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Magic Mike XXXL: A Hardcore Parody

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/7/15

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 21 minutes

Date of Production: 2015

Genre: Parody; Feature; Muscle Men; Male Revue

Condoms:  Yes

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Brad Armstrong

Cast: Jessica Drake, Misty Stone, Asa Akira, Adriana Chechik, Amirah Adara, India Summer, Jessa Rhodes, Katrina Jade, Bridgette B, Kendra Lust, Maddy O’Reilly, Derrick Pierce, Ryan McLane, Seth Gamble, Rob Piper, Ryan Driller, Tommy Gunn, Tony Martinez, Dick Chibbles

Bonus Scenes:  Bonus Scene 1 with Jessica Drake and Kurt Lockwood from Love, Lust and Longing; Bonus Scene 2 with Asa Akira and Danny Mountain from Impulse; Bonus Scene 3 with Jessica Drake and Eric Masterson from Bikini Outlaws

Extras: Extended Dance Footage, featuring dance performances from all the guys; Bonus Dance Footage, featuring Ryan McLane and director Brad Armstrong; Over 30 minutes of Interviews with the Cast; Behind the Scenes Footage showing the building of the bar; footage of the Dance Rehearsals; 3 Bonus Sex Scenes; Photo Gallery; Trailers for Selfies 2.0, Corruption of a Babysitter, Love, Lust and Longing, My Secretary the Slut, Bikini Outlaws, Au Natural; Promo Reel



Director Brad Armstrong has hit the jackpot with his male revue parody Magic Mike XXXL: A Hardcore Parody. This movie gets an Xcritic Pick from me for a number of reasons. Not only is this flick filled with sizzling hot starlets who bring great sex to film, but this flick has a great storyline that is well acted. This parody is hot, funny and definitely one that the female viewers will enjoy. In addition to the hot starlets, Brad casted some of the industry’s hard bodied, ripped cocksman to make the girl’s fantasies come true. The backstage action is just as hot as the on stage sex. The flick runs over 3 hours and 20 minutes and you’ll enjoy watching the whole thing. There are 9 heavy duty sex scenes starring Jessica Drake, Misty Stone, Asa Akira, Adriana Chechik, Amirah Adara, India Summer, Jessa Rhodes, Katrina Jade, Bridgette B, Kendra Lust and Maddy O’Reilly along with their meat vendors Derrick Pierce, who stars as Magic Mike, Ryan McLane, Seth Gamble, Rob Piper, Ryan Driller, Tommy Gunn, Tony Martinez and Dick Chibbles. To add even more to this well-rounded flick, there are 3 bonus sex scenes with Jessica Drake and Asa Akira and some funny behind the scenes footage, including the dance rehearsals for the guys and the building of the set that add more interest to the movie. Even director Brad Armstrong gets in on a little striptease action in the behind-the-scenes footage, showing the guys how to put on a good show. There is a well-choreographed dance scene with all the guys on stage in front of a room full of women and these guys are just as good as a Vegas male revue. The big choreographed number is followed by each guy strutting his stuff in an individual strip show. This flick runs like a big budget feature movie and it hits all the right buttons as it progresses. This is one parody you need to add to your collection.    

Scene 1: India Summer and Derrick Pierce

Derrick needs a loan and is showing off his designs to India Summer at the bank. She’s melting in her chair. Derrick is using all the right words that turn India on, but that’s not enough to get him the loan. The bank doesn’t approve it because Derrick doesn’t have any credit. He’s an entrepreneur. India asks what kind of business he’s in and he finally confesses that he’s a male stripper who goes by the name Magic Mike. India is in disbelief but Derrick proves it to her by dropping his pants and pulling out all of the money that’s stuck in his bikini underwear. India wants to see more collateral and Derrick tells her that he has much more to show her. He grabs her and starts kissing her passionately across the desk. India strips out of her top and climbs across the desk and reaches for Derrick’s cock. She’s kneeling on the desk as she starts sucking and jerking his dick. Derrick fucks her throat then holds her legs open missionary style on the desk and fingers and eats her pussy, driving her crazy.

