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Daddy's Girls 2

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/5/15

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Daddy’s Girls 2

Girlfriends Films

Genre: Feature, Incest

Director: B. Skow

Writer: David Stanley


Cast: Maddy O’Reilly, Alec Knight, Kassondra Raine, Riley Reid, Seth Gamble, Capri Cavanni, Ryan McLane, Anthony Rosano

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Non sex or lesser sex role: Odile

Length: 182:26 minutes

Date of Production: 11/17/2014 to 11/19/2014


Extras: There were three trailers and a 28:07 minute long bonus scene from Daddy’s Girls 1 starring Maddy O’Reilly and Riley Reid as described below.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Daddy’s Girls 2 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films. Using stationary and mobile cameras, Skow set forth to provide a similar experience to his usual gonzo flicks, Mike Towers, Chad Spirits and Skow working the cameras. There was no continuous company watermark on the screen, the use of a cheap home setting for the scenes including strong lighting, Gabrielle Anex credited with editing, and a handful of context shots. Neither the feature nor the sex elements looked as crisp as I’m used to with a feature, the low budget feel a departure from how companies dedicated to the genre shoot things these days. The aural components by “Bina” were fair enough too, the 2.0 Dolby Digital encoding added in during post production to limit the background noises, the vocals easily heard in most cases though a bit hollow. I did like the music though it was no credited, the circus theme a bit telling on multiple levels.


Body of Review: B. Skow is often considered the most creative director distributed by Girlfriends Films, his wide range of movies often defying description by conventional standards. Earlier this year, he released Daddy’s Girls 2, a sequel to a somewhat controversial flick he co-wrote with David Stanley about sexual blackmail, incest, and handicapped abuse starring Maddy O’Reilly and Riley Reid. To be frank about it, the spin that there was a big controversy seems overplayed, one critic complaining about the themes really not qualifying (and guess who that was). But even if the original lost every award it was up for, it never hurts to use popular performers and the technical direction was among Skow’s best that year, the sequel picking back up where it had left off, Riley having been taken to task for her misdeeds. The sequel was much less cringe worthy though, the sex actually better and the feature elements downplayed considerably, a couple of the scenes BJ-only with a half limp noodle impacting the score but otherwise watchable.

The back cover described the movie like this: “After surviving Samantha's attack, Quincy returns from her six-month stay at a mental health facility, desperate to show everyone, especially her father, that she's changed, that she no longer wants to have sex with older men, and, that she no longer wants to have sex with him. But when Quincy comes home, she finds a whole new family dynamic at play that immediately begins to wither her resolve. Her mother is out of the picture and her father, Bob, is marrying his old flame and ex-prostitute, Marla, who Quincy can't stand. And not only because her father left her mother for her, but because she makes Quincy's jealous for being able to have sex with her father when she can't. Quincy, however tempted, is determined to stay the good course and so she puts up with her father and his bride-to-be kissing and playing cute in front of him. To further prove that she's better than she once was, Quincy even begins dating a boy her own age. She's even willing to put with a course of aversion therapy with Tom, a demented psychiatrist who seeks to 'cure' Quincy of her sexual addiction to father figures by having her describe her past experiences in fine detail, her to re-live the sins of her past for his masturbatory pleasure. And with the advances of her father's boss, a man determined to not let Quincy forget the sins of her past, by ultimatum if need be. Can Quincy truly become a better person? Can anyone or do we stay as bad as we are, no matter what we try to do to be good?”

