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Business Of Women, The

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/28/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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The Business of Women

Girlfriends Films/Girlsway

Genre: Feature, Lesbian

Directors: Stills By Alan & Bree Mills


Cast: India Summer, Samantha Rone, Charlotte Stokely, Abigail Mac, Vanessa Veracruz, Shyla Jennings

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Non-sex role by Bree Mills

Length: 184:39 minutes

Date of Production: 2015


Extras: All of the extras were included on the second disc, starting with 29:43 minutes worth of Behind the Scenes footage where the cast and directors were shown at work. There was then a series of five interviews, starting with 12:44 minutes of Samantha Rone, 5:49 minutes of Vanessa Veracruz, 9:02 minutes of Shyla Jennings, 5:55 minutes of India Summer, and then closing up with 17:01 minutes worth of the directors, Stills by Alan and Bree Mills, explaining their long term collaboration before their first feature together. Then there were six slideshows, one for each of the ladies.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Business of Women was presented in anamorphic widescreen as credited to directors Stills By Alan & Bree Mills for Girlfriends Films. The cameras were operated by Alan, Matt Holder, Shallow Hal, Andre Madness, and AJ Bucks, the scenes edited by Zombie, and various others pitched in to help as needed, the original first scene expanding into the six scene movie once the directors saw the potential. Unlike Alan’s usual work that basks in lots of light, has perfect flesh tones, and works on many levels, this was a new step for him (and Bree) in order to make the feature elements work better, so there was grain at times, shadows, and other tricks used to cater to the story over the individual scene method, much of it work ing quite well, minimal visual issues appearing on my big screen television. The editing was a little too noticeable in some cases and the framing of some scenes looked like different filming styles were deployed at the same time, but this was a solid attempt at a first feature, both directors contributing. There was a company water mark on screen almost the entire time and a number of establishing shots were included to further the story elements. The aural 2.0 stereo aspects were similarly handled with care, the vocals easily heard, the musical score enhancing the production, and the textures to the sounds standing in stark contrast to Alan’s usual body of work, much like has been done with the visual aspects.


Body of Review: Stills By Alan is a director whose work in porn has come to symbolize “style” to me since I started watching his works, the man now joined by his associate Bree Mills to make something different for distribution by Girlfriends Films. The name of the movie is The Business of Women, a lesbian feature light flick showing a competition of sorts between two women (India Summer and Vanessa Veracruz) as they ply their minions sexually in six all gal scenes. Portions of the movie were atmospheric and moody but after the first episode, the story elements were not as strong, this not impacting the fun of the lesbian sex with ladies like the mentioned leads, Samantha Rone, Shyla Jennings, Abigail Mac, and Charlotte Stokely. The back cover described the movie like this: “From the minds of directors Bree Mills and Stills by Alan, Girlsway presents its highly anticipated feature debut, The Business Of Women. Featuring a blockbuster cast, twisted storyline, beautiful cinematography, and intense girl-on-girl sex, this lesbian porn noir is truly a first for its genre. When a lonely escort (Samantha Rone) is recruited by a powerful business woman (India Summer) to leave the call girl life behind and join her empire, she quickly discovers the importance of loyalty and submission with her new boss. After a rival business woman (Vanessa Veracruz) discovers the one woman (Shyla Jennings) who can bring Miss Summer's empire crumbling down, it's up to Samantha to use all her training to save the business. Also starring Abigail Mac and Charlotte Stokely, this tension-filled erotic film will leave you questioning till the very end. Who is the ultimate boss babe?” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: The Date: India Summer, a beautiful lean MILF who I’ve found to be one of the best actresses in porn, was up first with cute redheaded Samantha Rone, as India decided to claim ownership of the gal. Sam was prepared and wore sexy lingerie before India directed her in how to undress, a gifted collar on the all natural gal’s neck signifying their relationship of servitude before the sub carefully helped Inida remove her clothing to bathe. It was slow, seductive, and sensual, Sam gobbling gash before India used her hands on Sam’s bald beaver to get the gal off. The company website described the scene like this: “Samantha Rone sits in her transparent tub water, ruminating on the life she's leading. She's in a dead end cycle living as a call girl, taking everything in stride, but the regret leaves her less than happy. Tonight she has a very special date, the last she expects to take before severing the ties with her agent. She takes her time arriving at her appointment. India Summer waits patiently for her date, in a dark hotel room. When Samantha arrives she explains that she is in charge, and asks if she's been warned to do everything to please her fully. Samantha nods gently. India gives her a gift. A studded white colar to signify her ownership of Samantha now. The dread of severing her relationship with the agent are dissolved as India shows her to her bath, and India's controlling energy envelopes Samantha, tearing her into India's fold, never to look back. After India has Samantha clean her, and eat her pussy expertly, India rewards Samantha with an orgasm of her very own. Samantha comes to a point where she has a decision to make. With India's strength overbearing, Samantha considers her offer to come and seduce women with her. Will she take the offer?”