India rides Derrick’s meat reverse cowgirl style on the office chair. Derrick fingers her clit while she rides him. India lies on the desk missionary style and takes a hard pounding from Derrick who holds one of her legs up over his shoulder while he splits her snatch.  Magic Mike pulls out and shoots a load all over India’s face and in her wide open mouth.

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Scene 2: Maddy O’Reilly and Seth Gamble

Maddy is a backstage fluffer who works hard to get all the guys’ cocks hard before they get on stage. She’s hard at work sucking Tony’s cock while the guys are getting ready to perform. Magic Mike teaches Seth the ropes of show business as Maddy makes her way over to him. She gets on her knees and starts fluffing him, sucking his cock and getting him hard and ready for the show. Maddy gives Seth a sloppy wet blow job, gagging and gurgling all over his cock, leaving long strands of spit dangling from his meat. As Seth gets more into being fluffed, he starts fucking her mouth, driving his dick deeper and deeper down her throat and Maddy happily and greedily accepts. Maddy jerks him off until he cums down her throat and on her tongue.

Scene 3: Amirah Adara, Jessa Rhodes, Seth Gamble and Ryan McLane

The guys put on a spectacular strip show that drives the women in the audience wild and the cash is flowing. After the show, Amirah and Jessa join Seth for a drink, but these girls want a lot more than just a drink and the more the merrier. Ryan decides to get in on the action and he joins Seth, Amirah and Jessa for an after party. Back at the house, the party has begun. Jessa is on her knees and Seth is deep fucking her throat, making her gag on his cock. Amirah is lying back on the couch missionary style and Ryan is eating her pussy, making her wet and driving her crazy. Jessa is ready to be fucked now and she gets on all fours doggystyle. Seth stands behind her and pounds her pussy hard from behind. She lies on her back missionary style and spreads her legs wide for more fucking, this time from Ryan.

Amirah takes her cock missionary style too on the couch as Seth plows deep in her snatch. These party girls are getting the fucking they have wanted from their fantasy male strippers. Amirah moves to doggy position to take more and more of Seth’s cock and soon both girls are riding cocks cowgirl style on the couch, slapping each other’s asses as they bounce up and down and the guys’ dicks. All that cowgirl fucking builds up to the popshot with both girls on the floor on their knees with their mouths wide open as the guy stand over them and jerk off. Amirah and Jessa both get splashed with cum in their mouths and on their tits as the cum drains down their chest.

Scene 4: Adriana Chechik and Tommy Gunn

After a huge strip show put on by the guys, Adriana and Tommy are getting to know each other. They decide to blow the joint and go back to her place. They barely make their way in through the front door before they start kissing all over each other. Adriana throws Tommy across the bed and tells him they have to be quiet because she doesn’t want her roommate to hear them. She is bent over doggystyle as she reaches for his cock and starts sucking on it. Tommy lies on the bed as Adriana blows him off. Her roommate, Kendra Lust, happens to see the action through the bedroom door and she watches Adriana give Tommy a sloppy blow job.

She strips out of her clothes as she continues to deep throat Tommy’s meat. She is ready to take his cock and she bends over doggystyle on the bed, allowing Tommy to pound her pussy from behind. She looks back at him with her mouth gaping open as he fucks her harder and faster. They fuck doggystyle for a long time and Kendra is enjoying the show. The pair gets into spoon position with one of Adriana’s legs up in the air. Tommy continues to plow deeper and deeper in her pussy, making her moan. The spoon fucking leads to a Tommy shooting cum down Adriana’s throat and on her cheeks.

