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Black & White 3

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 7/22/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 20 minutes

Date of Production: May 25, 2015

Genre: Interracial; Big Black Cock; Squirting; Threesome

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Karla Kush, Kacy Jordan, Shawna Lenee, Jillian Janson, Casey Calvert, Flash Brown, Michael Williams, Jovan Jordan

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Website Info


Blacked.com describes their work as next level production quality. When you look at the production of Black and White Volume 3 directed by Greg Lansky, you will agree that Blacked.com has found a niche in producing the best quality, interracial porn around. Not only is the cinematic approach they take to porn film making something to look at, so are the starlets and many of them are exclusive girls for the studio. Director Lansky has figured out how to bring out the heat in these unbelievably beautiful all natural girls and it makes all of his flicks stand out. Black and White Volume 3 stars Karla Kush, Kacey Jordan, Shawna Lenee, Jillian Janson and Casey Calvert. One of the hottest scenes of the flick and one you’ll watch more than once is the threesome featuring Jillian and Casey. Both girls have missed fucking each other but as they get back into it, they decide to invite Flash Brown to the pussy party to make for a hot scene. Karla Kush’s opening scene with Michael Williams is another sizzling one as well as she is determined to win Michael’s business, she decides there is only one way to land this deal. Overall, I highly recommend this movie. The girls are beautiful, the cinematic filmmaking is beautiful but most importantly the on-camera sexual chemistry between these girls and their studs is hot. You’ll enjoy it.

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Scene 1: Karla Kush and Michael Williams

Karla desperately wants talent Michael Williams to sign with her. She thinks she is the best choice for him. No one can represent him in the industry better than she can, but Michael still isn’t sure that she’s the right choice. Karla says she has just the thing that will convince him. She excuses herself to the bathroom and gets ready to secure the deal. She strips out of her clothes, down to her lingerie and gets herself ready for Michael. When she walks back into the room, Michael is convinced that she can get the job done. Karla kisses him then reaches for his big black cock. She says it’s beautiful as she grabs hold of it and jerks it in and out of her mouth in disbelief at the size. She sucks him deeper and deeper, but she can’t deep throat the whole thing. Karla practically worships Michael’s cock, licking and slurping all over his meat. Michael lies back in the bed and Karla continues to swallow his big cock.

After a dick sucking workout, Karla gets on all fours and takes Michael’s big cock from behind doggystyle. She tells him how big his cock is as he plunges deeper and deeper in her pussy. Karla looks back at Michael while he fucks her. From doggystyle to cowgirl, Karla is riding Michael’s cock now, taking even more of his meat. She starts riding him faster and faster, moaning louder and louder. With all that cock plunging in and out of her pussy, she squirts all over him then puts his cock back in her snatch. Karla lies on her back to host more of Michael’s dick missionary style. With her legs pulled back, she fingers her clit while Michael’s cock massages her pussy. With her mouth gaping wide, she lies back in ecstasy. Michael pulls out and cums in her mouth and on her tits. She licks and swallows his cum off of his dick.

Scene 2: Shawna Lenee and Flash Brown

Shawna really wants a job with producer Flash Brown. She’s really anxious and nervous as she waits for him to meet with her. Flash walks in and Shawna shows him her resume. Flash reviews her resume and says it’s impressive, but he does have several other people that he’s looking at for the job. Shawna cuts him off and starts rubbing his leg and tells him that she’s willing to make a special arrangement with Flash if she gets the job. Flash gets the gist and says he wants to know how much she really wants the job. He starts stripping her out of her dress and kissing her. Now down to her lingerie, she gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock, looking up at him while she jerks it in and out of her mouth, telling him it’s so big. She sucks his cock deeper and deeper and is soon gagging up all over it as she tries to fit it down her throat. She spits all over it and keeps jerking it. Now she is ready for Flash to fuck her and she lies back missionary style while he penetrates her pussy. Shawna fingers her clit while Flash’s dick dives deep in her wet snatch.

Flash picks up the pace, pumping her harder and faster and it’s driving Shawna crazy as all of Flash’s big black cock disappears in her snatch. She tells him to fuck her pussy. The missionary style fucking soon turns into hard pumping doggystyle action as Flash fucks Shawna’s wet pussy from behind. This doggystyle takedown keeps Shawna’s pussy wet as she looks back at Flash as stuffs her hole. The best part of this scene is Shawna’s reverse cowgirl ride on top of Flash’s cock. She is in deep ecstasy as she bounces up and down on his meat and as Flash pounds her from underneath. Her pussy is stretched as she takes inch after inch of Flash’s dick, screaming louder and louder with each stroke.  She licks up her own pussy juices in some pussy to mouth action, forcing Flash to shoot his cum in her mouth.

