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Angela Loves Men

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/10/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


Individual scene trailers linked below

Angela Loves Men

Girlfriends Films/Angela White Productions

Genre: Showcase Spotlight, Angela White

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Director/Editor: Angela White


Cast: Angela White, Danny Mountain, Ramon Nomar, Manuel Ferrara, Toni Ribas

Length: 125:31 minutes

Date of Production: 3/1/2015 (credits); 5/7/2014, 1/15/2014, 5/8/2015, 10/22/2014 (dates of release, in order)


Extras: The extras were on the weak side this time, only some trailers and a set of slide shows from the scenes.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Angela Loves Men was presented in anamorphic widescreen as distributed by Girlfriends Films for Angela White Productions. Miles Long was credited as the camera operator and the resulting quality of the visual elements shined as a result, the lighting and framing very nicely done, the decent editing attributed to Angela White and “Stephen” just as Angela was again listed as the director this time. There were no extensive crew credits other than that but the team did well here, the high end resolution capturing a great deal of detail and relatively few compression artifacts. The aural aspects of the movie were also handled better than expected, the vocals in the interviews and sex scenes presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital using a 224 Kbps bit rate. The limited musical interludes during the tease sessions were listed at the end of the credits, upbeat enough for Angela to shake her goodies to but not so repetitious or lengthy to bug me, musical credits going to Kloudnine, Senbei, and Nebulous Sound.


Body of Review: Girlfriends Films has become a major distributor in recent times, some of the companies choosing them to spread their works reminding me of the diversity of titles on the market. Some of my favorites have been the Angela White series derived from her website antics, the latest disc called Angela Loves Men, the fourth showcase spotlight on Australian mega-hotty Angela White, this time emphasizing her heated trysts with favored male partners from her website archives. Having already watched a few of the scenes when I had web access to her online home, I knew that she was very deliberate in picking scenes that had special meaning to her, these four including trysts with Manuel Ferrara, Ramon Nomar, Toni Ribas, and Danny Mountain.

The company website described the show like this: “This movie showcases hardcore scenes that helped to unlock Angela White's deep sexual urges and carnal instincts. Ramon Nomar makes Angela squirt for the very first time, on or off camera. Danny Mountain worships Angela's womanly curves from head to toe. Angela and Tony Ribas fuck until they are a sweaty mess on the floor. With Manuel Ferrara, Angela goes from powerful and dominant to surrendering to pleasure. The chemistry in these scenes is undeniable. But even more exciting is watching Angela's desire become more and more ravenous. This hardcore showcase shows you just how much Angela Loves Men.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Angela White, the beautiful young hotty featured on the front cover, was up first in said cover outfit teasing by the pool before engaging Danny Mountain in what I determined was scene 31 from her website. She teased to music and masturbated, Danny walking over to her to kiss her foot as the music died down. She moaned in pleasure as he savored her toes, her solid eye contact enhancing their connection as she pinched her nipples and caressed her bald beaver. Angela then slobbed his knob aggressively, using some hand to gland friction as well as going hands free as planes flew overhead, throating him and nuzzling his nuts as streamers flew from his turgid pecker. This led to a titty fuck and Danny gobbling her gash, feeding Angela some of her own juices before muscling her into a standing 69. The pair then actively fucked in a myriad of vaginal positions, taking breaks for more oral before she completely drained his dragon of sperm with a massive pop shot landing all over her crotch and torso. The website described the scene like this: “Danny starts by slowly removing my heels and sucking on my cute little toes. He teases me with his tongue until I’m desperate to have his cock inside me; starting with my hungry mouth. Danny picks me up and spins me upside down so that we are doing a standing 69. I can take the entire length of his cock down my throat in this position. When Danny has his fill of my pussy he bends me over and I back my arse up to his dick. It feels so amazing when he finally slides it inside me; stretching my lips around his shaft. He jerks his cock off inside my pussy until he blows all over my body.” 5/7/2014



