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Stormy Daniel's Dirty Deeds

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by silkenshadow » Review Date: 9/20/15

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Stormy Daniels' Dirty Deeds

Cast: Stormy Daniels, Dahlia Sky, Gabriella Paltrova,  Lea Lexis, Misty Stone, Daniel Huner, Erik Everhard, Ryan Driller, Xander Corvus

Genre: Feature, Romantic-Comedy

Director: Stormy Daniels

Running Time: 2 Hours

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video: While the bulk of video for this release is feature quality and feels like a true movie I found that some of the sex scenes lighting to be overly done. This caused skin colours to take on orangish hue and seemed to take you out of the movie. But its great to see a movie with such great quality and care taken to have a great movie as well as great sex scenes. As for the audio throughout most of the movie I found the audio great both on a TV as well with a minor exception or two. At one point  Carrie is talking to her best friend on the phone and the voice through the phone comes across  badly dubbed into the scene and takes away slightly from the scene. I also found that the musical soundtrack over the sex scenes to be a tad distracting. Some music is alright but to have it looping throughout the entire scene takes away from the performance of the actors.  

Special Features:  I really enjoyed the special features of this release. Not only does it provide us with photo galleries from the sex scenes in the movie which serve as an excellent reminder but we are treated to trailers from other of Wicked's releases. This is a nice way of seeing what other sort of genre's that Wicked has tackled and has fun with. In addition we also get some bonus sex scenes from Wicked's other releases. This takes the idea of the trailer one step farther and creates excitement for more of Wicked's releases. 

Body of Review: For a couple of yeaars now Stormy Daniels has paired with Wicked Pictures to create her own spin on the erotic feature. I will admit I did not know much about Stormy Daniels or her features going into Dirty Deeds but found myself pleasantly surprised at the result. Dirty Deeds is Stormy's take on the romantic comedy. The basic premise is Carrie, Stormy Daniels, discovers her long-time boyfriend, played by Ryan Driller, has been carrying on an affair after a tape of his infidelity is dropped off to her. This causes her to move out and need to seek other living arrangements. At the same time, Justin, Xander Corvus, needs to get more money for his girlfriend's engagement ring. So he suggests to Carrie they become weekend warriors and take odd jobs to raise the money they both need. The results are hilarious but also help them realise in the end all they want is each other.  

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Scene 1: Stormy Daniels and Ryan Driller

Before we go to Carrie, Stormy Daniels, moving out we open on her boyfriend making breakfast in bed  and a surprise trip to the Bahamasfor her birthday but the real treat is the pleasure that they both have in each other. Ryan is sure to make any girl swoon and Stormy Daniels big breasts and gorgeous body will make any guy groan with pleasure. What follows is a great introduction to Stormy Daniels and her more than capable skills with her mouth and Ryan's magic fingers and tongue. When the actual fucking begins Stormy is not shy about helping Ryan out by touching herself while he takes her. The closeups, the smiles on Stormy's face, and Stormy's bouncing boobs are incredible small bits that make for heaps of pleasure during this scene. Carrie certainly is enjoying a very special birthday present.

We next see Carrie at her job, a collections agent, which she hates. Her co-worker Justin wants her opinion on engagement rings and shows her a few ideas. It seems his girlfriend doesn't like yellow gold or white gold but "expensive". She suggests platinum but he decides he will get white gold and tell his girlfriend its platinum. We next see Carrie, chatting with a girlfriend, Misty Stone, about her birthday surprise as well as Justin's woes when a knock comes at the door. She goes to answer it but all there is is a box that contains a flash drive labeled You Need To See This! She goes to put it in her computer but not before a warning from her she can't unsee whatever is on there. To her horror it is a sex tape of her boyfriend with another woman.  Immediately she decides its time for her to move out.      

Scene 2: Ryan Driller and Lea Lexis

Here we get to see the infamous sex tape through the eyes of Misty. Ryan enjoys plenty of foreplay with Lea both with kissing, hushed whispers, and caressing. Lea returns the favour with some wonderful cock-play that will make you wish she was enjoying yours. There is plenty of slurping and gurgling for your aural pleasure. The pleasure continues  with a bit of 69 where Ryan dives in tongue first. This man certainly is talented with more than just his cock. I think by treating the viewer to 69 Stormy Daniels is trying to show that Carrie's boyfriend is certainly a willing participant in this tryst between he and Lea, perhaps this is why there is so much kissing in this scene as well. One can also appreciate Lea's beautiful ass as she rides atop Ryan. While we are sad for this birthday horror for Carrie this is still a steamy sex scene which we can enjoy on its own.

