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Submissive Mixtape, The

Studio: TROUBLE Films » Review by Sex Reed » Review Date: 9/5/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Transsexual, queer porn, star showcase

Directors: Chelsea Poe (scenes 1, 2, 3), Alyx Fox (scene 2), Courtney Trouble (scene 3), and Jacqueline Mary (scene 4)

Running time: 72 minutes

Condoms: Yes (on the strap-ons in scenes 1-3)

Production dates: 2014-2015

Cast: Chelsea Poe, Nikki Darling, Gaperiella Holl, Alyx Fox, Andy Whore-Holl, Jade Phillips, and Courtney Trouble

DVD Extras: There are no extras.

Video and audio: Video was shot in anamorphic HD with a 16/9 ratio. Dolby Digital audio was used. The volume was occasionally hard to hear, so I had to keep raising the volume, only to have to turn it down during orgasms. Overall, the video and audio quality were good overall, and this is a professional release.

Scene one: Chelsea Poe and Nikki Darling

I don’t usually seek out bondage/dominant and submissive scenes because that isn’t one of my kinks, but I found myself immediately turned on by this scene with Nikki Darling in the dominant role and Chelsea Poe in the submissive in this scene. There is a very sexy contrast with Nikki’s dark body and Chelsea’s pale. I also found it very hot watching each performer commit to their role. Chelsea is tied up when we first see her on screen and Nikki affirms her dominance by making Chelsea admit that she likes being dominated and then has her climb inside of a cage. When she’s pulled out by a leash around Chelsea’s collar, Nikki makes her bend over and spread her ass cheeks so she can tease and rim her asshole. She gets it ready for her silver butt-plug to be inserted there. Chelsea is also made to lick Nikki’s leather boots. Nikki then uses a device to keep Chelsea’s mouth open while Chelsea has to suck on her strap-on (It’s the best lube, you know, says the dominant Nikki). When fucking Chelsea, Nikki made “Ms. Darling” plead that she’s a “hungry ass-whore” and beg for permission to come. Permission was granted.

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Scene two: Chelsea Poe, Alyx Fox, Gaperiella Holl, and Andy Whore-Holl

This scene, called “Silver Star,” opens with Chelsea Poe, Alyx Fox and Gaperiella Holl, all dressed as though they’re headed to a party. They all look stunning in their cocktail party-dresses. Gaperiella and Alyx are talking about Andy Whore-Holl’s cock. “It’s as thick as a Coke can,” Gaperiella says. Chelsea is playing shy and nervous, but after admitting to being a lesbian, the couple initiates a threesome. The party is there, in their apartment. They get out black dildos that Chelsea has to suck on to the point of gagging. Gaperiella and Alyx note that Chelsea is quite good at sucking cock, despite her claims otherwise. They put Chelsea in the middle of the threesome next by making her suck on Gaperiella’s fake cock and Alyx fucks her from behind with hers. Chelsea then has a carrot in her ass and an orange in her mouth when you hear a knock at the door. It’s Andy Whore-Holl. “You look like you’re having fun,” he says. “As always.” Gaperiella gets his cock hard with a few strokes so that Chelsea can suck it. Chelsea is forced by Gaperiella and Alyx to give him a rough blowjob and suck on his balls.

Scene three: Chelsea Poe and Jade Phillips

When we first see Chelsea in this scene, she’s in a silver bikini and heels, and she’s scrubbing a kitchen floor on her hands and knees. She starts to get turned on and forgets about the dirty floors and instead lathers her lithe body with soap and water. When Jade enters the picture, he forcefully guides Chelsea around the kitchen by her hair. She begs him to let her suck on his cock. Like in scene one, I found the contrast between the pale Chelsea and a black co-star very erotic. When she’s granted permission to suck him, she gives him a sloppy blowjob. He gets a sink hose to spray her, while Chelsea has his cock in her mouth. He then puts on a glove to finger her asshole. After that, he gets some cellophane wrap to bind Chelsea’s arms to her torso and has her bend over to be fucked. Jade uses a strap-on. Her arms are bound, but she can move her hands enough to stroke her cock while getting fucked. It’s my favorite part of the scene. It was a hot and dirty fuck on a dirty, kitchen floor. I loved it.

Scene four: Chelsea Poe and Courtney Trouble

I couldn’t imagine a showcase film like this for Chelsea Poe and not have a scene with Courtney Trouble. This is a Trouble Films release and Poe’s porn career has almost been inextricably bound to Trouble for as long as Chelsea Poe has been a porn star. I’ve also been a long-time admirer of Courtney Trouble, professionally because they’re incredibly accomplished by carving out their own niche in DIY and queer porn, and lustfully because they’re sexy as fuck. I’m always pleased when they show up on-screen. (I should note that Courtney Trouble has stated she prefers identifying with they/them as a pronoun and Chelsea Poe has given a preference for a femme identification, so that is how I’ll ID each performer in this review.)

The scene has Chelsea and Courtney making out in a party in the middle of the floor. Party-goers appear oblivious to the action in front of them. The cinematography has a hazy, dream-like quality. There are a lot of hot moments in this scene, like seeing Chelsea using her cock to titty-fuck Courtney and a wonderful 69. It is a short scene (probably about ten minutes long), but it generates plenty of heat from two performers that have a unique relationship personally, professionally, and intimately. Did I mention Courtney gets a facial across their lovely face?

Final thoughts:

The title for this movie, The Submissive Mixtape, is perfect because it features one performer (Chelsea Poe) in submissive roles in four scenes that are mostly shot by all different people and have their own style. The movie explores scenes with different kinks and has black and white performers and male, female, transgender, and non-binary identities. But porn films should mostly be judged on the quality of their fucking, and this movie succeeds wildly here. Each scene is a turn-on for a different reason. As I’ve stated several times, I don’t seek out bondage-related porn much, but here I found it very hot to see Chelsea tied up in scenes one and three. The oral sex in scene two was muy caliente. I wish scene four was a little longer, but that’s mostly because I want to selfishly see more of Courtney Trouble. I also loved watching Gaperiella Holl here. IAFD lists that as her only credit. I hope to watch her fuck in more scenes. Although she was the submissive in each scene, my unofficial count says she had still enjoyed the majority of orgasms. For those reasons, and more, The Submissive Mixtape comes highly recommended.

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