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Buttman Toy Master 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/26/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Buttman: Toy Master 2

Evil Angel

Genre: Tease, Female Masturbation, Toys

Director: John Stagliano


Cast: Valentina Nappi, Lola Foxx, London Keyes, Alby Rydes
Non-sex role: John Stagliano

Length: 333:22 minutes (179:20 minutes & 144:02 minutes)

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Date of Production: 2015



Extras: This double disc release had trailers, a cast list, photogalleries, websites, and filmographies. Given the length of the movie itself, there was enough strokable spank bank material to overlook the minimal extras though there was a 4:01 minute Behind the Scenes clip too.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Buttman: Toy Master 2 was presented in the improved 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director John Stagliano for Evil Angel. The quick version is that the camera work was handled in POV fashion by John himself, minimal editing points showing up as the smooth nature of the transitions from one outfit or toy to the next occurred. The lighting was ample and the approach elegant in its simplicity, as always for the series I like so much, a company watermark observed throughout the show. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English audio track was as basic as gonzo porn came be, with limited talking going on outside of John's own directions in the background. The cast could be heard moaning & groaning (as well as interacting with John of course) but this was definitely a limited selection based on audio quality.


Body of Review: John Stagliano is the director best known as “Buttman”, his career well known for how it popularized the gonzo format even before he branched off into forming Evil Angel. Over the years, his name has become associated with quality entertainment relating to tease, the gonzo shooting style, and a love of shapely female ass, many directors following in his footsteps building upon the basics that he established to the delight of fans all over the world. His latest title making it my way this week is the upcoming Buttman: Toy Master 2, the double disc endeavor following in the footsteps of John’s “Stretch Class” and related titles where he helps guide top notch women into teasing with sizable toys as they show him everything they are about sexually, pushing their limits as needed. John went all out this time to offer a double disc title too, the scenes starring Lola Foxx, Valentina Nappi, London Keyes, and Alby Rydes; fans of any of these ladies certain to appreciate the rigors of ass stretching, hardcore tease as only John can provide.

The company website described the movie like this: “Ass-crazed porn legend John “Buttman” Stagliano is known as a creative specialist when it comes to kinky toys in the service of female lust. In the sprawling (well over five hours) “Buttman Toy Master 2,” he and his lusty adventurers explore all variety of anal insertions, dildo throat fucking, clothespin nipple torment, intense vibrators and electric wands. Buttman worships his starlets’ supple bodies, from bare toes to drooling mouths. Paying special attention to their buttholes, the pioneering director guides these eager sluts to orgasm while they seductively tease and feverishly masturbate. Voluptuous Italian beauty Valentina Nappi shows off huge natural boobs and indulges clothespin torment of her unshaved pussy. A variety of instruments invades her tender rectum. Plush sweetheart Lola Foxx unpacks her thick ass from spandex leggings, endures rectal examination and plays with lewd vacuum-pump devices. Naturally curvaceous Asian bombshell London Keyes deep-throats dildos until her gorgeous face is coated with slobber; she stimulates her sensitive clit and hungry asshole with various vibes. Busty, floridly tattooed vixen Alby Rydes expands her gaping asshole using implements that include an inflatable butt plug.” Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Valentina Nappi, the sexy Italian hotty featured on the lower left corner of the front cover, was up first in John’s loft, the gal wearing black stripper shoes, some colorful stretch pants to hug her delicious frame so very well, and a pink top where her nipples poked through. John spoke with her and she provided frank answers, the gal bending over a barstool to twerk before he rubbed his clothed body against hers. Valentina then spent some extra time shaking her all natural boobs for him, bouncing them and allowing him to cop a feel, the young lady stretching on the hand rail before getting a wedgie and John sniffing her ass. When her pants were pulled down, her skimpy black thong was nestled deep inside her ass and it came down too, John checking it for wetness before she tried on other outfits and the use of toys began. Her ass readily accepted anything shoved inside her and her pussy was given some attention too, wands and anal plugs stretching her out as John explored her nasty side all too well which led to a fine display of her oral skills with jelly dildos and the old black gnome from previous adventures being sat on and inserted in her ass. The company described the scene like this: “Voluptuous Italian beauty Valentina Nappi loves exploring her insatiable sexuality with older men, like kinky director John 'Buttman' Stagliano. She shows off her huge, natural boobs, and Buttman shoves his face into Valentina's big, soft, spandex-clad ass. Indulging in sensuous tease, dildo deep throating, clothespin pussy torment and face sitting, the sultry young lady invades her tender rectum with a variety of inflatable toys, large phalluses and butt plugs. She buzzes her unshaved pussy and sphincter with intense vibrators until she cums.”



