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Carter Cruise: Obsession

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/19/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Carter Cruise: Obsession

Blacked.com (distributed by Jules Jordan Video)

Genre: Carter Cruise, Interracial, Web-to-DVD, Spotlight Showcase, Feature-Lite

Director: Greg Lansky


Cast: Carter Cruise, Flash Brown, Jason Brown, Michael Williams, Riley Reid, Rob Piper

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Non-sex roles: Michael Vegas, Vicki Chase

Length: 176:46 minutes

Date of Production: 7/20/2015


Extras: The only extras were a 3:30 minute long interview with Carter Cruise, a 6:32 minute long pop shot recap, a 3:31 minute long photogallery, and some website information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Carter Cruise: Obsession was presented in anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Greg Lansky for Blacked.com. The basic approach of most scenes was simple enough, Carter wearing minimal clothing and engaging her partners with brief dialog before letting loose. The lighting was solid and the camera largely static in terms of placement, most movement by the camera handled via an edit point rather than panning, a single camera seemingly used but handled well enough to make the project looked like a polished title made for DVD rather than the web-to-DVD it was. There was no company watermark on screen at all times, each scene showing a similar set of shots using a lot of long to medium shots in the same setting. The oral components of the scenes were a basic 2.0 Dolby Digital added in post production, no noticed separation between the channels to speak of. The AC3 codec deployed using a 48 kHz sampling rate and 192 Kbps, some ambient noises like birds chirping added in for effect (though the closed hotel room was probably not the best place for the bird noises). I really liked the uncredited music as it added to the mood of each encounter, the modest feature elements improved by the total aural experience.


Body of Review: Greg Lansky is a notable director who now shoots for the Blacked.com website. His latest DVD release is called Carter Cruise: Obsession, a set of scenes taken from the company website starring Carter Cruise in each scene with a genetically gifted black male performer having sex. If you’ve watched anything by the director in the past year, you know the technical aspects are going to shine in ways you just can’t appreciate unless you’ve seen a lot of mediocre porn and I could rave about Carter’s body of work as singularly disproving hateful comments about how “all awards are bought” but my regulars know I champion both of these talents all the time so no need. The scenes include Carter doing Flash Brown, Jason Brown, Michael Williams, and Rob Piper, Riley Reid stepping in to share Rob in a scene with the reigning “Best New Starlet” as well as current kick ass DJ. If that isn’t enough to tell you why this title fits in perfectly with a few other spotlight showcases for Carter, by all means read on.

The back cover described the movie like this: “BLACKED.com is proud to present Carter Cruise: Obsession, an eloquent tale of sexual exploration as told through the lens of award winning director Greg Lansky. Carter Cruise plays Kate, a young woman embarking on her own sexual journey that begins with a hot double BJ scene. Escaping her conservative upbringing, Kate wants to explore her fantasies and push her boundaries to the edge. Kate seeks out her deepest desires, leading her to a climax of interracial experiences, anal sex, threesomes, and creampies. In one of the most important roles of her career, Carter Cruise gives it all.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Note: The company website and back of the DVD box differ in terms of how the scenes were woven together for the final product. I am taking them as shown in the movie using the five scene breakdown though the scene specific trailers do not follow this convention.


