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Saving Humanity

Studio: Kick Ass Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/8/15

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Saving Humanity

ATK/Kick Ass Pictures

Genre: Feature

Director: Kim Nielsen


Cast: Beryl Aspen, Sativa Verte, Sinn Sage, Riley Reid, Anthony Rosano, Seth Dickens, Tara Lynn Foxx, James Deen, Skin Diamond, Andy San Dimas, Cindy Starfall, Ana Foxxx

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Non-sex or lesser sex roles: Celeste Star, Ela Darling, Alex Cnace, Todd Elliot, Ryan Walker, Albert Bettikofer, Jospeh Marble, Kim Nielsen, Marc Twain, Diana Hill, Harry Sparks

Length: 139:29 minutes

Date of Production: 3/9/2013


Extras: The only extras were some trailers and a website link although there was a music video of sorts in having the cast dance around in front of the green screen for a few minutes to a dubbed song.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Saving Humanity was presented in letterboxed widescreen as credited to director Kim Nielsen for ATK/Kick Ass Pictures, Harry Sparks apparently dropping out at some point. With Jinish Shah working cameras, using the ARRI Alexa system, it was shot reportedly shot in high definition back in early 2013, Mark Nicholas assuming a number of roles in production such as sound and music editor, visual effects supervisor, editor, composing the music he sang with Andy San Dimas (“Saving Humanity: The World Will Never End”), though Digital Dave Williams was in charge of the special effects. I was surprised the movie was not presented in anamorphic widescreen and actually liked the cheesy CGI that made some of the movies seen on the Sy-FY channel look like Lucas and Spielberg spared no expense by comparison but the flesh tones were accurate and it should be noted it looks much better on a small screen computer monitor than a big screen television, especially a high definition monitor. The audio was in 2.0 stereo though there did not appear to be any separation of the channels, no depth of field, and all the vocals were markedly similar under all circumstances. I did like the music though, the score better than most even if the songs appeared to be in monaural when I spot checked them via headphone.


Body of Review: Kim Nielsen is the latest director credited by ATK/Kick Ass Pictures for one of their bigger budget features, a title called Saving Humanity. The principle photography was shot two and a half years ago, the movie a feature based on time travel using a lot of videogame level special effects. As such, it had potential to become the latest super cheesy, late night cable porn flick of note for nerds like me to enjoy as curvy Sinn Sage led a small group of enhanced ladies from different time periods to overthrow a future despot (James Deen). Lots of speechy dialogue, quirky nods to modern trends, and examination of sexual mores aside, this is going to be very hit or miss depending on your expectations. The sex scenes were choppy and very, very short, there were plot holes big enough to make Hollywood wince, and you could dissect it to pieces to tear into it though you could also put your brain in neutral to just enjoy it as popcorn fluff too.


The back cover described the movie like this: “The lives of 4 women (Sativa Verte, Riley Reid, Andy San Dimas and Sinn Sage) who live in different time periods ranging from pre-historic man to 2054 are connected by exposure to a mysterious monolith which transmits exceptional powers to them. These women must contend with John Weinstein (James Deen), an evil scientist from 2054 who plans not only to develop time travel but to clone humans and curtail freedom as well. When Sara (Sinn Sage) uncovers Weinstein's evil plot, she travels through time to recruit and assemble a team of heroines to take on Weinstein and his evil cohort Raven (Celeste Star). The movie races to an explosive climax as the heroines risk their lives in a battle to save the world and humanity as we know it.”


The original press release then stated this: “James Deen (“The Canyons”) receives top billing in the upcoming sci-fi feature “Saving Humanity.” The movie from AMKingdom.com will release in multiple ratings and formats, including a MPAA R-rating. In addition to Deen, the cast includes Andy San Dimas (“Drive”), Celeste Star (“Revenge of the Petites”), Riley Reid, and Sativa Verte (“Revenge of the Petites”). Deen plays President Weinstein, the sci-fi thriller’s antagonist. Weinstein is the leader of the evil Corporation, which rules the world in the year 2054. “While writing the script, I always had James in mind to play President Weinstein,” says “Saving Humanity” writer / director Harry Sparks (“Revenge of the Petites”). “His charisma is perfect for adding extra depth to the character, making our villain more likeable and sympathetic.” “I love when studios push adult entertainment to new levels, which AMKingdom.com previously did with ‘Revenge of the Petites,’” says Deen, who stars opposite Lindsay Lohan in the upcoming indie film “The Canyons” from Bret Easton Ellis and Paul Schrader. “I’m looking forward to my time on set.” President Weinstein is hell-bent on stopping Sara (Sinn Sage), a scientist from the year 2054, who travels back in time to the Prehistoric Era, 1958, and 2013 to recruit a team of gifted young women to help save the human race from extinction. “There are heroes and villains in every time period – those fueled by greed and those who wish to help guide the world towards a more righteous path,” states Sparks. “Sinn, Andy, Celeste, Riley, and Sativa have all proven themselves adept actors, and we’ve surrounded them by a fantastic supporting cast.” “Saving Humanity” is a cautionary tale about what lies ahead for society if people continue down the wrong path. The original feature also stars adult performers Skin Diamond, Tara Lynn Foxx, Cindy Starfall, Ana Foxxx, Anthony Rosano, Seth Dickens, Cadence St. John, and Beryl Aspen, plus numerous extras. From the filmmakers behind the award winning, critically acclaimed adult movie “Revenge of the Petites,” “Saving Humanity” is set to release in multiple formats with multiple ratings. Producers of “Saving Humanity” will seek a R-rating from the MPAA for the film, which will receive theatrical, DVD, VOD, and cable distribution. Following it will be a Director’s Cut, which will include the XXX scenes. Producer AMKingdom.com is owned and operated by the acclaimed adult website network, ATKingdom.com (Amateur Teen Kingdom), which spotlights popular adult niches, like hairy, exotic, petite, and more. Each cast member of “Saving Humanity” is a popular model from an ATK site, providing something for every taste and desire. Principal photography on “Saving Humanity” begins March 9.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Beryl Aspen and Sativa Verte, both playing cave girls in skimpy loin cloths on a rug, were up first pawing each other, some armpit sniffing and licking leading to some boob sucking and gash gobbling. Sativa kept looking away from Beryl as if distracted but it should be noted that there was a heck of a lot of “Kick Ass” styled pubic hair this time, the ladies grinding crotch together finishing the very short tryst off.


