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Studio: Kink.com » Review by Christopher Thorne » Review Date: 9/6/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Director: John Paul "The Pope"

Cast: Cherry Torn, Veruca James, The Pope

Director of Photography: Christmas Disco

Running Time: 54 mins

Format: Online at Kink.com

Proving again that the porn features aren't a thing of the past, online vanguard Kink.com jumps into the feature space with their film "Deception". Instead of being just a collection of scenes, Deception mixes narrative, montage in a kinky feature that shows that even traditionally online focused studios can play in the major feature space.

Veruca James Masturbation

Deception opens with Cherry Torn and Veruca James going up to a cabin in the woods with John Paul Pope. The first "sex scene" isn't really a full blown sex scene, it's a sex montage/fantasy of Cherry Torn and Veruca James having sex while Veruca James masturbates to the fantasy. This kind of brief sexy montage is a hallmark of a feature which mixes the sex along with the narrative in a way that isn't just a compilation of scenes. The sex here is brief, but it is hot. It would have been nice if it had gone on longer.

After this scene there's a fair bit of narrative between Cherry and Veruca, including a nice hot tub scene, and a few nods to the classic horror movies with teens out at a cabin in the woods. This is followed by a fair amount of narrative as the pair set out for a hilke in the woods.

Cherry Thorn

Cherry Torn "Hogtied"

After a good solid 20 minutes of narrative we get our first full on sex scene. Deception is filed under Kink.com's "Hogtied" category and the first sex scene is of Cherry Torn tied up, whipped, manhandled and fingered. As with the first montage this sex scene isn't done linerarly and uses a series of quick cuts to show off the action. It's an effective technique to build tension to the action.

Veruca James

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Veruca James "Rape Fantasy"

It wouldn't be Kink.com without some serious boundary pushing, and the second scene flirts very strongly with a rape fantasy. John Paul chockes, pins, strips and fingers Veruca before she's able to escape. It's a very short, but very sexually charged scene.

Cherry Thorn

Cherry Torn "Hogtied Extended"

Whit Veruca out of the picture, John Paul returns his attention to the hog tied Cherry Torn. Cherry's performance here is top notch as John chokes, whips and then fingers her. The Pope does a good job here being strong and dominant without overdoing it. It's a careful balance and he manages to maintain it.

Veruca James Caught

Veruca James "Caught and Tied"

Veruca's escape is short lived as she's caught again and tied in an X on the ground. As with Cherry, Veruca is whipped and fingered. The Pope also steps and kneels on her. Veruca is exceptional in her performance as she plays the terror and pleasure of the scene really well. Her orgasm here happens while she's screaming "stop", it's a tough balance and Veruca plays it well.

This scene is the longest of the bunch and it has a surprising twist ending that moves the story along. 

Cherry Thorn

Cherry Torn "Redux"

After the powerhouse scene with Veruca, we return to Cherry, who is still hogtied but off the tree she was in on the first scene. The Pope has Cherry cradled on the ground and fingers her. He turns her on all fours and spanks her while we get an excellent view of her pussy and ass. Cherry rides the line between pleasure and pain here excellently. 

Veruca's Surprise

The Twist!

There's a nice twist at the end (which we won't spoil). But it would have been nice to see this twist played out a bit more and have a final sex scene. It was a missed opportunity.

Audio & Video: As with most of the content on Kink.com, Deception is available in several different quality levels/formats: Mobile, Small. Large and HD. For review pourposes we used the HD download which weighs in just under 1 gig. Image quality is shap and crips, especially in the films darker scenes (whcih is important as there are a few). There are two scenes with Veruca James in the woods which get a little pixely, but it's brief. Soundtrack is solid as is the audio which in the HD version is DVD quality.

End Interview

Extras: At the end of the Deception feature is a 20 minute interview with Cherry Torn and Veruca James. This is a really good conversation about making Deception, what it was like spending three days in the woods, getting tied up and running around.

At the end of this interview is another interview (taken before the shoot) discussing the fact that indeed what you see in the movie is concentual as well as going over all the "safe words" and "hard limits". It's nice to show this, especially since this movie shows some extreme fantasies. At the end of this is a very unguarded and really nice talk with the two of them about why they enjoy doing kink and what it means to them. It's a really great natural talk and well worth watching. 

Final Thoughts: Kink.com has sat on the sidelines while other traditional studios have moved closer to their "kinky" space (including directors B. Skow and Jacky St. James'), with Deception they've shown that even a traditionally online/scene focused studio can make a fully actualized and quality feature. John Paul "The Pope" does an excellent job directing Deception, and he understands just how important the build up to the action is. Christmas Disco is extremely skilled with the camera and does an exceptional job of catching all the action. The look of this film is absolutely feature quality and a lot of that has to do with Christmas Disco's camerawork.  

While there have been a numbe of features which bridge the gaps between hardcore kink and mainstream porn, Deception isn't at all interested with that. This is, through and through, a hardcore kink feature with the focus on bondage and edgeplay. There's no "traditional" penatrative sex here and the action at points does push at the boundaries. How much you enjoy Deception is going to depend on how much you enjoy this genre. Personally, it's beyond what I typically enjoy, however it's impossible to ignore the exceptional performances here, the strong camera work and direction. Kink set out to make a feature that is very much a Kink feature and they've succeeded: Highly Recommended (for fans of the genre)

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