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Black and White 4

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 9/28/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hour 25 minutes

Date of Production:  2015

Genre: Interracial; Big Cock; Gonzo

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Starring Abigail Mac with Megan Rain, Abella Danger, Jade Nile, Flash Brown, Jason Brown, Rob Piper

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap running 3 minutes and 20 seconds; Photo Gallery; Website Info


Award winning director Greg Lansky is on is 4th installment in the Black and White series. This flick includes 4 gorgeous starlets who are experiencing big black cock for the first time. The 4 girls are eager to please and hungry for cock. Cover girl Abigail Mac is joined by Megan Rain, Abella Danger and Jade Nile in this 2 hour and 25 minute movie featuring tight, wet pussies getting stretched by some of the biggest black cocks in the business, namely Flash Brown, Jason Brown and Rob Piper. Abigail opens the movie, fucking Flash Brown on the last night of her hotel resort stay. Megan Rain is doing her best to tutor athlete Jason Brown but the only thing he is paying attention to are her boobs. Megan ends up in a sizzling one-on-one, big cock lesson that she won’t soon forget. Then there’s Abella Danger who is torn between her boyfriend and her fantasies about Rob Piper. She finally decides to succumb to her desires and fuck the man she secretly wanted for so long. Jade Nile close the flick in the final scene of the movie with Jason Brown. Luckily for Jade, she is in an open marriage and her husband wants nothing more than listening in on her getting fucked by a big black cock. Anyone who has watched movies from Blacked.com knows that this studio is focused on presenting interracial porn on a whole new level. The production quality is head and shoulders above the rest, the girls all show up horny and ready to fuck. I highly recommend this movie. These girls are all a big turn on to watch.

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Scene 1:  Abigail Mac and Flash Brown

Flick cover girl Abigail Mac has been enjoying her stay at a hotel resort she booked. She was supposed to be enjoying her vacation with her husband but he couldn’t join her. She’s been all alone for 2 weeks at the hotel and it’s the last day. Abigail has been getting hornier and hornier each day and has been fantasizing about the black guy she saw at the pool. She puts on a sexy red bikini and goes for a swim at the pool. Abigail is gorgeous in her red biking and long black hair. She goes for a swim, gets out of the pool, loosens her bikini top and boldly walks up to Flash Brown and starts kissing him. Abigail takes her horny appetite back to the room along with Flash. The two stand in the middle of the room, kissing. She jerks Flash’s big black cock while kissing him passionately then kisses her way down his stomach to her cock. She puts it in her mouth and starts jerking and sucking it while looking up at Flash the whole time. She spits up a bit, lubing his cock even more as Flash grips her behind the head and drives his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. Abigail stars to gag and spit drips from her mouth as Flash fucks her throat. She sucks his balls then goes back to getting her throat massaged by Flash’s meat. Flash lays down on the bed on his back and Abigail gets on all fours to keep the cock sucking going. She works her mouth further and further down his shaft then she lies on her back to experience black cock for the first time.

Abigail opens her legs wide in missionary position and the camera has a great close up shot of Flash cock driver deeper and deeper in her wet pussy in missionary position. Flash stuffs her snatch balls deep, making her moan with every stroke. The action is slow and deep as Abigail’s wet pussy takes inch after inch of Flash’s big black cock. She holds her legs open wide as her pussy gets stretched. Flash puts her in the shoulder holder, keeping her legs lodged on his shoulders while he penetrates her pussy slow and deep. Abigail’s cheeks turn red in ecstasy as she gets fucked. Doggystyle is next and Abigail gets on all fours take host more of Flash’s dick. He pumps her pussy from behind, slowly at first, keeping her turned on, then the action speeds up. There’s a great front on shot of Abigail bent over on all fours and getting pounded by Flash from behind. Her mouth is gaping wide open as she screams out to Flash, cumming in the middle of the fucking. Abigail takes control of Flash’s cock now, riding him reverse cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on his hard meat. Flash speeds things up by fucking Abigail hard and fast from underneath. The camera action zooms in on her pussy getting pounded and stuffed over and over again. She sucks his dick then gets on top again in reverse cowgirl, slamming her pussy down on his cock. She turns around and sits on his dick cowgirl style for more pounding. After sucking him off, Abigail takes more cowgirl style stuffing then quickly climbs off, drops to her knees and opens her mouth wide letting Flash jerk off and shoot his cum down her throat. With cum dripping from her mouth, she grabs his dick, puts it in her mouth and sucks it.

