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Fucked Ra

Studio: AE Films » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 9/9/15

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Genre: Showcase

Director: Robby D.

Cast: Missy Martinez, Adriana Chechik, Vicki Chase, Sarah Shevan, Abella Danger, James Deen, Ramon Nomar, Erik Everhard

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were good.

Length: 1 hour, 28 minutes

Release Date: 9/10/2015

Extras: Behind the Scenes, Interview, Trailers, Photo Gallery

Condoms: No


Overview: Fucked Ra is a perfect example of why showcase films shouldn’t be handed out indiscriminately, especially to very brand new girls who have not earned such a distinction. Missy Martinez, a six year veteran of the adult industry, kills it in what can arguably be called the best showcase title of 2015. With Fucked Ra, the always explosive Missy brings her very best in four sizzling, stroke-filled scenes in just under 90 minutes. When you’re the caliber of performer Missy is, you don’t need long set-ups, silly scenarios, or extended tease sequences. The amount of sexual aura and appeal Missy alone brings to Fucked Ra—her first showcase title and one she has earned and is long overdue—certainly put Missy among the best in the business. Fucked Ra is all about Missy. This was her concept—dressed scantily clad in a barely there gold bikini for most of the showcase until it was ripped off of her, down to the casting and theme as an Egyptian queen. But the real reason to own this title is to watch Missy perform in four career making scenes. We’re talking hall of fame moments especially with Missy partaking in her first and what Missy says will be her only DP scene with hard-charging veterans Erik Everhard and James Deen, whom she handles up her holes with finesse and ease. That’s after getting her butthole given a massive workout by Deen in the first scene, a strictly anal only scene that is without a doubt the best anal scene of the year. More great moments are ahead and should not be missed out on.


Scene 1 Missy Martinez, James Deen

Missy calls James over for anal and within mere minutes James is deep inside Missy’s ass. Before that, Missy throats his cock so hard to the point James has to pull her mouth out but fails, as Missy’s lips suctions itself around James already erect dick. When she finally decides to let go James punishes her with a hard anal pummeling that Missy enjoys. Her vag is completely ignored but her body isn’t as Robby D’s camera is totally on Missy. We watch her enjoy the deep penetrations James unloads on her from mish, doggy to a terrific reverse cowgirl done magnificently on the stairway steps where we see Missy riding James anally, her legs spread wide and we see her entire body tremble as James moves her up and down. Just the site of Missy spread eagle is enough to let a load out in mid-jerk. Missy easily handles one of the best cocksmen ever anally, showing everyone what a real butt slut Missy truly is. This is clearly an early favorite to win best anal scene of the year for every major upcoming awards show.


Scene 2 Missy Martinez, Vicki Chase, Ramon Nomar

This non-anal scene still sizzles just as much as the opening scene especially when you have this much Latin heat in the scene. Ramon is the luckiest man on earth as he gets to bang two of the hottest Latina performers on the planet in addition to being among the best overall. Vicki and Missy definitely have a solid sexual chemistry and a hunger they fulfill as they each lustfully tongue one another before diving down for pink tacos. Both ladies are barely unable to keep their hands off of each other but once Ramon introduces his cock into the mix the ladies share it and do some heavy throating on it. Despite this being Missy’s showcase she never hogs the spotlight, letting Vicki get plenty of camera-time, which she does get when Ramon bends Vicki over to bang her or when he spoons her and spreads her legs, revealing Vicki’s sweet snatch. Missy uses the opportunity to further taste Vicki’s sweet body, then Vicki returns the favor by lapping Missy’s pussy while she gets banged Ramon style. He dumps a huge load on these two cock crazy Latinas, first dumping a partial load in Vicki’s mouth then dumping the rest on Missy’s face, then Vicki lets what remains pour down on all over Missy.

Scene 3 Missy Martinez, Erik Everhard, James Deen

The scene everyone has been waiting for six years arrives and Missy wastes no time, crawling over to Erik and James and sucks off their cocks. After a few short minutes James is in her pussy while Missy is still handling Erik’s cock in her mouth. The two take turns double teaming Missy before the engage in filling her holes with Erik filling her snatch while James once again pumps his hard rod in her ass. Missy is definitely loving the feeling of having the two of them in her, showing no hesitation but joy in the feeling of being fucked in both holes. The guys switch for a reverse cowgirl DP with Missy still letting the guys manhandle her while she enjoys the feeling and the intensity of it. Both guys then dump their loads on Missy who has successfully accomplished her one and only DP, looking as though she is a natural at it.


Scene 4 Missy Martinez, Sarah Shevon, Adriana Chechik, Abella Danger

You really can’t go wrong with these babes, with Missy being treated like the queen she should be seen among these new porn princesses. But again, Missy doesn’t hog the spotlight as each of these ladies are allowed to shine. The girls are all over Missy, pleasuring her orally and sampling her goodies but then each girl in the room gets their own time in the spotlight. Adriana Chechik, the most energetic, is totally worshipped by her fellow lezzies, followed by Sarah who is totally overwhelmed with all that pussy all over her. The newbie Abella is on her shoulders while her pussy is up in the air for all to enjoy. The orgy ends with each lady cumming hard before putting an end to this amazing showcase title.

Summary: Fucked Ra has so many positive going for it it’s difficult to know where to begin. If you love exotic looking ladies including Latinas, you got them here. If you love anal, this title is loaded with it. DP action, you won’t be disappointed. Anal, b/g/g and lesbian orgies, it’s all here. Missy finally gets her shot at the spotlight and you see what this sexually explosive performer can do . . . unleash all her sexual might and prove to the world that she can be as hardcore as the hardest banging babes in the business. Additionally, Fucked Ra raises the bar for showcase films so much so that I really hope this stops the trend of awarding newbie girls with their own showcase before they’ve earned any sort of accolade and can barely handle themselves in scenes with veteran male and female talent. Missy has been a quiet but dominant performer for years but Fucked Ra puts her in another level and that’s as one of the best performers in the business. If her DP really is her one and only, it is clearly a textbook definition of how to perform in one and to do it with ease and enjoyment. The massive anal pounding she receives from James Deen not only sets the tone for this awesome title but it’s an explosive opening scene that shows everyone how to really take a big dick up the ass with finesse the way pros know how to. The sex seems so spontaneous and Robby D, who should also be equally credited for this amazing showcase, offers excellent camerawork throughout Fucked Ra plus extraordinary editing, leaving in only the parts that guys are going to stroke it to. That’s all you have other than Missy’s playful, sarcastic introductions before each scenes. Missy keeps them short, humorous, descriptive, then it’s right to the sex. This is one to own, keep around and stroke it to over and over again. If there’s no such thing as perfection, Fucked Ra comes fucking close to being the perfect showcase title and it fully earns a well deserved XCritic Pick!

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