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Anal Young 'Uns 4

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 9/7/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Gonzo/Anal/Teens




Cast: Yhivi/Morgan Lee/Sophia Grace/Miranda Miller/Bill Bailey/Mark Wood

Director: LeWood

Extras: BTS/Photo Gallery/Trailers

Release Date: 9/2/2015

Runtime: 153 Mins


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Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for LeWood's 'Anal Young 'Uns 4'!


[Note: This is a web-based review of this DVD. All scenes were viewed in streaming 1080p which is the highest available resolution on the Evil Angel website. There are various other options of viewing including, but not limited to 720p, 540P, etc with option to download included in website membership for those interested.]


*Scene 1:

Yhivi/Bill Bailey

Anal, ATM

The premiere scene in LeWood's Anal Young'uns 4 kicks off with a cute tease from one of porn's most recently talked about new stars in Yhivi (pronounced E-V for those wondering). Yhivi's refreshing look makes her a hot commodity in today's porn, combined with a "cute but dirty" attitude that adds to her overall impression really well. The tease opens with Yhivi in one of LeWood's familiar pre-sex tease locales, set up next to a pool as our featured starlet dawns some porn'd out schoolgirl attire. Yhivi's relatively awkward movements and presence actually make things all the more better in a scene like this, as some canned music lies in the background while she strips out of her outfit in the midst of the camera getting some generous views of her. The scenario eventually sets up with Yhivi playing a new college student, and her co-star Bill Bailey telling her that she shouldn't be dressing so suggestive if she wants to be taken seriously. Things ultimately begin with no real rhyme or reason, as Yhivi bends over in front of Bailey and he spanks her ass roughly as she giggles as if to egg him on to go even harder. Bailey pokes and prods at Yhivi's asshole before pulling out a conveniently placed buttplug and lodging it into her asshole, as she returns the favor by way of a throat throttling blowie that leads into a spoon style fuck. Yhivi plays up her role well throughout the course of the scene, projecting an extremely innocent appearance that mixes nicely with her instigating looks at Bill while he pounds her asshole out. Anal sets in early on, mostly maintaining that course of action with positions being bridged by some cock-chugging ATM's from Yhivi for added effect. Things eventually cap off with Bailey emptying his balls into Yhivi's mouth, as she smiles devilishly up at him before our director asks her to lap up the jizz that landed on the floor. Great scene here; Yhivi is a great watch and I'm really excited to see what the future holds for her. Her willingness to go to the next level seems unending and I think this will be the first of many praises she'll get from this guy. 



*Scene 2: 

Sophia Grace/Mark Wood

Anal, ATM


Sophia Grace is our next featured Anal Young'un, starting us off with a rather awkward tease segment that doesn't really translate too well, before she lays out by Mark's pool and calls a friend to tell her she decided to come to Mark's house to work on her tanlines. The intro gives us some generous views at Sophia's bod glistening in the sunlight with added direction giving it some extra umph in the latter stages of it. Eventually Mark comes outside, befuddled at the fact that Sophia is using his yard like it's a nude resort, eventually he asking her to take it inside where the eventual action takes place. Afterwards, Sophia plops herself on the couch, as Wood steps into view for some pre-sex throat thumping where Sophia offers up some sloppy face-fucks before he returns the favor by taking a head-first dive into her asshole. The anal sets in with a doggie style dick plunging, gaining steam quickly as Sophia moans and groans like she thinks her asshole is going to break if he goes any harder. Things progress fairly through this 30 minute buttfuck fest, capping off as Mark drops a jizzload over Sophia's face, fading after she gives him a few final sucks for good merit. I wasn't much for this scene to be honest; it all seemed a little mechanical on Sophia's part but she's extremely new so it's understandable. Regardless, it was a rough go. 


