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DP Me 3

Studio: Mile High Distribution » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/12/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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DP Me 3

Hard X/Mile High Distribution

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Genre: Gonzo, Double Penetration

Director: Mason


Cast: Kelsi Monroe, Erik Everhard, Mick Blue, A.J. Applegate, James Deen, Jillian Janson, Valentina Nappi

Length: 163:34 minutes

Dates of Production: 6/8/2015

Extras: The best extra was a 11:02 minute long Behind the Scenes interviews (nudity and extra sex included, starting off with Mason and Kelsi joking about emergency sirens in the background). There was a slip cover, a pop shot recap, and a slideshow as the other extras.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: DP Me 3 was presented in a crisp, anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Mason for Hard X. Mason handled all the camera work and other decisions here, the editing by Royson Hall working well to blend some of the footage together with the smooth panning and composition of the shots enhancing the looks of the ladies. There was no continuous company watermark on the screen and the show looked very good on the big screen as well as computer (when I spot checked it to harvest screen captures for this review). The aural components of the movie were pretty solid overall, the vocals discernible once the tease montages were over and the music not distracting from the heat of the trysts. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital using the 192 Kbps audio bitrate and expected 48 kHz sampling rate, the sound captured well enough to hear some of the whispered comments between the performers.


Body of Review: Mason is a popular female director at Hard X who specializes in both hardcore gonzo and lighter erotica fare. Her latest title to come in for review is called DP Me 3, a collection of four hardcore scenes starring ladies such as cover gal Kelsi Monroe, Jillian Janson, Valentina Nappi, and the ever adorable AJ Applegate. The basic premise of the show was simple enough, each of the quartet was boned with two cocks at the same time, doing double penetrations of one sort or another (DP, DA, and DV) with ample oral and tease footage to round out the strokable footage. While volume 2 never came in for review, I enjoyed the first volume enough to open up my schedule for this one, quickly finding that the men were a major upgrade, a fact likely to contribute to enhanced performances by the ladies, Erik Everhard in each scene and Mick Blue in most of them. For those who adore Mason’s ability to capture hardcore footage while getting the best out of her cast, you will find this recent release well worth checking out.

The back cover described the movie like this: “Award winning adult entertainment studio, Hard X, is proud to announce "DP Me Vol. 3," featuring Kelsi Monroe's 1st DP scene! "DP Me Vol. 3," also stars the stunningly beautiful Jillian Janson in a rare DP scene, the voluptuous Valentina Nappi, and the astounding AJ Applegate in a relentless DV/DA scene. "DP Me Vol. 3" is shot and directed by the award winning Mason. Do not miss!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Kelsi Monroe, the cover hotty from Florida with the glorious ass, was up first in a rainbow mesh dress over a skimpy thong as Mason interviewed her, the gal admitting this was not only her first DP but the only way she could get off is by ass play. She was out by the pool and reveling in the fact that she was working with her two favorite guys in porn, Erik Everhard and Mick Blue, the short interview followed by some inspirational though all too short tease out by the pool. As her ass has grown since the last time she worked for Mason, the director made sure to emphasize the shapely rump, spraying it with oil and water as well as following her around, the music fading out as she appeared in the house to be playfully molested by the guys. She gave them some hand to gland friction and dropped to her knees to slob their knobs, both men sporting turgid erections ready to tear her up when given the chance. Her eye contact was solid and she nuzzled nuts at times rather than try to throat them to the hilt, the gal actively riding during the initial vaginal penetration though becoming passive when the guys gave her the advertised double penetration (DP). She was very loud about the act too, pornishly loud, and given the grimaces she made with her face, she looked in pain all too often though she pressed onward, flipping over and doing better during the lengthy bouts of anal only, some taste testing included as she blew them clean from time to time. In the end, she milked their balls dry of semen for a couple of major facials, looking satisfied that it was all over though Mick went back in like a maniac for a moment too. The company website described the scene like this: “Hard X Fan fav Kelsi Monroe is excited about this special occasion; her FIRST DP!!! To make matters even more exciting, Kelsi is getting DP'ed by her two favorite cocks: Mick Blue & Erik Everhard. Strutting her ass during the tease you can tell Kelsi can hardly wait to have two cocks inside of her at once and she gets exactly what she and you the fans have been asking for!”



Scene Two: A.J. Applegate, a blond beauty with brilliant eyes and a fresh face, was up nest in a scene with James Deen and Erik Everhard, not quite as good a pair up as the other ladies received by a far cry from many of the third and fourth tier males used all too often to save a buck these days. AJ wore a pretty pink outfit and matching accessories, a jeweled anal plug nestled deep inside her glorious ass as she teased in an all white room in seductive manner. AJ was thicker than usual here and Mason wisely zoomed in on her eyes a few times, doing this for all the ladies too, the oil and water portion too short though I would be lying if I said the tease alone was anything less than strokable spank bank material I hope to remember at award voting time. Both men were scruffy from lack of shaving but were very attentive to AJ, easing her plug out a bit and diddling her to warm her up, the gal inhaling their cocks deeply during her blowjobs and the guys going down on her as well. AJ was returning from a break when this scene was shot so there was the added appeal of her really wanting a full workout, the gal doing not just a DP but double vaginal and double anal as well, the gal showing the difference between a top tier lady doing quality guys versus lesser mopes, the chemistry certainly elevated. James pounded her in doggy vag with the plug back in her perfect pucker as she worked on Erik, the guys soon trading places and including her ass in their repertoire where she also actively rode them, the gal even pumping during the standard DP. Her nipples were rock hard and she wasn’t screaming out in a fake manner like so many do but I had no doubt she was totally and truly into the action, her bald beaver glistening with juices as the guys both pushed as deep inside her as they could (in some weaker DP scenes, one guy will remain static the whole time). They choked her to heighten the pleasure and while I really dislike the whole idea of two guys rubbing their cocks together in a chick, AJ seemed to view it as a right of passage rather than a marketing ploy, her hand stuffed in her pussy and James filling her mouth with his own fingers at times. In any case, the circus act sex tricks were not overly long in duration and she clearly appeared to get off a number of times, the white couch looking like it was soaked in sweat as she taste tested them and continued to actively ride as able, her eyes wide open as she drained their dragons of sperm for major facials as she rubbed another orgasm out in believable fashion. The company website described the scene like this: “AJ Applegate returns to Hard X in high form with a mind blowing DP that features both double vaginal AND double anal penetration from Erik Everhard and James Deen! Warming up her luscious ass with a sparkly pink butt plug as she shows off her stunning body, Aj Applegate gets ready for a mind blowing fucking that Hard X fans are absolutely going to love. 'I love having two dicks in my ass at the same time it's so good' she moans as Erik and James hit all the right spots!”