Scene 3: Jillian Janson, Casey Calvert and Flash Brown

Jillian and Casey star in the only threesome in the flick. Jillian is congratulating Casey on the new design in her house as they raise their wine glasses in a toast. Casey misses her friend Jillian who hasn’t been coming around much ever since she started dating her new boyfriend. Casey is so glad Jillian is there. She reaches over and starts kissing her. They both kiss each other passionately, saying how much they missed fucking each other. Jillian lies back on the kitchen countertop with her legs wide open as Casey fingers her pussy and plays with her clit. She tells Jillian how pretty her pussy is and how much she loves it. Jillian’s pussy is really wet now. Casey tells Jillian about a really hot black guy with a big black dick who would love to get a piece of her. Jillian says she would love to get a piece of Casey. Casey decides to call the guy over to share in on the action.

She leads Flash upstairs and into the bedroom where both girls start sharing him. Jillian is the first to start sucking Flash’s cock, closing her eyes and attempting to deep throat him. She gets on her knees and starts licking his balls as Casey looks on. Casey decides to help Jillian with her cock sucking job and gets on her knees too, sharing Flash’s cock. Jillian bends over on all fours doggystyle on the edge of the couch where Flash start slowly penetrating her pussy. Casey is sitting in front of Jillian with her legs wide open, playing with her pussy. Jillian starts eating Casey’s pussy while Flash fucks her hard and fast, making her cum. It’s Casey’s turn to get fucked doggystyle now and she moans as Flash splits her pussy. Jillian gets horny and licks Casey’s ass hole while Flash is fucking Casey’s pussy. Then Jillian sits on Flash’s cock in reverse cowgirl position, bouncing up and down on his cock. The girls share in pussy to mouth and the Casey takes her turn riding Flash reverse cowgirl style. His big dick is driving both girls wild. More pussy to mouth action soon leads to Flash shooting off in Jillian’s mouth. She swallows his cum and Casey licks the remaining cum off of Jillian’s lips.

Scene 4: Kacey Jordan and Jovan Jordan

Kacey is riding in an Uber from the mall and her boyfriend calls her. He hasn’t heard from her all day and he’s pissed. Kacey can’t take it anymore. His jealousy is too much. The Uber driver pulls up at Kacey’s house and she instructs him where to take her on the property. She thanks him for the ride and tells him that she needs help with something in the house. He agrees to help her out. She walks him into the house and asks him to wait for just a minute. She goes back into her bedroom and strips down to her lingerie then calls him in. Jovan walks in and asks what’s going on. Kacey tells him that today is his lucky day as she starts kissing him. She helps him unzip his pants and takes out his cock. She tells him his cock is beautiful as she starts sucking on it, dribbling and spitting all over it. She helps him lie back on the bed and continues her cock sucking.

Now it’s Kacey’s turn to lie back on the bed missionary style and take all of Jovan’s meat. She is moaning now as Jovan pumps in and out of her pussy. Kacey keeps both of her legs up on Jovan’s shoulders as she gets fucked. Her pussy is obviously wet now as she gets stretched wider and wider. Kacey gets on all fours in doggy position and takes more of Jovan’s cock, looking back at him as he fucks her hard. She licks up her own pussy juices in some pussy to mouth action then gets on top of his dick and rides it cowgirl style. She begs him to cum in her mouth. Jovan straddles her face and jerks off all over it and in her mouth, making her really happy as she swallows it.

Final Thoughts:

Blacked.com’s interracial flicks are a standout and it’s hard not to recognize the high quality work that’s coming out of this studio. They’ve done it again with their 3rd installment of the Black and White series starring Karla Kush, Kacey Jordan, Shawna Lenee, Jillian Janson and Casey Calvert. Directed by Greg Lansky, this flick is another highly produced, sizzling exploration of black on white sex featuring beautiful, all natural babes. The one scene in this flick that will have you coming back for more is the threesome between Jillian and Casey. Although both girls have been fucking each other for some time now, Casey convinces Jillian to participate in a threesome with Flash Brown and she is glad she did. Karla Kush’s opening romp with Michael Williams is hot too. Overall, I highly recommend this movie. The cinematic work and highly produced quality of this film can be stunning. At the same time, the sexual chemistry between these girls and their big black cocks is tangible in every scene.

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