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Oral Appetite

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 8/19/15

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Category: Blowjobs/All Sex


Cast: Karla Kush/Selma Sins/Eden Alexander/Edyn Blair/Nickey Huntsman/Jay Taylor/Marie McCray/Giaoni Whiley/Sasha Knox/Karla Kush/Selma Sins/Darcie Belle/Miley May/Jessica Ryan/Jake Taylor/James/Chad Alva/Dominik Kross/James Avalon/Robby Echo

Director: Nick Orleans


Extras: Photo Stills/Trailers/Web

*Bonus Scene: 'Oral Overload' with Nicole Aniston & David

Release Date: 5/26/2015

Runtime: 159 Mins

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*Scene 1:

Jay Taylor/Dominik Kross

The premiere scene in Nick Orleans' 'Oral Appetite' kicks off as we see Dominik Kross patiently awaiting Jay Taylor's arrival, making her presence in seconds upon the opening, as she's topless in only a pair of sheer capri style pantyhose and some thick-rimmed glasses for added contrast. The early moments consist of some slow moving foreplay between the two, with Jay ultimately taking her spot in front of her co-star to kick off the knob-slobbing. The BJ is rather sluggish and uninviting in terms of viewer translation, not having much movement as you could hear a pin drop if it weren't for Kross' lethargic moans as he makes an effort to liven things up by dragging his dick across her chest at various points. After about 14 minutes Dominik drips some dong sauce over Jay's face, with the screen fading shortly thereafter, but if you blink you might miss it. Not great. If this is a sign of what's to come I'm a little nervous; this is a second-rate scene to be kind. 



*Scene 2: 

Marie McCray/Unknown

Marie McCray is next up, looking lush in a fetish inspired ensemble that entails a derby cap, a girdle and pantyhose, shirtless suspenders and strappy heels to complete the look. The intro segment segment consists of a short-lived tease with a plethora of close up angles of Marie,  evolving into a blowie with obstructed views and hollow moans. The close-ups continue to flood the scene as the blowie progresses, as Marie's unseen male counterpart drags his flaccid dick across her face and over her panties in a failed attempt at making the scene translate better to viewers. Actually, he's probably doing it for his own benefit, but either way, this is a porn movie. The scene continues this way for about 10 minutes, before Marie's suitor jerks himself to completion and leaks out a couple of jizz drips over her face to close. Huh? Overall, this was as bad or worse than the first scene; I felt like I was watching a random dude get his dick sucked by Marie McCray, actually that's exactly what I was watching. Even the best camerawork in the world couldn't have saved this sub-par effort. 



*Scene 3: 

Eden Alexander/Dominik Kross


Eden Alexander comes next, dressed in a workout themed get-up as Dominik Kross makes his second appearance in the film by rubbing his nose over her spandex covered bottom before yanking his dick out and dry humping her clothed ass. Eden gives out some random moans to liven up the mood, before giving him a reach-around handie to initiate the action. Afterwards, she engulfs Dominik's jizz-nozzle, giving the first camera interaction that we've seen in the entire film as she gives him some generous nut-munches for some contrast. This is definitely the best effort of the film thus far, which unfortunately isn't saying very much. There's also a 3 minute sex-romp thrown into the mix, which is rather uneventful even so, before Kross spanks at Eden's pussy for reasons unknown. The finale of the scene happens with Dominik spraying a thick, goopy, and hopefully fake (or he should see a doctor) load of jizz (or lotion) over Eden's breasts. Oh man. Just when I thought I might see something halfway decent the cumshot happened. Lol. Awful. 



