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ANGELA Volume Two

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by silkenshadow » Review Date: 11/11/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Cast: Angela White, Anikka Albrite, Alexis Texas, Lexington Steele, Rico Strong, Mo Johnson, Axel Aces, Chad Alva, Marco Banderas, Damon Dice, Robby Echo, Ricky Johnson, Michael Vegas, Mick Blue, James Deen, Erik Everhard, Mr. Pete, John Strong, Asa Akira

Genre: All-Sex Showcase, Girl Girl, Interracial, Gangbang, Gonzo

Director: Angela White

Running Time: 192 Minutes

Condoms: No

Video/Audio: As with previous releases Angela shoots all her scenes in HD so this creates impeccable resolution and looks amazing when viewed on a big screen with a resolution of 720x480 when put on the DVD. This allows to fully take in the visual pleasures that Angela provides. Chris Streams is the videographer for this release and he is masterful at his work. He does an excellent job creating the feel of being part of all the hardcore action rather than just viewing it from a distance. This certainly brings a wonderful intimacy and pleasure to each scene. His closeups are also a wonderful delight especially during the gangbang. As for the audio it is presented at 224 Kbps rate which provides for wonderful bits of pleasure throughout the release. You are certain to hear all of the wonderful moans and declarations of ecstasy from Angela and the reactions of her partners as they enjoy all she has to offer. As for the music Angela picks some wonderful music that helps to add to and establish each scene but soon fades once the sex begins so we are able to enjoy the pleasures shared by Angela and her partners.  

Extras: For this release Angela provides us with a bonus Girl Girl scene with Asa Akira lasting 27 minutes and previously only found on angelawhite.com. This sensual and sexy shoot provides a bit of bonus fun and pleasure. It also shows off the high quality scenes that are available on angelawhite.com. Angela also provides us with a cumshot recap from her scenes which in this release are certainly a pleasure in of themselves and you will want to watch again and again. Finally Angela provides us with trailers from her past releases to entice us to indulge with her as she loves men, women, and threesomes as well as revisiting some of her other famous firsts. This may get you to collect them all. The only thing I find myself wanting is perhaps a behind the scenes interview with Angela.


Body of the Review

For a little over a year now Angela White has been producing, directing, editing and starring in DVDs that have been highly reviewed by this site. We have been treated to different legs on Angela's sexual journey and learning about what she loves. In the ANGELA series we are treated to a series of firsts. In her first volume, ANGELA we got to see her first anal, IR, all anal threesome, and DP. With this latest release, ANGELA Volume Two, we are treated to some of Angela's most intimate and hardcore scenes yet. This entry perhaps also represents some of her best work yet and invites us to watch as Angela White in her own words "Explores her sexuality and indulges in her voracious sexual appetite."

Angela's First GGG with Alexis Texas and Anikka Albrite

Angela starts us off on her journey with this wonderful enticement of a scene. We begin with just Angela in a beautiful black one piece bathing suit. She is soon joined by the beautiful or is it booty-ful ladies Alexis Texas and Anikka Albrite. I love the way she introduces us to each lady by focusing on the asset that has made them famous, their booties and the movement that each can make. These two beautiful blondes create a wonderful Angela sandwich which is absolutely scrumptious. After a bit of enticement these three girls move inside and begin to indulge in each other. It isn't long before each girl has enjoyed a wonderful orgasm from the others and is completely undressed. This threesome has much to love. Throughout the scene there is wonderful chemistry between the three. Angela makes sure that there is ALWAYS pleasures to be had for each one during the whole scene. Due to this fact, we are treated to some wonderful love-making. A few of my favourite moments are the three-way kiss that appears twice, and a moment that can only be classified as booty-ful. Angela has such hunger for both Alexis and Anikka that she tells them she wants to be smothered by their asses. Anikka and Alexis gladly take up the challenge and soon have Angela as a wonderfully delicious Angela sandwich. What an incredible pleasure for Angela, Anikka, Alexis, AND the viewer! This scene truly shares with us what Angela enjoys most about being with other women; add to it the fact the the other woman are two of the biggest names in the industry who Angela has AMAZING chemistry with I can see and feel the hunger that Angela has. I found that these three left me hungry for more. I guess we are fortunate enough to have http://angelawhite.com where we can indulge with Angela enjoying Alexis and Anikka. We certainly see how hungry ANGELA is at the end where she has both Anikka and Alexis' butts stack up as she is at the bottom enjoying a true pleasurable view. I believe if her neck were long enough Angela would be licking from top to bottom and back on the asses.