Scene One: Carter Cruise, having established her fantasies for a more rewarding sex life using voice overs and discussion with uncredited others, was up first in a red bikini by the pool drinking wine with her fiancée and friends (like Vicki Chase in a cameo role). They left her and she was nearly out of wine when muscular Flash Brown and Jason Brown sat down on the edge of the pool’s hot tub with her to share their bottle, her buzz going strong enough to let her inhibitions down as they invited her to hang out with them. When she sat between them, the guys started lighting caressing and kissing her, Carter lighting up at the prospect of the moment where her pierced nipples came out and her suit was pulled up her juicy ass crack, the trio moving to the showers to continue the tryst. They rubbed her hairy snatch and she grabbed their throbbing erections through their lengthy shorts, the turgid rods easily outlined before the guys ditched their clothes off to the side. Carter responded by kneeling down in a squatting position to slob their knobs, alternating between them as she applied hand to gland friction with her hands. Jason was longer and she took about three quarters of his raging erection into her mouth while nuzzling his nuts at times, Flash’s thicker boner sucked almost all the way to the balls as she gave both men a great deal of oral devotion. They did not gobble her gash or tear into her pussy with vaginal sex, this was an oral only scene, but her eye contact was great and she pushed her limits to take as much of them as possible into her throat before she drained their dragons of sperm, the men dousing her with their seed on her face with Carter sucking out every last drop before hurriedly cleaning off to join her moper boyfriend. The company website described the scene like this: “In this four chapter feature showcase Carter plays Kate. Kate has always been a good girl. She has everything she could dream of.  A wonderful fiancé, a fantastic lifestyle and rich parents. But that’s not what she wants. She has wilder dreams of threesomes, gangbangs and hot interracial sex. One night she succumbs to her desires and gets a taste of Jason and Flash's big black cocks in the bathroom. There's no turning back after that and she starts a sexual journey that will impress you.” 6/10/2015



Scene Two: Carter Cruise, dressed in her classic blue lingerie outfit as featured on the front cover, was then paired up with Flash Brown in a well lit scene set the next day. They kissed and appeared very much into one another before she dropped down to blow him, some lightly whispered comments and great eye contact enhancing the encounter, her oral skills showing more licking this time and savoring of the entire pubic area before she set forth to inhale as much of his large cock as she could. Unlike the faster paced oral of the night scene before, this one showed her taking her time, Flash whispering “come here baby come here” as he helped her go ever deeper, her saliva dripping off him as he fucked her face. She then knelt on the couch where he peeled her dripping wet panties off and started gobbling her gash and ass, Carter spreading herself while making that delightfully pouty face she makes when enjoying herself. She begged him to fuck her but the dirty talk was used sparingly, the whispers again soothing one another as he lined up to start deep diving his cock inside her. She started pushing back to meet his thrusts almost immediately until he held her steady, the couple picking up the pace for a bit before moving to a vaginal missionary where he continued to stretch her out before doing likewise with her perfect pucker, Carter rubbing her clit as he tore up her glorious ass. They then moved to reverse cowgirl anal where he took to rubbing her to orgasm before she started riding like crazy, Flash laughing at how her ass inhaled him so easily, some taste testing out of her ass included before her ending blowjob milked his balls dry of semen for the facial (which appeared much more plentiful than the previous scene, making me think they were shot out of sequence). The company website described the scene like this: “Chapter 2 of this fantastic showcase featuring Kate, a good girl gone bad. She had already fucked big black cock behind her fiancé’s back but she hasn't finished yet. She has bought some sexy lingerie to see if she can spice up her relationship, but he won’t be back from his business trip for another night. It’s not long before she is being bad again, meeting up with not one but two big black cocks! Jason and Flash are back to give her another helping of their huge dicks, firstly down her throat as she gags on their lengths, and after being spit roasted, facialled and creampied to perfection.” 7/5/2015



Scene Three: Carter Cruise, wearing a sexy red dress and needing some sexual release given her finance was delayed in coming back home, then switched into some classic white lingerie while inviting Flash Brown and Jason Brown over for another encounter. The setting was the luxurious contemporary location I’ve come to expect, the guys dressed strictly middle class as they kissed her and otherwise repeated the previous outing with a wider range of activities. The men pawed her and she pawed back, a great deal of kissing as they all got naked together, Jason’s rod whipped out fastest though Flash was not going to give his pal free reign for long. Carter stroked them in unison while giving each of them a series of adoring looks making it crystal clear she was their’s for the taking, embracing her inner slut completely as she knelt down to start blowing Jason. While her saliva ran free on both herself and the guys, she was deeper earlier on them here than before, her eye contact improved and rhythm better as she gave great head. Flash led in taking dibs on pounding her pussy in doggy as she kept Jason orally occupied, the men switching out as she became increasingly enthusiastic with a lot of energy. Carter believably orgasmed while actively riding and the doggy led to the guys taking turns in missionary, more kissing and balls deep drilling allowed when she focused on one at a time for a bit too. The tryst ended when she took a mouth load of manly fluids to swallow from Flash and then Jason nutted in and on her pussy, additional footage of her making out with Jason on the balcony at night included.