Scene 5: Kendra Lust and Tommy Gunn

Kendra had been watching Adriana and Tommy fuck the whole time and she is waiting for him as he tries to leave after fucking Adriana. Kendra stops him in his tracks, telling him that while he was fucking Adriana she was fingering her pussy. She asks him if he wants to taste her pussy. It turns out that Kendra is Adriana’s stepmother but she is really horny and reaches for Tommy’s hard cock. She sucks him off slowly the picks up the pace, deep throating him and gagging on his cock. Tommy grips the back of her head as she bobs up and down on his schlong. Kendra takes her big tits and titty fucks him then she sits on his cock cowgirl style and rides his meat, grinding herself into Tommy’s cock.  Tommy grabs and slaps her round ass as she rides his cock. Kendra fingers her own ass hole as she takes Tommy’s cock cowgirl style, then she lies on the table missionary style to take more of Tommy’s meat. She plays with her clit while Tommy’s cock slips in and out of her pussy. Kendra takes more cock doggystyle now, pushing her ass back and forth on Tommy’s meat. This position gets her off as she screams louder and louder while Tommy spanks her ass. Tommy pulls out and shoot a big cum load on her ass cheeks.

Scene 6: Misty Stone and Derrick Pierce

The guys are introduced to their new boss, Misty Stone, and she knows exactly what she wants. She gives the guys a pep talk, telling them that she is here to take them from good to great. She wants to meet the guys at the club to go over a few of their routines. Misty and Derrick had a previous relationship and she is happy to see him again. She tells him she is ready to rekindle the relationship they once had. That leads to Misty and Derrick getting reacquainted in her bedroom. Derrick takes his time kissing, biting and licking her nipples while fingering her pussy. This is driving Misty bananas as she moans in ecstasy. Derrick spreads Misty’s legs wide, lays her back in missionary position and then starts eating and fingering her pussy. Misty is really in ecstasy now as he eyes roll back into her head. Derrick doesn’t stop lashing her pussy with his tongue. Misty returns the favor, getting on all fours doggystyle to suck Derrick’s cock. She deep throats his cock. Derrick lies on his back and Misty keeps jerking and sucking his meat while Derrick eats and fingers her pussy.

She climbs on top of him for a cowgirl ride up and down on his cock, looking back as Derrick pounds her pussy from underneath. The go from cowgirl style to doggystyle and Misty gets her pussy pounded from behind as Derrick stuffs her snatch deeper and deeper with his cock. Misty grips her ass cheek open while he fucks her then she gets back into missionary position, opening her legs wide to host more of Derrick’s cock. The missionary fucking gets hard now and Misty’s eyes are rolling back into her head as Derrick pulls out and cums all over her face and in her mouth.

Scene 7: Asa Akira, Bridgette B, Ryan Driller and Tommy Gunn

This sex scene with Asa Akira and Bridgette B is one of the best ones of the movie and it is the only sex scene that happens on the Magic Mike stage. Misty watches the guys rehearse and she is not impressed. The guys need work. She introduces her best dancer from Savanah, Rob Piper, to the group to show them his moves and help them learn some of his steps. Misty also introduces the guys to her best girls, Asa and Bridgette. The girls take pictures and film a video with Ryan and Tommy. Misty is directing every move the foursome makes. She directs the girls to start off with a double blow job and that is exactly what they do. The guys are standing on stage and Asa and Bridgette get on their knees and start sucking their cocks, jerking each dick in and out of their mouths. Asa is sucking Tommy’s meat and Bridgette is blowing Ryan.  Ryan fucks Bridgette’s big tits while Asa continues to deep throat Tommy.

