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Ms. Grey

Studio: Other » Review by silkenshadow » Review Date: 9/6/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Ms. Grey


Cast: Lily Cade as Kristin Grey, Dolly Leigh as Annabelle Irons, Skin Diamond as Bartender, Kasey Warner as Threesome Girl, and Ela Darling as Tinder Girl


Genre: Feature Release as well as Lesbian and BDSM


Director: Dee Severe and Lily Cade


Studio: Severe Sex distributed by Exile Distribution.


Condoms: None required


Running Time: Approximately 3 hours spread over 2 DVDs


By now most everyone has heard of  50 Shades of Grey and most people either love or hate it. This feature release is a loosely based lesbian adaptation of the book. It uses the story as jumping off point but is not beholden to the book to tell its story. We are treated to a very different story and journey in the life of Annabelle Irons. This time things are a little different, not only due to the all female cast, but also where the characters end up, which I won’t spoil just yet. Read on for a new exploration.


The movie opens on the office of Kristine Grey who is about to be interviewed but instead of the regular interviewer we meet Annabelle Irons, a intern for the paper who has been sent instead. Their first interaction is short and brief but we see something in Annabelle catching Kristine Grey’s eye. Although at first a bit infuriated by some of Annabelle’s questions Kristine is intrigued and hunts down Annabelle at her job at a hardware store where she picks up a few supplies which peaks Annabelle’s interest and Ms. Grey soon explains they are for women not to fix her home. From there begins a relationship where Ms. Grey wants Annabelle as a slave but Annabelle convinces her that she will submit for just one night. Here is where the fun begins.

The First Time

We the viewers are taken to a bubble bath where Ms Grey’s enjoyment of Annabelle begins. Ms Grey starts off with sensual touching and pleasures that moves into light bondage. Once Ms Grey has Annabelle bound and blindfolded Ms. Grey begins explore more. We are soon treated to tickle play and light slapping using a leather gag. Soon Ms. Grey decides to test her limits by using a switch on Annabelle.  It’s a true pleasure to watch the pleasure reflected in Annabelle’s face as pain and pleasures are mixed for her for the very first time. She is taking the first steps on a journey that will change her forever. Ms. Grey wants to share with her that there is nothing to fear and to bring her into a world of pleasures that challenges her understanding.

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The Spanking

Soon after their first time together Annabelle and Ms. Grey are celebrating Annabelle’s graduation at Annabelle’s modest apartment. Ms. Grey expresses her like for the apartment but Annabelle isn’t so sure of her sincerity. This leads to a bit of punishment. Ms. Grey guides Annabelle in the proper protocol when it comes to punishment. It is during this scene where we seeing the inspired casting of Dolly Leigh as Annabelle as her skin picks up on the punishment well and leaves us with a wonderful view of her reddened bum. Ms. Grey is sure to reward Annabelle with an intense orgasm that leaves her writhing with pleasure. Annabelle is sure to ask permission before she cums for Ms.Grey. It is clear that Annabelle is learning the rules of being submissive and the pleasures it can bring, one more step on her journey.  Once more Ms. Grey asks Annabelle to become her slave but Annabelle still isn’t sure and asks to see Ms. Grey’s infamous Red Room.

The Red Room

As Ms. Grey shows Annabelle her Red Room of pain, Ms. Grey is sure to lay out the rules and how obedience is expected and the expectations from Annabelle. It is during this scene we see Annabelle at her most vulnerable but yet at her most willing. Annabelle does her best to follow all of Ms. Grey’s requirements. We see Annabelle subjected to bondage that leaves her completely vulnerable to Ms. Grey’s ministrations but it is clear through the looks on Annabelle’s face that she is starting to enjoy being in such a position for Ms. Grey. We are also treated to new forms of play through the use of the flogger, the paddle, and sensory play. Finally Ms. Grey takes her own pleasure under Annabelle’s expert tongue and touch. It is clear that Annabelle is delving deeper on her journey toward becoming fully Ms. Grey’s and finding pleasure in BDSM

