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Black Snake Oil

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/31/15

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Black Snake Oil

Evil Angel/Aiden Starr Productions/Starr Erotica

Genre: Interracial

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Director: Aiden Starr


Cast: Sarah Shevon, Mickey Mod, Layla Price, Bailey Blue, Gabriella Paltrova

Length: 131:16 minutes

Date of Production: 2015


Extras: The best extra by far was the 6:27 minute long Behind the Scenes feature but it lacked footage of my favorite performers so your mileage may well vary. There were also some trailers, a cast list filmographies, a pop shot recap from the scenes, and website links.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Black Snake Oil was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Aiden Starr for Evil Angel. The lighting was solid throughout and not too much which washes out the ladies in interracial flicks but an ample amount. The framing and focus by camera operator Aiden were similar to her previous efforts though, admittedly not polished up by any editing that I could tell. This has been one of my biggest bones of contention with her work, the lack of tease footage not helping either, though she picked performers I happen to like yet again (at least the ladies). The video bitrate varied overall and there were some compression artifacts observed when the movie was played on my big screen television, the company watermark on the lower right hand cover not compensated for as other directors distributed by Evil Angel have learned to do. The aural components of the show were also very basic, the vocals easily heard but only in a flat manner, limited dynamic range provided though some music was added in post production.


Body of Review: Aiden Starr is a female director distributed by Evil Angel, her fairly limited body of work showing she is still trying to find just the right niche to showcase her ideas. Her latest release is called Black Snake Oil, each of the four scenes offering up interracial action where Mickey Mod was the male. The cover was populated by Bailey Blue (as “Dahlia Sky”), Sarah Shevon, Gabriella Paltrova, and Layla Price all frequent fliers when it comes to hardcore porn antics too. The company website described the movie like this: “Pornographer Aiden Starr’s “Black Snake Oil” combines her passions for interracial sex, anal lewdness and greasy, full-body lubrication. The director’s pervy sass enlivens gonzo scenes starring girls that crave backdoor satisfaction whether or not a camera is running. Smiling, natural-bodied brunette Sarah Shevon begs black stud Mickey Mod to ream her rectum, which belches lube and gapes to show pink flowering intestinal innards. She tastes “my favorite kind of juice” in an ass-to-mouth suck job and eats the jism Mickey pumps up her nose! Big-assed, naked blonde Layla Price kneels, wolfing down Mickey’s big black cock as he greases her rump. She deep-throats, gagging, slobbering; her queefing pussy creams his dark dick as her fleshy butt cheeks flap, and she winks her fucked bunghole. Compliments make adorable Dahlia Sky blush, but getting fucked in the ass on camera doesn’t! The dirty blonde’s tight twat lips grip Mickey’s prick; sidesaddle sodomy makes her gasp and diddle her clit. Tattooed tart Gabriella Paltrova swaps gooey spit strands with Mickey, who spread-eagles, chokes and rectally porks the delirious slut. Her butthole farts out the grease it’s “swallowed,” and Gabi blows thick cum bubbles.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Sarah Shevon, a lean and all natural brunette with a pretty face, was immediately faced with the turgid pecker of Mickey Mod, a lesser known player in the field of interracial porn, as she laid back on a a table set up in a fairly barren room. He oiled her up and she slobbed his knob aggressively, the couple having kissed as she applied some hand to gland friction to coat his boner with the oil too. She just about throated him to the hilt as she eyed the camera, not a true POV look by any means but not sold as such either, some discussion in the BTS provided for those who care. She continued her oral antics by nuzzling his nuts, her eyes tearing up a bit though she changed to actively ride him vaginally, her neatly trimmed snatch looking inviting as she pumped on his cock. There was more oral and fucking before he fingered her precious pucker, soon replacing his digit with his cock as she spread wide, Mickey commenting at times just as the director did. She was a very passive anal rider in contrast to her vaginal antics, her dirty talk begging for him to cum on her face nice even if the initial lack of sexual tension and tease greatly weakened the scene for me. She drained his dragon of sperm with the combination blowjob and handjob, glazing her mug before she gave some post coital head and picked his manly juices out of her nose to swallow. The company website described the scene like this: “Pretty, petite brunette Sarah Shevon flashes her warm smile, natural tits and bushy fur. Black stud Mickey Mod oils her up. She sucks his hard cock and laps his balls; spit flows and her gagging makes tears run down her face. Sarah rides dick and enjoys pussy-to-mouth flavor. When Mickey fingers and rims her asshole, Sarah says, 'Please fuck my ass.' He reams her rectum, which belches lube and gapes to show pink flowering intestinal innards. Drenched in oil and spit, Sarah diddles her wet pussy and tastes 'my favorite kind of juice ... ass juice' in an ass-to-mouth suck job. As director Aiden Starr makes dirty comments, greasy Sarah queefs. 'Please may I have some cum in my face? I'm very hungry,' begs Sarah, who eats the jism Mickey pumps up her nose!”