So Carrie is now trying to find an apartment, due to her boyfriends secret five month affair, that she doesn't have the money for, and turns out Justin's proposal didn't go so well either, his girlfriend wanted more Karats and yes indeed Platinum. Carrie's only solution at present is to rent a room from her weird co-worker Trish, expertly played by Joanna Angel. Justin approaches Carrie about an idea to raise funds quick, by taking odd jobs over the weekend. He has found a perfect job for him, a production assistant on a porn set, and for Carrie to work at a stable as a horse groomer. What could possibly go wrong?

Scene 3: Erik Everhard, Dahlia Sky, and Gabriella Paltrova

Before this threesome can begin Justin begins his job on the porn set. It seems that this may not be as glamorous as he was hoping for. His job is literally to keep the girl's booty well lit during a the filming of a threesome scene. This threesome is extremely fun and pleasurable to watch. Erik Everhard certainly enjoys his job which begins with Dahlia and Gabriella enjoying and taking turns giving him some oral.  Soon Dahlia is in the middle enjoying some nice fucking while enjoying Gabriella's pussy. Pleasure for everyone including the viewer. The girls soon switch places and the fun continues. There is so much fun in this scene. The girl's clearly enjoy sharing themselves with each other and Erik. In fact, some of my favourite bits are the looks on Gabriella's face as she is being enjoyed by both Erik and Dahlia not to mention the sexy looks she throws Justin's way as he looks uncomfortably on doing his job.  It's clear she enjoys her job. It's this dichotomy between her and Justin, Xander Corvus, that creates humour in the scene and makes it even enjoyable to watch. Although intentional or not I found the lighting particularly bad. In fact, it creates a totally different feel to the movie. One final bit of humour comes when the fucking is over Erik places his used condom onto Justin's head much to his horror and disgust and perhaps scarring him.

After this first disastrous attempt at odd jobs Justin meets up with Carrie to compare notes and both agree it would be better to work together. We are soon treated to a montage of other odd jobs the two take in search of their goals. As they near their goal they have one more job to do and it's Trish to rescue who hooks Carrie and Justin up with her cousin the exterminator. Although this job proves painful for Carrie who gets attacked by a crazy raccoon. While nursing her wounds with her friend Misty it becomes clear that Carrie has grown to care for Justin, even if she can't admit it to herself. Before we get to the finale we are treated to a bit of pleasure courtesy of Misty Stone and Daniel Hunter.

Scene 4: Misty Stone and Daniel Hunter

This scene proves to be very romantic and sensual. Daniel and Misty start off with some kissing and breast sucking. Daniel certainly enjoys slowly exploring Misty's body and moving onto sharing his oral skills with her. It's clear that Misty is enjoying Daniel's attention and isn't afraid to tell him. Misty soon repays the favour with a wonderful wet blowjob.  There isn't a rush here but just two people enjoying what the offers them. Soon Daniel begins to slowly fuck Misty that has her writhing and she can't help touch herself. While positions change and have Misty riding Daniel this scene always remains a slow sensual ride. Soon you can literally see the sweat on their bodies. It ends with quite the cumshot all over Misty's ass.


Carrie returns home and seems to be wrestling with her own feelings toward Justin. She isn't sure what to do and almost falls prey to Trish's brother's advances. Justin gives his girlfriend the new and better engagement ring and while she is ecstatic but Justin seems to still be unhappy. We soon are treated to the engagement party but it becomes clear that Justin's now fiance is after his inheritance and not him. Carrie who is in the bathroom overhears this and shares this news with Justin. Justin who can't believe it but obviously knew all along. The two confront their feelings for each other and end up in the bathroom together indulging in each other. 

Scene 5: Stormy Daniels and Xander Corvus

Here at last we are treated to two people together who have been fighting their feelings for each other but now want to indulge in each other. Justin begins by enjoying Carrie's breasts and pussy. It is clear he wants to bring her pleasure and enjoyment. There is no rush to get to fucking. Pleasure can come in many forms. Carrie returns the favour by treating to Justin to a blowjob. It is such a pleasure to watch the way Carrie makes sure to worship the cock completely and not just deep-throat.  It is a pleasure to see each taking turns with pleasure. This continues as we are treated to both doggie and cowgirl. It's clear that this about mutual pleasure and enjoyment of each other. None of this better illustrated than by the smiles and tender moment they share after the cumshot.


In the end Carrie and Justin return to the party to knowing glances and smiles of the party goers and Justin's now ex-fiance who declares she is keeping the ring. Justin and Carrie slip out to who knows where. Proving that perhaps hard work does bring great rewards. 

Final Thoughts: Dirty Deeds is a fun feature. It provides moments of comedy and pleasure. I certainly found it entertaining to watch perhaps more for its comedy than the sex. It's clear that Stormy Daniels wanted to create a movie with sex and not just sex with a movie. It certainly  was a switch from much of what I have reviewed in the past. By providing true entertainment Stormy Daniels shows that not all porn movies have to focus on the porn aspect. It would certainly be the comedy and fun that would bring me back to rewatch this movie.  

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