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Body Heat

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Spook Central » Review Date: 7/22/15

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Not to be confused with the 1981 theatrical film of the same name starring Kathleen Turner and William Hurt, this Body Heat is a 2010 adult feature from Digital Playground starring a bevy of blonde bombshells and a couple of brunettes beauties. The movie was brought to my attention when I saw the trailer on another Blu-ray and noticed that it was filmed in the same Los Angeles firehouse that was used for the interiors of the Ghostbusters' headquarters. That same firehouse was also used in the 1998 Jenna Jameson movie Flashpoint, so it's no stranger to fuck flicks :-)

Like Flashpoint, Body Heat is about the lives of the firefighters who live and work at Engine #23. There are multiple plots going on through the movie, and since director Robby D. felt that they're important enough to devote a whole half-hour to uninterrupted "story", I'll try to keep you abreast of them as I run through the film. It should be noted that all characters share the same names as the actors, so I'm not being lazy when I use the actor names. Also, being that this is my first Blu-ray review, and some people might want to see what the Blu-ray picture size and quality is like, all images (from here on) can be enlarged to full 1920x1080 size.

Before I begin, let me just state that the movie runs for 2 hours, 19 minutes, 17 seconds, over 19 chapters. There are no chapter marks at start of the sex scenes, so you'll have to fast-forward to the good parts. The Date of Production given is 3/28/2010.

The movie opens with old stock footage of real-life firefighters with sad piano music playing over it. Katsuni is the captain of the group, looking forlorn out of the window in her office. Kayden comes in and asks to borrows her camera to take sexy photos of Jesse for some kind of sexy firefighters calendar contest. In a separate plot, Kayden wants her boyfriend and co-worker, Manuel, to pop the question. He almost does, but she goes to brush her teeth. Romance happens in the bathroom, but before anything can start, they get called in to work. They ride in the back of an ambulance where they get to finish what they tried to start.


Scene #1
Stars: Kayden Kross & Manuel Ferrara
Length:7:32 (8:05-15:37)
Condoms: No

In the back of a moving ambulance, but they must be quiet so their co-worker who's driving doesn't hear them. The sex is a tad on the rough side, and sometimes it looked more like Kayden was in pain than enjoying it. Maybe that was on purpose, I don't know. He cums on her tits and stomach.

Image Image Image

It'll be almost a half hour before we get the next sex scene, but they come frequently after that. "Come frequently"...Ha-Ha! This is where the movie gives you the plot before bombarding you with the sex. Kayden, Manuel, and everyone else arrive at the scene. It's a Bomb Squad call because some greedy developer suspects that there's a bomb in a van parked on his property. For some reason, Manuel, a firefighter, is being tasked with handling this instead of, you know, the Bomb Squad guy who's already there (played by Marcus London in a non-sex role). I guess you don't go looking to porn for sensible plots. Anyway, Manuel finds the bomb, gives a "thumbs up" to his comrades, then promptly blows up! It's just as funny as it sounds.


The greedy developer, Cash Gates, visits the firehouse to tell the captain of his plans to buy it for his real estate project. Riley Steele (a cute pretty-eyed blonde) overhears and tells the others. For this long stretch of non-sex, there were a few moments that I forgot I was watching porn and not a legit mainstream movie. So, kudos to the filmmakers for that.

The firefighters are gonna raise money to save the building. Riley's idea is for some horny guys to pay "tips" to see her and Jesse wash themselves...I mean, the fire truck, while wearing bikinis. Their girlfriends had enough and want "something for the ladies". So, now we get three of the male firefighters topless and wearing rubber duckie bikinis. Anyway, Tommy has a session with psychiatrist Raven, who's been brought in to counsel the grieving firefighters. She has a little more in mind than just talking.


Scene #2
Stars: Raven Alexis & Tommy Gunn
Length: 10:37 (39:00-49:37)
Condoms: No

In the Captain's Office of the firehouse. Limited to a few positions on the desk. Kinda boring. He cums in her mouth; she swallows some.