The Threesome

Before Annabelle signs the slave contract she shares with Ms. Grey a few reservations including the fact she must be monogamous and not Ms. Grey. So Annabelle proposes that Ms. Grey can enjoy another as long as they do so together. Here we see confident a pleasure filled Annabelle that is ready to help increase the pleasure of both her and Ms. Grey. Her journey takes another step  as  she helps to dominate Kasey Warner. It is such a pleasure to watch what she is becoming. It is clear that Annabelle is losing her meekness but finding strength through BDSM. Fans of the flogger are sure to enjoy its use in the first part of the scene while Annabelle and Kasey enjoy each other and while Annabelle enjoys Kasey. There is also plenty to love through the use of  the strapon by Ms. Grey on the girls. Toward the end of the scene we see Annabelle profess her love for Ms. Grey but we can see that perhaps this idea is making Ms. Grey uncomfortable even if Annabelle can’t see this herself.


The Betrayal

Ms. Grey who is clearly still uncomfortable slips out of the bed and makes her way to a bar. The bartender, played by Skin Diamond,  who knows Ms. Grey wonders why Ms. Grey is here and where she has left her latest toy. Ms. Grey tries to defend herself but is soon overpowered by the bartender and gives into temptation and begins to take pleasure from her.  Watching these two together is wonderful even if it is the ultimate betrayal of Annabelle’s trust and love she has grown to have in Ms. Grey.  The bartender and Ms. Grey make quite the pair and perhaps this encounter is used to illustrate that Ms. Grey can’t fight who she really is in the end, who Lily describes in the special features as a douche bag. She has to given into temptation and isn’t thinking of the consequences. In the end we see Annabelle catching Ms. Grey and is heartbroken that she has broken their agreement and runs away.


Still Kinky, Less Crazy

In the final part of the feature we first see a devastated Annabelle who at first is inconsolable. Soon she finds a crop and touches it to her skin and plays with it some. This serves as a reminder of all she learned over the course of her relationship with Ms. Grey but instead of going back to Ms. Grey she is now capable agent in seeking out her own pleasure and invites a new woman home with her. While talking with each other Annabelle explains how she definitely kinky but wants something a little less crazy than her last relationship. The two begin to indulge in each other through many of the same things she picked up during her time with Ms. Grey: spanking, sensory deprivation, crops and even asking Ela permission before she cums, who finds this incredibly hot. It is in this encounter we see a fully realised Annabelle, who is strong and confident in herself and her pleasures and wants. Her journey is complete and she is ready to share herself with another who can appreciate all she has to offer and finds pleasure in BDSM.


Audio/Visual: Here is where this feature falls down a bit. I was really looking forward to this feature and enjoyed what it had offer but substandard video really caused it to suffer. Throughout much of the feature the video quality is poor. Perhaps this is due to not filming and/or transposing to HD quality. By doing this it would have allowed for some good moments to become great moments. As for the audio I found it a strain at times to listen to the dialogue in the film when it was the most needed. Also there are times when music  is present throughout a scene which takes away from the action of the scene.

Special Features: I loved the special features. In particular the interview with the directors was a fun add. It really helped to crystalise some of the ideas that are presented during the feature. It also helped to understand why they chose to deviate from the story rather than doing a straight-forward all female adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey. The interview with Dolly Leigh is good since this is her first feature. I wish more was put into why she was chosen to play Annabelle Irons.  Finally, there is the requisite picture galleries that serve as a reminder of the story you just watched

Final Thoughts: I found Ms. Grey to be a satisfying and enjoyable adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey. I loved that the directors, Dee Severe and Lily Cade felt strongly about changing the story just enough to make it more of a kink-positive message rather than making a straight-forward adaptation. This feature is not so much about titular Ms. Grey but more about Annabelle Irons and a journey of self-discovery. I think many of us could put ourselves in her place. I certainly recommend this feature to those who were dissatisfied with the original. There is much to enjoy and discover. The strong female performer cast help to make this a feature you will enjoy watching again for the chemistry between them. All turn in strong performances that certainly make this feature enjoyable. So if you weren’t a fan of the original why not give Ms. Grey a try?  



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