Scene Two: Layla Price, a curvy bleach blond with a yummy ass, was up next as the scene started with her already blowing Mickey Mod in a hand assisted hummer, no tease or build up here either. I did appreciate that she gave him solid eye contact as she worked him over, throating the majority of his raging erection though making some weird noises as the director chatted with her. Layla’s love of cock was apparent and her oil slickened body was ready to rumble, Mickey reaching over to finger her as she made a show of her oral efforts no replacement for his initially refusing to gobble gash or rim the ladies. Layla mounted him vaginally to impale herself on his oil coated cock, her delicious ass cheeks bouncing up and down as she rode him while making noises, the guy finally tonguing her perfect pucker a bit before fingering her and sucking on her bald beaver just before the anal began. She became very passive during the anal other than streaming dirty talk and rubbing her bald beaver, additional anal milking his balls of semen that he plastered her face with. The company website described the scene like this: “As the scene opens we see tattooed blonde Layla Price naked, kneeling and wolfing down Mickey Mod's big black cock as he oils up her hot ass. She deep-throats, gagging, spit flowing, and her butt quakes as he fingers her shaved gash. Natural-breasted Layla rides cock, her greased, fleshy butt cheeks snapping, her pussy creaming his dark dick. She oils her own tits and gives a two-hand job/BJ. Mickey cranks her back, fucking her as he diddles her clit; he eats pussy as he fingers her butthole. Masturbating Layla queefs, blushes and groans. A doggie-style butt fuck makes her anus gape and belch lube. She's drenched in more oil as she's sodomized. Mickey's spunk thickly slops her face; she swallows cum and winks her fucked bunghole.”



Scene Three: Bailey Blue, the lean young lady featured on the front cover (under her alias of “Dahlia Sky”), was up next in the fairly barren room as she knelt on the same platform the others worked on, the director chatting with her as the gal was oiled up. I liked that she rubbed the oil in and that was as much tease as the movie was going to show apparently other than Bailey masturbating her slightly hair cookie, Aiden having her bend over to gyrate her ass as oil was dripped on it. Mickey Mod laughed at their comments but joined in to get a blowjob without event from there, Bailey looking at the camera instead of her partner most of the time. She went less deep on him during the blowjob too though her tongue was readily applied just the same, her energy and enthusiasm otherwise a plus for me. Bailey was then a passive vaginal rider until she was on top of him, her passive nature returning when they started doing anal even if she gave some dirty talk to make it a bit better. Additional positions of her begging for his seed led to him beating off all over her face and upper torso, the gal looking at the camera for approval as he fed her some of his seed. The company website described the scene like this: “Dirty blonde Dahlia Sky blushes when director Aiden Starr calls her 'adorable,' noting that compliments make her more self-conscious than getting fucked in the ass on camera! Sure enough. The tattooed, natural-breasted cutie rubs oil into her nipples, pussy and asshole. Dahlia deep-throats Mickey Mod's big black cock, her blue eyes making contact with the camera as she gags and spits. An intense fuck with mouth kissing tenses her muscles and makes her masturbate. Her tight twat lips grip his thick prick as she straddles her stud for a greasy ride. Mickey pries his lubed dick up Dahlia's cute tush; sidesaddle sodomy makes her gasp and diddle her clit. After Mickey creams her from tits to tongue, he feeds her the excess, and Dahlia displays her fucked asshole.”



Scene Four: Gabriella Paltrova, a pretty brunette with a body built for speed over comfort, was up last as the director commented to her and Mickey Mod in the same room. Gabi was shaking her ass toward the wall mirror as Mickey stood over her, the gal blowing him as he poured copious amounts of oil on her ass and body while she made pronounced gagging noises. Gabi did her best to throat him to the bone, Aiden moving around her as she arched her back and bent over to give her fine ass that awesome look I like so much. He reached over to play with her as she blew him too, streamers flying though she had trouble going all the way down on him, the two kissing before he began to fuck her pussy in missionary. The relative lack of tease and sexual tension build up impacted this scene too, Gabi better suited for a higher tier male than this, the gal remaining passive the whole time even when they switched to anal where she farted in his direction and spread her legs wide for him to tear into her pucker. He glazed her upper torso and she sucked the last drops out of him at the end to play with it, swallowing the load before an abrupt cut led to the credits. The company website described the scene like this: “Trim, tattooed brunette Gabriella Paltrova brings her sexy smile, natural tits and cute ass to an oily interracial butt fuck with stud Mickey Mod. She kneels to blow his big black cock as he slathers her natural body in oil and fingers her pussy. They swap gooey spit strands. He sticks his prick in the spread-eagled girl and chokes her; delirious Gabi blushes and masturbates. After pussy-to-mouth cocksucking, Mickey pounds her creaming cunt. 'I want it in my fuckin' ass,' says the irrepressible slut, and her stud sodomizes her sidesaddle. Oil floods Gabi's gaping bunghole, which winks to 'swallow' the grease and farts it back out! Her eyes roll back in her head in a skin-slappin', greasy, howling butt fuck. She blows thick bubbles with the cum slopped into her mouth.”

Summary: Black Snake Oil by director Aiden Starr for Evil Angel had problems with editing, lack of tease, framing on the camera work, and even some focusing issues so it earned a rating of Rent It, the desire for the tease and build up of sexual tension between the ladies and Mickey lowering the replay value for me substantially. Otherwise, the lighting was good and I love women all oiled up but in terms of this being a spotlight showcase for Mickey Mod, an indistinct black male compared to many of his peers, it will work best for his fans in my estimation. I can never get enough of watching Layla Price, Gabriella Paltrova is adorable, Sarah Shevon loves black cock, and Bailey Blue by any other name is still a cutie but in a genre that is so well represented by better male talent and higher profile ladies at any given time, Black Snake Oil lacking even polished technical aspects reminds me why other directors are usually given a great deal of acclaim these days. I do have to hand it to Aiden that unlike some of those better names of late, she was able to prevent the flesh tones of the white ladies from washing out but the otherwise sloppy execution of the production values when people are struggling to make a buck makes this come across as a vanity project more than anything else so check it out but don’t expect much.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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