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Being Riley

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/10/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Being Riley


Genre: Anal, Web-to-DVD, Spotlight Showcase: Riley Reid

Director: Greg Lansky


Cast: Riley Reid, Aidra Fox, Mick Blue, Manuel Ferrara, Rob Piper, Erik Everhard, James Deen

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Non sex cameos: Ritchie Calhoun

Length: 218:14 minutes (130:11 minutes & 88:03 minutes)

Date of Production: 8/15/2015


Extras: There were no extras on the first disc, the modest package here all placed on the second disc. The best extra by far was the 17:59 minute interview of Riley Reid and Aidra Fox, the ladies sitting in their lingerie as they answered a variety of questions. There was then a pop shot recap, a photogallery, and some website information but again, this was far from the deluxe package of extras I expected for a “special edition” set.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Being Riley was presented in anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Greg Lansky for Tushy. Toni Ricci was the director of photography here, explaining many of the differences from Greg’s style, Dada Costello taking care of editing this time, and Greg co-writing the minimalist script with former performer Ashley Blue. Each of the scenes included a basic set up, oral, vaginal, and of course anal action. The lighting was solid and the camera largely static in terms of placement, most movement by the camera handled via an edit point rather than try to catch the best angles of action, a single camera seemingly used but handled well enough to make the project looked like a polished title made for DVD rather than the web-to-DVD it was. There was no company watermark on screen at all times, just each scene introduced with one, and the flesh tones looked exceptionally accurate. The oral components of the scenes were a basic 2.0 Dolby Digital added in post production, no noticed separation between the channels to speak of though J-Sound was credited as the sound mixer, the aural components sounding best using headphones.


Body of Review: Greg Lansky is an adult movie director best known for interracial titles of late but his latest endeavor at Tushy is all about ass. In a slight change of pace that includes the slightest of feature elements, Greg now offers the upcoming title Being Riley, a spotlight showcase of the attractive young cutie featured on the front cover. Rather than get bogged down in fast forward fodder that critics and fans alike would laugh at, the talented director provides a skimpy outline where Riley Reid comes to explore anal sex with the help of Aidra Fox, the movie advertising her first anal and first DP on camera as the major selling points. My experience with “anal firsts” over the years has led me to believe virtually all of them were over hyped but as a fan of Riley myself, I admit that seeing some pecker poke her pucker after all these years in porn had some appeal. The back cover described the movie like this: “Tushy.com is proud to present Being Riley, a tale of sexual awakening created by award winning director Greg Lansky. Riley Reid is a young woman that is stifled by her conservative town and relationship. After leaving it all behind, her old friend Sarah (Aidra Fox), guides her to a new beginning. Sarah helps Riley loosen up to be the openly sexual girl she wants to be. She inspires Riley to explore her fantasies, which lead to some amazing first time Anal Sex and Double Penetration! Extra features include a bonus scene (Reid & Fox) as well as an in-depth, exclusive interview. In one of the most important roles of her career, Riley Reid takes you on the ultimate sexual journey!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Riley Reid, the attractive young lady from Florida featured on the front cover, was up first shown in a wandering tease montage expressing her desire for expanding her sexual boundaries via a voice over. That it sounded extremely familiar to the speech heard in “Carter Cruise: Obsession” from Greg’s other company, was probably no coincidence, mining a common theme done a lot in porn. In any case, Riley pined for the company of her gal pal Aidra Fox after she walked out on her loser significant other, Aidra greeting her in Los Angeles wearing a skin tight purple outfit. The movie moved next to a slow motion bathing sequence by Riley, Aidra stripping to join her in the large bathtub to reveal her admiration for the cutie as they shared a laugh. Aidra made it her mission to “bring the old Riley back” to her pervy ways, starting by leaning over to kiss her as the couple caressed each other. The long, lingering kiss showed both of them getting nipple erections, the press of flesh showing them embrace as they stirred the water in longing fashion, before Aidra started gobbling gash, both ladies sporting neatly trimmed pubic patches. They then moved to the bed to continue, Aidra escalating the tryst to rim Riley and caress her pucker, the two showing some warmth even before Riley reciprocated orally and fingering Aidra’s well known ass.



