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Megan Rain Gets Wet

Studio: AE Films » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 9/15/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 31 minutes

Date of Production: October 2014

Genre: Star Showcase; All Sex; 18+ Teens

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: 4K Ultra HD Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Jay Rock

Cast: Megan Rain, Whitney Westgate, Adriana Chechik, Alex Jones, Daniel Hunter, Seth Gamble, Danny Mountain,

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Chapter Selection; Megan Rain Biography; Trailers for Scarlet Red and Jenna J. Ross


Megan Rain mark’s a number of firsts in her showcase flick Megan Rain Get Wet. Directed by Jay Rock, this flick marks Megan’s first girl/girl/anal and her first boy/boy/girl. But Megan masters each scene with heavy passion, excitement and desire, making for a great show. Her chemistry on camera is a turn on as she works through her 4 fiery scenes. This high temperature showcase of Megan runs for 2 hours and 31 minutes and she is sure to keep your attention through every minute of it. Her co-stars, Whitney Westgate, Adriana Chechik, Alex Jones, Daniel Hunter, Seth Gamble and Danny Mountain all give her exactly what she needs to fulfill her desires. I highly recommend this movie. Megan is a free spirit who is open to trying anything and that is one of the reasons why she got into porn. She loves sex and as soon as she turned 18, which was 4 months ago, she got into the business to explore her desires. Her opening scene with Alex Jones and Daniel Hunter shows just how hungry for cock she really is and she greedily experiences 2 dicks at once. Her threesome with Whitney Westgate and Danny Mountain showcases her seemingly insatiable desires. This film is shot in 4K HD so the quality of production in this movie is extremely high. Megan Rain Get Wet is a pleasure to watch and it’s a must see.

Megan Rain Solos and Interviews

Megan spends the opening minutes of the film in a solo tease, showing off her sexy body as she moves across the floor and as she lies on the couch. She’s in fishnet lingerie and it makes her body look even hotter as she spreads out on the couch, opening her legs wide and fingering her pussy. She plays with her tits, rubbing her nipples and licking her lips. Megan gets naked, showing the big rose tattoo on her body as she makes her way outside for more teasing. She gets comfortable on the couch and continues to play with her pussy and grip her tight round ass. After the tease we get to know Megan a little bit better. She talks about being from Palm Springs, just turning 18 and moving to L.A. She’s excited about where things are going and she wants to try everything at least once. After the second scene, Megan is back on the couch being interviewed again and this time she talks about her hidden talents. We learn that she knows how to play the flute and she is into martial arts.

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Scene 1: Megan Rain, Alex Jones and Daniel Hunter

Megan opens this scene crawling across the living room floor, seductively toward Alex and Daniel to experience her first boy/boy/girl scene. The camera is following behind, zooming in on Megan’s beautiful round ass as she makes her way toward the guys. She crawls up to the guys telling them she wants both of their cocks. They stand up and she reaches for their dicks, grabbing and jerking them and then putting them in her mouth, leaving trails of spit hanging from each dick when she takes it out of her mouth. For her first boy/boy/girl Megan has more than enough energy to handle both dicks. After sucking and deep throating the guys, she is ready to get fucked. She sits on Daniel’s meat in cowgirl position and rides his cock while Alex stands over her, fucking her throat. Her 2-cock fantasy is coming true and she’s screamer louder and louder now that she has 1 cock in her pussy and 1 in her mouth. She bounces up and down and Daniel’s cock harder and faster, getting herself off as Alex guides his cock in her mouth.

Megan switches meat, opting to sit on Alex’s bid dick cowgirl style while sucking her own pussy juices off of Daniel’s meat. She rides Alex and he pumps her hard too, filling her pussy up. Daniel is sure to keep her mouth filled up as well. Megan is having fun as she has her way with 2 cocks and seems to get hornier and hornier as the scene moves on. Alex works his cock deeper and deeper in her snatch, making Megan moan with Daniel’s cock in her mouth. She bends her ass over on all fours, doggystyle on the couch, hosting Alex’s cock in her mouth while Daniel pounds her pussy from behind. Daniel’s hard doggystyle pounding is making Megan gag on Alex’s big cock.  With her pussy getting a deep penetrating workout from Daniel, Megan lies on her back missionary style to take more of Alex’s stick. He stuffs her pussy and pumps her over and over. She keeps Daniel’s cock in her mouth at the same time, making sure to experience 2 cocks for every second in this scene. Daniel picks up the baton, fucking Megan missionary style while Alex keeps his cock lodged against the back of her throat. Daniel continues to stretch her pussy far and wide. After all the fucking, Megan is ready to swallow cum loads. She gets on her knees between both guys who jerk off in her face. Daniel pops first, cumming on her face and in her mouth. Then she grabs hold of Alex’s cock and jerks and sucks him off until he shoots his load in her mouth.