The company press release then said this: “Themes of family dysfunction, sex addiction, and incest / faux-cest are explored by acclaimed director B. Skow in “Daddy’s Girls 2.” The anticipated sequel continues the controversial story of 2013’s “Daddy’s Girls” from Skow for Girlfriends Films. The movie is now available on DVD from Girlfriends Films. The award-winning director once again taps into taboo themes, as he continues the compelling and erotic story of a dysfunctional family. “Daddy’s Girls 2” features Riley Reid, Capri Cavanni, Odile, Maddy O’Reilly, Kassondra Raine, Alec Knight, Anthony Rosano, Seth Gamble, and Ryan McLane. “When we made the first movie, I really wanted to push the envelope and transport viewers to a place outside their comfort zone,” Skow said. “In the sequel, we explore even more facets to this unconventional and highly dysfunctional family. After all, sometimes what makes us uncomfortable is also what turns us on the most.” Noted writer David Stanley, who penned the script, and B. Skow, take movie watchers into the life of Quincy (Riley Reid), as she returns home from a mental health facility. Quincy must now show everyone she is no longer compelled to have sex with older men, or her father, Bob (Alec Knight). Her resolve is tested when she learns Bob left her mother for his old flame, Marla (Capri Cavanni), whom he plans to marry. Despite her jealousy over her father, Quincy begins dating a man her age, while seeing a demented psychiatrist, who insists she relive her past by describing it in detail for his own self-gratifying pleasure. The movie pairs O’Reilly with Knight; Reid with Cavanni and then Gamble; Reid with Cavanni and McLane in a hot three-way; Knight with Raine; and Rosano with Reid. “I had so much fun filming ‘Daddy's Girls 2!’ I always love working with B. Skow; he is one of my favorite directors,” said Kassondra Raine. “He takes adult film to a higher level, adding creativity and depth that transcend stereotypical ‘porn’ and turn it into a work of art. Addressing any subject considered controversial is fun for me; I love pushing people's buttons... and my own. I think ‘Daddy's Girls 2’ does just that.”” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Maddy O’Reilly, a curvy gal with reddish hair and a fleshy ass, was up first with Alec Knight, the man pulling her off Riley as the movie showed her getting revenge with a kitchen knife. While on the contrived side, it set up the story for the rest of the show even if it meant Maddy was gone until the very end of the flick. She wore a dark crop top and tight shorts to emphasize her ass, her thong underneath nestled deep in her tasty ass that Alec savored when he presented herself to him, the man pulling down her panties to gobble her gash and rim her at length after asking what she was doing. After suspending the disbelief over the set up of the tryst, I simply enjoyed it for what it was, hotty Maddy getting porked by marginal male Alec (who is about as good as you’ll get from Skow in acting roles, at least when St. Croix is not available) after she slobbed his knob. She had some wisps of pubic hair in a tidy triangle and it took him awhile to get truly hard, his chubby not exactly the most inspiring tool used to drill a cute gal like Maddy given he was with her. She remained a passive rider as they transitioned to anal but given that she supposedly initiated the encounter, it seemed “off” to me, maybe working better at a faster speed like others probably used when “reviewing” it. She taste tested him and he dove back in, his finally turgid pecker showing where the ED drugs kicked in. The ending doggy eventually drained his dragon of sperm though, the modest pop hitting her face and open mouth but falling to the bed with no cares.



Scene Two: Kassondra Raine, a newcomer with under a dozen credits to her name on the IAFD, was up next as the cum bucket of Alec Knight, some false starts with others (in the form of flashbacks or secondary storylines) detracting from the story. Kass had pretty eyes and a mane of hair tied up in handlebar mode, a red plaid outfit on her making her look younger. She flashed her panties and called Alec “daddy” before leaning over to blow him actively, the thought he’d leave Capri for her probably requiring the writer to explain too much, kind of like the location of the tryst on his home bed when he was supposedly going to the office for papers. In any case, she nuzzled his nuts and applied ample hand to gland friction to get him much harder than he was with Maddy (another mystery), the gal dropping her panties so they could engage in a 69 where her oral focused on his head rather than take most of him inside her mouth. They then tried some vaginal penetrative positions, Kass not an active rider most of the time, though her oral skills were always superior. The doggy then milked his balls dry of semen for a facial finish, another very modest pop gracing her mug as she gave him some post coital head.



Scene Three: Riley Reid, the cute young lady featured on the front cover, was then up in a flashback montage, interrupted by Capri outside the door for dinner, the youngster playing with her sock collection by the door until her next session with her shrink (which were the best feature parts of the flick by far). The session included her talking about the first time she made Seth Gamble beg for a handjob, the two pawing each other while making out. Riley wanted to make Seth pop via her hands and he wanted her mouth wrapped around his raging boner, the two negotiating as she rubbed him through his pants increasingly fast, Riley sucking his finger before he forced her to her knees. When she pulled his cock out of his pants, he was barely erect too, falling short of the narrative until she throated him and sucked his balls with some handie action but without a pop shot displayed, his going limp and then kissing him full on the lips left me wondering if he really orgasmed as much as how much he enjoyed the taste of his own seed.