Angela's First Blowbang

As the next scene begins there is a shift in tone. Angela entices us with a short tease that can be seen as very sensual. It draws us in and we soon find ourselves in the doorway of a beautiful house with just Angela and one gentleman. We are treated to Angela's outstanding oral skills and soon there are two men. Once more we see Angela's oral skills. Then there are three and then four and then five and then six and finally a seventh. With each new guy joining the circle Angela eagerly shares her oral pleasures with them. This slow build is a true enticement. One should notice though that regardless of how many join her as much as she wants to bring pleasure to the new entry she also can't get enough of the others and tries to continue the pleasure in others through touch.  As soon as the circle is complete there is a shift, Angela invites each gentleman to take their pleasure from her instead. Each one gets the chance to fuck her mouth as her arms remain behind her back. I love how Angela is always about giving as well as receiving. This makes for an interesting dichotomy but also drew me in more. Soon Angela's hunger is unleashed fully and she indulges in as many cocks at the same time as she can, and sometimes two in her mouth at the same time. We can begin to liken Angela moving from a love goddess at the beginning to a she-beast who hungers for more. Her pleasure is so wonderfully illustrated when the gentlemen gently bounce their cocks off her face. Angela's smile is all we need to know that pleasure abounds in this blowbang.

I want to take a moment to commend the use of the camera, expertly shot by Chris Streams, in this scene. Angela, also directed this release, uses the camera as an unspoken eighth person in the blowbang. We the viewer are given the best possible view and even in some ways become an active participant to the pleasures to be had in this scene. Just try watching without touching yourself I dare you.


As this blowbang comes to a close Angela invites each participant to "paint" her face with their cum. She rewards each one with one last bit of pleasure of her oral skills before leaving the circle. Once again it soon becomes just Angela and the viewer. She invites us to give her our own "painting" before she contributes her own orgasm to the scene. This is a wonderful display of symmetry even though both the beginning and end of this scene have different pleasures to indulge in with Angela. Both are marvelous and worthy to be enjoyed. Pleasures should never be limited.

Angela's First Airtight

Moving to the third scene of four in this release we see the stunning Angela dressed all in white. She entices us with a short tease before slowly making her way towards a door. Coming out to greet her are three big black men: Lexington Steele, Rico Strong, and Moe Johnson. Angela could not have asked for three better black men to indulge and seek pleasure with her. Some of you may remember Lexington from ANGELA and know how much pleasure there was so you can only imagine heaps of pleasures that are coming in this scene. As we move inside Lexington is quick to lead the way in this scene. I think he wishes to share with Moe and Rico just what pleasures can be found in Angela. Moe and Rico can't help but notice them and begin to seek their own pleasures. Angela truly enjoys this bit of seek and find by allowing them to move and position her. Pleasure for everyone involved and hopefully even pleasures for you the viewer, I know I had wonderful moments of pleasure.

It isn't long before Angela gets to enjoy her very first all Interracial DP. When you add to that the inclusion of some wonderful oral at the same time you get her very first Airtight, all her wonderful holes filled. Angela can't help but revel in the moment and enjoy the pleasure from it. Angela is a true sensualist, one who wants to try anything at least once.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this particular scene is the sense of fun that runs throughout it. We certainly see it in the way Lexington, Moe, and Rico "fight" over Angela but in reality just can't get enough of her and want more. They also have fun sharing with each other what they find enjoyable about Angela which is evident from the first filling by Lexington. I won't spoil it for you but it's certainly not hard to miss. One of my favourite moments of fun comes when Lexington sings his rendition of "Rhinestone Cowboy" while expertly riding Angela and using her dress as a means of hanging on. You may find yourself laughing just as much as touching. Pleasure and laughter can make for a wonderful combination.

