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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 9/4/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Feature/Couples



Cast: Stormy Daniels/Asa Akira/Britney Amber/Dahlia Sky/Nikki Daniels/Danny Mountain/Michael Vegas

Written & Directed by Stormy Daniels

Extras: Photo Gallery/Trailers/Promo Reel

*Bonus Scene #1: Asa Akira & Nick Manning from 'Love, Lust, & Longing'

*Bonus Scene #2: Nikki Daniels & Steven St. Croix from 'Waiting On Love'

Release Date: 7/1/2015

Runtime: 132 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Stormy Daniels' Impulse!


*Introduction to Review: Stormy Daniels' Impulse from Wicked Pictures tells the tale of a happily married couple whose existence together begins to spiral in the midst of a life changing event. After surviving a near death experience April feels like she's on the outside looking in, accusing her closest friends of commiting deplorable acts against her, losing trust in her husband and all the people around her in the process. She lashes out through various sexual escapades in hopes of healing her inner wounds, only causing her even more pain, as her loving husband's help only seems to push her away even more. April's brash decisions lie as the focal point throughout the film, as it seems that only a miracle could save what she's already shattered.


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*Scene 1:

Stormy Daniels/Danny Mountain

The premiere scene in Stormy Daniels' Impulse begins with Stormy's character April finishing up some work for her ad agency as Danny Mountain (Michael) apprehensively enters view telling her that they're already late for dinner. April makes Michael aware that she's practically ready by opening her robe and showing that all she has to do is put her clothes on, eventually leading Michael to strap on his jimmy cap and get down to business. The scene ultimately sets up with the couple exchanging oral favors throughout the early moments, moving forward with a cowgirl style romp to initiate a nice little scene to kick off the film. The sex reaches some strong points througout, bridged with some condom sucking BJ action from Stormy before Mountain eventually caps things off by slathering Stormy's chest with cum, as they share a kiss and the screen fades. This was a nice little start to the film; it had a weird shot of the pop that was more focused on Danny than Stormy, but overall the energy translated nicely and the abbreviated 19 minute runtime worked in it's favor. 


*Scene 2: 

Asa Akira/Danny Mountain

The next sex scene in the film takes place after the accident, as April has become suspicious of her husband sleeping around on her when he admits that he went out to dinner with April's assistant Lisa, played by Asa Akira. This scene is a dream sequence, transpiring after April goes to sleep, with the screen fading into the action shortly thereafter. It all takes place in April's office, beginning  as we see Danny Mountain in full-on cunnilingus mode before Asa returns the oral favor by way of some slopped up dicksucks that soon lead into a cowgirl style fuck to initiate the sex. Camerawork is solid throughout, and the sex reaches some intense moments throughout this fifteen minute office pounding, capping off as Danny blasts Asa with a generous load of jizz while she slides down in mid-shooting to catch some of the remnants in her mouth. Another nice scene here overall; the sex had some solid points and although it lasted for a shorter amount of time than some "solo porn watchers" will probably like, it had a lasting intensity that keeps it hot and heavy from start to finish. 



*Scene 3: 

Stromy Daniels/Steven St. Croix

BJ Only

The third sex scene sets up after April has a conversation with her sister Jennifer (Dahlia Sky) about how her husband isn't as adventurous, or impulsive as she'd like. The quick conversation leads into the scene, as April eventually chooses to represent her company at a club that's doing an advertising push for them. Steven St. Croix plays the nameless owner of the club, hitting it off well with April before she eventually leads him out to her limo for a spontaneous blowie. The scene again runs for an abbreviated period of time, set up in a low-lit, murky style that offers a nice atmoshpere to it all. Stormy sucks off Steven in pretty standard fashion before he blows his load in her mouth and she swallows it up. Overall, this one could have used a bit more contrast; I understand it takes place in a limo, and there were some shots that gave it a little variance, but it still served as more of a secondary sex scene in my opinion. 



*Scene 4: 

Dahlia Sky/Michael Vegas

The next sexual showcase in the film takes place between Jennifer (Dahlia Sky), April's sister, and her husband Brian, portrayed by Michael Vegas. April's spending a lonely evening at home when the scene opens, eventually calling her sister out of boredom before the screen cuts to Dahlia and Michael getting hot and heavy at their house. April's sister ignores her call in the coming moments, and so begins the action. It all starts with Michael greasinng Dahlia's wheels by way of some eager muff munches, before she returns the favor with a quick blowie that leads into the sex. The sex in this scene is pretty uniform to the rest of the film, with a broader selection of positions than we've seen so far in the film, ending as Vegas pulls out of Dahlia from a doggie style fuck and shoots his load over her ass. As much as I love seeing Dahlia in her more gonzo-esque roles, this still serves as a nice scene overall and has a bit of an edgier vibe than the typical couples themed sex scene.  



*Scene 5: 

Britney Amber/Nikki Daniels/Jack Vegas/Brad Knight

April's curiosity gets the best of her prior to the fifth sex scene in the film, lurking on a sex club website before eventually deciding to bite the bullet and see what it's all about. Things set up with April entering the club, finding a seat in a nearby room where a fourway sex romp takes place as the main attraction. April sits back as we see Britney Amber, Nikki Daniels, Brad Knight, and Jack Vegas knocking boots, kicking off the sex with some oral fun before the secual melee sets in. There's a few confusing points from the viewers standpoint, but also some decent shots where we get a good view of the action, which does reach some intense levels in comparison to what the rest of the film's offered thus far.  Britney tends to lie as the main attraction to us through most of it, always finding a way to stay involved in the action as the girls get passed around like hot potatoes before getting rewarded with jizzloads to the face and tits. Overall, this was another enjoyable bangout; the sex in his movie has a gradually heightened feel to it in terms of the more"forbidden" acts and this one was a fun watch. Nikki seems to always have a great energy in her scenes and Britney is a definite fan favorite that always keeps us watching. 



*Scene 6: 

Stormy Daniels/Eric Masterson

The finale sex scene in Stormy Daniels' Impulse takes place as what could perhaps be considered the precipice of April's delusional presumptions about her husband, starting after her husband misses yet another one of her calls and she decides to take revenge on him by banging the poolboy. Eric Masterson plays the role of poolboy here, with the scene fading in as he's already in mid pussy-munching mode. This sexual endeavor is one of the more menial ones in the film, loaded with unnecessarily close-up penetration shots and running through a few different positions before Masterson unloads his balls over Stormy's stomach to close it out. Not a great one to end the film on, but I suppose for structure's sake, it worked. Either way, I didn't love it. 




Stormy Daniels' Impulse from Wicked Pictures is a well put together couples themed movie, with some solid sex scenes that are good enough to keep the occasional porn watchers attention, accomplishing most of what it sets out to do pretty well with a strong cast and some mildly thought provoking dialogue. The acting was good enough to allow the storyline to flourish, and although I didn't find it to be exactly riveting, these are definitely topics that all people have or will struggle with in their relationships at one point or another. Maybe not to the extent that this couple did, but nonetheless. The movie plays it safe in terms of how everything unravels, and while I didn't particularly have a problem with the story, it doesn't take many unexpected turns and sort of just happens. Some of the excessively dramatic music got to be a little much as well, but it did add a nice element at certain points while other times seeming overused. DVD extras offer an array of selections, including 2 bonus scenes (see above), a photo gallery, a promo reel, and a grouping of trailers from other Wicked movies to round it out. I'd recommend this one to fans that find themselves in the demographic, noting the sex scenes being it's primary appeal; the cast has a great selection of guys and girls who should keep viewers attention quite well throughout. So, give it a look if you see something you like. Recommended.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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