her hole, getting that sweet ebony snatch drilled hard and deep until Ryan shot a creampie load of cum in her hole to finish up this hot Teen Fidelity update called High On Harley.” 1/26/2015 30:06 minutes

Summary: Perky 4 by director Ryan Madison for Kelly Madison Media had four scenes of attractive young ladies like Valerie White, Delilah Blue, Harley Dean, and Maci Winslett providing some replay value and strokability, their trysts meriting a rating of Recommended depending on your tastes (I just wish they’d stop using scenes that have been in other releases of theirs, at very least mentioning it on the front cover). In short, Perky 4 was worth checking out given the cast of cuties Ryan got to bone, the technical upgrades appreciated and the company always ready to try new things to please fans.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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