Scene Three: Jillian Janson, a fetching young lady from Minneapolis with dazzling eyes and a body built for speed over comfort, was up next with Erik Everhard and Mick Blue, the gal wearing a sleek black mesh outfit that looked sexy on her frame. I’ll be frank and admit that this amazing beauty has sometimes proven hit or miss for my tastes but when she is paired up with the right partner(s), she can really crank out a winner of a scene under a very strong director. The tease this time was slower and more deliberate, a lot of close up shots mixed into the montage as she stood in front of a water spotted window before she was in the contemporary home stroking both guys as they pawed her and took turns kissing her. Jillian used dirty talk sparingly here, the men sucking her nipples and otherwise enjoying warming her up before she almost immediately started coughing when blowing them, her excellent eye contact and throating skills pushing her limits a little. As she squatted to blow them, she looked almost too young at times too, her shaven pubic area and skinny but all natural body not really my thing until she bent over in doggy to accentuate her perky little ass as she arched her back. Mick helped her take off her shoes as she blew Erik in this position, Mick then pounding her otherwise passive pussy as Erik pushed from the front. The men then changed positions so Erik could hammer her ass as she blew Mick clean, her precious pucker spreading very readily as she teased Mick’s balls and stroked his raging boner. The guys then took her in the advertised DP and hit it hard, Jillian fairly quiet most of the time until she started to orgasm which was when she became louder than believable. Both guys actively porked her pucker though, choking her a little and otherwise seeking to stimulate her, the gal always best with one cock inside her, the juices flowing more freely as she diddled her pussy with a pecker in her pucker. She always looked in pain though, even when she rubbed one out for them and swallowed their loads during the nutting phase of the scene, Mick going first and Erik unleashing his manly fluids after, though again, the guys went back in for a last round of boning too. The company website described the scene like this: “The long awaited DP of Jillian Janson has arrived! The fair haired Hard X siren takes on Mick Blue and Erik Everhard at the same time, filling her ass and pussy simultaneously as only this seasoned DP duo can. Hard X fans have been asking to see Jillian take two cocks at once and this scene is the DP you've been waiting for!”



Scene Four: Valentina Nappi, an exciting brunette from Italy, was up last with Erik Everhard and Mick Blue, her pink and black bikini barely covering her sensuously shaped figure as she teased outside with enough oil to shine brightly. She seemed a little standoffish during the tease but once she was sprayed with a lot of oil and water, her ass started twitching as though it had a mind of it’s own, her generous tits displayed nicely too though not as frequently as that bombshell booty. Valentina has long had an extra exotic appeal for some reason, her accent certainly not hurting at all but most of it coming from her open sexuality, the tease leading to show her paired up with the guys in the living room by the white couch, dropping down when naked to throat their cocks with relative ease, the men using her mouth as a cock socket where they would fuck her face as she jerked the other off. I’m not a big fan of gals making “glub glub” noises during blowjobs, even messy blowjobs like the ones she was providing them here, her attention to the camera a little distracting too. But in terms of being a full service piece of ass, Valentina did manage to gain my attention here, Mick getting her in a head down, ass in the air position to eat her ass as she blew Erik, the gal then mounting the Canadian to drill her ass as Mick gave her mouth something to think about. Her fleshy ass enveloped Erik’s cock and he slapped her cheeks a bit but she was an active rider, the guys switching spots so Mick was fucking her pussy as Erik came up behind her to consummate the first DP of their tryst. The guys both actively pounded her at the same time and in athletic terms, she was shown pushing back to meet their thrusts as able, her eye contact enhanced and overall attitude showing she was having at least a little fun, the rest of the scene showing her do more DP’s even if a single cock tearing her up either vaginally or anally worked better, more head provided too. The scene finished up with the guys beating off to her welcoming face, Valentina providing post coital head and allowing Mick back in her ass before Erik dove in her pussy one last time, the gal yelling before she eased off them to taste test them as the camera faded out. The company website described the scene like this: “Italian goddess Valentina Nappi takes on Mick Blue and Erik Everhard at the same time, thanking the stars for the endless orgasms she receives from having both of their cocks inside of her at the same time!”

Summary: DP Me 3 by director Mason for Hard X was a fun fuck flick with four scenes of hardcore sexual trysts consummated with a generous helping of oil and anal so I rated the movie as a high end Recommended thanks in no small part to the wonderful efforts of ladies such as AJ Applegate (doing various circus act stunts) and Valentina Nappi cranking up the heat, Kelsi Monroe getting through her first DP on camera reasonably well as did more experienced Jillian. In short then, DP Me 3 was a strokable little gonzo outing centering on a quartet of attractive ladies opening their pussies and asses at the same time with often active riding, director Mason again proving to deliver the best action possible out of the cast at hand so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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