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Schoolgirl Bound 2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/6/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 19 minutes

Date of Production:  2015



Genre: Bondage; 18+ Teens; All Sex; Domination; Fetish

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Eddie Powell

Cast: Featuring Gia Paige along with Elsa Jean, Kylie Sinner, Renee Roulette, James Deen, Ramon Nomar, Bruce Venture, Michael Vegas

Bonus Scenes: Bonus Scene 1:  Featuring Marley Brinx and Xander Corvus from Schoolgirl Bound; Bonus Scene 2: Featuring Shae Parker and Alex Jones from Dirty Little Schoolgirl Stories 5

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Behind the Scenes with over 28 minutes of footage featuring one-one-ones with each starlet; 2 Bonus Scenes; Pick Your Pleasure featuring tease, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, and popshot; Trailers for Schoolgirl Bound, Schoolgirl Cuties, Tales from the Edge; Fantasy Lingerie Promo; Company Info


In Schoolgirl Bound 2, these girls role play into getting the fucking of their dreams after they are bound, gagged and stuffed with hard cock. They want to be tied up, dominated and made to obey their cock masters until he makes them cum. Gia Paige is the flick’s featured star and she has the hottest scene of this movie with her full bondage session with James Deen. These two get into a fetish filled master, slave scene that has Gia flinching and shivering in complete ecstasy as James teases her with sights and sounds while she is blindfolded. The sex between these two is a turn on to watch as Gia submits fully to her master’s cock orders. Elsa Jean and Ramon Nomar get together in a sizzling scene as well where she is taught to obey the commands of his cock, getting tied up and fucked on the couch until she cums. Gia Paige and Elsa Jean are joined by Kylie Sinner and Renee Roulette whose pussies are dominated into wet submission by Michael Vegas and Bruce Venture. This movie is a visual turn on as these girls let their bondage desires play out in scene after scene. I highly recommend this movie. Director Eddie Powell knows how to keep the viewer wanting more. He also compiles lots of extras that will keep you satisfied.

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Scene 1:  Gia Paige and James Deen

Flick featured starlet is Gia Paige is bound and lying on the bed. Her arms and legs are tied up. James walks up and starts spanking her ass and pinching her nipples. He makes her call him master while he slaps her tits. She begs him to spank her and James puts her across his legs and spanks her ass cheeks until they turn red. Gia says thank you master while James tells her she won’t get what she wants if she isn’t a good girl. He blindfolds her and asks her if she wants to be a good girl. She says yes master. James tells her to give him whatever he wants and open whatever hole he tells her to open. She says yes master as James slaps her tits harder and harder. He cuts the bondage from around her body, making her flinch from the sound of the scissors. He keeps her arms and legs tied then rubs an ice cube all over her nipples, making her scream. James turns her over on her stomach and orders her to get her pussy wet and open for him. He cuts her panties off and stuffs it in her mouth, gagging her with it and tying it around her mouth. Now he goes on to punish her pussy, fingering her hole from behind and spanking her ass while she lies there bound and gag. 

James tells her what makes her special is his dick in her. He starts pumping her wet pussy from behind in a downward doggy on the bed, spanking her ass harder and harder and making her cheeks redder and redder. Gia moans in pleasure and once James removes the gag she tells him he makes her special. The doggy fucking gets harder and harder then James pulls out and guides his cock down her throat. Gia is still blindfolded and gags on James’ meat. He slaps her and she says thank you master. He fucks her doggystyle then pins her down in missionary position for more pussy pounding. Gia rides her master’s cock cowgirl style on the bed with her hands tied then licks his balls before straddling his cock again this time in reverse cowgirl position. She thanks her master for teaching her how to fuck as James pumps her snatch and fingers her clit making her cum. This scene is hot as Gia really enjoys being bound and fucked hard by her master. James fucks her doggystyle, holding her hands behind her back until he pulls out and shoots his load all over her face, telling her that she learns well.

Scene 2:  Elsa Jean and Ramon Nomar

Ramon picks up Elsa who has her hands bound and takes her across the room to the couch where he has her school uniform waiting for her. He watches her get dressed as she pulls up her short skit and buttons her shirt. Ramon helps her get dressed then stands behind her and starts kissing her neck and rubbing all over her body. She holds her hands together and lets him tie them up with a leather belt. Ramon unbuttons her shirt and keeps kissing her, exposing her breasts and sucking on her tits. He drops his pants and she jerks his cock, following his instruction to spit on his cock. She tells him she wants him to fuck her and she wants to suck his dick. She starts sucking him off. Soon Ramon is stuffing his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her throat and making her gag while she looks up at him. With her hand still tied, Elsa lies back on the couch and opens her legs telling Ramon she wants him to eat her out. He spanks her pussy then fingers her clit. He starts licking and fingering her pussy making her wet.

Ramon makes her taste her pussy off of his fingers then keeps eating her snatch. He starts spoon fucking her and fingering her clit at the same time. She tells him how much she likes it. He unties her hands and takes off her jacket. She bends over and sucks his cock before sitting on it cowgirl style, riding his meat. He spanks her ass while she rides him. Elsa is really turned on in this scene and is loving Ramon’s cock. She rides him reverse cowgirl style now, screaming louder and louder as she gets pumped harder and deeper. After sucking him off, she bends over doggystyle for some hard pounding. Ramon grips her by the hair and fucks her hard like she wants him to. She tells him she wants to cum again as he slams in and out of her snatch. After a standing cowgirl fuck, Elsa drops to her knees and opens her mouth. Ramon shoots his load down her throat then makes her go back to her room.

