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Jesse's Sex Parties

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/3/15

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Jesse’s Sex Parties

Digital Playground

Genre: Jesse Jane, Group Sex, Compilation

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Director: Robby D.


Cast: Jesse Jane, Shay Jordan, Ben English, Daisy Marie, Marco Banderas, Nikki Benz, Johnny Sins, Audrey Bitoni, Breanne Benson, Mick Blue, Roxy DeVille, Scott Nails, Sarah Vandella, Tommy Gunn, Brooke Lee Adams, Dale DaBone, Brianna Love, Rebeca Linares

Length: 188:10 minutes

Date of Production: 6/18/2015


Extras: There were some trailers to newer releases, some spam, and a short photogallery but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Jesse’s Sex Parties was presented in the same aspect ratio the scenes were originally shot by Robby D. and other directors for Digital Playground. Unlike some compilations on the market, this one cut right to the sex so each scene was edited to a degree, nothing crucial for the majority of rain coaters and no company watermark onscreen at all times but parts of the buildup missing. Each scene looked fairly similar with decent lighting, solid camera work, and respectable flesh tones but the scenes were shot quickly so your mileage may vary. The video bit rate varied considerably but the scenes looked much like I remember the originals otherwise if that helps your decision. The aural components were presented in Dolby Digital but there was no headspace, special effects, or anything else that made me think the sound was rendered in anything except for monaural or basic stereo and then had a surround track encoded in post production. Regardless, I could hear most of the cast just fine, including those behind the camera when I paid attention, that always part of the fun of the series.


Body of Review: Robby D. was once the groundbreaking lead director at Digital Playground, his works copied far and wide by lesser peers. The latest company compilation featuring his work is called Jesse’s Sex Parties, a variety of scenes starring Jesse Jane in group sex scenes with a variety of performers when she was under contract for the company. The single disc release included over three hours of material, much of it strokable with a great cast in the scenes, the emphasis advertised as focusing solely on Jesse Jane in group trysts. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Jesse In Pink: Jesse Jane, Shay Jordan, Ben English: Shay Jordan, the sexy young brunette contract gal, and still sweet Jesse Jane, were up last in bed wearing pink and black outfits that enhanced their already appealing looks. They weren't there long when Ben English walked in with an erection, Jesse taking to it like she was in need of seed while her partners remarked how she must've really needed it badly by the way she attacked him. Shay also carried forth the aggressive dynamic and as the gals took turns on him, played with each other too; Shay burying her face in Jesse's ass serving to make both ladies look even more enticing to me. Shay took first honors with the screwing, spreading her legs while Ben boned her rapidly and Jesse rubbed her, licked her, and otherwise increased the sensations her friend felt (including grabbing her by the throat). Jesse could barely stand still to get his cock in when it was her turn, showing how her experience with a dick was better suited to the scene. Still, both gals contributed stroke and replay value to the scene and the action was less about the finesse of most Celeste movies than the animalistic act of reproduction for pleasure that they conveyed here. The action ended when he busted his nut on their faces, the gals sharing it as the credits started to roll.


Scene Two: Jesse Jane: Image: Jesse Jane, Daisy Marie, Marco Banderas: Daisy Marie, a fine Latina hotty in a flimsy black dress, was up next with Marco Banderas/Duato in the walk in wine cellar seen in other recent flicks, enjoying the see through walls as Jesse Jane gave a show above them. The choppy editing was admittedly stylish and the thumping beat seemed timed to match the action, but I would have preferred they all work together instead. The screwing by Daisy and Marco was truncated as bits of Jesse and her feet were introduced, weakening the scene for me somewhat, with the inevitable facial taken by the Latina to close things out. Your mileage may vary from mine but it really didn't do anything at all for me this time.


Scene Three: Jesse Jane: Lust: Jesse Jane, Nikki Benz, Ben English: Jesse Jane, the busty little blond spitfire featured on the front DVD cover, was up first along with curvy lass Nikki Benz as the ladies took care of Ben English. The ladies wore minimal clothing that did little to hide their assets, following the man into the bedroom where they took turns sucking his dick. The scene started off slowly but soon had the gals fighting over him, Nikki’s slave attire looking nice on her (though her breasts looked like something was wrong with them). Jesse fought for first dibs on the cock and aggressively blew the man, Nikki getting her turn where she took her time to enhance the action in a more seductive manner. The gals went from knob slobbing to face sitting but the vaginal penetration was clearly on their mind as the ladies continued their rivalry by seeing who could be more active at riding the penis. There was some taste testing alone the way and it was a split call as far as I was concerned, Jesse winning for overall points but Nikki right up with her for the quality of the action. It ended when he rubbed out the load of population pudding to their faces, the gals sharing it to the best of their abilities after some post coital sucking.


