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Lesbian Triangles 31

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by silkenshadow » Review Date: 9/15/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Lesbian Triangles Chapter 31

Girlfriend Films

Director: ?

Cast: Scarlet Red, Blair Summers, Dani Daniels, Kenna James, Alix Lynx, Simone Sonay, Charlotte Stokely, Lena Nicole

Genre: Lesbian

Running Time: Almost 3 Hours

Date of Production: 2015

Condoms: None

Girlfriend Films for several years now has built itself up on creating wonderful girl-girl content. They have many different series out that allow the viewer to enjoy different ways of Girls hooking up and enjoying each other. The fun part is that Girlfriend Films gets both new talent as well as some pretty big name talent with their releases. It is fun to learn about new girls while seeing a favourite girl in the same release. 

In Lesbian Triangles 31 we are treated to seduction, pleasure, enjoyment, older with younger, blondes with brunettes, and just plain fun. This release has a little something for everyone.  We open on Alix Lynx, Kenna James, and Lena Nicole. It becomes obvious that Charlotte is interested in Kenna but can't have her. Charlotte decides to employ other means   and enlists the help of Simone Sonay to get her in with Kenna but in return Simone wants Alix , "a favour for a favour" is the way she puts it. Are you beginning to see why this title is called Lesbian Triangles? Now the Girl-Girl fun can begin.

Scarlet Red and Blair Summers

Our first Girl Girl scene starts at Scarlet's house where she is chatting with her friend Blair when her sister comes around with her lover Lena, yes that same Lena from earlier. Blair soon learns the going ons of the house and how all Scarlet, Lena,and her sister are lesbians. She first finds the idea horrible but the girls begin to share the advantages of being a lesbian. Lena and Scarlet become intent and breaking down Blaire's walls. This starts with some friendly teasing and kissing which leads to more passionate kissing and the girls moving to Scarlet's room. Once in the room Scarlet ad the girls start to give Blair a massage and soon Scarlet shares with Blaire the rules of being a lesbian like "Lesbians don't wear panties" once Lena and the sister leave. Scarlet eagerly begins to share the pleasures that can be gained by being with a woman through kissing, touching, and eventually oral sex. It is interesting to see how Blair's walls slowly come down and she begins to open herself to Scarlet, it is subtle at first but soon Blair willingly returns the pleasures gained to Scarlet and eagerly kisses, touches, and performs oral on Scarlet. While this scene is deeply sensual I also found it a tad slow-moving there were points where minutes of just oral occurred with a very stationary shot which can take away from the sensuality and pleasures of the scene. I will admit that die-hard girl-girl fans may enjoy these moments the most.


Before our next girl-girl scene we are reintroduced to Kenna and Alix as they meet with Simone and Dani Daniels about the local college's prestigious cheerleading program. Kenna and Alix learn about the many advantages but also learn there are only four spots available. Both want to be a part of it. The meeting breaks up and Dani offers to take Kenna home and Simone offers to take Alix home.

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Dani Daniels and Kenna James 

Instead of taking Kenna to her house Dani has taken Kenna to her home and bedroom. At first there is look of fear on Kenna's face but Dani is intent on seducing the young Kenna. With  some gentle kissing and touching Dani begins to reassure Kenna and undresses for her. Doesn't Dani have a magnificiant body? Once undress Dani continues to kiss Kenna  and enjoy her body. It doesn't take long for Kenna's walls to come down and the real fun to begin. We are first treated some expertly done oral by Dani. I believe oral lovers will enjoy it for its wonderful closeups and the way Kenna responds under Dani's tongue, s the huge smile on her face and wonderful groans of pleasure. There is true pleasure experience for all. Dani continues to enjoy Kenna through fingering but also seeks to gain pleasure through allow Kenna to give her oral by straddling her face. A favour for a favour, pleasure for pleasure. Shouldn't that be what sex be about? One thing I enjoyed about this scene was the care that Dani displays for Kenna. She definitely enjoys giving pleasure but also wants to make Kenna feel at ease by holding her in her arms as she fingers Kenna. This I believe Kenna's intense reactions and Kenna's willingness to return the pleasure through oral. It's always fun to see Dani under the tongue of another woman.  Fans of butt worship will definitely enjoy Dani enjoying Kenna's bum. In the end I believe Dani wanted to explore and give Kenna complete pleasures from her body. It is wonderful to watch and indulge along with them. This also helps Kenna eagerly return the favour. This is steamy sexual sensual scene that ends with a delightful makeout session, one worth watching again and again.