*Scene 3: 

Miranda Miller/Bill Bailey

Anal, ATM, Dildo DP

Miranda Miller encapsulates our view for the third scene in the film, looking adorable in a pink pair of daisy dukes, a pink shirt, high heels, and pigtails to complete her "teen" inspired look. The tease here is great to open the scene; Miranda's hesitance and shy behaviors makes the part play exceedingly well, twirling her pigtails and sucking her finger for added effect through this 3 minute intro. The scenario that follows the tease has some classic dialogue in the midst of it, with Bill Bailey playing the part of Miranda's sisters boyfriend who's genuinely in awe of her claimed ability to take a 10 inch dick with ease. Miranda's cocky teen attitude makes everything all the more better here, later telling Bill that she's never done anal but it's "like, the same thing, right?!" Bill eventually takes Miranda's bait (or vice versa depending on how you look at it), soon whipping out his schlong for her as she compliments his size before making some valid attempts to get it into her throat. Action is solid right off the rip, showing Miranda backing down a bit while Bill goes dom on her, slapping the shit out of her tits and even spitting into her mouth at one point. Sex sets in with Miranda taking a cowgirl dick ride on Bailey's boom stick, shoving a dildo into her simultaneously for some dildo DP action that gives a nice contrast to the scene. Anal sets in at around the midway point, translating extremely well as Miranda fascinates me with her ability to play the role while hesitantly testing the limits of what she can handle. Things later finish with Bailey draining his nuts over Miranda's face, slurping up the goods before cutting to the next scene. The viewing was a bit obstructed because Bill's a lefty, but so am I, so no points docked for that one. I thought this was a great scene overall, from the scenario to the tease to the fucking. It ran for a seemingly perfect amount of time and to me, it demonstrated perfectly how a real teen inspired scene should translate to a viewer. We understand that the performance isn't going to be some over the top effort on all facets, but it's all in the expressions of the girl who's performing rather than the actual performance itself. Miranda was a fun watch and I look forward to her progression in the industry should she choose to keep moving forward. 


*Scene 4: 

Morgan Lee/Mark Wood

Anal, ATM

The final scene in LeWood's Anal Young'uns #4 kicks off with the most established starlet in the cast in Morgan Lee. Morgan of course looks incredible upon the scene's opening, wearing a tiny pair of daisy duke shorts, a red bikini top, and high heels to complete the look. Morgan's overall look is one that we porners simply can't get enough of, and this tease intro is like, hypnotic if I had to put in a word. Morgan strips out of her clothes while showing off her pint-sized body, jostling her ass while smiling and blowing kisses into the camera throughout the first 7 minutes of the scene. The scenario ties Morgan's patriotic shorts into the story, as it seems her fourth of July party was cancelled and she has nothing to do now. Aww. Eventually Mark decides to take it upon himself to make her feel better, worshiping her ass in the early moments before she returns the favor by way of some cock-chugging deepthroats. The blowie lasts for an extended period of time, maintaining a fantastic energy from Morgan as she eventually grabs a nearby Hitachi to assist in her masturbatory needs. The pre-sex foreplay consists of some buttplug action as well, with Morgan bringing herself to orgasm while Mark prods her with it. Sex goes straight to the A when it starts, with Morgan spreading her legs wide for some missionary themed buttfucking before leaping down to her knees for some throat-throttling ATM chugs. Wow. What a great energy. Positions run through about 4 or 5 separate looks, with all of them bridged by Morgan lapping on Wood's cock like she's making her gravest efforts to actually swallow it whole. The scene's finale consists of Morgan giving Mark a few final throat lunges, ending as he churns out a jizzload over her smiling face and she blows some cum bubbles into the lens for good merit. Awesome. This was definitely the film's swan song if you will; Morgan's popularity isn't for nothing. She's absolutely gorgeous and her continuously strong performances make her a great watch every time that she's on screen. Also, if you tell me there's a girl with a prettier smile in porn then you're lying. Great scene. 




LeWood's Anal Young'uns #4 from Evil Angel Video is a great collection of scenes focusing on newer talent, with a ranging cast in terms of how new the girls are, but still holding true to the title. The movie had a strong front-to-back quality aside from one scene, but the other 3 had some really strong moments that made some of those less memorable parts a little more tolerable. I essentially loved the cast; Yhivi and Morgan will definitely be the primary focus for fans who are looking to check the movie out, but I think Miranda Miller made a strong case for herself as well. Tech specs were good, there were no poor or excessive shots and all the scenes were filmed in a way in which they had all that they needed in order to allow the performances to shine. Extras on the DVD feature an array of options in comparison to other Evil Angel DVD's lately, including a BTS segment from each scene in the film, as well as a photo gallery and trailers to round it out. I'd recommend this one to fans of the teen demographic, noting it's ability to showcase a really new crop of girls, plus Morgan Lee who we've all already seen, but still can't get enough of. So check it out if you get the chance. Recommended.  


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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