Scene Four: Jesse Jane: Sexy Hot: Jesse Jane, Johnny Sins, Audrey Bitoni, Marco Banderas: Jesse Jane, in her usual giddy mood as she ate some candy with Johnny Sins, showed him how the confectionary treats turned her on even though her boyfriend wasn't around. They were stripping clothes off faster than normal, spending a lot of extra time kissing until she had enough and pushed him down to the floor to suck his cock. The active hummer was again nicely played out with her in charge; Jesse even using his belt to bind his hands as she continued her onslaught. The dynamic didn't continue though as she was more interested in using her hands to assist in the knob slobbing pleasure that was taking place. The music this time was subdued and techno-laced, working far better as a result. Johnny gave Jesse some oral too but the scale was markedly different in both quality and quantity, leading to Jesse aggressively riding his package as if possessed by the spirit of Erik Everhard. Her ass cheeks rippled, she screamed out loud, and she gyrated her hips as her hair flew around her head to provide still another over the top bone fest. The semen went to her chest and she sucked him clean afterwards; a third fine scene in the show to speak of. Audrey Bitoni, a curvy brunette that Robby uses every chance he gets in any movies he touches, was up next and to be frank about it, I had my doubts since her performances seem wildly inconsistent to date. She was wearing a pink top to cover her implants and rubbing her crotch as she seduced muscular Marco Banderas from his work on the other end of the furniture; tossing paper at him to get his attention. She kept his attention with the pussy and after making out for a moment, Audrey showed her oral skills, sucking him off rather handily as the guy nearly lost it early. Calvin Klein could have used the moment for a marketing campaign given how the label was so prominently displayed, leading to her impaling herself on his lap. The dirty talk was repetitive but this was definitely one of her better rides and while I still had my doubts, she gave it up aggressively; the vaginal pounding showing both of them giving quite a show. The vocals weren't balanced all that well with the heavy music track but in terms of the action, Audrey held her own with the rest of the cast this time. Marco ended the scene with a moderate wad to her mouth, Audrey acting as though it was the best thing she'd tasted it a very long time.


Scene Five: Power Fuck: Jesse Jane, Breanne Benson, Mick Blue: This scene begins with the two sitting on a couch and playing for the camera, the girls trading tongues and sucking nipples before getting naked when a stud walks into the scene. The home is brightly lit and attractive and the girls are equally as good looking. Jesse is the most aggressive as befits her nature with Breanne more on the receiving side of things. The scene goes 25 minutes and is a typical 3-way as these things go. Jesse looks very thin and her big fake boobs are more of a distraction than an attraction. The finale is a cumshot to their opens mouths as they kneel in front of the guy. Pretty ho-hum as a hot 3-way, but with a beautiful picture and great sound in both formats. (review by Marine Hardcore)


Scene Six: Sexual Freak 1: Jesse Jane: Jesse Jane, Roxy DeVille, Scott Nails: Roxy Deville, a newcomer brunette that looks very attractive when properly made up, was bound and left on the floor on the hallway by sexy Jesse Jane, who was in charge of her and Scott Nails. Making it clear who was boss, Jesse then reappeared with her charge on a bed, stroking Roxy's body on the white sheepskin cover as she went down on her. Roxy liked the attention now that it centered on the pleasure aspect of the BDSM concept, Jesse working her up to a frenzy orally before letting her get a taste. They both then freed Scott, blowing and face riding him before the inevitable vaginal screwing. Jesse got first dibs and showed the active riding of the first scene was no fluke, Roxy cleaning the cock for her from time to time. Roxy got to ride too although not as aggressively, with her and Jesse in a 69 to provide Scott full access. He popped on Roxy's ass to close out the act.