Scene Four: Capri Cavanni, a gorgeous woman with amazing curves and beautiful eyes, was up next with Riley Reid, Ryan McLane blackmailing Riley before Capri joined them in the master bedroom. Ryan was a former client of Riley and demanded she comply with his needs, Capri walking in on them and dragged into the tryst in a way that makes the stereotypical pizza delivery stories of old seem like Shakespeare. Blowing off the feature details that kill any hope of suspension of disbelief, this was easily the strongest sexual encounter of the movie, Ryan using his belt on Riley’s tender ass as Capri caressed her young charge until sitting on her face. Both ladies had pubic hair and all three of them gave head with some level of energy, the knob slobbing leading to Riley getting vaginally plowed by his modest member as Capri felt the gal up. Capri then bent over in doggy for a pounding but was equally passive, Riley assisting her as she had been assisted before a break showed Capri throating Ryan with ease. The curvy babe then traded with Riley to actively ride Ryan as he munched on Riley in a pyramid, Riley following suit before some mutual masturbation and continued plowing pushed Ryan over the edge to share his small load with both (the gals then cumswapping).



Scene Five: Riley Reid, in a flowery crop top and blue jean shorts, was up next with Seth Gamble in another BJ-only scene, this time lasting a little longer in a far better lit bedroom with lots of packing boxes surrounding them. They kissed and showed ample youthful energy but without the context setting the tryst up, it fell short yet again. Both got relatively naked as she worked him over, his fingers alluded to pumping her as she pleasured him by hand and mouth. That she throated him was cool and the more explicit pop shot in her mouth worked better, though this time the scene faded out before he could savor his own juices as in the first one.



Scene Six: Riley Reid, fresh out of the shower, and hotty Capri Cavanni, wearing a tight white top and hot pink booty shorts, were up next in a lesbian tryst after Capri read her letter and went to help the gal. Riley then took over and started getting frisky with Capri as she tossed her on the bed, nestling between her legs to devour Capri’s crotch and tits before rubbing her box against her leg. It was a basic lesbian tryst with oral and fingering augmented by some tribbing and spanking (ass and tits mostly), a little bit of foot worshiping included in the decent bout of boning.



Scene Seven: Riley Reid, still dressed in her eye patch, white crop top, and booty shorts, then engaged in a role playing exercise with her shrink, Anthony Rosano, in his office. As expected, his unorthodox methods included using her desire for intimacy with her father to get some fun himself, her eyes opening to find his turgid rod within sucking distance. Riley aggressively inhaled his boner in sloppy fashion, her saliva glistening all over his cock and her chin as she continued, a goatee of the fluid running down her chin onto her shirt. She continued with a hand assisted hummer before they repositioned in a 69 on the dark red couch, a short bout of them satisfying each other leading to some moderately active vaginal riding in doggy, cowgirl, and missionary before he nutted on her welcoming face, the breakthrough they had been waiting for setting up a potential third flick.


Bonus Scene: Daddy’s Girls 1: Riley Reid, the major cutie featured on the right side of the front cover in a blue top and white shorts, was up next with Maddy O’Reilly, forcing her to take part in a webcam show after trying to seduce her father. Riley wore a colorful crop top and white booty shorts as she climbed into bed with Maddy, Maddy’s naked form showing some nipple erections. Riley made it clear that she had better do as told “or else”, forcing her to remove Riley’s attire with both of them feeling each other up. As her apprehension gave way, Maddy started to get into the lesbian action, sucking titty and being caressed before Riley went down on her for a considerable amount of time. They kissed some more and Maddy reciprocated, Riley having taken what she wanted, some final ass play and cunnilingus ending the tryst before tragedy struck.

Summary: Daddy’s Girls 2 by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films picked up where part 1 had left off in a disjointed manner but quickly resumed the whole incest is best theme, flash forwarding in a manner that felt contrived to say the least. The flip side was that fans obsessed with Riley Reid will have what nearly amounts to a spotlight showcase feature of her, the gal in most of the scenes once the flick warmed up, two of those scenes terribly limited BJ’s with Seth but her work with super sexy Capri Cavanni helping ease the pain enough to merit a rating of Rent It or better, despite some clumsy scripting and characterization best left in a first draft. Skow’s pacing during the sex scenes did manage to instill some strokability though so no matter how weak the feature aspects of the show might have been, all but the most jaded should get at least a session or two out of the production, the relative lack of Maddy O’Reilly in the movie a bummer for her fans though there was room for a sequel to rectify that should sales permit. In short, Daddy’s Girls 2 was flawed in all new ways from the first volume in the series but even if you apply the Mike Quasar rule of fast forward fodder, you’ll want to skip several of the sex scenes too, making the show a mixed bag. Check it out if you haven’t already and let me know what you think of it, some of you have already expressed your lack of enthusiasm even if you enjoyed a scene or two.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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