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Young Harlots School Report

Studio: Harmony » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 7/31/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Teen/Foreign



Cast: Susana Melo/Arian/Ava Courcelles/Bella Beretta/Abrill Gerald/Christen Courtney/George Uhl/Tony De Sergio

Director: Gazzman

Extras: Photo Gallery

Release Date: 6/1/2015

Runtime: 117 Mins

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*Scene 1:

Susana Melo/George Uhl


The premiere scene in Gazzman's Young Harlots:School Report kicks off as we see the five girls featured in the film playfully prancing outside of the Young Harlots academy in their school uniforms, as the head master speaks to his assistant about a journalist that is coming by to write an article on them. After a brief introduction, the screen fades to George Uhl playing the role of a professor to gorgeous new girl Susana Melo, assisting her in painting a nude portrait of a guy before taking her indoors to initiate the action. A short blowie from Susana gets things moving, leading up to some hot anal action as George speaks creepily to the red-headed vixen and she replies to his ramblings only with, "Fuck me". Sex bounces from anal to vaginal frequently, having some generous close-ups that still give us a great background view of Susana's expressions as the camera pans in an out of the action fluently before she spreads her pussy hole with her fingers and George fires off a hefty load of jizz sauce straight into it. A nice scene here that toes the line on a more sensual encounter; Susana is a babe and it had an attentive viewing that translated well in my viewing of it. 



*Scene 2: 

Ava Courcelles/Arian



Next up are Ava Courcelles and Arian, apparently located in the "sports massage" area, where the girls go to take a load off after strenuous activites. The scene is bridged with Tony De Sergio leading the journalist around the school grounds, explaining the separate areas of the campus before fading into the segment where Ava and Arian begin their "extra curricular" activities. The scene opens with no words spoken, and stays that way for most of the time, as a hesitant Arian allows Ava to poke and prod at her body before lying her on the bed and dittling her pussy as Arian moans and groans accordingly. Ava continues to play the role of "doer" throughout the scene, coaching Arian into different positions as she munches her pussy and kisses her body sensually, with some dildo action thrown into the mix later on. Overall, the scene reads as a rather boring collection of overt moans and groans from the girls, switching roles as it progresses but lasting for a seemingly endless amount of time before finishing off with some hard scissor fucking that ultimately serves as the finale point of it all. I'd have to say that I wasn't very pleased with the overall vibe of this scene, there are places that it could have gone considering Arian's rather timid approach to it all, but it never really took off and I think her demeanor did more bad for it than good in the end. 


*Scene 3: 

Christen Courtney/George Uhl



Long and slender hottie Christen Courtney encompasses our view to begin the third scene in the film, having a quick smoke in between classes before professor Uhl catches his unruly student red-handed. After giving her a few choices on how he could possibly handle the matter, he decides to use his leaderhsip to his advantage, and Christen of course, reciprocates. Some solid blow-j action opens up the action, with things moving forward in the same alleyway where Christen was having a smoke, moving forward as she lifts up her slutty schoolgirl attitre and Uhl rams her in a standing doggie style fuck to begin the sex. Anal sets in next, with George lying on his back while Christen takes a reverse cowgirl dick-ride on his love pony, as the sex takes a gradual pace that strengthens more and more as it continues. The anal only lasts for a brief period of time, maintaining mostly vaginal sex toward the latter stages but still translating very well in my viewing of it thanks to strong camerawork and an attentive style of filming that gives us several outstanding looks at Christen's body. Things progress wonderfully as the scene moves forward, ending after Christen's professor pulls out of a standing doggie style pussy bang, busting his nuts over her ass cheek as she watches the jizz splat closely. Good stuff. Christen has the looks of a supermodel and although this wasn't a rip-roaring ass fuck it's still a solid watch that gives the viewer a wide variety of looks at the action. I loved it. 



*Scene 4:

Abrill Gerald/Bella Beretta/George Uhl

The next scene moves into the athletic portion of the campus, where professor George Uhl is now teaching Abrill Gerald and Bella Beretta some proper techniques on warming up for a tennis match. Unfortunately, Abrill hurts herself during the warmups and they retreat indoors to treat her injured leg, ultimately leading into the action, where Bella stuffs her coaches dong into her mouth while Abrill smiles adoringly and joins in on the fun. The blowjob gives way to a doggie style fuck, with Abrill being the first taker as her galpal lends a helping hand wherever needed. Things continue on nicely throughout the course of the scene, with Bella eventually taking a reverse cowgirl ride on Uhl as they get an equal amount of cock before he fires off his load over Abrill's belly coming out of a missionary themed fuck. A solid scene here overall; Abrill's an absolute stunner and Bella kept her in check very well; she seemed a little standoffish at times, but it just made her that much more adorable in my viewing of it. This one is probably my favorite of the bunch so far. 



*Scene 5: 

Susana Melo/Bella Beretta/Tony De Sergio


The final scene in Gazzman's Young Harlot's School Report begins as Tony De Sergio bids his reporter friend adieu, telling him that he's late for sex education class with Susana Melo and Bella Beretta.  The screen soon fades, with soft tunes playing in the background as it fades back in with Tony and the girls getting frisky as he coaches them through a blowjob to initiate the action. Sex eventually sets in with Bella taking the brunt of De Sergio's dong, as Susana lies beneath the two and pulls it out to suck him off while Tony gapes Bella's tiny butthole. The sex maintains a solid intensity throughout the scene, with all parties staying pretty active most of the time as Tony rifles through pussy like a madman while the girls munch each other's pussies in the midst of it all. Things eventually cap off with Susana and Bella receiving their reward for a job well done in the form of some jizz spats from De Sergio, closing out the scene before a final montage closes out the film. Another good scene here that falls in line to the rest of the scenes in the movie quite well; the energy wasn't out of this world but again the viewing was overall, a good one. 




Gazzman's 'Young Harlots:School Report' from Harmony Pictures had a nice comprehensive viewing with a great grouping of girls who were rather unknown to me before my review of the film. The attentive camerawork in Gazzman's movies adds volumes to the overall feel, helping the scenes in this particular film shine on a level that they otherwise wouldn't have if it wasn't made with that sort of attention to detail. I found most of the scenes to be of equal strength, noting Abrill Gerald as a personal favorite; but each segment certainly gives viewers a valid reason to watch them, with the "best" one being mainly based off of the specific tastes of the person watching. Extras on the DVD are pretty sparse, with only a photo gallery to note, but I think the quality of the content still merits enough to recommend to fans, with the icing on the cake being the work that was put into the finished product. The male talent in the film is not credited at all, which I think is a little peculiar since they did play a large part in helping to make this film a good one, but that mere observation still didn't take much away from my overall viewing. Regardless, fans of the widely acclaimed euro-based company are sure to enjoy this one, as well as those who like a little more passion in their porno. Give it a look if you get the chance. Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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