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Being Riley

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 9/10/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Category: Feature/Spotlight/Showcase


Featuring: Riley Reid

Starring: Aidra Fox/Manuel Ferrara/Mick Blue/Rob Piper/Erik Everhard

Director: Greg Lansky

Extras: Photo Gallery/Interviews/Web

Release Date: 9/14/2015

Runtime: 200 Mins

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*Introduction to Review: 

Greg Lansky's Being Riley from the highly acclaimed cutting-edge studio Tushy.com, is the story of a young girl's journey to reinvent herself after coming to the realization that her life is passing her by. Riley sees her existence as bleak in it's current state, watching her old friends leave and feeling as though she's missing out on some of the best years of her life. In turn, she goes on a soul searching journey to reinvent herself through her sexuality, encountering a variety of different adventures along the way. Greg Lansky's Being Riley features superstar Riley Reid in her first anal and first ever DP, giving the overarching story behind the film an authentic effect and realism in seeing her character trying things in front of us for the very first time, as well as Riley herself.




*Scene 1:

Riley Reid/Aidra Fox

The premiere scene in Greg Lansky's Being Riley kicks off about 10 minutes into the film, after Riley has left her live-in boyfriend and meets up with one of her close friends from high school Sarah, played by Aidra Fox. The two reacquaint and share some personal things about their current lives to start, before Sarah suggests they clean up and prepare for the evening. The early parts of the scene take place in Sarah's bathtub, having a really organic and passionate feel to it all as Riley and Aidra share some sloppy tongue kisses before Aidra goes down on Riley and the action sets in. Riley's expressions and behaviors play extremely well to her role, being initially hesitant in the early parts of Aidra's sexual advances before fully opening up saying, "I want to bring the old Riley back." Aidra instigates the action by lunging herself onto Riley, with the scene unfolding quite well throughout it's 35 minute runtime, including a ton of assplay between the girls and a nice intensity that translates wonderfully thanks to thoughtful direction and solid performance. Things ultimately meet their ending after both of the girls seem fully satisfied, rolling into the next scene shortly thereafter. This is a great segment to start the film; I thought that it tackled all that we didn't yet know about Riley's character and established a solid preface to the story. Add in the hotness of Riley Reid and Aidra Fox in a steamy girl/girl sex scene and you have a winner. Good stuff.


*Scene 2: 

Riley Reid/Mick Blue

1st Anal 

The second scene in the film sets up as Riley ventures off to pick up Sarah's purse at a friend's house, sharing a drink and ultimately a sexual encounter with Mick Blue, who plays the role of Sarah's friend. Riley is enamored by Mick's wealth, as she parades around in a tiny white skirt and black high heels admiring his penthouse loft that's set high above the city. After Mick asks Riley to stay for a quick drink, the action eventually sets in as he dives into Riley's pussy and asshole for a feast, before she returns the favor with a sensually driven cocksuck loaded with deepthroats and unrestrained sloppiness. Sex is initiated with a missionary style dick plunge from Mick, carrying a still sensual vibe to it all as Riley compliments him on his size in the midst of her affectionate moans. Anal comes into play at the midway point of the scene, with Riley asking Mick to go slowly as she radiates an excited hesitance as he thrusts her asshole lightly. The viewing starts with a side angle of the penetration shot, capturing Riley's expressions flawlessly in the shot while still giving the viewer a generous viewing of the action. The scene carries a gradual intensity throughout it's course, heightening beautifully with the latter moments carrying a lightly more intense vibe. Things reach their finale point after a reverse cowgirl buttfuck, with Riley falling to her knees as Mick squirts his load over her face and she holds her hands below her mouth to savor whatever misses her mouth. A fantastic scene here overall; the gradual intensity gives it a really authentic feel and the fact that it's Riley's first anal scene plays exceedingly well to the overarching storyline. 


*Scene 3: 

Riley Reid/Aidra Fox/Manuel Ferrara

Anal, ATM

The third scene in the film is a 3-way between Sarah, Riley, and Sarah's "sugar daddy" portrayed by Manuel Ferrara. The morning after Riley's previous tryst with Mick, Sarah asks Riley if she'd be interested in partaking in a threeway, to which Riley ecstatically replies with a yes. After the girls go shopping for some lingerie on Manuel's dime, the screen fades in with both of them throwing themselves over him, unsheathing his meat sword and chugging his cock while he's lodged between them on the couch. Aidra is the first at the helm, as the scene carries a more energetic than sensual vibe with Manuel reaming Aidra's pussy in a spoon style fuck as Riley assists in matters by sucking his cock whenever it comes out of her hole. There's a really playful vibe from Riley and Aidra as well, spanking each other's asses while the other girl gets fucked and giggling before Manuel jams his hog in Riley's asshole for some rough buttfucking to undergo the anal. Positioning runs through a variety of different looks, with camerawork capturing the action very well with a strong focus on expressions as much as the act itself. Aidra eventually gets an ass-reaming of her own in the later parts, as Riley rests her head on the small of her back while Manuel dunks his dong out of her asshole and stuffs it into Riley's mouth. The scene caps off with a jizz-lacing for the ages like only manuel could provide, pulling out of Riley's asshole and absolutely wrecking Aidra's face with cum to close out the scene. Wow. I'd have to say that this was my favorite scene of the bunch so far; it ran for an extended period of time but the overall vibe of the scene was near perfect on all facets. The energy, the camerawork, all of it. Great scene here. 


