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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/15/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Wicked Pictures & Adam & Eve

Genre: Feature, Western

Director/Writer/Producer: Stormy Daniels


Cast: Anikka Albrite, Jay Crews, Cassidy Klein, Dick Chibbles, Amber Rayne, Mia Li, Tommy Gunn, Jodi Taylor, Eric Masterson, Stormy Daniels, Ryan McLane, Allie Haze, Jessica Drake, Steven St. Croix, Chanel Preston, Brad Armstrong,

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Non-sex and lesser sex roles: Lucky Starr, Banjo McGruff, Bruce Wang, Joe “Stormy’s Biggest Fan” David, Jack Vegas, Doc Holiday, Shotgun Pete, Kid, James A.E. Fuentez, Hawk, Miss Fire, Diamond Back, T. Bone, Rusty Nails, Big Chief Quarterblack, Redd Dyver, T-Dub, Philmore Butts, Tee Quin, Daniel Metcalf

Length: 179:12 minutes

Date of Production: 2015



Extras: Other than a trailer, the first disc had no extras but the second disc made up for it in a big way. The first extra on the second disc was “Calm Before The Stormy”, an 8:05 minute Behind the Scenes feature that included a music infused montage, followed by Stormy musing how many people she made cry (it totalled 16), horse safety, David Lord, Kylie Ireland, and others at work, how this was Stormy’s most complicated movie, etc. Then came a 35:31 minute long feature called “Cowboys & Cowgirls which was a series of interviews of the cast, 8:27 minute long feature “Diablo City” dealing with the sets, 8:31 minute long “Saloon Days” from Day 5 of the production, Dick Chibbles (who handled the bulk of BTS) gave a hilarious account of everything that went wrong, 9:36 minute long feature “On The Range” where issues like leeches (but not “crabs”) in the pond from the lesbian trio scene caused problems or Stormy threatening to kill Tiffany Tyler were brought up; then 8:02 minutes of “The Homestead” from Day 4, the 5:06 minute long Music Video “On The Run” which combined footage from the movie with the band playing the song, a photogallery, trailers, a promo reel for the company, and three previously released scenes. The three scenes included Stormy and Brendan from Pretty Dangerous, lasting 12:17 minutes as described below, Jessica Drake with Tyler Nixon from Aftermath lasting 17:55 minutes as described below, and Allie Haze with Jake Jace from “Love, Lust & Longing” lasting 14:25 minutes. I found no Easter Eggs as previous yearly blockbusters from the company provided.

Condoms: Yes


Audio/Video Quality: Wanted was presented in anamorphic widescreen as credited to director Stormy Daniels for Wicked Pictures and Adam & Eve. The Director of Photography was Jake Jacobs who was joined by Andre Madness as videographer, Hannibal Springfield handling sound, Kylie Ireland & Andy Appleton on Art Direction, the editing by Mrs. Braun, Axel Braun, Alex Sanders, and Claudia Ross, with special effects by Level 5 Post; Brendon Miller and the “Wicked Outlaws” composing the title song “On the Run” and performing it. The flesh tones were accurate, the framing of the scenes done with lots of care, and the lighting was generally very consistent (admittedly too consistent at times but that is what fans prefer over realism). The video bitrate was high enough that there were few issues when playing the movie on a large screen television and a great deal of attention was paid to a myriad of details lesser productions don’t even try to consider. The aural components were solid too, the music by Brendon and band having enough material to remind one of an old Bon Jovi song (“Wanted Dead or Alive”) yet remain fresh, the vocals were easy to hear, and the ambient sounds like wind or critters blended in nicely. There were a couple of times the 5.1 Surround track seemed dubbed but I doubt many will notice either instance given the quality of the overall auditory experience.