Scene Two: Homecoming: Charlotte Stokely, a bleach blond cutie I haven’t seen awhile in porn, was up first as the assistant of India Summer, the gal put in her place before being ordered to train Samantha Rone. After India caught Charlotte messing up again, she took them both to the bedroom to teach them respect, making them strip, kiss, and go down on each other as India watched them. India got some head too but again, it was pretty basic carpet munching with Inidia calling the shots. The company website described the scene like this: “Reaching her new destiny, Samantha Rone arrives to her new home and boss, India Summer. Samantha is greeting by Charlotte Stokely,a confident,assertive assistant, dedicated to India and her empire. Before gaining access to India's home, Charlotte has Samantha sign a disclosure form ensuring nothing seen here will be spoken of in the outside world. Samantha follows Charlotte, in awe with her new surroundings and lifestyle. As they take the tour around the house looking for their boss, Charlotte makes it very clear that after India, she is in charge and what she says, goes. They head back into the house where they locate India playing racquetball in the house. As Charlotte hands over the contract signed by Samantha, she becomes transparent about her feelings towards this new recruitment, stating that Samantha looks like nothing but a cheap hooker. India does not appreciate her assistants tone, showing such disrespect but quickly puts Charlotte back in place and orders her to shoo away. Swallowing her pride, Charlotte gets back to work trying to redeem herself is on the phone with a very unhappy customer. India and Samantha walk in where India orders Charlotte to get off the phone immediately to fill in Samantha with all the necessary details. It's very clear that Charlotte does not want to train or have anyone replace her but India is the one giving the orders and as it is so, Charlotte complies. Becoming more resentful of her new co worker, Charlotte shows four picture frames of four different women, one of them has been wrapped in black lace. Charlotte states that all these women used to be just like her, but now, gone or forgotten, but the last one, the one in black, that picture was of Vanessa, India's first apprentice but now, enemy. Vanessa left India taking half of her clients with her. Charlotte reveals to Samantha what it's really like to be employed by India, bad mouthing her boss advising Samantha she doesn't know what shes really in for. Samantha needs to get out while she still can. Hearing every little thing Charlotte said, India calls her out, disappointed in her once again, now having to take on the simple task of training Samantha. Charlotte begs to have another chance trying her best to please her boss, but India will not have it, ordering her to get out of her sight. Charlotte falls on her knees with the snap of India's fingers. India feels Charlotte and Samantha both need a lesson in respect and with that, India summons them into her bedroom. Their fates are now in the hands of one powerful woman.”



Scene Three: The Secret: Abigail Mac, a fetching young lady with a fine hard body and pretty face, was up next as the subservient of India’s rival, Vanessa Veracruz, a dark haired hotty with a delicious ass and large implants. Abigail was blindfolded and made to savor Vanessa’s ass in the bed, moving to her pussy and otherwise doing as she was told to be rewarded by Vanessa’s hand. The company website described the scene like this: “India's employees have never lasted long. We know Charlotte is on her way out. India's don't ask, don't tell policy means that she doesn't need to do the dirty work of firing her girls. Vanessa Veracruz knows this process all too well. Having been crossed off India's list herself, she waits in the wings for the day she will finally exact her revenge on India, and her harem, once and for all. Charlotte's precision knowledge of India's inner workings proves useful for mastermind Vanessa and the doting and menial Abigail, whose massage techniques are always put to good use. Ms. Veracruz spins a plan so vicious that it will result in India's inevitable ruin. Vanessa learns that India has a secret daughter who has run away from home because she isn't getting the attention she deserves. Vanessa is determined to hit India where it hurts and find Shyla, aiming to turn her to her side. Abigail's touch becomes too much for Vanessa, but she has stress to relieve. Vanessa orders Abigail to worship her like the goddess she is, and without skipping a beat, Abigail gets to work, pleasing Vanessa one body part at a time. Abigail answers simply, 'Yes, Ms. Veracruz,' as she feels her way, blinded, around Vanessa's perfect, seraphic body. Make no mistake; Vanessa is woman who knows her business and never fails to get the girls, or pleasure she wants.”



Scene Four: Taking The Bait: Shyla Jennings, a perky brunette portraying India’s runaway daughter, was up next in bed with Abigail Mac and Vanessa Veracruz, as Vanessa stalked her to get back at her mother. Vanessa explained how much she wanted to take her under her wing as she played up the usual gripes kids have with their mother’s, granting her every wish if Shyla would help take down India. The sex wassimilar to the previous scenes with oral, fingering, and tribbing, most of the action between Shyla and Abigail as Vanessa rubbed one out on the bed. The company website described the scene like this: “The affairs and inner workings of India's business have been weakened to a fresh vow, the vow between Ms. Summer and her sub Samantha must be solidified. Samantha must give up all control to her mistress India, and India makes it clear that the future of her business hinges on one important pact, never to be broken. Once this pact is made Samantha can get to work, learning bondage under India's expert tutelage. Meanwhile, vigilante dom. Ms. Veracruz is being chauffeured on her quest to find Shyla Jennings, Ms. Summer's runaway daughter. It's not long before Ms. Veracruz finds her and initiates her plan for seduction. Shyla is unwittingly innocent to the inner workings of Vanessa's work. Within minutes Shyla is convinced to join Ms. Veracruz against her stepmother, taking her own vow of submission to Ms. Veracruz, and relishing the idea of putting India in the most vulnerable position. Shyla's initiation begins immediately with the help of menial Abigail, who gives Shyla the ropes, showing Shyla that Vanessa is token object requiring all her doting energy. Shyla agrees to their pact, and gets started with her training immediately following her ceremonious acquisition. Ms. Veracruz peels off her constricting garments and orders her subs to show her why they live. For her pleasure. Ms. Veracruz' network proves useful, when Abigail conspires with Charlotte to set up a meeting for Vanessa's newest protégé Shyla that the innocent and corruptible Samantha would never think of refusing. To be continued...”



