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Private Fantasies of Samantha Saint

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/16/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Private Fantasies of Samantha Saint

Jules Jordan Video

Genre: Spotlight Showcase, Samantha Saint

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Director: Jules Jordan


Cast: Samantha Saint, Jules Jordan, Chris Strokes, Prince Yahshua, Juelz Ventura, Chad White, Eric John, Rico Strong, Alex Legend, Mark Zane, Winston Burbank

Length: 179:03 minutes (91:29 minutes & 87:34 minutes)

Date of Production: 7/8/2015


Extras: The best extra was the Behind the Scenes feature, the clips lasting 12:50 minutes and allowing Samantha Saint and others to interact, most of the footage being extra tease or sex with some set up and commentary too. There was a pop shot recap from the six scenes, a 6:03 minute long photogallery, some trailers, and website links as well but this is what I refer to as the standard package.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Private Fantasies of Samantha Saint was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Jules Jordan for Jules Jordan Video. The scenes were shot in 4K (ultra high definition) by Jules and Elliot Clixx which I understand you can view them in that super enhanced resolution by joining the company website, the DVD itself offering the footage in 720 by 480 with some special effects added, the flesh tones were accurate and the detail even on the standard definition version of the movie was very clear. The camera work was fluid and combined well with the smooth editing by Mecha, my biggest complaint being the use of fisheye lens (that blurs around the edges) which is very minor compared to so many others out there right now. There was a company watermark on the lower right corner of the screen and some limited use of slow motion but overall this looked very strong indeed. The stereo audio was offered up in the expected 192 Kbps bitrate using the standard sampling rate of 48kHz with the AC3 codec, the vocals dominant during the scenes, the music leading the tease sessions.


Body of Review: Jules Jordan is a name synonymous with high quality gonzo porn, the director and his works at Jules Jordan Video often the best available at any given time. His latest title in for review is the forthcoming Private Fantasies of Samantha Saint, a second spotlight showcase title of the beautiful blond bombshell from Jules to accompany Insatiable Miss Saint. The movie was the latest by Jules shot entirely in 4K ultra high definition, the six scenes allowing Samantha to do as she saw fit, the young hotty in each of the scenes. As a double disc release coming out this time of year, it seemed designed for awards and nominations, the extra couple of scenes included also giving it more fuck for the buck than expected. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Samantha Saint, the featured blond beauty from all over the front cover, was up first in a black one piece sheer lingerie with matching stockings, the gal wearing a purple satin collar and putting on matching arm length gloves as part of the tease. There was a great deal of care to shoot her face and eyes in the home as she pranced about, a wise move considering her allure. As her pierced nipples came out of the top, they stood erect and her ass cheeks looked divine as the fabric nestled deep inside her crack, the music dying down when she was standing next to Jules Jordan and Chris Strokes. She squealed with delight at their attentive nature, their hands roaming her body and Samantha applying some hand to gland friction to their turgid peckers before she knelt to slob his knob. She throated them one at a time as they whispered compliments to her, her eye contact and hand assisted hummers readying them to plunge into her nearly bald beaver, the guys taking turns in some active riding positions after they fingered her to a juicy state. Chris started with a standing doggy as she blew Jules but both men shared the vixen who has come a very long way since starting her career, Chris eventually opening her perfect pucker too in a kneeling doggy before she mounted both of them at the same time, the advertised double penetration (DP) showing her taking them both deep and hard. I’m not a big fan of “firsts” but she did a credible job of looking into it and even rocked their cocks a bit, her pucker showing a prolonged anal gape hang time to impress the fanboys. Samantha tried them in different DP positions too, not just a quicky as other “first DP” scenes with others have done, the gal taste testing both men before some additional single boning of her glorious ass and pussy led to her draining their dragons of sperm in a wave of facial madness, the gal swallowing what she could and the rest left all over her face and upper torso. The company described the scene like this: “You want it? Samantha Saint has got it. Blonde hair, blue eyes, big tits - porn goddess! Glamorous Samantha Saint, decked out in high heels, thigh highs and lacy, black lingerie shows off her ridiculous body by getting down on all fours. She crawls her way to two guys, including Jules Jordan himself, to start things off with some double blowjob action. Don't let her beautiful looks fool you, Samantha is downright filthy. She deepthroats while Jules fucks her perfect pussy and she obviously loves it. The 3 way heats up when Samantha gets back on all fours and gets stuffed from both sides. As with anything, when the gloves come off, it gets serious and Samantha wants it rough with hair pulling, spitting and spanking. You couldn't ask for more when she does first ever double penetration, both guys pounding at her tight holes. You can see on her gorgeous face that she's been waiting a long time for this.”