Scene Two: Lola Foxx, a fleshy brunette these days as seen on the upper right corner of the front cover, was up next in some of John’s stretch pants, his clothing line labeled prominently as she bent over to reveal how expansive her heart shaped ass has become of late. To me, Lola looked better than ever, her all natural tits and ass built for comfort over speed without the anorexic look so many performers have these days, the gal maintaining superior eye contact as John explored her body with his hands in the studio. She began in the printed blue stretch pants and a matching blue and white striped shirt, her generous ass begging for attention as she bent over and otherwise positioned for the director to show it the love it deserved. She did the wedgies, the ass sniffing with him and all the other tricks expected of her with polished ease, even playing with the black gnome early on as she changed outfits for a one piece that suited her. She then went naked to accept the device in her ass, John finding other toys to use on her pussy and ass, the suction cup device seemingly exciting her more than most before he went overboard with it, Lola ending the encounter by spreading her yummy ass with a crank handle clear anal plug still deeply lodged inside of her. The company described the scene like this: “Curvy sweetheart Lola Foxx is a thick, voluptuous bundle of sex, her huge ass packed into spandex leggings for the enjoyment of director John 'Buttman' Stagliano. The all-natural cutie teases Buttman relentlessly, even shoving her Lycra-clad booty right into his face! Lola deep-throats dildos and plays with lewd vacuum-pump devices; after a couple of sexy changes of outfit, young Lola masturbates with a vibrator as the older man invades her sensitive butt with all sorts of sphincter-stretching toys.”



Scene Three: London Keyes, an exotic Asian mix featured on the lower right corner of the front cover, was up next as the first scene of the second disc, beginning her tease right away as she pulled her white stretch pants up her ass crack while walking around the loft, her red top draped over it loosely. London has been a favorite for years now, the playful minx leaner than the last two ladies but sexy as fuck just the same. Under her pants was a skimpy Evil Angel thong with more of that great art on it, the g-string riding up her ass as shown when John shot some close up footage, her pierced nipples also getting some attention as both of them pulled on her nipples as she seemed to appreciate. She bent over, stretched, and even got to go outside to show her few wisps of pubic hair, her otherwise bald beaver looking as fresh as when she entered the industry years ago. The fun then moved to her putting clothespins on her bosoms and using an inflatable anal plug, some pink duct tape on her breasts and other toys deployed to stretch her limits with wand vibrators and glass anal plugs showing her flexibility quite well. London then throated a pink jelly dildo attached to the mirror, gobs of saliva sliding down the device though unlike Valentina, not so much on the face this time, the follow up with a light purple toy changing that as she made a mess before both her pussy and ass were pleasured with even more toys. In all, she was a dream throughout the lengthy scene lasting over an hour. The company described the scene like this: “Naturally curvaceous Asian bombshell London Keyes teases director John 'Buttman' Stagliano with the big, delicious booty that's packed wedgie-style into her skin-tight white leggings. She stretches her pierced nipples and allows Buttman to bury his face between her thin, cotton-clad ass cheeks. London deep-throats dildos until her gorgeous face is coated with slobber. She applies clothespins to her plump breasts, an inflatable toy inside her tender anus, and various vibrators on her sensitive clit and butthole to make herself cum.”



Scene Four: Alby Rydes, a curvy brunette with a slutty look due in part to her wealth of tattoos, was up last as she followed the general guidelines as John put her through her paces in the loft. She can be seen on the upper left corner of the front cover but the pictures did not do her justice, her black biker top and blue stretch pants making her curves even more prominent, her implants also sporting pierced nipples as the lean gal played. She was definitely built for speed over comfort, the leggy gal wearing the weirdest stripper shoes of all and showing a great deal of flexibility, John rubbing, sniffing, and otherwise adding another dimension to his personal enjoyment as she peeled off pieces of attire (both the pants and thong were Evil Angel brand) and allowed John to play with her toes for the foot fetish crowd out there. The foot stuff does nothing for me but those of you into it, you’ll be happy to know she could even lick her own feet while seated. Alby then masturbated, took various toys in her ass, sucked the dildos on the mirrored wall, and only missed out on playing with the black gnome before it all ended, the smoking hot gal well worth checking out in her other 30 works released to date (per the IAFD). The company described the scene like this: “Busty, floridly tattooed vixen Alby Rydes loves teasing director John 'Buttman' Stagliano with the shapely butt that's squeezed into her skin-tight spandex leggings. The busty bimbo drops her drawers and lets Buttman worship every inch of her well-illustrated body, from her round boobs and plump ass down to her painted toenails. Alby smashes her ass into the director's face, fucks herself with a large, intense vibrator, deep-throats huge dildos and expands her gaping asshole using toys, including an inflatable butt plug.”

Summary: Buttman: Toy Master 2 by director John Stagliano for Evil Angel was a solid double disc release full of tease, toy use, and the kind of freedom from the usual porn formulas that worked for me in terms of replay value and strokability. There was a lot of freshness as expected from the director and his cast that might have lacked genetic juice but it was fun and strokable so I rated this as Recommended for fans of the genre as well as those that adore shapely ladies. Fans of popular starlets including Lola Foxx, Valentina Nappi, London Keyes, and Alby Rydes should consider this another “must have” production, each of the ladies providing some lengthy ass tease and pushing of their limits. In short, Buttman: Toy Master 2, employed a lot of what I call “fun factor” for ass lovers to appreciate, the four lovely ladies all giving a show worth checking out for repeated viewings thanks to their enjoyment of the tease and toys.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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