Misty directs the girls to do some 69 and they lie on top of the guys and suck their cocks while the guys eat their pussies. Asa licks Tommy’s stomach then makes her way down to his cock. Bridgette’s ass is facing the camera as she sits on Ryan’s face. He buries his tongue in her snatch, gripping on to her round ass cheeks as he eats her. The double 69 on stage is hot as the girls move into fucking position. Bridgette rides Ryan’s meat cowgirl style while Asa gets fucking missionary style on stage. Both girls climb on top of the guys in reverse cowgirl position for more deep penetration. Tommy fingers Asa’s clit while she rides his meat. The girls switch partners and Asa rides Ryan in a hot standing cowgirl to turns into a pile driver fuck. Bridgette does the only anal sex of the flick, letting Tommy stuff his cock in her ass as she lies back in missionary position. Misty calls for her favorite part of the scene, the money shot. The girls sit on stage next to each other as the guys stand over them, jerking their cocks until they cum, shooting loads of cum all over Asa and Bridgette’s faces and in their mouths.

Scene 8: Katrina Jade, Rob Piper and Tony Martinez

Magic Mike brings Katrina Jade over to the house where Rob and Tony are waiting to fuck her. Misty has orchestrated the whole thing and she calls for action. The guys are dressed as stripper cops and the sexy Katrina Jade is in her black lingerie as the two guys sandwich her and start working on her. They start fingering her pussy and playing with her tits. Pretty soon, Katrina is kneeling between both guys and sucking their cocks one right after the other. She deep throats one cock then moves to the other, spitting on it and sucking it. She bends over doggystyle to suck Rob off as Tony fingers her pussy from behind. She switches cocks, sucking Tony now as Rob watches. But Rob’s watching doesn’t last too long. He sits her down on his dick cowgirl style while she sucks Tony off.  She rides up and down on his meat in cowgirl position then takes more of Rob’s cock doggystyle. She lies on her back to let Rob fuck her throat while Tony fucks her pussy. She is barely coming up for air as Rob keeps his meat stuffed in her mouth. Misty directs the threesome to change positions and so Katrina gets into doggy position with Tony fucking her hard from behind and Rob beating her face with his dick. Misty tells the guys it’s time to pop. They stand over her and jerk off, cumming all over her face and tits.

Scene 9: Jessica Drake and Derrick Pierce

After Magic Mike puts on his big show, he shows up at Jessica’s house with a ring. She isn’t too happy to see him but she has a deal for him. She tells him she is not going to marry him but she will fuck him. Derrick takes her up on that offer and follows her into the house, taking her on the kitchen table, fingering and eating her pussy. He fucks her missionary style, making her scream. Jessica rides him in reverse cowgirl position, fingering her clit and lying back on Derrick in ecstasy. After riding him cowgirl style, Derrick pulls out and jerks off in her mouth, shooting his loud on her tongue.

Final Thoughts:

Magic Mike XXXL: A Hardcore Parody gets an Xcritic Pick from me. Director Brad Armstrong has done wonders with this over 3 hour and 20 minute flick that is full of hot starlets, great sex and a storyline that will keep you hooked. Everything about this flick works. This parody has humor in the middle of all the steamy action that makes it fun to watch. There are 9 sex scenes starring Jessica Drake, Misty Stone, Asa Akira, Adriana Chechik, Amirah Adara, India Summer, Jessa Rhodes, Katrina Jade, Bridgette B, Kendra Lust and Maddy O’Reilly along with their Cockstars Derrick Pierce, who stars as Magic Mike, Ryan McLane, Seth Gamble, Rob Piper, Ryan Driller, Tommy Gunn, Tony Martinez and Dick Chibbles. The best fuck of the flick is the foursome on stage between Asa Akira, Bridgette B, Tommy Gunn and Ryan Driller. The foursome are filming a porn flick being directed by Misty. The overall production quality of this film is great and the whole flick is cohesive and fun to follow. Viewers will also enjoy 3 bonus sex scenes with Jessica Drake and Asa Akira and some funny behind the scenes footage, including the dance rehearsals for the guys and the building of the set. Director Brad Armstrong gets in on the striptease action as part of the behind-the-scenes footage, showing the guys how to put on a good show. The dance scenes are well choreographed. This flick runs like a big budget feature movie and it gets top marks in every category. Add this parody to your collection.  It’s worth it.

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