Scene Two: Samantha Saint, up next teasing by the pool on a sunny day in her sheer white one piece shown on the middle of the left side on the front cover, gave some sultry tease as she walked about in impossibly tall stripper shoes. She ended up in the popular living room dancing as lucky Prince Yahshua watched her from the second floor, Samantha climbing the stairs to greet him with a kiss, the heels making her taller than him. He kissed and sucked her boobs through the fabric and she bent over to allow him a taste of her juicy ass while she caressed his shaven head, his enthusiasm for scoring such a high end hotty telling right away. He stood to play with her tits some more, Samantha easing down to lick his growing bulge through his jeans before he unleashed his beast for her to suck while maintaining her solid eye contact with him. She used both hands on his shaft while licking and sucking him off, teasing him at times before they tended to his list of things he wanted to do to her on the bed they walked over to. He devoured her bosoms as he peeled off her attire, Samantha going back to blowing him with a degree of energy as she took a sizable amount of him into her mouth. She was very noticeably wet when she mounted him as he laid down, her active riding and dirty talk enhancing the eye contact as he tore into her pussy, the gal grinding her hips as she rode to drive him crazy. He then got on top of her to go balls deep, her aural coaxing pushing him ever harder to plow her rapidly, some breath play included before he hit it some more. She was so wet that her snatch made sloshing noises, Prince pushed over the edge as her pussy clenched tight to milk his balls dry of semen, the man nutting into her mouth for her to swallow, his inspection showing she did consume his manly juices before the scene cut out.



Scene Three: Samantha Saint, up next in the spotted attire shown on the lower left corner of the front cover, was given an artistic look in the bikini as the scene started off in black and white. The tease was too short for my tastes but it continued in color as she laid on a black leather recliner to masturbate, the young lady exploring her body slowly as the panty portion rode up her ass and into her meaty labia, her juices flowing and the same wisp of pubic hair noticed as she fingered herself. After she tasted her juices, she started rubbing her tits until a POV male stood before her with a raging boner trapped in his shorts, the voice of Jules Jordan granting her permission to pull it out and suck him off leading to a sweet throating blowjob, her eye contact excellent as she worked him over (the man reaching to feel her dripping pussy and grabbing his pecker to bounce on her tits). She continued by nuzzling his nuts and grabbing just under his gonads while her mouth worked his head & shaft, a sensual titty fuck leading to her presenting herself in doggy for him. They did missionary first, then doggy as she pushed back so actively, her pucker looking ripe for plucking as he dove in balls deep to enjoy her so much. She then did some cowgirl variations before another awesome hummer, her desire to “taste that fucking cum so bad” driving her to polish him off for a huge load of spew on her face and Samantha giving great post coital head. This marked the end of the first disc.