Scene Two: Riley Reid, next up in a white lace dress as reigning male performer of the year Mick Blue, dressed in a sporty casual suit, showed her his loft overlooking the city. They shared some bubbly as he spouted some goofy pick up lines, Mick all over her in seconds kissing and pawing her while hiking up her dress. While the weak set up did not sell the tryst to me, once they started tearing off clothing and lounging on the conveniently placed mattress, it really didn’t matter, Mick savoring her snatch and ass as she moaned sort of mechanically, her legs spread wide for him to service her. She then slobbed his knob actively, applying some hand to gland friction on him with a twisty motion on the head to enhance the moment, the bulk of her efforts focused on his head. The short hummer led to him going back down before slowly plowing her passive pussy in missionary as she rubbed herself, any movement lost as the camera was in close up mode when she seemed to become slightly active at riding. Rather than try more positions, they remained that way to escalate to anal, Mick going slower than I think he’s ever gone before, only a small portion of his turgid pecker sliding into her pucker. He went deeper as they explored additional positions, Riley finally showing some effort in reverse cowgirl as her ass took his raging boner balls deep. She wasn’t consistently active but at least she finally tried to have some fun given the narrative of the movie. The result was for her to drain his dragon of sperm, Mick nutting on her face and Riley licking up some of his seed though she was not shown swallowing any. The company website described the scene like this (trailer linked): “Beautiful Riley is a petite stunner who is known for being a good girl. She is bored and frustrated, being engaged and realizing that she will only ever have sex with only one person is not something she wants for her future. She decides to escape rural Green view to see her friend Sarah, who lives in Los Angeles, a world away from what she is used to. She is relaxing in the bath when Sarah decides to join her for a bath time that gets more than a little steamy between them, including fingering and licking Riley’s virgin ass. After they have pleasured each other totally, Sarah confesses that she has a very rich sugar daddy who pays for her lush lifestyle. When Sarah messages her from work to ask her to pick up her purse that she left at her friend’s house, Riley is happy to help out. When she arrives, he is everything she could hope for, sexy, attractive and sophisticated. He picks up on Riley’s attraction and it’s not long before she is in his arms. He licks her soft pussy before she sucks on his hard dick and he enters her and making her moan with pleasure. She asks him to do something she’s never done before - fuck her tight little asshole. He takes it slow, squeezing his thick shaft into her hot hole. She is soon taking his whole cock in her butt and loving every second. After banging her newly fucked asshole, he unloads his hot cumshot all over her sweet face.” 8/17/2015



Scene Three: Riley Reid, Aidra Fox, and “sugar daddy” Manuel Ferrara, were up next on a beige couch in front of a wall of windows as Aidra introduced Riley to the man. The ladies both wore classic black lingerie and alternated kissing him, some choking establishing his alpha male dominance of the two gals. Their g-strings rode up their asses and Manuel started in early on fingering Riley before Aidra showed Riley his throbbing rod while sucking him almost to the hilt, the ladies encouraged to work him in unison for erotic effect though Riley was ill prepared to take more than a small amount in her mouth. Then as Manuel vaginally drilled Aidra, Riley tossed his salad and taste tested him, Riley rubbing her friend’s snatch at times before he fed her more cock. Riley then took her turn to get vaginally hammered as Aidra added some oral, the gal still a passive rider though she had good eye contact to partially make up for it. Then the anal began, Riley’s passive riding meeting with Aidra’s often more welcoming mannerisms as the ladies assisted each other with some oral along the way. This continued until Riley’s ass pushed him over the edge to plaster Aidra’s face some post coital head followed by the ladies kissing to share the remaining spew that Riley licked off Aidra’s mug. The company website described the scene like this (trailer linked): “Riley is back with Chapter 2 of her anal adventures. She is having the time of her life at her friend Sarah’s in L.A. After her first anal encounter with one of Sarah’s closest friends, she is left hungry for more. Sarah tells Riley how she has always fantasized about sharing a big dick with her and soon this fantasy is well and truly a reality! After shopping for sexy matching lingerie, they can’t believe their luck when they get hold of Manuel’s thick dick, and suck it together. Like the BFF’s they are, they love to share everything! He services both their hot pussies first, before banging into Riley’s tight little ass. It’s Sarah’s turn next, taking every big in her beautiful butthole, leaving it gaping wide open. Then it’s back to Riley, with Sarah watching closely as he fucks Riley’s ass hard and fast, before pulling out and giving Sarah a creamy cum ending!” 8/31/2015