Scene 3:   Kylie Sinner and Bruce Venture

Kylie is bound and blindfolded and lying on the bed. Bruce walks over to her slowly and starts teasing her body, running his hands up and down her legs and thigh, making his way to her ass cheeks. He feels all over her body, turning her on. He rips off her panties, revealing her pretty round ass and he spanks it then kisses it. Kylie is turned on, squirming and flinching in bed as Bruce puts her in doggy position and removes the blindfold. He spreads her ass cheeks open and starts fingering her ass hole, driving her crazy. Kylie works Bruce’s cock out of his pants and starts sucking his meat. She works her mouth all the way down his shaft, lubing his cock up with spit. She gags and spits out his dick. Bruce beats her face with his cock then sticks is back down her throat. Bruce turns her back on her stomach and starts fingering her asshole and pussy again and then he ties her hands behind her back and starts fucking her in a downward doggy.

He moves into onto her side and sticks his dick in her ass hole, driving her crazy. He stuffs his cock in and out of her ass hole slowly, teasing her then he pounds her tight hole. She whispers to him that it feels so fucking good in her ass. The anal pounding gets harder and harder and Bruce turns her over on her back and spreads her pussy open wide to eat it. He keeps fucking her ass hole. This time in missionary position and Kylie tells him to keep fucking her ass and not stop. The anal romance moves to spoon position where Kylie gets completely filled up. They get into 69 position with Kylie on the bottom getting her throat stuffed with Bruce’s cock. She can hardly breathe as Bruce forces his cock down her throat and fingers her snatch at the same time. She is having the most fun in this part of the scene. Crying out in complete ecstasy. She tells him to give her his fucking dick and he sends it back down her throat. After plugging her ass hole balls deep in missionary position, Bruce pulls out and cums all over her open ass hole.

Scene 4:  Renee Roulette and Michael Vegas

Renee is wondering what all the gifts are for that Michal bought for her. She opens the first box and it’s bondage chains. She says she really likes it and she gives him a kiss. The second box is a school uniform. Michael tells her he wants to roll play with her all tied up in a sexy school girl uniform. Renee is so excited. She can’t wait to try this new roll play with Michael. She goes off into the bathroom and dresses up, stripping out of her clothes and putting on the school girl outfit. She goes back to the living room to show Michael her new outfit. She calls him professor and tells him she has been a naughty little school girl and he needs to do something about it. They start kissing and Michael tells her to sit on the couch. He binds her wrists together with the bondage gift he bought for her then starts kissing her again. After that, he puts more bondage rings around her ankles and opens her legs wide and starts sucking her pussy. He tells her she has a pretty pussy as he licks and sticks it with his tongue. Renee is moaning already, enjoying everything Michael does to her snatch.

He fingers her pussy and keeps her screaming out and she is soon cumming. With her hands still bound together at the wrist, he unbuttons her shirt and kisses her tits then fingers her pussy again before dropping his pants and telling her it’s time for her oral exam. She shoves his cock in her mouth and Renee greedily accepts his offer. She gags on his dick as Michael stuffs it further and further back in her throat. He makes her suck his balls. Then she stands up and turns around so Michael can finish stripping her of her school shirt. She jerks his dick then straddles his meat on the couch in cowgirl position. Michael keeps her hands bound behind her back while she bounces up and down on his dick. He finally unties her hands and she holds on to the back of the couch while she keeps riding his cock. He stuffs his fingers in her ass hole and keeps his dick in her pussy, sending her further into ecstasy. After a long cowgirl ride, she gets into doggy position and gets pummeled from behind. Michael slams all the way in her pussy and it sends Renee into a screaming frenzy. She tells him to fuck her. Her hands bet bound to her feet and Renee gets into missionary position on the couch screaming for Michael to fuck her. He pumps her harder and harder, gripping her around the throat as he stuffs her wet snatch. He pulls out and cums all over her pussy.

Final Thoughts:

Schoolgirl Bound 2 is a visual sensation full of edgy turn ons throughout. These girls want to be bound, gagged and dominated by their cock masters until they cum. Rope, tape, chains and blindfolds abound in this 2 hour and 19 minute flick that brings intense sexual encounters to the screen, leaving these girls flinching and shivering in ecstasy. Gia Paige is the featured starlet in this flick and she has the hottest sex session with James Deen. Gia wants nothing more than to please her master as she lies bound and gagged in the bed. James dominates her pussy, fucking her silly while keeping her hands tied at the wrist and slapping and spanking her tits and ass. She hungrily submits to his hardcore actions and cums as a result of it. Gia is joined by costars Elsa Jean, Kylie Sinner and Renee Roulette who are bound by dick dominators Ramon Nomar, Michael Vegas and Bruce Venture. I highly recommend this movie. In addition to the sensuous fucking, the film has a visual appeal with all its edgy props. Director Eddie Powell turns up the heat in this movie and he adds lots of extras that are bound to keep you satisfied.

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