Scene Four: Samantha Saint, dressed in a black cat outfit as seen on the upper left corner of the front cover, and her keeper Juelz Ventura, were up next as the ladies made out briefly before both tackled the mope squad comprised of Chad White, Eric John, Rico Strong, Alex Legend, Mark Zane, and Chris Strokes, in a blow bang. Juelz wore mirrored sunglasses and initially let Samantha have first crack at sucking the dicks, the sexual copilot of the scene soon joining in to pleasure the guys with sloppy head. They generally beat the meat of two guys while sucking a third each but found time to double team some of them, the bulk of the comments by the guys mumbled and the ladies typically having their mouths too full to speak for long though Juelz did more often by far. About midway through the scene, they departed from the typical blow bang in favor of both ladies addressing the same guy at once, their eye contact and oral skills refined to the point that the mopes got a nod for holding out as long as they did, my surprise that Chris joined the others given his is no frequent flier in these sorts of scenes while the others are pretty much expected to regularly participate. In any case, the ladies were then surrounded again and used a champagne glass to gather the male ejaculate, some tossed in directly while other loads were given via the mouth, Rico impressing Juelz with regard to his wad and some of the guys missing the mark as they appeared shy of coming too close to the semen coated glassware. The ladies licked the glass clean from the outside before Samantha swallowed the bulk of the jizz, Juelz getting the remains before some post coital head showed the ladies playfully sucking the cocks again, the remaining seed from the glass cumswapped so Juelz could swallow some too.



Scene Five: Samantha Saint, dressed in her clack black lingerie featured on the entire right side of the front cover, then engaged Jules Jordan in a scene after some arty tease of her on the balcony in the sunlight. It was pretty basic tease overall and she ended up on the expansive bed pawing her stocking covered legs, the hands roaming her crotch and bosoms before Jules entered the picture to play with her feet. Her legs were stretched in the air and he massaged her a bit, soon covering her body with small kisses before he gobbled her gash briefly, whipping off his pants so she could again prove her oral prowess on his throbbing boner. He hovered over her as she laid on the bed, one hand pumping his cock into her mouth and her other hand wrapped around his ass or leg t hold him near, his balls turning bright red as she continued working him over. His face looked just as red as his ball sack when he was munching her crotch too, his probative tongue devouring her labia and shoved into her pucker once she approved of it. He fingered her and both paid each other some compliments, some vaginal positions punctuated by extensive additional oral though she again proved an excellent rider as her sweet ass rippled with each pump. Her pussy was tight for him, the inner lips clenching tight as she moved to cowgirl variations, her nut nuzzling rewarded by him fucking her ass ever so slowly. As she warmed up, he became faster at tapping the ass, Samantha sucking him clean when he pulled out each time, the gal never as active at anal as vaginal but doing a fine job overall just the same. She throated him at the end and titty fucked him to completion, her oiled up rack and wonderful eye contact enhancing the moment for him which led to another wealth of manly fluids doused all over her face before she sucked him clean and swallowed what was in her mouth.



Scene Six: Samantha Saint, up last in a basic sheer white bikini, teased on a bed in the final scene, her thong riding deep into her ass and her nipples clearly visible through the material. This was another POV oral-only scene but this time the turgid pecker belonged to Winston Burbank, making me glad I’d seen his rod enough in Darkko’s flicks to recognize it as she gave her sultry tease another workout before licking, sucking, and aurally coaxing him in numerous ways. He spoke but it was in a muted voice, Samantha having a bit of trouble throating his entire cock but certainly inhaling the bulk of it before she gave a double handed meat beater and sucked his nuts hard. The energy and enthusiasm of the hummer was top notch and she included just a bit of titty fucking, the gal bending over or masturbating for him as he was ready to bust a nut leading to him plastering her head with his seed, the first few streams overshooting her head to a degree though she again gave post coital head in a delightful manner.


Summary: Private Fantasies of Samantha Saint by director Jules Jordan for Jules Jordan Video was another top notch effort showcasing Samantha Saint unrestrained, the bundle of energy and enthusiasm giving it up in six heated trysts to earn a rating of Highly Recommended. The cover called this “A showcase of epic proportions” but the solid replay value and strokability were appreciated most, Samantha allowed to go much further than she ever did with her former contract. In short, Private Fantasies of Samantha Saint was a very strong follow up to Insatiable Miss Saint that her fans will adore just as much, the diversity of sexual action and continued proof that Jules excels at spotlight showcases right in time for all the award nominations to begin so check it out and let me know what you think of the flick, both discs offering ample Samantha Saint to keep both hands busy.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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