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Brazilian Summer Sluts

Studio: Harmony » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 8/29/15

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Category: Brazilian/Amateur



Cast: Nanda Ferraz/Ed Junior/Yara Rocha/Catrinha/Billy/Bred Montana/Angel Lima/Melissa Pitanga/Carol Vilela/Paola Mel/Loupan

Camera: Gil Bendason

Director: T. Collins


Extras: Photo Gallery

Release Date: 8/12/2015

Runtime: 122 Mins

*There is no online trailer available for this film*

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*Scene 1:

Nanda Ferraz/Ed Junior

The premiere scene in Harmony Amateur's Brazilian Summer Sluts kicks off as we see two people who apparently go by the name Nanda Ferraz and Ed Junior. Ed and Nanda are at some sort of Brazilian resort in the introductory moments, flirting and groping each other as the background music plays a cheese-a-riffic tune in the midst of it before cutting to an indoor setting where they eventually get busy. Nanda and Ed go at it pretty hard early on, as Nanda slops up his hog pretty nicely by way of some sloppified cocksucks to get it moving. Sex sets in with a leg-lifting doggie style fuck to initiate the sex, having some awkward positioning as it unravels but a decent enough energy to enjoy the viewing nonetheless. Things progress well throughout the scene, reaching some intense moments as Nanda bosses her stud around in Portuguese (I think that's the language?), before her drips out some jizz over her face to close out the scene and she slurps up the goods. A pretty good scene here overall; there were some weird cuts and low-lit parts from a technical viewpoint, but it's an amateur flick so I think the sexual energy tended to outweigh those awkward segments. It was a good watch. 



*Scene 2: 

Yara Rocha/Catrinha/Billy

Anal, DP, ATM

The next scene starts as we get some scenic views of the Brazilian landscape, soon evolving with Yara Rocha taking a dip in the beach. Catrinha (male) and Billy soon step into view as some musical tunes play in the background, apparently propositioning our featured amateur starlet as she takes the bait and they walk off to a secluded location to get the action underway. Yara welcomes the guy with a double-barrelled cock-chugging, spitting out some dirty talk in her native language as the guys throttle her throat and munch on her pussy for some pre-sex foreplay. Sex sets in with Yara taking a good ol' fashioned reverse cowgirl dick ride on one of her stunt cocks, sucking the other one in the midst of it as things progress. Anal sex kicks off at around the midway point of the scene, again having some good energy that tends to be dampened a bit by obstructed views and even more so in the DP segment. Once the DP sets in it continues throughout the rest of the scene, eventually giving a decent look at the action while Yara blathers on and on before her male co-stars drip their jizz over her face to close out. This one was pretty hit and miss; the obstructed views were more of a hindrance to the scene than the previous one and even though it had it's moments, it wasn't all that great. 



*Scene 3: 

Angel Lima/Bred Montana


Angel Lima encapsulates our view for the third scene in the film, looking bodaciously bootified in her tight shorts and yellow bikini as she struts along the beach in the introduction. A dude name 'Bred Montana' checks her out in the coming moments, looking on from afar before she sprains her ankle (or something to that effect) and he comes to her rescue. Bred takes her back to a room somewhere as things move forward, where Angel gives thanks by sucking on his dong to get the bal rolling. Thins start rather slowly i terms of sexual energy, with Angel redfining the "going through the motions" phrase in a bleak bowjob that soon gives way to the sex. Sex is more of the same, sticking to amissionary fuck for ages before some doggie style anal dickin' seems to breathe some life into Angel as she moans and groans in acceptance. Things soon close out with Bred unloading his nuts over Angel's face, as she nonchalantly accepts the load before looking into the camera as if to say, "We done yet?" Not great; I could have probably watched this girl walk for an hour though, her ass is is ridiculous. The sex was pretty meager though overall. 



*Scene 4: 

Melissa Pitanga/Angel Lima

Anal Dildo

Angel Lima returns for the fourth scene in the film, starting much like the last one only this time she's wearing a bikini as she struts along the beach while some musical tunes lie in the background of the intro. Angel eventually comes across Melissa Pitanga, as the two share in a quick convo before the screen fades into an outdoor pool area and the heavy petting starts. Melissa is the first to go muff-diving, slurping at her galpal's pussy before they pull out some rather interesting looking small dildos. Things move onward in dull fashion, with a monotone vibe to it all that's sure to make fans skip ahead in hopes of finding the better moments, but unfortunately there really aren't any. Positioning rarely changes through the course of the scene, and it all translates uninterestingly. Not a great scene here; it started in a way that seemed to have some promise but I was yawning by the end of it. 



*Scene 5: 

Carol Vilela/Paola Mel/Loupan


The final scene in Harmony Amateurs Brazilian Summer Sluts kicks off as we see Carol Vilela and Loupan (male) getting fresh in public, walking around a beach holding hands as Loupan slaps her ass and gropes at various times throughout. Action sets in once the two go back to a private pool area, where Paola Mel awaits their arrival in her bikini, soon pulling it off as Carol and Loupan latch onto her tits. The blowie comes next, with both of the girls making their best efforts to work Loupan's dick, eventually giving way to Paola hopping on for a cowgirl dick ride to initiate the sex. Positioning has some weirdly awkward moments here, where Carol attempts to make a booty pile on Paola but it just seems uncomfortable, leading her to just sit on Loupan's face instead while the viewer gets some lazy camera angles of the action. The scene gets better as it goes on though, with Carol being the first to take a buttfuck, doing so in a reverse cowgirl position as Paola smothers Loupan and he munches her hole(s). Things progress without much change, as Paola seems bored watching Carol and Loup fuck throughout most of the scene, before taking a seemingly painful anal fuck whil Carol sits off to the side and dittles herself randomly. Things close with Loupan spurting out a load of dicksnot over the girls faces, as the screen fades shortly thereafter. This was another one that just sort of remained the same from the front to the back, having no contrast or memorable moments to speak of. I didn't love it. 




T. Collins' Brazilian Summer Sluts from Harmony Amateur is a relatively forgettable collection of amateur scenes, with a few promising moments that ultimately lose their luster because of dull energy. I tried to look past the weird editing because of the fact that it's an amateur release, but some of the sex throughout the film is unavoidably bad and the comprehensive viewing of this DVD is weak at best. I think there were parts of the film that could have been way better with a little more effort in direction (walkshots, intros) but the good stuff was too few and far between for me to possibly recommend in any way. Extras include a few stills from each specific scene in the film, rounding out the basis by which I'd probably tell viewers that there's no harm in missing this one. The movie isn't even listed on Harmony's website, which was a little odd to me, especially since the last review I did which was almost identical in viewing (House of Sluts) is on there, but potayto-potahto I guess. If you're looking for a solid amateur release I'd suggest looking elsewhere, Brazilian Summer Sluts is a pretty dull watch. Skip It. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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