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All Access: Abella Danger

Studio: Airerose Entertainment » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 9/6/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Spotlight/Showcase



Featuring: Abella Danger

Starring: Phoenix Marie/Manuel Ferrara/Toni Ribas/Ramon Nomar/Lexington Steele

Director: Derek Dozer

Extras: BTS/Selfie Videos/Photo Galleries/Trailers

*Bonus Scene: Nikki Delano & Mr Pete from 'Pure Ass'

Release Date: 8/27/2015

Runtime: 186 Mins

Click on the photo above for more info on Derek Dozer's 'All Access Abella Danger'!



*Introduction to Review: Derek Dozer's second star showcasing for Airerose Entertainment focuses on a star who's already reached top tier status in her still fresh career, Abella Danger. Abella's distinct look and natural beauty combined with her ability to take a scene to the next level make this a long overdue spotlight showcase, prestigiously following in the footsteps of friend and 2015 Best New Starlet Carter Cruise in being named as the second brand ambassador for Airerose Entertainment. Despite being involved in the industry for only a year she has a multitude of scenes to her credit, and is already a force in the adult industry with no plans of letting up. All Access Abella Danger is a 3 hour double disc release that features 4 brand new scenes, a huge selection of special features, and over 2 hours of extra interviews making it the be all end all for Abella Danger fans. 


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*Scene 1:

Abella Danger/Toni Ribas/Ramon Nomar

Anal, Double Vag, ATM

The premiere scene in Derek Dozer's 'All Access Abella Danger' kicks off with a pre-scene interview where our 19 year old featured starlet tells us a bit about her enthusiasm in being a part of Airerose's 'All Access' series, as well as sharing some details about her work with the company thus far in her career. This segment serves as a prologue to the entire film, closing as Abella gives us a a few details about what to expect from this particular release. The interview wraps up after a few moments, rolling into a wonderful introductory tease from Abella where she's dressed in a gold bikini with beads draped over her ass, slowly revelaing a shimmering buttplug that's lodged in her asshole. The tease is a strong one that plays favorites to Abella's ass (understandably so), before she encounters her dynamic duo in Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar. Action sets in with Abella going ham on their cocks, jamming them into the nether depths of her esophagus before Ramon takes the first plunge in a doggie style effort while she continues chugging on Toni's dong. Intensity is strong right off the rip, showcasing a horned up Abella whose holes are almost constantly plugged up throughout the entire course of the scene. Anal sets in early and often, with mass amounts of double vag taking place in the second half of the scene before Toni and Ramon reward Abella by lacing her face with jizz, before she blows some cum bubbles and the screen fades. A solid scene here; it's 40 minutes of full-fledged fucking that perfectly exhibits Abella's talents, as well as justifying her popularity among the masses. Good stuff. 



*Scene 2: 

Abella Danger/Lexington Steele

The next scene breaks from the action, kicking off in interview format as Abella tells us about some of her past interracial experiences, as well as professing her hopes for Lexington Steele to be the first to break her interracial anal cherry. After the short lead-in concludes the screen fades, with the tease setting in as Abella's dressed in tight booty shorts that read "Danger Ass" along with a Bella Danger hat and some doc martens to complete the look. The tease features Abella showing off some dance moves, which is done all too little in porn these days, shaking her ass into the camera before moving things indoors. Lexington Steele eagerly awaits her arrival, as Abella crawls on all fours to him with action setting in as she plunges his jizz-nozzle into her throat to prepare him for the upcoming events. Sex sets in with a doggie style dickdown, with points where Abella seems to be too much for Lex as he pulls away in hopes of no casualties. Things take a bit to get moving as the scene progresses, reaching some fair points with the camerawork making things translate a little better than it seems they actually are. Positioning runs through a variety of different angles, with some throaty cocksucks bridging the gaps before Lex pulls out of a doggie style dick ream and fires off a face-lacing jizz shower that spans Abella's entire head. The screen soon fades as Abella smiles hypnotically into the camera and slurps up whatever she missed. I can't say that this was a bad scene but it definitely had some odd moments; there were halts and breaks that sort of ruined the fluency of it all, but Abella's amplified actions and expressions definitely drove it and made it into something better than it may have been otherwise.