*Scene 4: 

Edyn Blair/Chad Alva


The fourth scene in the film opens up as we see Edyn Blair, dawning a pink lingerie two piece bra and panty set, while giggling and dittling herself for the home viewers. The tease lacks energy monumentally, ending as Chad Alva makes his appearance, squeezing her buttcheeks and staring aimlessly as though he's wondering why our director has him doing this. Some lackluster dry-humping encapsulates the early moments, before Edyn takes a face-first dive onto Alva's slurpstick for some mainly ordinary cocksucking. There is thankfully a little more movement from the stars than most other scenes in the film thus far, but it's almost like the director is trying to capture something that I'm not grasping because I can't get past the lifeless energy from all the people in this film. Things finish off with Chadwick stroking himself to completion as Edyn lies on her back with her face buried in his ass, ultimately draining his balls over her chest while she fingers herself. This scene was definitely carried out better than any of the others, but it wasn't memorable to me by any stretch of the imagination.  


*Scene 5: 

Giaoni Whiley/Unknown

Giaoni Whiley is next on the docket, opening the scene looking good, but the camera can't focus on her long enough to actually get a good look. The close-up and obstructed views run rampant throughout the tease segment even more so than the rest of the film, before Giaoni's unknown co-star makes his appearance. The early moments are mostly concealed to the viewer, as "dude" gives Giaoni directions on what to do as she makes her best efforts to get him hard. There are few moments in the scene where the viewer can actually visualize the action from a comprehensive standpoint, as the scene ultimately ends with the unknown stunt cock dripping some jizz over her backside. Another terrible scene here to add to the collection; the POV shots were atrocious to put it mildly, and it gave me no concept on whether or not Giaoni is a girl I'd like to see again. i would definitely give her a shot, but the directing did her absolutely no favors. Wow. 



*Scene 6: 

Sasha Knox/Jake Taylor

Next up is former super-starlet Sasha Knox, opening up the scene with some hollow moans (which seem to be the ongoing theme here) as she's dressed in a full bodysuit with high heels. The camerawork again gives us a gaggle of unnecessary close-ups, before Jake Taylor ultimately meets Sasha's acquaintance after a few moments. I can honestly say that this is the first scene that actually resembles good porn, having strong moments where Sasha gobbles down Jake's johnson while we get some good looks at her ass through the process. Things conclude with Jake spurting out an obstructed load of jizz over Sasha's face in the closing moments, while Sasha moans and slurps up the remnants as the screen fades. This scene had all the makings of something could be promising, but unfortunately it was again riddled with obstructed close-ups and [mostly] bad camera angles that made it all translate rather blandly. Bleh.



*Scene 7: 

Karla Kush/James


Karla Kush is the primary focus of the seventh scene, starting us off with a seemingly uncomfortable tease as she's dressed in a fetish-inspired bra and panty set with black panythose and black heels to complete the look. "James" makes an appearance quickly as things open, groping Karla's privates before grinding his nose over her pantyhosed ass before she thanks him through some energetic face plunges to the penis. Some light facefucking runs the course of the early parts of the scene, reverting to the dreaded dick dragging over the panties before switching back. There is some more spirited action through the course of the scene though, having a lot of mild facefucking that serves as the first actual parts of the film that hold true to the title, before a quick sex session runs in the latter stages. It all caps off with James busting the most prmising load of the film thus far over Karla's chest, while she lies on her back on the table and gnaws on his nuts. This was a better scene than those I've watched thus far; it still was bad though, there were a ton of close up penetration shots, and even though the encounter was a good one, the direction failed it. 



*Scene 8:

Miley May/Unknown

Miley May comes next, kicking off the scene wearing nude pantyhose with nude heels and a red & black bra, getting groped by her unseen co-star in the early moments of the scene. Miley works up the enrgy to give out some dull moans through the course of the intro, before her male counterpart drags his flaccid dick over her pantyhose before grabbing a pair of scissors and snipping a couple holes in them before jerking himself in an effort to get hard. Miley offers up some assistance in the matter as we get a POV viewing of the blow-j, with the camera giving us some random shots of the action, coming in and out of POV. The POV shots are much better than what we've seen so far in the film, and Miley's efforts are great as she actually looks to be enjoying herself at certain times. The scene ends as quickly as it started though, with Miley's stunt cock nutting inside of her mouth as she drools it out to make for a better viewing. Miley was great here, but this wasn't a good scene by any stretch, I don't know what else to say. 