Alix Lynx and Simone Sonay

We cut to Simone bringing Alix to her home where she shares with her how the University is not just athletically stellar but also "active in other areas, well-rounded, open and fun". The "fun" definitely appeals to Alix and it doesn't take long for her want to enjoy Simone just as much as Simone has been wanting to enjoy Alix. Remember the beginning, Simone telling Charlotte how she wanted her sister Alix? Footlovers are sure to enjoy the way Simone worships Alix's feet before the action begins. A wonderful statement of how pleasure shouldn't be limited to just "sex". It doesn't take long to see how much these two want each other as we watching a wonderful bit of kissing by Simone and Alix's equally delightful response with the way she moves her body under Simone's hands. The way she gyrates her body is circles during the touching, kissing and oral is vey hypnotic. Big Boob lovers are sure to cheer the size of Alix's breasts. They are wonderfully rounded. As the action of the scene continues both Alix and Simone literally can't keep their hands off each other. Desire and chemistry mix to create beauty and desire to bring the other pleasure. Lovers of tribbing and grinding will find plenty to enjoy as Alix enthusiastically takes control and gyrates herself against Simone only giving her a short break to give Simone even more pleasure through oral. Poor Simone, I don't think she knew what she was getting herself into with Alix but its evident she doesn't mind and neither did I. Simone is sure in the end that "a favour" is returned with another "favour".

Before we can get to the last scene we see Lena meeting with Dani about Kenna. It's obvious that Lena is upset that Dani took Kenna for herself rather than Kenna ending up with Lena. So Charlotte threatens to blackmail Dani, the University's Athletic Director, with the fact she is sleeping with a high school student. What is her required payment? She wants one of Dani's lovers in return. After a few failed suggestions by Dani Lena tells her she wants Charlotte. At first Dani protests but soon she gives in and we come to the final scene of this movie.

Charlotte Stokely and Lena Nicole

So in this scene we learn how Charlotte and Lena ended up together that is shown at the start of the movie. Before the action begins Charlottte makes sure that Lena tells Dani all about their encounter. Perhaps a little payback for stealing away Kenna? Right from the start these two can't resist enjoying each other. There is plenty of kissing and carressing and boob play to show the chemistry that these two have together. Both love each's bodies and dive into each other with passion.  Charlotte soon has Lena under her expert tongue for a bit of pleasure that has Lena writhing and moaning and with some wonderful closeups you are sure to be enjoying yourself as well. Lena soon gets her hands on Charlotte, literally for some intense love that has Lena twisting and turning. Each girl can't help but repay the pleasure they experience in return for pleasure on the other. This is pure fun and enjoyment. Butt-lovers will especially love watching these girl's butt's bounce and move as the other enjoys. It may just drive you crazy. I know this was one scene I did not want to end. They definitely saved the best for last.


Video/Audio:    This release has very strong video. While it not be true HD quality like some other studios are currently shooting in, it is clear that care has gone into giving the viewer a clear and clean plicture which to enjoy the pleasures of the DVD regardless of the platform, computer or TV in which to watch. The editing is also nicely done and the inclusion of the closeups at certain points adds to the fun. The audio seemed to be good overall but there were times voices seemed a little hushed and hard to make out. If listening on your computer with headphones this may be ok but on a TV it definitely makes it much more difficult.

Extras: This DVD had very few if any extras, just a recap of the "Girlfriends" in the film, wesite info, and a few trailers from some more recent releases,  This is disappointing coming from a studio that has one of the largest library of lesbian scenes. Perhaps a flashback from an older chapter would make for a nice extra.

Final Thoughts: This was my first Girlfriend Films title and experience. At first the premise seemed slightly hard to understand and even the first scene I found a little lackluster but then it picked up speed. By the end I believe I had picked up the subtle nuances and ideas behind the release. I found I enjoyed the release more for the the other three scenes which had no shortage of fun and pleasure. By including bigger stars like Dani Daniels certainly creates a draw, it did for me, one of the reasons I picked this title. It is nice to have a feature that has some interconnectedness but you can watch whatever scene you want without really needing to watch the one before.This allows you to come back and rewatch your favourite with ease. Girlfriend Films has put together a solid release that will have me watching again to see these ladies find pleasure and enjoyment in each other.      

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