Body of Review: Stormy Daniels has been a popular performer for years now, the busty blond bombshell propelled by legions of fans as she transitioned to include writing, directing, and producing to her resume at Wicked Pictures. In a special arrangement with Adam & Eve, Stormy now helps Wicked Pictures join forces as they did years ago with Conquest to make her big blockbuster of the year, a title called Wanted. The movie was another of Stormy’s female empowerment features where her character is faced with letting a lady (Anikka Albrite) hang for a crime she didn’t commit or minding her own business, taking the high road against a corrupt sheriff (Steven St. Croix) and save the day while going on the run. As always, I reviewed the movie with a minimum of spoilers, note that few productions of this magnitude get made any more, Stormy pouring her heart and soul into what has been billed as her most complicated feature ever. The back cover described the movie like this: “Co-produced by Wicked Pictures and Adam & Eve, Stormy Daniels' epic western saga Wanted is set in 1879 in Diablo City, Arizona - a hard town full of hard people. The suspicious death of wealthy landowner Frank Garrett triggers a chain of events, which brings gunfire and bloodshed to the streets of Diablo City. Garrett's left behind a valuable secret, and everyone wants to discover it.”


Then the company press release described the production like this: “The most ambitious project of award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter and contract superstar Stormy Daniels career, the epic two-disc Wicked / Adam & Eve co-production ‘Wanted,’ is now shipping to retailers. The big-budget western saga finds Ms. Daniels supported by Wicked’s jessica drake, Brad Armstrong and a sultry posse comprised of 2015 AVN Female Performer of the Year Anikka Albrite, X-Critic Best Actress Allie Haze and AVN / XRCO award winner Amber Rayne. Slated to arrive in stores September 16th, 2015, this visually stunning adventure is the crowning achievement in a year that has seen the veteran Wicked Girl earning critical raves and high profile nominations in more genres than ever before. ‘Wanted’ finds Ms. Daniels returning to the blockbuster territory she mined so successfully in such mega-productions as ‘Operation Desert Stormy’ and ‘Operation Tropical Stormy’ nearly a decade ago. “This was an eight year passion project of mine, and it has turned out amazingly well," she enthuses. “I couldn’t be more proud to have the support of two of the industry’s biggest companies, Wicked Pictures and Adam & Eve. They gave me the creative freedom to make this movie happen. I’m excited to share Wanted with the world!” ‘Wanted’ is set in 1879 in Diablo City, Arizona – a hard town full of hard people. The suspicious death of wealthy landowner Frank Garrett triggers a chain of events, which brings gunfire and bloodshed to the streets of Diablo City. Garrett has left behind a valuable secret, and everyone wants to discover it. Daniels spent months researching Arizona in the 1880s and 1890s in order to ensure historical authenticity throughout ‘Wanted.’ The town of Diablo City is based on Dodge City, while the movie also contains nods to many of the notable figures roaming the Arizona Territory at the time, including Billy the Kid and Doc Holliday. All the props and wardrobe are authentic as well. Daniels’ cast features such notable adult talents as Brendon Miller, Chanel Preston, Mia Li, Eric Masterson, Tommy Gunn, Jodi Taylor, Cassidy Klein, Jay Crew, Dick Chibbles, Ryan McLane and many more. News of the project has swept both the mainstream and adult entertainment worlds throughout the summer, with the music video for “On the Run,” the film’s theme song, premiering exclusively on the entertainment site Uproxx.com – “The Culture of What’s Buzzing!” Performed by The Wicked Outlaws, “On the Run” includes action-packed and sexy scenes from the western feature porn epic. And Daniels, Albrite and Haze recently promoted the film at EXXXOTICA Dallas, giving fans an advance look into the making of the epic western saga via revealing panel talks and personal appearances. Shot and edited in 16×9 HD, the two-disc ‘Wanted’ DVD package delivers the charismatic performances, posh production values and hot eroticism Ms. Daniels’ fans have come to expect and demand. In addition to the epic, 179 minute feature, which comes encased in deluxe packaging, the release also contains extensive behind-the-scenes footage, three Bonus Sex Scenes, a steamy photo gallery, trailers and other exclusive content. For her part, Adam & Eve Head of Production Rachel Vigneaux couldn’t be more excited to have co-produced Stormy Daniels’ dream project. “We are thrilled to be working with Wicked on Stormy’s movie. We are excited to be bringing such a star-packed movie to customers.” Wicked Pictures President and Owner Steve Orenstein is quick to share Ms. Vigneaux’s enthusiasm. “Stormy is having the year of her career for us. Thank you to Adam & Eve for appreciating the vision of her epic western and co-producing Wanted with us.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Anikka Albrite, the sexy blond on the upper half of the front cover sporting a six shooter, was up first as a whore catering to regular customer Jay Crews, the man holding her in high regards per the storyline. He visited her at the brothel where he pounced on her to land on the bed, the couple quickly peeling off the layers of clothing to get naked as they kissed. Jay then dove into her “Female Performer of the Year” ass before gobbling her gash, Anikka’s hairy snatch far cleaner looking than working ladies used to offer. Anikka then slobbed his knob actively, throating him and using some hand to gland friction to enahnce the moment, her superior eye contact elevating the scene before some condom clad vaginal sex positions took place. The sheath was rarely that noticable and they fucked until she drained his dragon of sperm, Jay launching his load onto her ass cheek.



