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Oil & Anal

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 8/30/15

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Category: Anal/Gonzo




Cast: Abella Danger/Madelyn Monroe/Tiffany Doll/Maddy O'Reilly/Toni Ribas/Mick Blue/Ramon Nomar

Director: Toni Ribas

Extras: BTS/Trailers

Release Date: 9/7/2015

Runtime: 2 Hrs 28 Mins


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Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Toni Ribas' 'Oil & Anal'!

[Note: This is a web-based review of this DVD. All scenes were viewed in streaming 1080p which is the highest available resolution on the Evil Angel website. There are various other options of viewing including, but not limited to 720p, 540P, etc with option to download included in website membership for those interested.]


*Scene 1:

Abella Danger/Toni Ribas

Anal, ATM

The premiere scene in Toni Ribas' Oil & Anal kicks off with a sensational oil induced tease from porn's primary "IT' girl in Abella Danger. Abella wears a yellow "sling" bikini that perfectly accentuates her pieces and parts, leading us through 7 minutes of ass-inspired greatness. The loaded introductory segment continues with our director appearing in front of Abella, where she acquaints herself by hopping on his cock for a cowgirl fuck to initiate the sex. Some solid blowjob action takes place afterwards, where Abella goes full-ham on Toni's schlong, taking him balls deep (and then some) before reverting to a doggie style bang-out as the anal sets in shortly thereafter. Things progress with a genuine hardcore vibe throughout the scene, translating exceedingly well as it unfolds with an additional intensity that makes everything even better. The scene's loaded with slaps, spits, gapes, and hard buttfucking, with Abella and Toni continuously slathering each other with oil in their oversized pool of fuck fluids and oil. Things eventually close out when Toni drags Abella by her hair into the center of the oil pool, absolutely throttling her throat before providing our featured starlet with her reward in the form of a jizz blast to the face. Abella laps up whatever missed her mouth, with the screen fading as she stuff his dong into her throat a few extras times for good merit. Nice. Outstanding scene here overall; the action was as good or better than any scene I've watched in awhile to be honest. I appreciate that Toni is willing to go above and beyond to add a level of intensity in his movies that few performers can pull off. Bravo. 



*Scene 2: 

Madelyn Monroe/Mick Blue

Anal, ATM

Beautiful blonde hottie Madelyn Monroe encapsulates our view for the second scene in the film, giving us another exceptional 10 minute tease where she douses herself with oil as the camera gives us some slo-mo views of the action sprawled throughout. Mick blue welcomes her to the oil pool as things continue, with Madelyn taking a face first dive on his dong for some intensified knob slobs to warm things up for a 'straight to the A' doggie style fuck. Sex maintains a beautiful energy throughout the course of the scene, with Madelyn constantly reminding Mick of how great he is at reaming her asshole while they douse each other with oil and slam-fuck in the pile of fluids that rest in the pool below them. Madelyn's intensity will leave no viewers guessing on whether or not she's acting here; although her intensity is certainly exaggerated, this scene translates exceedingly well. Each position switch is bridged with some incessant ATM throat-chugs from Madelyn, ultimately wrapping up after Mick spins her toward him in the oil and laces her face with jizz. The screen fades after Mick drizzles even more oil over her ass,  as she provides us with some more ass inspired tease for posterity, fading out shortly after. Amazing. What a great scene; the intensity was on-point, the sex was hot, and the oil was the proverbial icing on the porno cake. I loved every fucking second. 



*Scene 3: 