Scene Seven: Jesse Jane: Sexy Hot: Jesse Jane, Sarah Vandella, Tommy Gunn: Jesse Jane, wearing bra, panties, and neon green stripper shoes, curvier Sarah Vandella in similar attire, and almost fully dressed muscle man Tommy Gunn, were up last in bed playing strip poker. Jesse was doing her best to get Sarah naked, the gal telling her she "didn't want to give it up too easy" as they had one last "winner take all" round. The resulting winner was actually all of them as the gals started going at each other with a display of lesbian affection as Tommy watched them, his eyes lighting up even before they double teamed him at the head of the bed. The ladies took turns sucking him off but Jesse was by far the more aggressive of the two. Her head bobbed up and down rapidly as she worked him over, Sarah providing a stark contrast with the way she seductively took her sweet time. Jesse got first dibs on the vaginal ride and Sarah sucked him clean right out of her biscuit, each gal getting some quality time with the rod with my favorite being the screwing during the 69 the ladies engaged in. Tommy rubbed the load out onto Sarah's crotch and the ladies used their hands to get some for oral satisfaction, the end result being a very decent scene.


Scene Eight: Masseuse 2: Jesse Jane, Brooke Lee Adams, Dale DaBone: Brooke Lee Adams, a very cute brunette able to convey a sense of excitement, was up last with sexy Jesse Jane and her “husband” Dale DaBone. Jesse was the masseuse hired by Brooke to massage her husband, the secret being that the couple intended on a threesome from the beginning while Jesse was left out of the loop. Brooke wore a tight black skirt and dark blue top, Jesse in a flimsy white shirt covering her up as Dale’s towel was dropped to reveal his degree of excitement. Jesse did not show as much aptitude for massaging as the others had but Brooke couldn’t keep her hands off herself in anticipation, joining in to make the event happen. Jesse was falling out of her outfit as was Brooke, the cleavage between them ample to satisfy any fan. The four hands working on Dale soon led to the ladies developing a lesbian crush of sorts, sealed with a kiss and expanded to include Dale, Jesse wrapping her DSL’s around his pecker to give him a fine degree of oral satisfaction as the seasoned veteran taught Brooke a couple of tricks to up her own game. Jesse than actively rode his rod vaginally but upon a closer look of the scene (I watched it a few times), the driving dynamic was between the ladies with Dale as an accessory more than the target point of the heat. Brooke then masturbated on the nearby bed while watching them go at it, her husband moving over to penetrate her as Jesse rubbed one out (and then helped Brooke get off). I enjoyed the “lesbian with benefits” aspect of the scene a lot though Dale beating off a round of spew to Brooke for Jesse to lick off and share was kind of interesting too.


Scene Nine: Nakes Aces 2: Jesse Jane, Brianna Love, Rebeca Linares, Marco Banderas: Jesse Jane, perhaps the most popular contract star of the day (the blonde on the center of the front cover if you've been living under a rock), was up first as she teased in her silvery bikini while brandishing a couple of Mac-10's in the house. This led to her working with Brianna Love (the cutie in the pink bikini on the left hand side of the cover), Rebecca Linares (the blue bikinied brunette on the right hand side), and an effeminate Marco Duato/Banderas (the only guy on the cover) in the bedroom when the gals walked in on Marco who was reveling on some sex toys (prompting Brianna to say, "Don't you know silly fag, dicks are for chicks!"). The gals teamed up on him in his gold sequined stripped bikini bottoms and converted him as they all stripped off parts of their clothing. The plethora of pussy was too much for him to resist with the gals sucking him off in turns and crawling all over him. His gayness fixed, the gals also jumped each other on the bed, using the toys he was going to masturbate with on each other while licking each other soundly. There was a lot of energy in the scene and while the editing was a bit frantic (reminding me a lot of how the old TV show The Banana Splits used to be edited), it worked here better than expected given the wild way they all were going at it. The blowjobs were well handled and the gals were all active when impaling themselves on his meaty member, Brianna's ass cheeks rippling the best from my point of view as she rode him but the other two doing a fine job as well. Jesse was the most over the top during the ride (not a bad thing mind you) but the lengthy bout of oral and screwing (with substantial amounts of lesbian action tossed in for good measure) made this a fine scene right up until Marco rubbed out his load of population pudding on Brianna's ass.

Summary: Jesse’s Sex Parties by director Robby D. for Digital Playground was a dedicated compilation of group sex scenes focusing on attractive Jesse Jane regardless of what sex acts she partook in, the mileage varying considerably as to how good some scenes were. I rated the compilation from the company archives as a very solid Rent It, my belief that unaltered scenes work best in their original context, enough of these ladies showing how much they enjoyed gobbling gash or slobbing knob that you’d think the company might have listed the scenes on the cover. In short, Jesse’s Sex Parties was advertised as having a plethora of Jesse Jane scenes for those that might have missed out as they were released so give it a look if this appeals to you.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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