Scene Two: Cassidy Klein, a cute young lady with brown hair, was up next as a nurse tending to a shooting wound incurred by deputy Dick Chibbles, the gal offering him a distraction since he was drinking the pain medicine from the bottle. They kissed and she bent down to blow him, her enthusiasm including some nut nuzzling and licking as well as pumping his turgid pecker to excite him. Adding to the build up of anticipation was him removing her laced up corset, her sexy body ripe for the plucking as he pawed her while they kissed some more. He ate her nearly bald beaver, only a landing strip left as he munched and fingered her, her solid eye contact better than her overzealous squeals though she proved to be an active rider as she miled his balls dry of a large load of semen that was delivered to her crotch.



Scene Three: Amber Rayne, Mia Li, and Tommy Gunn, were up next in an Indian encampment as the ladies serviced each other as much as Tommy. In fairness to Tommy, he looks more like someone of Apache origin than many Hollywood actors playing similar roles over the years have, Mia perhaps not quite so much unless you squint your eyes a little and look off to the side. The ladies blew him but the confines of a teepee were not the best at showing the act, Mia’s ass in the air nicely shot as she inhaled his rod quietly though Amber soon shown as the more aggressive of the two. They throated him with relative ease and coaxed each other onward, Tommy soom doing Mia in doggy as Mia went down on Amber. The ladies then switched places so Amber licked Mia’s pussy hanging over her while Tommy drilled her bald beaver with the ladies playing with each other. The ladies then took turns with some cowgirl variations until Tommy beat off all over their faces for them to cumswap, sharing his seed in erotic manner like dear old friends.



Scene Four: Jodi Taylor, a perky little redhead with a great ass, was up next as she gave Eric Masterson an incentive to stay safe, the two playing a couple in bed as he gave her specific instructions of what she was to do after he left. They kissed and he pawed her pussy under her extensive petticoat, her bloomers pulled down to reveal her neatly trimmed but prolific patch of pubes. He warmed her up manually so she did likeiwse, enhancing the experience by blowing him ever so briefly before he tore into her pussy in missionary. She was much more active in cowgirl and then finished him off in doggy, her delicious ass ever a treat to observe in action as the vaginal penetration led to her finishing him off orally, some whsipered instructions and a handjob eliciting his manly juices to land all over his torso.



Scene Five: Stormy Daniels, the busty blond bombshell featured on the upper left portion of the front cover, was up next with Ryan McLane in the plain room of the saloon. She wore a sheer black nighty with her boobs out and soon wrapped her lips around his raging boner to throat him to the hilt, the hand assisted hummer and hand job getting him ready to cut diamonds he was so hard. His roaming hands pawed her juicy ass and he ended up devouring her cookie before tapping her hard, Stormy most active when she was on top of him though he showered her with appreciation by nutting on her ass after a mere three positions (all of them really short).



Scene Six: Allie Haze, Anikka Albrite, and Stormy Daniels, were then up in the pond having some lesbian fun as they cleaned up, the BTS showing a nasty/humorous story about why using natural ponds is a bad idea. Allie and Anikka kissed before Stormy joined in, some muff diving and fingering included though the scene seemed heavily edited and very short.



Scene Seven: Jessica Drake, a curvy hotty with a light red tint to her otherwise blond hair, was up next in the house with Steven St. Croix, the two consumating their deal with a kiss before they went further. He lifted her dress and went down on her, Jessic areciprocating with a hand assisted hummer before throating him. He showed off his muscular control by making it bob in front of her, Jessica quickly grabbing it again to tease him orally with some added attention to his testicles before he took her in doggy, Jessica rubbing her pucker as he went balls deep inside her shaven snatch. He then porked her in missionary but it pushed him over the edge to nut on her face, Jessica savoring the taste before providing some post coital head as the scene cut out.