To close out the scene Angela enjoys a cumshot for each of one of her partners. At one point she is literally begging, with such a wonderful earnest desire, for the cum that you may just add your own to this scene. Angela certainly appreciates and indulges in what each partner gives and has given her throughout this scene. Soon we are given enticing close-ups of her glistening face that are a pleasure all their own.


Angela's First GANGBANG

Here at last is Angela's final scene of this showcase. There is certainly a lot of reflection during the tease portion of this scene, literally. Angela teases us with not one Angela but two through the expert use of reflection both in the water as well as the mirror that she moves seductively before. I believe Angela is giving the viewer a moment to breathe and relax from what has come before: the GGG, the Blowbang, and the Airtight.  She is also preparing us for something big. Something that cannot be contained. Something that she has shared with her fans many times before has been a fantasy for her, the GANGBANG. Angela is about to give herself over to the fantasy and make it a first.

This GANGBANG is masterfully crafted and has pleasures throughout. We are not rushed into the GANGBANG but given small glimpses of sensuality at first through the touching of Angela's body by her partners. We soon move to a mini Blowbang, then we are treated to each partner enjoying her pussy, then her ass and then we move to the Double Penetration. Throughout each Angela continues as an active participant in these pleasures enjoying her partners and the pleasures they bring. We are even treated to a bit more of an airtight as Angela eagerly wants them to her fill in her mouth as well.  Angela's hunger is reaching its crescendo but is not slowly. It is a true enticement.

As you may well know by now this GANGBANG proved extra special for Angela in that for the first time ever she experience Double Vaginal, Triple Penetration, and even Double Anal. Angela has shared with her fans through interviews that NONE of the three were planned and proved to be an unexpected pleasure during the GANGBANG. I think you can truly see that this is true when you watch her reactions to each one. You can hear it in her voice and see it in her face. One of my favourite moments during the GANGBANG comes from her reaction to the Triple Penetration. There is such a huge smile on her face and a feeling of euphoria as she explained what has happened to her. One can't fake a moment like that. Angela truly had the right people for this GANGBANG, ones she has enjoyed before and has amazing chemistry with each one. This is Angela at her most real and intimate with us the viewers. I think it also goes to show that she is not a passive participant in these pleasures. She is eagerly taking and enjoying the pleasures as they come during the encounter.

Another favourite moment during the GANGBANG for me personally was the mid-air DP. It is a pleasure to behold as Angela is held up in the air by nothing more than a cock in her pussy and one in her vagina. The look of pleasure on Angela's face is a wonderful bonus.

As we reach the end of this GANGBANG, the incomparable James Deen, who has helped to anchor this GANGBANG from the start gives Angela one final instruction to go and beg each partner to fuck her one last  time. This is a deeply submissive and intimate gesture that we allowed to witness. Angela has given herself completely over to pleasure and wants to find pleasure one more time in each of her partners. I also enjoyed it as it allowed the viewer one final view of her partners and how each enjoys her differently and the chemistry she shares with each one. This combined with the cumshot ending where Angela ends up being a perfectly beautiful mess makes this scene a true pleasure. It closes with just Angela in a state of pleasure and euphoria from being willing to indulge and make her fantasies real.

I want to say as a fan of Angela's for a long time, I did not understand the fantasy of a GANGBANG due to my preconceived notions of what a GANGBANG was. Angela invited me into her GANGBANG and I found it a wonderful and pleasurable experience. All my pre-judgments were erased and replaced with a wonderful perfect experience on this leg of her sexual journey. I think we should be open to the desires of another because when we are open ourselves we can find pleasures for all.


Final Word

Angela Volume Two is another wonderful and strong release by Angela White that I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND and gladly enjoy having in my library of titles. Unlike some of her past releases this one is more intimate and personal for Angela. It isn't so much about the pleasures she has with others but more the pleasures she wishes to experience for herself. Some are true fantasies of hers that she boldly decided to make a first. We, the viewers, are lucky enough to be able to view them as they become a reality and are treated to a true and authentic response from Angela to each one. Angela also I believe wants us to join her during this journey, why else would she release them on DVD? Angela knows the power that sexual pleasures can have in both her and our lives and just wants to experience a few for herself. It's not about putting on a show but more giving us an inside look at who she is as a person. When we open ourselves to this fact we are granted pleasures and discover happy surprises along side her own.

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