Image Image Image

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Riley, the dumb blonde firefighter, had the smart idea to visit Cash Gates and see if she can pursuade him into changing his mind about buying the firehouse. You can guess how she plans on doing that :-)


Scene #3
Stars: Bridgette B, Riley Steele, Ben English
Length: 16:43 (53:00-1:09:43)
Condoms: No

In Cash Gates' office with firefighter Riley and his secretary Bridgette. A pretty fun scene. Lots of different positions. The cumshot is quite a sprinkler-job all over their faces and hair. Second best scene in the movie for me.

Image Image Image

Mick is pulling up the fire hose on the truck when Captain Katsuni interrupts asking if he talked to the psychiatrist yet. As with Tommy, horny psychistrist Raven wants to do more than just talk when she finds out that Mick has a fetish for women of authority. Well, specifically one woman: Captain Katsuni. Still, Raven uses this as an excuse to prey on his desires.


Scene #4
Stars: Raven Alexis & Mick Blue
Length: 11:37 (1:12:23-1:24:00)
Condoms: No

After a brief scene of dialog between Kayden and Jesse, we cut back to Mick and Raven and he's already eating her pussy. Again, it's a one-on-one Raven scene in the Captain's Office. Deja vu. It's a big firehouse, they could have filmed this scene in lots of other rooms, yet we're getting the same setup as before. The sex is, again, done on and by the desk, and the positions seem mostly the same, too. I found it a little less boring than the other scene, but it's pretty much a repeat of scene #2. He cums in her mouth and on her chin; she swallows some of it.

Image Image Image

Kayden shares a drink with a friend inside the fire truck while Jesse and Scott screw on top of it.


Scene #5
Stars: Jesse Jane & Scott Nails
Length: 8:08 (1:26:32-1:34:40)
Condoms: No

We get started immediately with Scott eating Jesse out on top of the firetruck. They fuck on the back of the truck, then sitting behind it. All in all, not a very exciting scene. It seemed like Jesse wasn't really into the blowjob (gagging trying to deep troat his dick) or the scene. He cums on her face.

Image Image Image

Psychiatrist Raven talks to Captain Katsuni about Mick and Tommy and their infatuation with her. Katsuni is bent over picking up papers, and after one look at her rear end, Raven suddenly understands why the guys were so excited by her. Next thing we know, Katsuni is out of her uniform and in a sports bra and shorts, which she pulls up so we can see her nice ass cheeks. She's in the gym seductively working out so the guys will take notice.


Scene #6
Stars: Katsuni, Mick Blue, Tommy Gunn
Length: 14:03 (1:39:00-1:53:03)
Condoms: No

The guys get into the shower together (not in *that* way), and soon Katsuni comes in, strips, and joins then. She literally drops the soap, and they are stunned to see her. She soon makes her intentions known and a threesome ensues. Hands-down the best scene in the movie. Katsuni looks hot (even though I'm not fond of the painted-on eyebrows), the sex is hot, the setting is hot, everything is hot! This scene works on all levels. She jerks then sucks them off, then they take turns inside of her in various positions. Sometimes they only go one at a time. Tommy cums on her ass, then Mick enters her for a few seconds (literally) and eventually cums on her face.

Image Image Image

Some more plot before the final sex scene. Evan Stone pops up in a non-sex role as the mad bomber. We never get any lines from him, or see that much of him for that matter, so we never learn of his intentions. That plotline is never full explored, and there's nothing in the deleted scenes to indicate that it ever was. Meanwhile, back at the firehouse, everyone is relaxing. Jesse is hitting the punching bag in the gym, while the guys are playing cards, and Kayden is pining over her lost love and the wedding ring he never gave her. The calmness is broken when the alarm rings. They find Cash unconscience in the burning building. They rescue him, but Kayden re-enters for some reason. She starts crying while thinking about her dead lover. You know, because standing inside a burning building is *totally* the appropriate place to do that. Jeese comes in to get her.