Scene Two: Angela White, Ramon Nomar: I reviewed this scene awhile back, finding it much to my liking, having this to say about it, the scene labeled as the 15th scene on Angela’s website: Angela 015 was the fifteenth scene on her website, the simplicity of staying with a numbering system escaping most others in the industry. I like the idea as it gives a member some idea of how much Angela has evolved at a given point, the scenes showing more complexity and depth as they become more recent and new crews are tasked with providing a wider range of fun. In 015, Angela was dressed in a classic animal print teddy with garters and stockings to tease before Ramon joined her. The short tease clip could have been longer but my mouth was watering all the same, the couple kissing as she straddled him to smoother Ramon with her chest, Ramon slipping his turgid pecker into her pussy for some active riding even before she slobbed his knob or he gobbled her gash. Her initial enthusiasm led her to kneeling down to stuff as much of his cock in her mouth as possible too, her hand to gland friction and throating skills combined with her decent eye contact as they built up some sexual tension, the streamers flying before Ramon kissed her.
Angela nuzzled his nuts as she continued her oral assault, leading into a titty fuck, Ramon rewarding her by bending her over the railing to pork her pussy aggressively as she looked over her shoulder at him. At this point, the scene was strong but fairly conventional gonzo, Ramon rimming her and going down on her between positions, Angela bucking and sitting on his face before they moved into a 69, the single camera showing her portion of the act as she throated him with ease and beat him off, impaling her bald beaver on his cock for some fun reverse cowgirl. Then, Ramon grabbed her crotch and working her so well that she squirted, the look on her face one of surprise but a very pleasant surprise in what has been hailed as her first time squirting during sex.
The website described the scene like this: “This scene changed my life. Not only is this my first squirting scene. Not only do I squirt not once, but twice. But this is the first time I’ve squirted in my life. Ever. Ramon helped to unlock raw sexual urges in me that I didn’t know existed. He fucked me so hard that I became completely disorientated and lost all control and self-possession. For someone preoccupied with order and understanding, giving up control and giving in to chaos can be both incredibly scary and entirely liberating. In this scene I end up losing and regaining my sense of self. And I do it all in cute lingerie.” Angela herself shared with me that: ”...this scene really did change my life. I feel like Ramon 'broke me in' and allowed me to stop performing, stop thinking and just be present in the moment. In the end, I really had no choice but to be present because he disoriented me to the point that all I could do was submit to his desires, follow his instructions and allow my own lust to lead me from there. Then of course there was the fact that Ramon made me squirt for the first time on or off camera. You can actually see the utter confusion on my face when the camera pans up after it happens, twice. He really fucked the shit of me in the best possible way. I had Jayden Jaymes on set at the time (I did a girl-girl scene with her afterwards), she was having her makeup done and watching the scene from the kitchen and she actually commented on how fucking hot it was to watch. Coming from a long time performer, I knew that was a good sign. But regardless of what other people think of the scene (and the reaction has been positive), it was amazing for ME and I think fans really want to see the woman enjoying herself. ” 1/15/2014



Scene Three: Angela White, up next in a relatively conservative but classic lingerie get up, then dominated lucky Manuel Ferrara in the 75th scene from her website, my biggest issue being how low the volume seemed to be. While this wasn’t their first scene together, it did manage to show another side of her that I liked, Angela as a dominatrix who made him lick the heel of her black shoe and continue by munching her shaven slit and perfect pucker after more foot fetish. Their chemistry levels were amazing, Angela taking her time as she rubbed her stocking clad foot on his raging boner, then moving to jerk him off with both feet before a seductive kiss. He was hers to command and she made good use of him, smacking him with his leash and inhaling his rod before sitting on his face to smooth him with her glorious ass. They fucked vaginally in a handful of active positions, Manuel taking time to use his hand to make her squirt and choke her in other intense moments of sharing. He even lightly fingered her ass while boning but in the end, she was on her knees for him to nut on her mug, Angela swallowing his seed and giving some post coital head in the magic moment. The website described the scene like this: “I put Manuel Ferrara in a collar to symbolise my control over him. I hold him on a leash as I command him to lick my heels as I masturbate. I sit on his face, literally. All the weight of my body is balanced on his head as I completely smother him with my butt cheeks. I use his cock for my own pleasure but do not allow him to cum. Manuel knows that when he’s wearing the collar I can do whatever I want to him. When Manuel is wearing the collar I own him. But when I take the collar off… it’s his turn. This is a very intense and intimate scene that sees me go from powerful and dominant to overwhelmed and vulnerable.” 5/8/2015



Scene Four: Angela White, perfectly made up and where a latex looking one peice outfit that rode nestled in her flesh snatch and ass, finished up the show in a scene withToni Ribas, the 55th scene from her website. The couple have engaged in various scenes together in the past, Angela having many kind words to say about him, and while this was not my favorite such tryst, it did show her appreciation of the guy (and vice versa). Angela began with an all too short tease session and then throated him with ease while kneeling on a black striped lounging chair. This turned into a mutual pleasuring session where he used his hands on her perfectly manicured crotch as she continued to blow him, a titty fuck, some choking, and her always satisfying eye contact enhancing the action as they moved into some vaginal positions, Angela diddling herself . I adored watching her in the doggy where she put her incredible ass in the air and her head down but she was fine no matter what specific position they assumed, even moving to the floor after her most active position was shown to t\be the cowgirl variations. She then titty fucked him some more and the enthusiasm and energy pushed him over the edge as she milked his balls dry of semen, tasting the liquid lunch as the scene faded out. The website described the scene like this: “Toni is an animal when he fucks. He’s wild and passionate. He is quick to start fucking me; sliding his fingers into my arse as I bounce on his cock. Toni gets so frenzied he kicks the chaise lounge away so that he can take me on the floor. He holds my hands behind my back and grabs my neck as he pounds his cock into me. I squirt hard all over the tiles and we end up slipping and sliding in my juices as we fuck. The dirt from the floor sticks to our sweaty naked bodies making us as dirty as the sex. Once I've had my fill, I get on my knees and milk his cock into my waiting mouth.” 10/22/2014

Summary: Angela Loves Men was another welcome showcase spotlight for me to check out, Angela White’s credentials with two partners at the same time established nicely, the replay value and strokability of these four scenes meriting a rating of Highly Recommended. The scenes had exceptional chemistry between the performers, solid technical values, and stood out as a nice change of pace from her last outings (either with women or her threesomes flick), my quick glances at her website revealing plenty more quality footage to keep Angela pleasing fans for a long time. In short, Angela Loves Men added more depth to her sexual persona to compliment her early DVD releases though I suspect many reading this by now will have become subscribers to her website so your mileage may vary as these were all previously released there.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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