Scene Two: Sinn Sage, laying on a large bed in missionary, was up next in a solo masturbation sequence of the future where a robot attached dildo porked her neatly trimmed snatch as she made the appropriate moans and moved into doggy for a less explicit penetration position, the scene edited into the following one in a way I thought modern porn dispensed with years ago (I hate having scenes mixed in together and always have).


Scene Three: Riley Reid, a fetching young cutie who has risen in prominence since this movie was shot years ago, was up next sslobbing the knob of Anthony Rosano, her hand to gland friction getting his turgid pecker ready to rumble. The framing cut off her head before the long shot of them was displayed, a style uncommon in modern porn, Riley actively riding his modest cock vaginally. He then briefly went down on her with the camera spending the bulk of the shot on Riley’s face in close up, the couple shown in a modified missionary with her leg lifted up interspersed with close up shots of the penetration shot before her cookie drained his dragon of sperm, Anthony quickly nutting his tiny wad onto her neatly trimmed crotch.



Scene Four: Sativa Verte, next up in a bed in her distant future, found her constraining clothing unacceptable but discovered a vibrator to play with in playful fashion. She rubbed it on her body before finding it best used on her hairy snatch,not really what I would call a “scene” but an interesting diversion for a couple of minutes, picking back up in the middle of the following scene to show her letting loose the juice.



Scene Five: Beryl Aspen, back in her loincloth in the cave, was then up briefly with heavily tattooed and nearly hairless Seth Dickens, the cheese factor elevating substantially at the breach in realism. They embraced and kissed before she blew him quickly, Seth diving between her legs and fingering her before they vaginally fucked a little. The scene looked heavily edited by clumsy hands, a common occurence here, at least Beryl showing she was an active vaginal rider in a few positions before Seth sucked her feet, this scene also edited into the last one in a silly manner. It ended with another crotch pop as his balls were milked dry of semen.



Scene Six: Tara Lynn Foxx, the tall blond featured on the lower left corner of the front cover, was up next with bearded James Deen, the man ordering her to lift her tight black dress to give him a show. She ditched the attire altogether and teased him very briefly before assisting him with his pants, a kiss leading to him fingering her mouth, sucking her tits, and diddling her (though it was hard to tell when the camera was focused ssolely on the upper part of their torsos). He laid her down to eat her bald beaver, the long shot dominating while a closeup shot was edited in, his mouth to muff changing as he sucked her ass while he beat off before she gave him a mahd assisted hummer. They vaginally fucked in a few positions, mechanically pounding away at least, until he nutted in slow motion over her face.



Scene Seven: Skin Diamond, a lean and exotic black gal back when her head was prominently shaved, was up next with Andy San Dimas, the attractive brunette seen on the top of the front cover (second from the left side), the couple in bed kissing each other in front of a brick wall by candle light. Most of the scene was kissing, licking, and sucking pussy but it was worth a look all the same, the slow, sensual music working better thematically than other scenes.



Scene Eight: Cindy Starfall, Ana Foxxx, Riley Reid, Tara Lynn Foxx, Skin Diamond, and Andy San Dimas, then ended the sexual portion of the show with a very, very short lesbian orgy. There really wasn’t much to describe, the ladies all over each other, the action looking like it was edited from a whole lot more material than was displayed, and showing groping, kissing, and rug munching.


Summary: Saving Humanity by director Kim Nielsen for ATK/Kick Ass Pictures had ladies such as Sinn Sage, Ana Foxx, Tara Lynn Foxx, Cindy Starfall, and Riley Reid cast in various roles against guys like Anthony Rosano, James Deen, and Seth Dickens to wildly mixed results. Frankly, I like my late night cable level science fiction to be as cheesy lame as possible so Saving Humanity certainly qualified to make me sit up and take notice but the replay value was greatly hampered by the limited sexual excursions here, some of the scenes tacked on as an after thought while others barely qualified for a mention such as the two solo masturbation scenes, even the ending lesbian orgy so quickly over that if you blink too hard, you’ll miss it, the choppy editing distracting to say the least. It struck me that the movie was more of an attempt at low budget sci-fi using a porn cast with limited sex tossed in for couples to get frisky than a dedicated porn enthusiast would care for yet there were enough sexual moments to combine with the pure cheese to merit a rating of Rent It if you have any taste at all. I’m sure fans of the ladies will appreciate seeing some wwho are off the market these days or early performances by ladies who are now far more comfortable speaking lines handed them moments before, but in the bigger scheme of things, there was a lot of fun factor cheese to enjoy even if you probably won’t get too excited to populate your spank bank much so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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