Some time later, back at the firehouse, the captain is packing up her stuff, when Cash comes in. He decides to give her and the batallion the deed to the firehouse. The reason for his change of mind is that he feels the best way to protect his investment is to have a battle-tested firehouse in the neighborhood. To celebrate, the captain feels that they should wash the firetruck. She takes off her top to reveal a bikini underneath. For some reason, Raven is there, though it's never said why. Hint...Hint...


Scene #7
Stars: Jesse Jane, Katsuni, Kayden Kross, Raven Alexis, Riley Steele
Length: 12:30 (2:05:00-2:17:30)
Condoms: N/A

All of the female firefighters have an orgy around the fire truck sitting in the firehouse engine bay. I'm not much of a fan of girl/girl scenes, but this was a damn good scene, if I do say so myself. Jesse and Raven even got a bit rough with each other. That said, I have to wonder why the guys aren't there, too. I mean, aren't they happy that the firehouse was saved? Wouldn't they want to join in on the "celebration", too?

Image Image Image

The movie's not over after the sex is. We're back at the mad bomber's lair long enough to see that since he was never caught, he's back at work. Have no fear, our horny crew gets the call, and they're off... Cue the sequel.




Behind The Scenes (34:42)
Containing 20 chapter marks, this is a step above the usual BTS featurette. We get interviews with the stars, some footage showing them fucking (which shows how UNerotic it actually is with everyone off-camera doing the most menial of things), some looks at the firehouse they filmed in, and a side-by-side comparion of a whole acting scene from the movie with it's BTS camera counterpart. The faces of a *lot* of crew members were blurred out, as were any signs for other businesses. That was kinda annoying, but understandable.

Deleted Scenes (2:53)
Three short acting scenes, one of which is just a quick bit of deleted French dialog from Katsuni between her and Kayden.

Gallery (4:10)
The slideshow consists of 50 still photos, which are all shown full screen (some are pillarboxed to fit the screen). A chapter mark is placed at the start of every photo, easily allowing you to skip to the next photo, or go back to the previous ones. There is no text or watermarks over the photos, so you can view them all unobstructed. The photos are grouped by scenes, but not in the order seen in the movie.

Trailers for the following movies (presented in high-definition/16:9 Widescreen): Pirates (2005), Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge (2008), Nurses (2009), Teachers (2009), Babysitters (2007), Island Fever 4 (2006), and Cheerleaders (2008).


Overall, this is a fantastic feature, but not as good as it should have been. There were too many blondes for my taste, no redheads, only two brunettes - one has too much makeup on (Raven), and the other has painted-on eyebrows (Katsuni). The sex scenes are kept reatively short, which is unusual for modern porn, where I usually find scenes 20-30 minutes in length. This is kinda good, as it prevents the scenes from dragging on and on, but the editing had the actors jumping between positions. I get the feeling that there were a lot of "issues" with the actors when filming the sex scenes. That would explain some of the disjointedness. Also, with shorter scenes, it would have been nice to get more of them.

While picture quality for the Blu-ray is great, the color balance makes everything look a bit cold and drab. Flesh tones aren't very flattering; they should be warmer. Were it not for two scenes that save the film for me, and the use of the Ghostbusters firehouse, I wouldn't give this a passing throught. If you like blondes, you might like this more, otherwise I'd say Rent It.

If you want to see some clean images and video clips, check out Spook Central's Los Angeles firehouse page (some images are displayed on the page, but there are links to external galleries and videos). If you want to see some X-rated images, check out Dr. Jay's photo gallery (a lot of these photos are used on the Blu-ray gallery, but without any text on the bottom). Also, I was rather late to discover this movie, but some of my fellow XCritic reviewers caught it back when it first came out in 2010. Since my review is (literally) just one man's opinion, feel free to read the reviews by Don Houston, Dr. Jay, and Mark Roach. They reviewed the DVD, so you'll get some insight into how that differs from the Blu-ray.

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