Scene 2:  Megan Rain and Jason Brown

Megan is a straight A student in college and she is spending her time tutoring athletes to help them pass their class. Megan tries to help Jason with his grades but Jason keeps helping himself to Megan. He isn’t interested in his studies. He puts his hands on her legs and soon pulls her closer to him, kissing her. Megan still isn’t sure that they should be doing this, but she admits to herself that she has been enjoying his advances these last few weeks. After kissing her passionately and getting her in the mood, he moves her to the bedroom and continues kissing her. She reaches her hand down his pants for his cock and then gets on her knees in front of his dick. Jason drops his pants and Megan is shocked by the big black cock in her face. She opens her mouth wide to swallow his meat, gripping his dick in one hand and licking and sucking all over it. Megan tries deep throating his cock and it makes her gag. She is makings tons of bubbles with her spit all over Jason’s cock. He beats her lips with his dick then stuffs it back in her mouth.

Megan is enjoying making a slopping spitty mess all over his meat. She gets on all fours to continue the cocksucking and ball licking then lies on her back in missionary position with her legs open wide. Jason pins her legs back and sticks his dick in her pussy, penetrating her slowly, stretching her hole. His cock is driving deep in her snatch now and Megan looks up at him telling him to fuck her pussy with his big black cock. Jason starts pumping her hard and fast, keeping her snatch wet and stuffed. Megan screams out and fingers her clit while Jason works on her pussy. She tells him to stretch her pussy out. Megan wants to get fucked doggystyle now and she gets on her hands and knees. She’s getting louder and louder now as Jason fills up her hold from behind, spanking her ass cheeks while he fucks her. Megan wants it harder and harder and she tells Jason to fuck her with his big black cock. The doggystyle action is hot as Megan grips the bed sheets while she gets stuffed from behind. She slips into a downward dog and Jason doesn’t let up, fucking her hard and fast. She wants to taste his cum and she drops to her knees and opens her mouth wide to catch his sperm as he jerks off and shoots his load in her month.

Scene 3:   Abella Danger and Rob Piper

Rob picked Abella up and invites her inside but she is not sure she should come in. Her boyfriend keeps calling her and she is so conflicted. Rob gives her lingerie as a gift and invites her inside to try it on. She admits to him that she has been fantasizing about him while she is having sex with her boyfriend. After a round of heaving kissing, Abella agrees to come inside. She puts on the sexy lingerie that Rob bought her. She is beautiful standing there in her bikini underwear. She shows it off for Rob, teasing him and telling him that she bets he really wants to fuck her right now. Rob says he does. They start kissing again and take their time stripping each other out of their clothes. She grabs his cock still in his pants and tells him that it’s so hard and that she has never had sex with a black man before, but she has been fantasizing about it a lot. She bends over on all fours in doggy position and Rob sticks his tongue in her ass. She tells him to eat her ass, just as he buries his tongue deeper and deeper in her tight hole. He works on her pussy next, eating her from behind and making her body shake and shiver. Abella is ready to take on Rob’s big cock and she works it down her throat, gripping it with one hand and driving it deeper and deeper in her mouth. She is a pretty sight to watch as she sucks on Rob’s cock, gagging just a bit and spitting on his dick. She licks his balls and continues to work on swallowing his meat while keeping her eyes on him.