Scene Four: Carter Cruise, becoming increasingly sexual as she engaged more frequently, was then up with Michael Williams, a guy she met online. She was dressed in sheer black bikini undies and kissed him in the living room, pushing him down on the furniture to rub his pants until pulling out the resulting erection. While he wasn’t fully erect, she applied the same level of skill and devotion she had in her previous encounters and he responded immediately, some handjob work punctuating her oral as she showed his genetic gift a lot of appreciation. Her eye contact was again superior as was her playfulness, her alluring mannerisms as she peeled off her bra to entice him further leading to the missionary vaginal work. This led to some cowgirl and doggy where she was also actively riding him, more oral applied as desired and her dirty talk/moaning added to the effect. The doggy contained some close up shots of her perfect pucker while he was spreading her cheeks apart during the vaginal pounding too, a light sheen of sweat on both of them making them glow. Carter then flipped over and took the wealth of spew to her mouth, some falling between her boobs though she sucked him dry during the post coital head. The company website described this scene like this: “Chapter 3 of this fantastic showcase featuring Kate, a good girl gone bad. Kate’s appetite for big black cocks is more than ever. She has enjoyed every inch of the black dicks she’s had so far, and now she is hungry for more! She finds a hot black man on line and can’t resist asking him for fuck her sweet pussy. When Michael turns up she is desperate to get his big black length inside her, and after sucking him till he can’t get any harder, he drills her gorgeous hairy pussy until she is left completely satisfied. For now.” 8/4/2015



Scene Five: Carter Cruise, having excelled in each scene so far, was up last with fan favorite Riley Reid, both of them tackling Rob Piper. Riley was as adorable as ever and helped Carter’s character open up about her experiences, the ladies soon kissing each other in the well lit living room where Riley sported a sexy black lace outfit and Carter had yet another variation of the sheer black classic lingerie look, a bikini and sheer wrap around included. The ladies kissed and then took turns kissing Rob, his roaming hands exploring the ladies just as they explored him and each other. Carter dropped down to blow him while Riley massaged his legs and chest, her hand assisted hummer again having the intended effect as Riley continued to assist. The dynamic was different this time, Riley’s dirty talk enhancing the impact as Carter’s mouth was too often full of cock, the blond lead rubbing her face all over his dick before Riley knelt down to share it with her. The double team oral was less about throating and more about the ladies licking each side of him at the same time, Rob muff diving on Carter before the missionary screwing began on her. That was when Riley sat on her face at the same time for some head, the assistant making out with Rob as both were otherwise engaged getting pleasure in the triangle (which looked cool considering each had a completely different shade of flesh tone; Carter’s tan contrasting nicely with Riley’s pale flesh). Riley gave him some head between helping him slide into Carte’s crotch, Riley then positioned in doggy to get vaginally drilled by Rob while devouring Carter’s pussy. They tried a variety of positions of active vaginal sex too, the 69 between the ladies where Rob power pounded Carter in doggy pushing him over the edge to give the lead a realistic looking vaginal creampie that Riley orally appreciated as the manly juices slid out of Carter and into Riley’s mouth for a messy kiss with Carter. The company website has not yet released this scene or described it but I suspect it will come out the first week of September. 9/?/2015


Summary: Carter Cruise: Obsession by director Greg Lansky for Blacked was a selection of scenes starring Carter Cruise engaging in hardcore sex acts with muscular, dark skinned black males. Each of the scenes were marked as “exclusive” on the back cover and all of them followed the same basic routine, the selection of Carter Cruise as the spotlight showcase act certainly helping to make this one well worth a rating of Highly Recommended for overall merit. I’ll be honest, going into the movie, I would not have picked the same cast to work with Carter but the director and his picks did an exceptional job of changing my mind, earning the nod to provide wider audience appeal. In short, Carter Cruise: Obsession was accurately advertised and provided a great deal of strokable fun with fine replay value so check it out, Greg’s method of shooting IR scenes helping bring out the best in the stunning blond beauty.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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