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Cute & Curvy 2

Studio: Dream Zone Entertainment » Review by silkenshadow » Review Date: 9/16/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Cute & Curvy 2

DreamZone Entertainment

Genre: All-Sex Showcase, BBW

Director: Barrett Blade

Starring: Brooklyn Chase, Cassidy Banks, Jenna Ivory, Mercedes Carrera

Running Time: 119 Minutes

Condoms: None

Lovers of curves, big butts and boobs can rejoice because that is what Cute  & Curvy 2 is all about. With a cast marvelously picked we get treated to nearly two hours of boobs, buns and curves. But wait there is more, you will also enjoy watching them in action as the girls have some fun with cock.

Brooklyn Chase

The first curvy girl we are introduced to is Brooklyn chase a lovely brunette. She is indeed lovely and has a beautiful smile. We are first treated to a strip tease where we can learn all about what makes this girl so beautiful. We cut to her with a partner, Her partner clearly wants to take his time learning Brooklyn's beautiful curves for himself so we treated to yet another strip tease. He also enjoys a bit of oral and worships Brooklyn's pussy. We move onto Brooklyn enjoying his cock through oral and then riding on it. Who doesn't enjoy seeing curvaceous bum riding atop a cock. They soon change positions a few times so we can see more of the way Brooklyn's body responds under her partner's cock. I certainly did, but I also enjoyed Brooklyn's smile to her partner as she enjoyed what her partner had to offer. We end on a cumshot that brings back Brooklyn's smile once more.

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Cassidy Banks

Next we get to meet Cassidy Banks who looks luscious in red. We are again treated to a strip tease before moving onto the sex. She seems slightly demur but enjoys moving her body sharing her curves for us through her smile. We soon move to Cassidy with her partner where we learn she isn't demur at all but hungry for sex. I love way she whispers to her partner naughty things like "You like these" referring to her boobs and "Is this for me?" referring to his cock. Here after a partial strip we are treated to a bit of oral where her partner expertly guides her in exactly how he likes it. This definitely shows that there is pleasure for both and isn't that what being with someone is about? Soon Cassidy is a top her partner and we get the pleasure of watching her bouncing boobs. I love the way Cassidy can't help touch herself as she rides his cock showing her own pleasure. Cassidy and her partner change position a few more times as their pleasure-fest continues. The communication between the two create wonderful chemistry and enjoyment during the scene. In the end Cassidy knows exactly where she wants his cum, all over her beautiful tits. Its lovely to watch and then watch Cassidy rub it and gives us a knowing smile.

Jenna Ivory

We next  meet the beautiful blonde bombshell Jenna Ivory. Once more we are treated to the strip tease in front of the lacey white curtain. Soon though we see Jenna begin  to indulge with her partner. The focus here at the beginning soon becomes Jenna's beautiful bum. Her partner enjoys caressing, lightly spanking, and even licking it. Jenna's moans of delight are all the evidence we need to know she is enjoying it just as much as he. The oral continues as Jenna lays back on the lounger and her partner does not disappoint. The looks on Jenna's face are priceless and pleasurable. Jenna definitely wants to return the favour and shares with us a very wet blowj ob complete with slurps and gurggles that are sure to be a treat for your eyes AND ears! Soon Jenna is riding a cock showing off once more that beautiful bum of hers as well as how expertly she can ride a cock. She soon spins around and it's her partners turn to show off his skills both his cock and his hands. He soon shifts Jenna and begins to piledrive her and the smile on her face is all you need to know the pleasure she is receiving. The scene ends with a wonderful facial that made me hungry for more.

Mercedes Carrera

Now this girl can move and has a beautiful smile. Once more we are introduced in the same manner as the other three girls. After the tease we meet Mercedes again but this time making out with her partner, who loves having his hands and lips all over her body. It is clear he wants to explore and take as much pleasure as he can from it before he begins fucking Mercedes. Mercedes repays his eagerness with some oral that she enjoys just as much as he does. She soon lays back on the couch where her partner fucks her with such vigor and enjoyment that Mercedes can't help repeat again and again how good it is for her. These two are insatiable which certainly helped my pleasure. Mercedes soon shifts into a cowgirl position that gives us an expert view of her lovely ass as she rides, what a wonderful visual pleasure. Her partner is intent on trying a variety of positions with Mercedes all with equally pleasurable results. Even after the cumshot Mercedes is hungry for a bit more oral. It is clear that these two throughly enjoy bringing pleasure to each other.


I found the both the audio and the video to be superb for this release. The video is clear with little or no fuzziness regardless of whether it plays on a computer or a bigger screen. The absence of rough cuts help make for a seamless scene and really keeps you in the action. Audio came through great both using headphones and on TV. One is able to hear both the hushed whispers as well as the moans. Experiencing the Aural pleasures to me just as important is the visual pleasures.

Special Features

I have to hand it to Dreamzone they want to make sure that their DVD has plenty of special features. First off we are treated to a bonus scene featuring Siri from Cute & Curvy Volume 1 that is just as enjoyable to watch as the main four on this disc. The only criticism I have is that the video quality is less and can take away from the enjoyment. It does however make for a nice throwback to a previous release. We have some BTS footage during the filming of the showcase that in reality are more outtakes then BTS but still enjoyable to watch the fun that can be had on set while creating the showcase. We also have a wonderful photo gallery that can serve as an excellent reminder of what we loved about each girl. Finally Dreamzone gives us trailers to some of their previous releases. This certainly is bang for the buck.

Final Thoughts

I found Cute & Curvy 2 to be a very enjoyable showcase. This is a great release. Care and thought was put into its production. The way that each girl was introduced in a like manner helps to build interconnection between each scene. High quality video and audio certainly add your pleasure. Each performance delivers great chemistry and enjoyment. It certainly will have me returning and enjoying again. Cute & Curvy 2 definitely earns my vote for a Highly Recommended release.   

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