Scene Eight: Chanel Preston, a curvy hotty with dark red hair, was up next as she suggested to Brad Armstrong that she’d make a great marshall, wearing his law enforcement implments until he took her over his knee as promised. He spanked her and was soon digging for gold in her crotch, the bloomers covering up the explicit action though her tanned tits looked fetching all the same. He fed her some of her own juices and continued working her snatch until she took over fingering herself, Brad whipping out his cock for her to suck as she did so. She kept great eye contact and was a decent vaginal rider much of the time, at least when she was on top of him, her facial expressions amusing in their intensity though she was rewarded with his seed on her mug before they were finished.



Scene Nine: Stormy Daniels, wearing decidedly more modern clothing such as a top that showed off her large bosoms, was up last at night in a barn with Brendan Miller. They kissed, he came forth with his feelings, and she caved in without a second thought to pull him close and kiss. They contined kissing and caressing each other as they peeled their clothing off, both giving each other a little head and then actively riding in some vaginal positions, the cowgirl and missionary pushing him to lose his load on her crotch once the wrapper was peeled off his dick.


Bonus Scene: Pretty Dangerous: Stormy Daniels, the busty blond featured on the center of the front cover, was up first in a black outfit that enhanced her looks for shaven head Brendon Miller in the boat, the man pawing her as they kissed. Given the dark mascara and huge implants, Stormy looked every bit like a slightly smaller version of internet superstar Kelly Madison, Stormy applying some hand to gland friction before aggressively slobbing his modest knob as he slapped her boob. Stormy then applied her corkscrew hand twisting before he savored her tits orally, the man diving into her lean ass to pleasure her by rimming and gobbling her gash until it was time for a few positions of vaginal fucking. She was a passive rider until she was on top, his condom covered member porking her as her outfit revealed a wealth of stomach tattoos that I had not seen (again, the company doesn’t send out screeners like they used to), her small patch of pubic hair showing wisps of pubes neatly trimmed away from her cookie, the otherwise bald beaver milking his balls dry of semen in record time once they were bumping uglies to let her jerk him off all over her tit before she licked at the turgid boner to end the tryst.


Bonus Scene: Aftermath: Jessica Drake, having made it clear that she was attracted to Tyler Nixon by virtue of the similarities she saw in him with her long lost lover, then allowed him to kiss her, Jessica kissing back as his hands started running across her body. He knelt between her spread legs as her clothing slid off quickly, the guy rubbing her pussy before she wrapped her legs around him to get more head. He ate her front and back before she inhaled his modest member, teasing him with some hand job friction before they both serviced each other in a 69. That led to a few positions of vaginal penetration, Jessica impaling herself on his cock while Tyler gave her additional head from time to time. It ended with a small nut to her open mouth and Jessica giving him a tour of the city.


Summary: Wanted by director Stormy Daniels for Wicked Pictures and Adam & Eve was “the most complicated” movie the director ever shot, the cast and crew encountering a great deal of adversity in shooting an old time western which required the support of two top level studios to get done. I could fuss about how clean everything looked, the very consistent lighting for a period piece, the use of modern condoms or other observed quirks (in a card game, who throws out two 8’s from a full house with three 8’s?!?, the electric lighting seen in the reflection of the window in the opening dining room scene, or the use of modern glass in buildings) but frankly, the movie was a lot of fun and balanced the sexual encounters with the feature elements quite well to stand out as one of my favorite Stormy Daniel’s movies in a long time. Clearly, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into the production and was displayed on screen as a result, my biggest problem with the movie being the ending (sorry, no spoilers) that leaves it open for a sequel. Given the strength of the production as a whole, I thought the movie merited a rating of Highly Recommended, the bonanza of extras (pun intended) certainly making it stand out for me as did the inclusion of Anikka Albrite, Chanel Preston, Amber Rayne, Jodi Taylor, Allie Haze, Cassidy Klein, and Mia Li to bolster Stormy’s efforts above and beyond one of her lower budget releases. In short, Wanted was everything it was advertised to be and I doubt any of Stormy’s fans will feel disappointed with the tremendous amount of work that went into the movie so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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