*Scene 4:

Riley Reid/Rob Piper

Anal, ATM

The first scene on the second disc skips ahead to 6 months later, opening with Riley unpacking at her new place in LA as she's fully embraced moving forward with her new life. The intro consists of Riley talking with Sarah, who's away on a trip to Brazil, as Riley talks about how she's met a new guy and plans on going over to his place to lay by the pool and fuck him. Sounds like a plan to me. It all sets up as we see Riley laying out in a tiny blue bikini by the pool while sharing some quick words with her new fuck buddy, who's played by Rob Piper. After some small talk and a drink, they go indoors where Piper dives face-first into Riley's asshole, before she returns the favor with a schlong slurping blowjob to continue. Riley showcases her sloppy cocksucking abilities wonderfully throughout this extended blowie, testing the limits of her throat as Rob holds her head down on his dong as she smiles up at him. The oral antics go on for around 14 minutes, evolving into a missionary style fuck that has Riley moaning to the heavens as Rob plunges his dong into her pussy. Things progress quite well as it all continues forward, unraveling into a sensually themed assfuck from Piper, again capturing some generous views of the action as Riley's exaggerated behaviors translate wonderfully through the course of it all. sex bounces from vaginal to anal quite often in the final moments, having a bit of ass-to-mouth action before Riley's boytoy drains his balls over her opened mouth, giving a few final sucks to show her appreciation. A nice scene here altogether, but unlike some of the previous scenes I found it to have a bit of drag involved in the midst of it. And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, the thoughtful direction substantially helped the overall translation. 



*Scene 5: 

Riley Reid/James Deen/Erik Everhard

Anal, 1st DP

The fifth scene in the film starts as Riley has again met up with her friend Sarah (Aidra Fox, for those who've forgotten), beginning as she tells a story about her boyfriend, played by James Deen, who helps her live out her fantasy of being with two guys. The screen fades as Riley tells the story, moving into the moments where she's hesitantly talking with James about said fantasy, continuing forward as the screen fades into the act. Erik Everhard plays the role of James' friend Mark, as action begins with Riley as the centerpiece giving a double-barrelled cocksuck. Riley again shows her more energetic side through the introductory moments, sliding her tongue underneath their cocks as she plunges them into the nether depths of her throat while spitting and slobbering over them in awe. Sex sets in with James burying his boomstick in Riley by way of a doggie style fuck, while she buries Everhard's schlong into her throat like it's a four course meal and she hasn't eaten a thing in weeks. The action continues forth with a lasting intensity from the stars, with the long-awaited first DP of Riley Reid taking place in the middle stages of it all. Riley's playfull spirit and natural beauty continue to lie as the focal point of the scene, but the DP itself makes it all the more better as things move forward. Once it begins, there are few moments where Riley's holes aren't doubly filled with cock, with the fetish aspect of it all playing a large part as well. Throughout the scene Riley mentions how much she loves that he enjoys watching his friends fuck her ass and other random dialogue sequences that cater nicely to the overall fantasy. Things ultimately cap off with Riley back in the same spot she began, kneeling beneath Everhard and Deen as Everhard is the first to blast, and James lashes out some fierce ropes over her face before the screen fades. Solid scene here; Lansky's ability to take a scene like this and make it translate to the viewer as sensually as it does hardcore is uncanny. I loved it from the second it began to the second it ended. Great stuff. 



Greg Lanksy's Being Riley from Tushy.com is a spotlight release like only he could make, having a variety of atmospheric shots and careful direction that never loses sight of the task at hand, which is good porn. Interweaving the fact that this release features many on-screen firsts for Riley and composing it into a story was a cool idea that I think worked to perfection. The scenes rolled into each other well, and the acting catered nicely to the writing for the most part. One of the most impressive facts about this movie is that I saw it as something a couple could watch and fully enjoy as much as the solo porn watcher; the acts in context are a little more hardcore than your typical couples themed movie, but Lansky has a stylish way of filming his stuff that makes it a little less abrasive than your typical gonzo hardcore. If you've seen his stuff, then I'm sure you understand. The film also has a message that I think is celebrated in pornography far more than it's talked about, which is openly promiscuous women and how being in touch with one's sexual self can be empowering regardless of what sex you are. Even though the film's prime audience probably agrees with this overall message I think that discussing it and making it known that we are not evil for seeing some beauty in sexual exploration is a strong topic that's worth talking about openly as much as it is in porn. So kudos to Lansky for that. The film had a comprehensive viewing that I can comfortably say was as good as any spotlight release I've watched this year, and the work put into the story made the film play out in a way that is as much a testament to Lansky's writing as it is his filmmaking. Tech specs were on the mark as they always are with Lansky's films; his meticulous style makes every scene that fans watch of his leave no question of who directed them. In closing, Being Riley showcased a fantastic performer in an authentic spotlight release that both her and Tushy.com should be extremely proud of. Highly Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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