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Triple BJs

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 8/18/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Category: Blowjob/Deepthroat/Gonzo



Cast: Allie Haze/Chanel Preston/Romi Rain/Riley Jenner/Karlee Grey/Morgan Lee/AJ Applegate/Marsha May/Adriana Chechik/Kasey Warner/Teanna aTrump/Madelyn Monroe/Abella Danger/Alli Rae/August Ames/Jade Nile/Anna Bell peaks/Riley Jenner/Kalina Ryu/Mike Adriano

Director: Mike Adriano

Extras: Trailers/Web

Release Date: 7/22/2015

Runtime: 179 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Mike Adriano's 'Triple BJ's'!

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*Scene 1:

Allie Haze/Chanel Preston/Romi Rain

The premiere scene in Mike Adriano's Triple Bj's kicks off in standard Adriano fashion, with three porno power-houses in Chanel Preston, Romi Rain, and Allie Haze encapsulating our view. Early moments consist of a short tease segment where Mike singles out all of the girls, with each of them stripping down bottomless and showing off their buttholes to indulge in his (and our) anal obsessions. The girls are dressed a more casual attire before their clothes come off, looking fantastic of course as they chat candidly with each other through much of the introductory segment. After some trademark Adriano ass-eating, they take their spots in front of Mike and Allie begins the knob slobbing by jamming his jizz-nozzle into the nether depths of her throat while Romi and Chanel cheer her on. Each of the girls get a couple of rounds to show off their individual talents, eventually merging their heads together to form a three-headed cock monster of epic proportions. The cock-chugging and deepthroating is off the charts as the scene progresses, having some generous camera angles that give viewers a prime look at the action as it unravels. The finale happens after the girls have seemed to drive Mike into a full-on state of blowjob bliss, as the camera lens lies riddled with dickspit while he empties what's left of his nuts directly into Chanel's mouth. Chanel, being the kind person that she is, drools her reward into Allie's mouth as they share the dickslop with each other before hocking cum loogies onto the lens. Nice! So, I know this is stating the obvious here, but this scene was fantastic; the simplicity of it all allowed us to get a great look at Romi, Chanel, and Allie's personalities and the filthiness mixed with that was just icing on the cake. Of course this scene was great, you don't need a porn reviewer to tell you that. Duh.



*Scene 2: 

AJ Applegate/Morgan Lee/Karlee Grey

The next scene opens up much like the previous one, with AJ Applegate, Morgan Lee, and Karlee Gray being our primary focus. The intro segment kicks off with a brief conversation piece where Mike asks the girls what their experience is as far as giving blowjobs with other girls, evolving as each of them show off their asses and assholes to Mike before he takes a quick nosedive into their anuses. Once they take their positions, AJ is the first to hammer down Mike's plonker, with Morgan and Karlee taking their spots on each side of her to munch on his nuts. Karlee goes hard on her stunt cock in the coming moments, throttling Mike's jizzwhistle into her throat while tears drip out of her eyes before Morgan takes a facefucking for the ages to follow. Soon, the girls form a close-knit cocksucking trio, switching positions graciously throughout the scene, with whomever sits in the center being the primary sucker while the two other girls assist. Things progress beautifully as it moves forward, with Mike releasing some premature dick fluid at various times throughout, while Morgan and Karlee look adoringly up at him as if to say, "We're not done are we?!" Aww. Things ultimately cap off with AJ furiously chugging Mike's cock to completion, as he relases his final load of the scene directly into her mouth before AJ shares it with her two friends and they swallow it up. Awesome. What an incredible scene; I seriously don't know how Mike does it sometimes. Karlee and Morgan stole a lot of the scene in terms of being overly animated in the expressions and energy, but AJ ended up catching on and the scene was fucking awesome.  



*Scene 3: 

Adriana Chechik/Kasey Warner/Marsha May

Next up is superstar Adriana Chechik, sharing the stage with Kasey Warner and porn's most recent "it" girl, Marsha May. It opens up in uniform fashion to the previous scenes, with all the girls sitting on a couch as a short conversation segment introduces the tease. After Mike feasts on their assholes to set things up, he thanks the girls and they take their cocksucking positions. Once Mike's cock makes it's appearance, Adriana takes a face-first dive into his balls, while Marsha latches her mouth onto his knob for an eye-watering blow-j to initiate the action. Things get sloppy at a record pace once they begin, as the girls form a 3-headed cocksucking demon and engulf Mike's dick into their throats like it's the last morsel of food left on earth and they haven't eaten in weeks. Things agin continue wonderfully as the scene unfolds, with Kasey surprising everyone (including me) by nearly swalllowing Mike's dick whole, it's fucking insane. Eventually it almost seems like a contest, with Adriana forcing his entire dong into her throat as well, while the other girls lap at his nuts like thirsty puppies at a water trough. This scene is a goddamn melee before it's all said and done, with Marsha tossing her cookies in mid-chug, but latching right back onto him like nothing even happened. Yes. Eventually Kasey proves well deserving of getting a load of cocksauce in the mouth first, as she throttles his dong and swallows some of the cum before Adriana angrily (but playfully) yells at her so she spits some into her mouth. This scene was a fucking shit-show in all of the best ways. Jesus. I never thought I'd be saying that Kasey Warner was going to be the one that took this scene to the next level but she killed it, and everyone else followed suit. This scene is porn present and porn future, no doubt in my mind. Adriana continues to hold her spot as porn's most likely candidate for the big one this year, and it was almost like these two newbies were trying to show her what they got. Fucking great porn. Best scene yet. 