*Scene 3:

Abella Danger/Phoenix Marie

Girl/Girl, Dildo Anal


Next is the traditional girl/girl portion of the film, with the opening interview focusing on Abella's high praise of her co-star Phoenix Marie before sharing a few details about the upcoming scene, as well as her small bias toward working with females in her scenes. The interview is pretty quick in this segment, flowing into the scene that sets up with Phoenix Marie playing Abella's ballet teacher. Abella plays the role of a classic unruly student here, trying to nail a pirouette but failing miserably as Phoenix gives her an earful through the midst of it. Eventually, all this leads into Phoenix going balls out on Abella, soon whipping out her dildo as Abella backs down and gives an impressively submissive performance through the course of the scene. Abella's actions made me believe that she was really under Phoenix's spell, staring into her eyes while her demanding co-star shouts at her and smothers her ass over her face amidst a variety of other things. Phoenix breaks out the glass buttplug at midway point, plunging it into Abella's asshole while she squeals like a pig with her ass pointed toward the sky. This scene has a lot more fetish inspired stuff than you might be used to seeing in Aireose's movies, such as a clothespin clamped over Abella's cooter at one point while her co-star berates her and jams her asshole with a glass buttplug, along with a natural dom/sub vibe throughout it's entirety. The girls stay in character pretty well up to the scene's conclusion, but it's almost to a fault; there's a moment where Phoenix looks to be genuinely peeved at Abella referring to her as a bitch later in the scene, and it sort of interrupted the flow for me even though it didn't break character. I understand that it's completely typical for the scene, but it was just weird. I thought it started way better than it ended and the overall feel of it lost it's luster because of the late parts. Meh. 


*Scene 4: 

Abella Danger/Manuel Ferrara

Anal, ATM

The final scene in Derek Dozer's 'All Access: Abella Danger' kicks off in uniform fashion to the rest of the film, as Abella speaks about her on-screen chemistry with Manuel Ferrara and why she picked him for the last scene. Abella also talks candidly about how much pressure she feels to make this scene better than a previous anal scene she did with Manuel for another company, but it looks like they've already released a plethora of anal scenes since and even before this one came out so that whole statement sort of negates itself, but I digress. It closes with our featured starlet making some bold assertions, telling us this scene will be nominated for an AVN. Neat. Things eventually set up with a great tease to get the ball rolling, showing Abella dressed in her red bikini as she shakes her ass wonderfully to the sounds of some chees-a-riffic canned guitar music that plays behind her. The tease is the best in the film, rolling into Abella approaching a shirtless Manuel, gnawing on his cock outside of his jeans and unsheathing his sword to take some intense throat-lunges. The action kicks off with a great energy; sex sets in with with a doggie style fuck, moving into a spoon position when the anal sets in. The scene progresses exceedingly well as everything unfolds, with Abella giving a generous amount of nut-munching rimjobs to Manuel, sitting on his face, and of course chugging on his dong directly out of her asshole for some ATM fun. The scene caps off with a classic Manuel-esque face-lacing of jizz, as Abella smiles and sticks her tongue out while he spits endless ropes over her face. The finale of it all features a post-scene interview where Abella talks about how it's the best scene she's ever "shot", yadda yadda yadda before the credits roll. This was definitely a great scene, but I'd be remiss to say it's the best Abella scene I've ever watched. Regardless, I loved it and I love the consistent energy she puts into her scenes to make them the best they can be. COOL.



Derek Dozer's 'All Access Abella Danger' from Airerose Entertainment is a mostly well put together spotlight showcase, but there were some hit and miss moments for me throughout the movie that made it a little less effective than I'd personally hoped. As much as I love Abella and the things that she can single-handedly do to make her scenes great, I still thought that the middle two scenes were a little shoddy. The interviews were hard to hear at times, which I completely understand is pretty picky, but considering the importance of the release I felt it was a noticeably overlooked element. Tech specs were good enough, but part of me wishes there'd be an upgrade in video quality for this release in comparison to Carter's movie -that didn't happen. Extras feature a plentiful array of content, with an entire second disc full of special features including BTS footage, an hour's worth of personal "selfie videos", four trailers, photo galleries from each specific scene, and a bonus scene with Nikki Delano, for some odd reason. I'd place this one on the lower end of the recommend scale if I'm being honest; it's a buzzkill I know, but even though I think two of the scenes were great in this movie I thought the other two were just okay. Regardless, it's a definite must-have for true Abella Danger fans, but at the same time I think she's performed in far better scenes that what this movie gives us. Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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