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Kayden Kross' Casting Couch

Studio: Airerose Entertainment » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 9/16/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Teens/POV



Cast: Manuel Ferrara/Tomi Taylor/Elektra Rose/Lacey Channing/Kylie Nicole

Director: Kayden Kross

Extras: Trailers/Photo Gallery

Release Date: 8/19/2015

Runtime: 189 Mins

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*Scene 1:

Tomi Taylor/Manuel Ferrara

The premiere scene in Kayden Kross' Casting Couch kicks off with a pre-scene interview between our director and Tomi Taylor, who opens up with us about how she came to get involved with the industry, as well as some previous jobs she had prior to choosing her current career path. Tomi mentions some favorite pornstars throughout the intro segment as well, before things eventually roll into the tease segment to start off the scene. The tease is pretty solid, giving the viewers some generous views of Tomi as she struts around a bedroom in tight pink jean shorts and a light blue top, later stripping down naked before Manuel's cock enters view to begin the action. Some POV BJ fun sets up the scene, having a gradually strengthened pace as Tomi makes some valiant efforts in taking Manny's throbber as deep in her throat as possible, before a missionary themed sex romp initiates the sex. Tomi has a really playful vibe throyugh the course of the scene, adding some nice contrast through dirty talk and great overall energy as Manuel tests her limits a bit by lightly slapping her around in the midst of the early blow-j segment. A lot of the early sex is shot from a fixed angle where the viewer gets a rather outlying look at it all, moving into a POV for much of the latter moments of this nicely intensified fuck festival. Things eventually close with Manuel blasting a hefty load of dicksauce over Tomi's face, as she kneels down overwhelmed at the magnitude of the amount of cum that sprays over her This was a good scene that may have been a lot better if the viewer could have gotten a better look at the action; true POV themed filming can often times decrease the overall translation of the scene, but it did have some surprisingly strong moments nonetheless.


*Scene 2: 

Lacey Channing/Manuel Ferrara

Future Med school student Lacey Channing (also spelled Lacy Channing in some scenes) encapsulates our view for the second scene in the film, starting us off with a candid chat where she talks about how she got her name among a variety of other things, including a singing demonstration where she belts out a quick jingle from a song she's been working on. The tease sets up as Lacey strips out of a pair of tiny jean shorts and her pink top, having a slow and sensual feel that unraveled really nicely to set up the scene. Manuel's dick makes it's way onto set after about 14 minutes, to which Lacey welcomes it with a sensual blowie and extended handjob that makes for some great action in the early moments. Ferrara returns his co-stars oral favor with some muff munch action, with the camera now sitting at a fixed angle as sex sets in with a missionary fuck in the same formatting. After the initial bang-out we get another true POV themed setup, having some nice intensity as the scene unravels through a variety of different positions as we get many close up shots of Lacey in the midst of a few body shots where Manuel pulls the camera up in hopes of giving a better look. Things eventually close with Manuel blasting yet another substantial load of jizz over Lacey's kisser, as she stares into the camera adorably to close it out. A nice scene here overall; Lacey is an absolute stunner and although the scene developed a little slower in comparison to the first, it still had an authentically sensual vibe to it all that gave it a nice contrast. Good stuff. 


*Scene 3: 

Elektra rose/Manuel Ferrara

Super-cutie Elektra Rose is next up, giving us a brief insight into her journey into the adult industry, as well as disclosing that she got her porn name by stealing it from a friend from high school whose actual name was Elektra Rose. Hmm. Kayden wraps with Elektra for about 7 minutes throughout the intro, with Elektra giving a really shy and apprehensive vibe that works pretty well in this type of scene for it's believability factor, before things eventually roll into the tease in the coming moments. Elektra strips out of her casual skirt and top throughout the introductory tease, with some solid angles that play to her look really well, before fading in as she lies on a bed in front of Manuel sucking his throbber. The blowie again has nice vibe to it that's a little slower than your typical hardcore effort, with Elektra playfully smacking and popping her stunt cock in her mouth before she hops on for cowgirl dick ride to initiate the sex. There's a pretty solid intensity right off the rip, as Elektra seems to lose herself quite well through the course of the scene, looking to be in an orgasmic state of bliss as Manuel thrusts his nozzle into her in a variety of different positons. Camera angles again feature about the same POV/fixed angle differential as the other scenes, with things ultimately finishing up as Manuel unloads a tsunami size batch of cocksauce over Elektra's face to close it out. This was another solid scene that had a mostly identical vibe as the others in the film, but nonetheless the sex was solid and seemed to translate pretty well considering some of the limiting views that a true POV scene inevitably will have. 


*Scene 4:

Kylie Nicole/Manuel Ferrara

The final scene in Kayden Kross' Casting Couch sets up in the same format as the previous scenes, as this time an extremely bashful Kylie Nicole talks to us about her progression in the adult industry and how she's "came out of her shell" throughout her time thus far in the business. Kylie has a really genuine vibe throughout the early segment, with an apprehensive giggle that plays well to the role and a naturally awkward cuteness that radiates off of her as the introductory segment continues. The tease translates as a little unnatural and forced, but Kylie's cuteness is likely to have viewers looking past all that as she eventually crouches down in front of 5 time Male Performer of the Year Manuel Ferrara, to initiate the action with a blowjob. Kylie's expressions make this POV blowie one of my faves in the film, adding in some rimjob play at sporadic points while flirting into the camera adorably. Sex sets in with a cowgirl style dick ride from Kylie, as she continues playing it up for the camera while Manuel orchestrates the sex, later giving us a fixed angle as he spoon-fucks her on the couch. Things progress pretty well throughout the course of the scene, having a bit of a shorter runtime than those that came earlier before closing out as Manuel blasts out a massive load of dick-spray over her face and the credits roll. A nice scene here again; Kylie is certainly a cutie and her expressions played mostly well to the scene but she did go a little overboard with them at times even so. Nonetheless, this was a fun watch and I'd like to see what this pint-sized beauty could do with a few more scenes under her belt. Cool!




Kayden Kross' Casting Couch from Airerose Entertainment showcased a nice selection of new female talent, with Manuel giving it the extra "pop" it needed to be one of the better new girl flicks I've watched in recent memory. Tomi definitely started the movie out with what I'd consider to be the best segment of the film, with the others following suit nicely through this predominantly POV shot effort. The film had a feel that slightly resembled Manuel's Raw series for another company, all having a vouyer type of vibe when the camera was placed at a fixed angle, a nice sexual energy, and closing out with a cum blast to the face that few can pull off with the consistency that Manuel can. Tech specs were mostly good, having a lot of the typical blunders that all true POV filmed movies must endure (extended penetration shots, etc), and a few edits that could have been made to make the scenes a little more fluent. But the film had a nice resolution, and I don't think there was anything that downgraded the viewing in such a way that it's not well deserving of a recommended rating. Extras include four trailers from other Airerose titles and a photo gallery featuring all of the girls fom the movie, rounding out the basis by which I'd surely recommend this one to gonzo fans who are interested in checking out some new babes who they might not have had the chance to see yet. So give it a look if you have the chance. Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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