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House of Sluts

Studio: Harmony » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 8/12/15

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Category: All Sex/Anal/Foreign



Cast: Kamilla Werneck/Alana Freitas/Lola/Alexandra Fadya/Anna/Kelly Lamos/Loupan/Billy/Ed Junior/Tony Tigrao

Director: T. Collins

Cameramen: Gregory/Gil Bendason

Extras: Photo Gallery

Release Date: 6/26/2015

Runtime: 139 Mins

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*Scene 1:

Kamilla Werneck/Billy/Loupan

Anal, DP, Anal Creampie

The premiere scene in Harmony's House of Sluts kicks off as we see two guys by the name of Billy and Loupan trolling around town for some action, before creepily rolling up on Kamilla Werneck, who's dressed in some makeshift schoolgirl attire. The dialogue in the intro is covered up by background music (I'm guessing because it's in another language), with the scene moving forward as Kamilla willfully jumps in their car and strips down for them before the crew goes to a house nearby. Action sets in quickly to follow, with Kamilla jamming a cock down her throat while the other guy bangs her from the back. Energy levels are decent to start, with anal setting in quicker than you can bat an eyelash, but not really adding much to the scene aside from novelty. The sex progresses in the same demeanor, with the DP setting in at midway point and lasting through the course of the scene; but the sex seems really mechanical or commonplace to the people involved, not adding much of anything in terms of my viewing of it. It all caps off with one of the guys dropping an anal creampie into Kamilla, while the other cums in her mouth and they all jump in the pool. This is not a great scene by any stretch of the imagination; the shots were obstructed at times, it didn't seem as though the participants were really enjoying it, and it was just slow as hell.  



*Scene 2: 

Alana Freitas/Lola

Anal Beads

Alana Freitas and Lola are next on the docket, with the scene starting as we see Alana walking down a street, coming across Lola, and they then go back to a house. I'm guessing it's the House of sluts, but who knows. The dialogue is again muted as music plays over their voices, with action setting in as Lola takes a head first dive into Alana's love muffin to set up the action. Things again maintain the same pacing as the previous scene, with lots of hollow moans and slow action throughout this lesbianic affair. The girls move through a variety of different positions as some uninspired camera angles attempt to the capture the action, throwing some anal beads and dildos into the mix in the latter stages for added effect; but it's all for not. This scene was even slower than the first one and had nothing that will ever make me want to come back to it for any reason. 



*Scene 3: 

Alana Freitas/Ed Junior


Alana Freitas makes her second appearance in the film in the third scene, starting things off on the side of the street with a broken down car. A pornstar known as Ed Junior plays the role of a guy who stops to help her, as they talk back and forth while a ridiculously cheesy song plays over their voices. Yadda, yadda, yadda, they go back to a house and the action sets in with Junior munching her anus to get the ball rolling. Alana soon returns the favor with a fairly solid blowie that moves into a spoon style fuck to initiate the sex. Sex has some better moments in this scene, but the lighting is poor and overall it just doesn't have much of anything to write home about. The finale consists of some better anal action, as Alana eventually sucks the cum out of Ed's johnson rod and the screen fades. This particular scene is probably better than the others featured thus far, but it still didn't have any of the makings of something great, or even good really.



*Scene 4: 

Alexandra Fadya/Anna/Tony Tigrao


Alexandra Fadya and Anna are the primary focus in the fourth scene in House of Sluts, with the scene starting off as they walk down a city street, meeting up with a dude who I can only imagine must be Tony Tigrao. Tony eventually takes the girls back to a house (the house of sluts, maybe?), as another corny track lies in the background while they walk off together and the screen fades. Action sets in after the trio get back to an indoor pool area, with the girls slopping on Tony's knob to start, followed by Tony blasting Anna's pussy in a doggie style positioning to begin the sex. The action is mainly a carbon copy of the rest of the film thus far in terms of energy, chock full of weird lighting and off-putting camera angles that make me want to rip what's left of my hair directly out of my head. Things lift up a bit as the scene forges on, but whichever girl isn't involved in the sex tends to drag things down, never making any attempt to heighten it or give any added assistance to what's happening with the other two. Once again, anal sets in around the midway point or later, not really adding anything to it, more just being there and happening for lack of a better description. Things eventually cap off with Mr. Tigrao dumping his dick snot over the girls faces in an extreme close-up viewing of the cumshot, ending with some overt moaning and groaning while the screen fades. Not good. The lighting was again weak, the angles were bad, it was lazy directing and translated weakly to me because of it. 



*Scene 5: 

Kelly Lamos/Loupan


The 5th and thankfully last scene of this abysmal movie kicks off in cookie cutter fashion to the rest of the movie, with a guy (Loupan) meeting up with a girl on a random street while some cheese-ariffic tunes play over their conversation. Loup takes her back to a house, filming her and and saying....something to her, before hopping on the bed that she sits on and ravaging her to begin the action. Once the music cuts out you could hear a pin drop, with Kelly starting off the pre-sex foreplay with a lackluster blowie before her co-star returns her oral favor to slow down this already drawn out segment even more. Sex sets in as Kelly hops on Lopie' dick for a cowgirl dick ride, as some more unappealing views of the sex litter the scene. Anal sets in toward the end of the scene this time, as the scene continues at a lead-footed pace before Loupan busts some nut over Kelly's face to 




House of Sluts from Harmony Pictures is a pretty minimal release to say the very least, with a lot of uninspired scene setups and colorless sex that translated rather poorly to me in my viewing of it. There were really no highlights to speak of throughout the entire two and a half hours that the movie runs for, leading me to wonder why in the world Harmony would possibly agree to putting out such a sub-par release. The camerawork was bad and the lighting was even worse, but the icing on this awful cake is that the sex added absolutely nothing in terms of it's overall appeal. Extras are essentially null and void, with only a slideshow featuring still shots from the scenes, but in all honesty you could probably make better stills on your computer by just pausing and screenshotting it. Yea, overall, I'll have to give this one the lowest possible mark I can. It just had no redeeming qualities about it whatsoever. If you're shopping around and see this one in your view, just keep on shopping, you're not missing anything. Skip it. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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