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Body To Body 3

Studio: Third Degree Films » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 9/17/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 40 minutes

Date of Production: 2015

Genre: All Sex; Massage; Oil

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Mike Quasar

Cast: Starring Jessa Rhodes with Madelyn Monroe, Krissy Lynn, Danica Dillion, Mark Wood, Bill Bailey, Marco Banderas, Derrick Pierce

Bonus Scenes:  28 minutes of bonus fucking

Extras: Scene Selection; Bonus Scene; Over 13 minutes of Trailers for Anal Prom Queens, The Real Housewives of San Fernando Valley, Vegas Hookers, A Girlfriends Revenge, My First Orgy 2; Popshots; Photo Gallery


Body to Body 3 is a nuru massage experience starring cum hungry starlet Jessa Rhodes. The nuru massage is a hyper sensual type of Japanese massage between partners that uses full body contact to stimulate the body and increase the sexual energy and appetite between the pair. It’s enhanced by the use of a supper slippery oil. Jessa and her starlet costars Madelyn Monroe, Krissy Lynn and Danica Dillion work their partners’ bodies up into a sticky, oily frenzy in this 1 hour and 40 minute flick directed by Mike Quasar. Oily bodies and horny appetites rule the day in this couples flick. The action is intense just like the massage and it’s a turn on to watch. Meat vendors Mark Wood, Bill Bailey, Marco Banderas and Derrick Pierce are on the receiving end of the nuru massage, getting oiled up by each starlet. Quasar does a good job bringing out the sensuality and passion of the nuru massage on film with close up camera angles running the full length of our starlets bodies and with a focus on these girls oiling themselves and their partners up. I highly recommend this movie. It has a simmering heat that is great to watch.

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Scene 1: Jessa Rhodes and Bill Bailey

As the scene opens, Jessa is reaching for the oil. She sprays it on Bills back and rubs it all over him. Bill is lying on his stomach and Jessa is sitting on him, straddling him as she rubs the oil all over him. She slowly undresses, looking seductively into the camera as her bra falls off. Jessa’s sensual nuru massage continues as she rubs oil all over her tits and then rubs them all over Bill’s back, spreading more of the oil on him. She is using her body to turn Bill on, rubbing herself on his back. She slips off her panties and rubs her pussy on Bill’s lower back, keeping the nuru massage going. Bill turns over on his back and Jessa straddles him, bending over him doggystyle and kissing him passionately. She grabs the oil again, spraying it all over his cock then she grips it and starts jerking it off while she kisses Bill. His dick is hard now as she wraps her lips around it, sucking it. She deep throats him and gags on his meat, swallowing his cock all the way down to his shaft and then licking his balls.

Jessa gets on all fours, putting her ass in Bill’s face. He eats her pussy, lashing her clit with his tongue and spanking her ass then he sticks his dick in her wet snatch and starts fucking her doggystyle. She tells him to fuck her as Bill grips her hair behind her head and continues spanking her ass. Jessa fingers her clit while Bill fucks her, pounding her pussy from the back. The doggystyle fucking gets hot and heavy making Jessa scream yes, yes, yes over and over. Jessa turns over onto her back, lying back in missionary position with one leg up over Bill’s shoulder. He slams her pussy, stuffing it full of hard cock and driving Jessa wild. He pulls out and spits on her pussy then eats it, wagging his tongue back and forth across her clit. Jessa can’t contain herself as Bill starts spoon fucking her and eating her pussy again. The action heats up as Bill puts Jessa in the squat thruster position, pile driving her pussy with cock and sharing spit balls with her. After some pussy to mouth cock sucking, Jessa rides Bill’s dick cowgirl style, bouncing her round ass up and down on his hard meat. She tells him to fuck her harder while she fingers her ass hole and rides him. They turn to missionary style fucking and Bill plows through her pussy until he’s ready to pop. He pulls out and cums in her wide open mouth.

Scene 2: Krissy Lynn and Marco Banderas

Marco looks on eagerly as Krissy walks into the room, straddles him and starts rubbing oil all over his back. Marco is lying on his stomach and Krissy is sitting on him, spraying and rubbing oil all over him. She slips off her bra and throws it across the room, exposing her perky tits. Her boobs fill up the screen as she sprays oil all over them and squeezes them together then she uses her tits to massage Marco’s back. Krissy swings her boobs back and forth over Marco’s body then she rubs her pussy and ass up and down his back. Krissy continues to spray oil all over her body too, greasing up her back and ass and using her body to massage Marco’s. Krissy is working herself up into a sweat while she using her body to turn Marco on. He turns over on his back and Krissy reaches for his cock, licking up and down his shaft, making his cock hard. She slams her tits back and forth on Marco’s face then she sits on his face. Marco smacks on her pussy while she jerks his cock.