*Scene 4: 

Teanna Trump/Madelyn Monroe/Abella Danger

Teanna Trump, Madelyn Monroe, and Abella Danger are next to join the Triple BJ's rankings, opening up the scene with some light conversation where Mike again asks if they've ever shared a cock with two other girls. All of them are wearing bright colored bikini tops, with Abella and Teanna's tits both on display for the home viewers immediately, but apparently Madelyn missed the memo. Either way, all of the girls look fantastic in the early moments as Mike has them show off their bodies individually before the parade of winking assholes begins. Cocksucking sets in quickly to follow, with Abella looking to steal the show as her spit is already flowing like a river before Mike's cock even makes it's appearance. Madelyn is the first to latch onto it once it does, hammering down his hog vibrantly before Abella dives on face-first and throttles his dong into her throat like she's searching for a g-spot in her esophagus. There's a tongue in Mike's asshole almost constantly thoughout the scene, and all of the girls stay involved in the action quie well through mass amounts of energetic knob slobbing and constant cock-chugs. The girls form a three-headed, dick-starved animal at the midway point of the scene, with each of them generously switching positions to give all a chance at center stage. The finale takes place when Abella jams our lucky director's Jizz nozzle into her throat, coaxing him to completion before sharing it with her co-stars as they sit below her with their mouths gaped like baby birds waiting for a meal. Another top notch effort here; while the scene didn't have some of the above and beyond antics that those prior to it had, it still accomplished the task at hand well. Cool!



*Scene 5: 

Alli Rae/August Ames/Jade Nile


Alli Rae, August Ames, and Jade Nile are the primary focus of the fifth scene, looking lovely in some casual porn attire that gives us just enough of a good look at them as they sit on Adriano's set looking smitten to suck. The girls all show off their assholes for us to start, giggling as Mike gawks at Jade's dirtbox like a construction worker that hasn't been laid in 6 months, before August shows off her yet-to-be-christened-on-camera butthole in all of it's glory. After some quick trademark Adriano asshole eating, they take their spots in front of our director, with August being the first of the bunch to bury the hatchet. The other girls follow suit, as Jade looks to make her mark by absolutely going balls out on him before Alli Rae steals the show. August harfs on Alli in mid cock-suck, but Alli never misses a beat the entire time. Afterwards August apologizes and there's a laugh out loud moment where Mike says, "Girls this is Evil Angel not Wicked..." The energy in this scene is so good as it progresses; by the end stages August has tossed her cookies four times, and while Jade was simply amazing in this scene, Alli fucking laid the groundwork for how every porn girl should properly perform a sloppy blowjob scene. In the late stages there's a moment where Alli's deepthroating Mike's dick with chunks of hurl on the side of her head, and the girls look on in amazement as she fights to engulf Mike's log into her throat, it's quite a sight to see. As one could probably guess, Alli is the prime recipient of the cumload, deepthroating our director to completion before she shares the load with her co-stars and they form a booty stack to close out the scene. Good stuff. This scene is definitely among the top two or three scenes in this film; and that's saying a lot considering the amount of nonstop dicksucking action we've seen thus far. Alli was a rockstar, but August and Jade played a vital role in it all as well. I can't stop typing. Ahh!



*Scene 6: 

Anna Bell Peaks/Kalina Ryu/Riley Jenner

The final scene in Mike Adriano's blowjob masterpiece entitled Triple BJ's features three stunners who are no stranger to sloppy cocksucking in Kalina Ryu, Riley Jenner, and Anna Bell Peaks. The scene opens in uniform fashion to the rest of the film, with all of the girls dressed in casual outfits that still show off their bodies well, as Kalina kicks off the parade of assholes before all of the girls follow suit. Once everyone's naked and Mike has gotten his fill of butthole glances, the girls form a three-headed cock monster in front of him, with Riley taking the first crack at it as she gasps and gags for air while hammering down his dong like a seasoned vet. The girls all get a chance to throttle Mike's slurpstick in the early stages, with the spit already flying like wildfire as Riley gives an eye-watering throatjob while Kalina and Anna Bell munch on his nuts like hungry squirrels eating acorns. Things translate wonderfully as the scene unravels, with everything from sloppy asshole rimming to furious nozzle plunges that extract mass amounts of slobbery goodness over the camera lens to give viewers a bird's eye viewing of it all. The finale of the scene takes place after the girls have fully gotten their fill of cockslop, as Mike jerks himself to completion spraying each of them equally with their reward. Another great scene here that had a lot of the same stylings as the fourth scene in the film with each of the girls being playing a large role in the overall outcome. Good stuff!




Mike Adriano's Triple BJ's from Evil Angel Video is a creative take on blowjob porn that exceeded my expectations in multitudes. The most interesting thing to me about the movie is the flawless pairings in each and every scene. Finding three girls that are going to fit into a scene well enough to make it shine is difficult enough, but doing it six times, well there's something to be said about that. The triple bj is something we've seen Mike experiment with a lot in some of his older series' (like  American Cocksucking Sluts and Sloppy Cocksuckers), so it's certainly not new to his stuff, but the film exceeds most other BJ porn in the industry by a landslide. Taking a simple blowjob movie and putting a creative spin on it like this is something that no one in the industry could do in the way that he did. No one. And when we look at it from a performance standpoint it's a no-brainer. There's no question that the angles and camerawork are nowhere near what they were in Mike's older flicks, but his performance is still there, and the way that he gets the girls in his films to reciprocate that performance is unmatched. Theses scenes translated so well, and after initially thinking his stuff was losing it's luster after his former cameraman left, it turns out that it doesn't even matter all that much. Extras include only a few trailers from Mike's recent works, and that's about it, but the proof is in the pudding here. So, if you like watching beautiful girls get their throats slammed with cock-and-balls, before engulfing a load of jizz and sharing it with two of her hot friends, then look no further, this is your movie. Highly Recommended.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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