Scene 2: Megan Rain and Seth Gamble

Megan continues her showcase, walking out onto the deck holding hands with Seth Gamble. She is wearing nothing but her bra and G-string as the two starts kissing passionately. Seth helps her out of her bra and Megan helps herself to Seth’s cock, unzipping his pants and kissing his dick. She starts sucking his cock right away, working her way all the way down Seth’s shaft, deep throating his meat. She licks his balls then puts his cock back in her mouth, spitting up on it and lubing it up. She looks up at Seth with her big beautiful eyes while she goes down on his meat, swallowing it up and making it disappear down her throat. Seth pulls Megan’s hair back behind her head while driving his cock in her mouth. Now it’s Megan’s turn to enjoy some oral action. Seth perform oral acrobats on Megan’s clit, slapping her clit back and forth with his tongue, driving Megan insane. The camera gets really close up on all the tongue lashing action and it’s easy to see just how excited and turned on Megan is.

Getting her pussy eaten makes Megan horny. She grabs Seth’s arm and tells him she wants him to fuck her. She wants him inside her. Seth penetrates her pussy in missionary position with Megan screaming out and calling him daddy. He pumps her wet snatch slow then fast while Megan closes her eyes and lies back in ecstasy. He pulls out and she gobbles his cock, doing a little pussy to mouth, sucking up her wet pussy juices. After sucking him off, she sits on his hard cock in cowgirl position. We get Seth’s POV as Megan slams her tight pussy up and down on Seth’s dick. The camera pans around to get a all on view of Megan ass as she rides Seth cowgirl style and gets her pussy slammed. Seth’s ball-slapping fucking is what has Megan in complete ecstasy. She keeps riding him cowgirl style and fingers her clit while she takes his cock. Seth stuffs his fingers down her throat while he plows through her kitty cat. The action turns to reverse cowgirl ride and we get a great look at Megan’s young, tight body as makes Seth’s prick disappear up her snatch. Seth helps her into doggy position and pile drives her pussy from behind, slapping her ass. Megan is calling him daddy again as he works her wet hole over. She looks back over her shoulder while he fucks her. The doggystyle pounding continues for a while with Seth slamming into her and Megan slamming her body back into him, making for hard body slapping that leaves Megan saying how good it all feels. When he pulls out she quickly sucks him off again before getting back onto all fours and fucking doggystyle. They lie down, spoon each other and Seth keeps her pussy stuffed with cock. They move back into missionary position where Seth pumps her pussy then pulls out and pops all over her stomach and tits. She rubs his cum over her body and licks her fingers.

Scene 3: Megan Rain, Whitney Westgate and Danny Mountain

Megan opens this scene with more sultry, solo action, teasing us with her body. Her best position is when she gets on all fours on the bed and looks back at the camera while shaking her ass. The scene cuts to Megan and Whitney in bed sucking Danny’s already hard cock. Danny is lying on the bed and the girls are bent over doggy style sharing his cock from one mouth to the next. But Megan is clearly in loving with sucking Danny’s cock and getting her throat fucked and she spends the most time deep throating and gagging on his meat. She soon turns her sights to Whitney who she thinks is so hot, especially when Whitney has Danny’s cock in her mouth. She kisses Whitney for a bit then the girls go back to sharing Danny’s stick, tonguing his dick and then tonguing each other.

Whitney helps Megan out of her panties and bra so she can fuck Danny. Megan sits on Danny’s cock in cowgirl position, but for most of her cowgirl ride up and down on his throttle, we get his POV of Megan’s pussy filled with his cock. Whitney adds fuel to the fire, licking Megan’s tits while Danny keeps pounding her pussy harder and harder. She holds on to his legs while he slams her pussy. She turns around into reverse cowgirl position and continues to squeeze Danny’s prick with her tight pussy. She bounces up and down on his meat while Whitney and Danny make out. Whitney spanks Megan’s ass while she gets fucked and she stands by for some pussy to mouth action, sucking Danny’s dick right after he pulls it out of Megan’s pussy. Megan goes for a reverse cowgirl ride up and down on Danny’s cock and Whitney fingers Megan’s clit while she’s taking Danny’s dick. All this attention to her pussy has Megan flying high with pleasure. She sucks up her own pussy juices off of Danny’s dagger then helps guide it deep into Whitney’s pussy. Whitney takes over now, riding Danny reverse cowgirl style while Megan fingers her clit.