She devours his cock down her throat in 69 position as Marco continues to eat her pussy. She tells Marco to fucking give it to her as she sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position. Her wet pussy glides up and down on Marco’s cock as she slams her oily body onto his, harder and harder. We get Marco’s POV of Krissy’s ass as she rides his meat. He spans her ass then helps her turn around to cowgirl position. Krissy fucks Marco’s cock hard, making his cock disappear up her pussy. She is really into fucking Marco in this scene and is enjoying his cock. She has a big smile on her face while moving into doggy position, down on her hands and knees. Marco spreads her pussy with his cock, sticking it deep in her hole and slamming her hard. Krissy closes her eyes in ecstasy and fingers her clit while Marco spoon fucks her. She screams out that his cock feels so good and Marco starts fucking her harder and deeper. The camera goes in close on Krissy’s pussy as Marco sticks his cock in and out of it.  It’s not long after that that Krissy is cumming all over his dick. She gets into a greedy pussy to mouth cock sucking session, sucking up her cum off of his cock and then licking and spitting all over his prick. Krissy gets into doggy position again, taking more of Marco’s meat from behind. All of Krissy’s doggystyle fucking makes Marco pop. He pulls out and shoots cum all over her ass.  

Scene 3: Madelyn Monroe and Derrick Pierce

The flick’s featured starlet, Madelyn Monroe, gets oiled up and ready to fuck Derrick as he lies on his stomach. She squirts oil all over her tits and then rubs them up and down Derrick’s back. She adds more oil to his back and then sits on his back, rubbing the oil into his skin with her ass cheeks. Derrick turns over and Madelyn grabs his cock right away, jerking it and rubbing oil and spit all over it. She sticks it between her tits and starts titty fucking him. She teases him, jerking his dick and opening her mouth wide. Then she starts sucking his cock, going all the way down his shaft and deep throating his meat, looking up at him while she sucks his balls. She teases him some more by rubbing his cock between her thighs then she sits on his meat cowgirl style. Madelyn rides her oiled up body up and down on Derrick’s hard cock. The camera takes a look at her pussy fucking Derrick’s cock from Derrick’s POV. She climbs off his meat then sucks it again before squeezing his dick between her thighs in reverse cowgirl position. She finally slips his cock back into her pussy and goes for a reverse cowgirl ride on his prick.

Madelyn’s oiled up ass is a turn on as she slams up and into onto Derrick’s pole reverse cowgirl style. She turns over onto her back, puts one leg up over Derrick’s shoulders and gets her pussy stretched missionary style. Derrick drills deep into her pussy while she fingers her clit. Madelyn has a big smile on her face as Derrick fucks her harder and harder. She lies back in total ecstasy, fingering her clit and closing her ass as Derrick works her hole. Madelyn bends over into doggy position and lets Derrick pound her pussy. She looks back at him telling him to fuck her while he slams into her. Derrick pulls out as Madelyn drops to her knees and opens her mouth. Derrick pops down Madelyn’s throat.

Scene 4: Danica Dillion and Mark Wood

Danica’s beautiful, round boobs take center stage at the start of her scene as she sprays oil all over them. She is sitting on Mark, straddling his back while she oils up her tits, rubbing them together. Then she turns her sights to Mark, rubbing her oiled up tits all over his back. Mark lies on his stomach, soaking it all in as Danica uses her body to massage his. She rubs her oiled up ass all over Mark’s back then helps him turn over. She kisses her way down his stomach, moving closer and closer to his cock and then reaching for it and putting it in her mouth. She sucks his dick like a hungry whore, deep throating it and spitting all over it, gurgling and gagging. With Mark’s cock all lubed up, Danica sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl position and starts riding his meat. The camera keeps Mark’s POV of Danica’s ass as she rides his stick. She gets into fucking Mark, driving herself crazy as she slams up and down on his cock then she puts his dick in her mouth and sucks up her pussy juices, keeping her eyes pinned on Mark.

She turns into cowgirl position and guides Mark’s cock inside her pussy. She starts riding him slowly at first then picks up the pace, bouncing her pussy up and down, fucking his dick. Danica keeps control of most of the scene, using Mark’s cock to work herself up into a ball of ecstasy. She continues the cowgirl ride, hosting Mark’s prick in her pussy and screaming out in pleasure. Danica moves into doggy position and looks back at Mark as he penetrates her pussy. Mark slams in and out of her wet hole, making her scream again. She fingers her ass hole while Mark plugs her pussy. She lies on her side and takes more cock in a hot spoon fuck. She screams out for Mark to take her pussy as he slams her hole. Mark soon pulls out and shoots his load in her mouth.

Final Thoughts:

Body to Body 3 stars Jessa Rhodes in a sensual flick that celebrates the nuru massage experience. Jessa and her co-starlets Madelyn Monroe, Krissy Lynn and Danica Dillon shine in this movie, oiling up their bodies and using them to give erotic massages to their male co-stars Derrick Pierce, Bill Bailey, Mark Wood and Marco Banderas. The nuru massage itself is a hyper sensual turn on as these girls use this Japanese style technique of full, oily body contact to stimulate their cock mates and increase the sexual energy between them.  Directed by Mike Quasar, this 1 hour and 40 minute flick is a turn on to watch. Quasar does a good job of maintaining a simmering heat throughout the movie that makes it tantalizing to watch. I highly recommend this movie.  The production quality is great and the camera work adds to the movie’s flame with all the close ups on the girls bodies as they rub them over their partners’ bodies and eventually fuck them.

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