Abella gets her first taste of black cock doggystyle. She bends over in doggy position and Rob penetrates her pussy. Her wet snatch is evident as she keeps his cock lubed up as it slips in and out of her pussy. Abella has a big beautiful ass and she holds it high up in the air for Rob to fuck her doggystyle. She grabs the sheets and Rob spanks her ass while he keeps his cock in her hole. After some downward dog pussy pounding, the pair gets into missionary position and Rob keeps fucking her. Abella puts her legs up over his shoulders and lets her head fall back on the bed in ecstasy as he stuffs her snatch. Abella’s body keeps shivering and shaking as she experiences deep pleasure from Rob’s big black cock. She sits on him cowgirl style and he grabs hold of her ass cheeks as she rides him. She bounces up and down on his meat, looking back over her shoulder as she hosts his cock deep inside her pussy. Rob pulls out, jerks off and cums right in her open mouth.

Scene 4:  Jade Nile and Jason Brown

Jade and her husband have an open relationship. Her husband loves to hear her stories about fucking other men. This time, Jade has her eyes set on a black guy she met online. She decides that she will call her husband and leave the phone on speaker while she fucks the black guy. She takes her time getting dressed in her bedroom, putting on her lingerie slowly. She calls her husband and tells him she is wearing the black corset he bought her. She talks about all the things she is going to do to Jason and how much he is going to fuck her tight pussy. Just then, the doorbell rings. It’s Jason. She puts the phone down, leaving it on speaker so her husband can hear everything.  She tells Jason that she doesn’t want to waste any time. She stars kissing him and reaching for his cock, taking it out of his pants and telling him she wants him to put his cock down her throat. She opens her mouth and puts his dick in, telling him that he has a nice, big, black cock. It almost doesn’t fit in her mouth, but she starts sucking him off and licking his balls. Jason helps her out and holding her by the back of the head and fucking her throat. She strips out of her bra and keeps sucking Jason’s pipe, lubing it up with spit. She takes her time swallowing his balls as he lies back on the bed.

It’s finally time for Jade to experience a big black cock and she decides to take it in missionary position. She lies back on the bed with her legs up over Jason’s shoulder, telling him that his cock is stretching her pussy out. Jason works his cock deeper and deeper in her snatch and she is enjoying every stroke of cock. Jason picks up the pace and really fucks her pussy hard. The camera gets a close up look at Jade’s pussy getting stuffed balls deep by Jason’s meat. She grabs hold of his balls while his dick disappears in her pussy. Jade goes from missionary style to doggystyle, closing her eyes and Jason stuffs her wet snatch. The doggystyle fucking is what Jade enjoys. The deep ecstasy is written all over her face. She sits on his dick now, riding him cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on his big black cock. The cowgirl ride gets harder and faster and Jade gets her ass spanked over and over. Jason pulls out quickly and straddles her, jerking his meat and cumming in her mouth.

Final Thoughts:

Four horny starlets get to experience big black cock for the first time in Black and White 4. This flick is the 4th installment from award winning director Greg Lansky and he presents another polished, highly produced flick that puts a spotlight on interracial sex. Abigail Mac is our cover girl and she is joined by Megan Rain, Abella Danger and Jade Nile. The flick runs 2 hour and 25 minutes and every minute is a pleasure to watch. From the opening tease scenes with these girls to their pussy pounding action and close up camera work that happens throughout, this movie is a good watch. Black cockstars Flash Brown, Jason Brown and Rob Piper provide the hard cock these girls crave and they each get worked up into a frenzy by big black cock. Abigail fucks Flash in the first scene of the flick while Megan gets her pussy stretched by Jason in scene 2. Abella finally gives in to her desires and gets pounded by Rob and Jade fucks Jason and lets her husband listen in. I highly recommend this movie.  Blacked.com is creating high quality, interracial movies featuring sexy young girls who are a turn on to watch.

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