The camera angles in this scene are really close up. Whitney’s pussy fills the screen as Danny’s cock slides in and out of it. Megan licks Whitney’s clit then pulls Danny’s cock out and sucks it. She quickly puts it back into Whitney’s wet snatch, turning her on. The Whitney/Danny fucking turns to spoon fucking with another extreme close up on Whitney’s tight pussy getting slammed. Megan doesn’t stop licking Whitney’s clit and performing pussy to mouth cock sucking on Danny’s dick. Danny reintroduces his dick to Megan’s pussy doggystyle with Whitney lying on her back just underneath Megan. With the girls stacked like this, it makes it easy for Danny to sticks his dick from one pussy to the next, fucking Megan doggystyle then fucking Whitney missionary style while both girls kiss each other. Both girls lie side by side in missionary position near the edge of the bed and the Danny cock machine keeps pumping their pussies one right after the other until he pulls out and cums all over both girls faces. Megan is the first to lick up the dripping cum off of Danny’s cock and Whitney follows suit. 

Scene 4: Megan Rain and Adriana Chechik

In this scene, Megan experiences her first girl/girl/anal and she is super excited. It all starts out with Megan and Adriana sitting and talking about Megan’s showcase. Megan is so excited to be doing this movie because she never believed she would be trying so many new things. Megan is about to have her first anal on film and she can’t wait because she is doing it with Adriana. She is a little nervous but excited at the same time. Megan says that she tried anal once before for 30 seconds, but it doesn’t count. Now, she is ready to really go all the way in this anal scene. Megan tells Adriana that she has always liked sex and has always been kinky. She just turned 18 4 months ago and she has been in the porn business for 2 months. She has wanted to do anal from the day she started porn. Adriana can’t wait to see how many fingers she can put in Megan’s ass and she can’t wait to lick Megan’s butthole. Megan is a pain slut and she tells Adriana she wants to feel it all. They start kissing each other passionately and Adriana is soon kissing and slapping Megan’s ass. Megan lies back missionary style and opens her legs wide as Adriana starts licking and smacking all over Megan’s pussy. Adriana tongues Megan’s hole, driving her crazy.

Now it’s Megan’s turn to drive and she buries her face between Adriana’s legs, licking and smacking on her pussy, then fingering her. Adriana is enjoying the moment. The girls bring a double headed dildo into the action. Adriana grabs one end and fucks Megan down her throat with the other end. Soon Megan is on her hands and knees doggystyle and Adrian is stuffing her tight pussy with the dildo and then sticking it in her mouth. The action quickly moves to anal. Adriana starts off by fingering Megan’s ass hole, then she graduates to stuffing a glass dildo up Megan’s ass hole. Megan fingers her clit with her ass hole is being stuffed. Megan turns and works on Adriana’s ass and pussy too, plugging her with the dildo. The hottest part of the scene is when the girls fuck themselves with the double headed dildo, sticking it in Adriana’s pussy on one end and in Megan’s pussy on the other. They fuck each other hard, using the dildo. They wrap up the action by kissing each other passionately.

Final Thoughts:

Megan Rain has only been in the business for 4 months at the time of her showcase flick Megan Rain Get Wet, but she is a fiery pleasure to watch. This showcase is a series of scenes that mark a lot of on-camera first for Megan. She is doing her first girl/girl/anal and her first boy/boy/girl. Megan has great on-film chemistry and her bubbly, sexually insatiable personality commands every scene as she finally enjoys the 2 cock fantasy and deep threesome desires she has craved for some time. The flick is directed by Jay Rock and runs for 2 hours and 31 minutes and every minute is a turn on to watch. Her co-stars, Whitney Westgate, Adriana Chechik, Alex Jones, Daniel Hunter, Seth Gamble and Danny Mountain help Megan reach her peak and it is easy to see just how much she enjoys fucking on film. The film is shot in 4K HD so you should expect an extremely highly produced flick. Megan Rain Get Wet is a must watch and I highly recommend this film.  

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