Tiffany Doll/Toni Ribas

Anal, ATM

French beauty Tiffany Doll steps in for the third scene in the film, happening in similar fashion to the other intro teases (if it ain't broke, amiright?) as she dawns a beautiful porn inspired fishnet bikini thong. Excessive slo-mo shots and copious amounts of oil stay uniform to the theme, with Toni stepping in and going absolutely ballistic on Tiffany's face by jamming his throbber into her throat while squirting oil over her face an into her mouth in the midst of it all. Sex again starts with a 'straight to the A' effort, withstanding a constant energy through the scene that rivals the best stuff in the film, and with this movie that's saying a lot. Tiffany's makeup is completely wrecked at only 15 minutes in, as she willfully accepts every little thing that Toni dishes out at her and begs for more. They slip and slide around in the oil pool in the midst of this anal fuckfest, switching positions at will while we get some magnificent shots of the action. So good. After 34 minutes of face-slapping, ass-fucking perfection Tiffany sucks the cum out of Toni's cock like a vacuum, stroking him furiously until he churns out another load. Wow. This scene was ridiculous in the best of ways. The energy, intensity, all of it. Chalk another one up for Oil & Anal. Great fucking scene.



*Scene 4: 

Maddy O'Reilly/Ramon Nomar

Anal, ATM

The final scene in Toni Ribas' Oil & Anal' kicks off with a ridiculously cock-stiffening tease from porn superstar Maddy O'Reilly, who's fully lived up to her slutty girl persona through amass of outstanding performances in nearly every release she's been a part of in recent memory. The intro has some appealing shots of Maddy's round ass and gorgeous look, as she filthily whispers sweet nothings into the camera for some added contrast. After 6 minutes of oily goodness the screen fades, with a butt-naked Ramon Nomar awaiting Maddy's arrival in the oil pool.  He welcomes her by dousing her ass with oil and stuffing his hand into her hole in preparatory fashion, with anal setting shortly after in a doggie style dickdown. Sex is strong right off the rip, featuring a horned up Maddy O' Reilly using Ramon's dick like a pogo stick, pouncing like a puma on her prey as positions switch early and often with some nozzle-plunging ATM deepthroats as it all unfolds. Maddy constantly sucks Ramon off during position changes, feasting on his dong like a vagrant devouring dinner in a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving day, before eventually reverting into an ass-fucking for the ages where Ramon lodges his fingers into her vag and feeds Maddy her pussy fluids in the midst of the fucking. Wow. Things run for 37 minutes in total, with action getting better and better up to the final moments if you can believe it. Things eventually cap off with Ramon lacing his co-stars face with dicksnot, as she smiles into the lens, pulls off one of her fake eyelashes and slurps the cum off of it. PERFECT. Yet another great scene to cap off this blockbuster release from Toni Ribas;  Maddy O'Reilly is a fucking rockstar, she's the sweetest girl and I'll be damned if she hasn't fully proven herself as one of the very best in porn. Great scene. Again. 




Toni Ribas' Oil & Anal from Evil Angel Video is easily one of the best porn flicks I've watched in recent memory. The energy wrapped into each and every scene, from ALL parties involved is one that is unmatched in any gonzo release that I've watched this entire year, let alone the movies placed in the "oiled" genre, since that's apparently a category. Abella started the film off wonderfully, with each and every segment upping the ante as the unexpected third scene in the film serves as what I believe is the best one in the entire movie. However, each scene here is well-worthy of being considered the best depending on specific viewer tastes, and I do mean each of them; from front-to-back this movie is solid in every sense of the word. Tech specs were top-notch, there was a crystal clear viewing of the action, a perfect usage of slo-mo shots throughout the tease, and best of all, the fucking was perfectly executed and thoughtfully shot. I also admired the fact that the camera focused on capturing the expressions on the girls faces. Too many people focus on body shots or unnecessarily close-up penetration shots in porn these days. The girls in this movie are beautiful, seeing their reactions and expressions was key to making the scenes translate as well as they did. This film did that in droves, being one of the many reasons that I think it raised the bar for what fans should expect to be considered great gonzo porn. DVD extras include a BTS segment from each scene with pre and post scene interviews from all four of them, as well as some trailers from Toni's recent works for Evil Angel. If you haven't already figured it out, this fucking movie is great, which is why I've chosen to give it the top rating that I possibly could. This is my first XCritic Pick in 2 years, kudos to Toni Ribas and his crew for making it happen. Make sure to support his continued efforts by either buying this DVD when it comes out next week, or subscribing to the Evil Angel website and checking these scenes out immediately. You'll be happy you did. XCritic Pick


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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