*Scene 9: 

Darcie Belle/Chad Alva

Darcie Belle is up for the ninth scene, looking adorable upon the early moments as she gives an innocent tease while staring into the camera doe-eyed. Chad Alva makes his second appearance in the film to follow, as the two grope each other to start off the scene before Darcie takes the cocksucking position and sensually kisses his tip. The scene overall is terribly slow-moving with few points of strong action, ending as Chad busts his nuts into Darcie's mouth and she stares into the camera. This was another dud to add to the collection; it attempted to be a sensual blowjob but turned out being a slow, meager effort where the only point of interest was Darcie being easy on the eyes. It takes more than a hot girl to make a good porn scene. 


*Scene 10: 

Selma Sins/Unknown


Selma Sins encapsulates our view for the next scene, as our director captures some early tease moments in a low lit, uninspired viewing. Selma gives some obviously forced dirty talk before the blowie, switching in and out of a POV viewing as she moans and groans while attempting to illicit some life into her stunt cock. The scene is weak overall, giving us a few solid minutes of a side angle viewing where all we see is "dude" jerking himself furiously while Selma tells him to keep stroking. She makes her best efforts to slop up his dong for added efffect, with things coming to their end with Selma's co-star dribbling out some dick spit before she grazes her tit over it. What? I'm past the point of sounding like a broken record here but this was not good. At all. 



*Scene 11: 

Nickey Huntsman/Chad Alva

Nickey Huntsman is in line for the second to last scene in the film, with things starting off as we get a view of only her upper half before Chad Alva steps in. Nickey looks incredible for what we can see of her, dressed in a sheer bodysuit that hugs her curves well, groping Chad's throbber in the early moments before whipping it out and dry humping herself with it. Things are again making a failed attempt at sensually driven fetish inspired porn, translating terribly slow and bland as everything unfolds. The blowjob finally takes place at midway point, as we hear horns honking in the background while Nickey stares up at Chad wantingly and the camera zooms unexpectedly at random points within. The scene finishes with Chad blowing his dicksauce over Nickey's chest, rubbing it into her with his dick as though it were some sort of ointment. Do I have to say it? 



*Scene 12: 

Jessica Ryan/Dominik Kross

The twelfth and thankfully last scene of the bunch begins as we see the gorgeous Jessica Ryan, who opens things up in the same setting where many of these scene take place, a dingy lair-like area.  The tease might be good, but one can never know because of how it's shot, ending after Dominik Kross steps in and munches her ass cheeks. The action is identical to what we've already seen in the movie, with the stars making attempts to add more to the scene but it just doesn't work. It all ends after Dominik churns out some cum (thankfully it's a real cumshot this time) ending after Jessica thanks him for his efforts. Not good. 




Nick Orleans' Oral Appetite from Adam and Eve is minimal blowjob porn at best, with none of the scenes leaving me with any sort of positive thing to say about the film at all. The camerawork was shoddy, many of the scenes had poor lighting, and worst of all, the action within each and every scene was poorly performed. It seemed to me as though the film was going for a sensually driven, fetish inspired niche that would hopefully amplify the effect of it all, but it failed miserably at doing that, and the finished product was a slow moving, bust of a movie that doesn't even hold a candle to it's gonzo predeccesors. A blowjob movie relies largely on camera interaction from the girls, and this film had very little of that. I also don't even fully agree with the movie being categorized as a blowjob film, because it *tries* to be a lot more than that, but like I said, it flopped on actually pulling it off. The casting choices were mostly good on the female side of things, but the girls didn't have much to work with and the scenes just were not good by any measure of the word. Tech specs were good in terms of the visual resolution, but there were tons of unnecessary close-ups and weird shots that made it all even worse than it already was. Extras on the DVD include a slideshow, some trailers, and most notably a bonus scene from a 2011 release entitled 'Oral Overload' where Nicole Aniston sucks off a dude named David. Neat. Overall, I'd steer clear of this one if you're in the market for a blowjob flick; it fails to sufficiently even live up to the classification. Skip It. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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