Scene Four: Riley Reid, picking up the story six months later in her lacy white top and blue jean cutoffs, chatted with her girlfriend before ending up in a sexy blue two piece by the pool with Rob Piper, the wooden speech making by the couple best left to the fanboys while I discuss the sex. Riley and Rob kissed as they moved inside, pawing each other as they made out. Out of nowhere, Rob told her he wanted to eat her ass so she bent over to bare it and dropped the swimsuit bottom for him to tongue her bung in a probative manner. She was already sporting an anal gape as he spread her cheeks wide, Riley streaming dirty talk before following his lead and sucking his dick. She coyly unfastened his drawstring pants with her mouth before kissing him some more and stroking his growing pecker, her other hand massaging his balls before she tried to suck more than a couple of inches while her drool fell to the bed. Her superior eye contact was noted and he went down on her as the boom microphone slipped into the frame from up top, more passive vaginal penetration positions showing her box barely able to handle his erection. This led to passive anal though she once more showed some intermittent ability to ride him in reverse cowgirl like she enjoyed him, gyrating her hips at times in a mix of vaginal and anal , her vaginal efforts much more successful. They continued until he positioned above her head on the bed to feed her his ejaculate, Riley’s post coital head the best thing in the scene.



Scene Five: Riley Reid, wearing a tiny black bikini lingerie ensemble, was up next in a living room with Erik Everhard and James Deen, the gal having shared her fantasy with her boyfriend (James) who made it happen. They formed a standing sandwich together where she kissed James as Erik diddled her rapid fire, the gal switching around so James could play with her ass before she knelt down to alternate slobbing their knobs with hand assisted hummers. The oral continued for a long time as she bent over in doggy to blow Erik as James drilled her in doggy vaginal, Riley actually looking like she was pushing back at times. She then mounted Erik for some cowgirl variations as she blew James, pumping away on his bone as her lips wrapped around James’ rod, her first on camera DP (double penetration) taking place ever so slowly as James eased into her ass while Erik was still deep inside her snatch. The guys did the bulk of the work and she took time out to savor them individually after that, James “directing” her a little as she took Erik in her ass while she inserted multiple fingers in her dripping pussy to rub one out as she overacted an orgasm in pornish manner. James then rubbed dicks with Erik to find her pussy appealing while Erik was still in her ass, additional permutations shown before the guys nutted on her face, Erik going first but James really showing a lot more manly fluids. Sadly, the epilogue where Aidra and Riley begin another tryst was cut short by credits.

Summary: Being Riley by director Greg Lansky for Tushy earned a solid rating of Recommended for the fine cinematography and overall appeal as a spotlight showcase for Riley Reid. It was far from Greg’s best work as a showcase but the fanboy contingent of Riley Reid fans are sure to adore the production given it was her first anal in nearly 400 scenes, first DP, and was such a loosely tied together set of scenes. Thankfully, there wasn’t a lot of fast forward fodder to contend with, the wooden dialog coming across as very similar to Greg’s Obsession flick though in fairness, Riley’s appeal as the kind of “build for speed over comfort tiny gal” fits in with much of Greg’s body of work at Blacked too. I would have greatly preferred it if Riley looked like she was truly having fun during the anal exploits and showed it by actively riding yet I can’t deny that Being Riley might be yet another step in Greg’s steps toward offering a broader range of works to appreciate, his talents already likely to garner him critical acclaim later this year so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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