Scene Five: The Struggle: Shyla Jennings, having been instructed in how best to dominate, summoned Samantha Rone, the two soon bathing Shyla in a tub, with Shyla receiving the careful attention of Sam. They then moved to the silvery couch where Shyla continued to assert herself though Sam turned the tables to get some crotch licking fun as well. The company website described the scene like this: “Vanessa demands that Shyla is clear, Ms. Veracruz will instruct Shyla when she can be dominant, but only answering to her. Shyla gets it, even though it seems at times she's got a mind of her own. Shyla's testy attitude will prove resourceful on her day's assignment. Shyla is faced with the unimaginable task of bringing Samantha back to Ms. Veracruz, fresh from her stepmother's binding arms. A plan which will surely result in Ms. Summer's imminent downfall. Samantha takes the bait, she arrives as instructed by Charlotte's note posing as India. Samantha will follow India's every order, down to every detail, pouring a bath for dom. Shyla and undressing both herself and Shyla. Before long Shyla shows she will be skilled as Ms. Veracruz' undercover dom. with Samantha, following her every demand. Shyla tries being washed, but soon finds that more mouth to pussy action is what pleases her. Samantha uses her training to show Shyla why her evil stepmother has Samantha in her employ. Dominance has corrupted Shyla's mind, leading her to spill all. She alerts Samantha that she is indeed India's defiant stepdaughter. Shyla reveals team Veracruz' plan. Samantha isn't prepared to back down so easily, and confronts Shyla with and her immoral high ground, suggesting that Shyla is nothing but a naughty runaway bitch, now part of a web of ungrateful bitches who simply cannot win. Samantha owes everything to India, and won't leave her to join them. Samantha takes what India promised her, the chance to be dominant in order to save India's business. Samantha fucks Shyla back into submission, showing her how things are going to go. Shyla submits, and must confront India. To be continued...”



Scene Six: The Showdown: India Summer, Shyla Jennings, Samantha Rone, and Vanessa Veracruz, were up next together in the showdown between India and Vanessa, the ladies eating each other in various permutations on the white couch. Like the other sex scenes, it was strokable footage but very much like the previous scenes. The company website described the scene like this: “India has instructed her menial stepdaughter to take Samantha back to Ms. Veracruz, and act like she has what she wants. Samantha is equipped with a safe word so that it's clear when to make their move. While the unsuspecting Vanessa parades her wealth around in the form of India's best girls, she makes the mistake of taking them back to India's mansion. Vanessa flaunts her jewels in front of India taunting her, and laying the facts out for her. Vanessa has her own daughter, her last girl, her business, and seemingly the upper hand. India sits in silence, tantalized while savoring the mockery Vanessa is making of herself. Vanessa orders her girls to put on a show for 'Mommy.' While Samantha and Shyla play their roles, India's knowing smirk proves she is getting tired of Vanessa's embarrassing tirade. Vanessa continues to bark all the orders, but India loses her patience when Villain Vanessa gets a bit too high on her horse. Ms. Summer stands, face to face with Ms. Veracruz and challenges her to exert her control. When Ms. Summer speaks, the cards turn, and Samantha and Shyla take the side of the hand that feeds. India instantly assumes control. Vanessa's words mean nothing any longer, and her subsequent break down leaves her dragged through India's mud, begging to come back to the home she's always been destined for.”


Summary: The Business of Women by directors Stills By Alan & Bree Mills for Girlfriends Films was fun to watch and showed great potential for Alan to grow beyond the limits of his largely vignette based scenes of the past but I’m not going to lie to you and suggest most of the acting or story elements were anything more than needed to get from one scene to the next. I’ll be the first to admit that most lesbian features these days are terribly weak and that makes the better titles really stand out in contrast to the bulk of offerings but after a single viewing, you will consider the non-sex portions of the movie to amount to FFF (what industry curmudgeon Mike Quasar calls “fast forward fodder”). Sexually, the majority of action is extremely similar too though there were enough sparks between the major players here to merit an overall rating of Recommended, no small feat from me to tell a broad based audience (no pun intended) though those looking for a lesbian feature with specific cast members are sure to consider The Business of Women worth a higher rating. So check it out and see why Alan and Bree are garnering some attention from genre-specific sources as this was only their first endeavor of this kind, the room for growth substantial.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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