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Ariella Ferrera 1

Studio: Naughty America » Review by silkenshadow » Review Date: 10/16/15

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Cast: Ariella Ferrera, Johnny Castle

Genre: All-Sex Release, Compilation, 

Running Time: 155 Minutes

Condoms: None

Audio/Video: To be truthful this is the best part of this release beyond Ariella herself. The audio is crisp and clear. The video is very good quality. Regardless of being played on the computer or in a DVD player the viewer is treated to crisp clear video that adds to the pleasures that Ariella Ferrera brings to the table. The camera work is also very well done and certainly adds to the pleasure. Some ofmy favourite moments come from the first scene.  

Extras: I found the extras sadly lacking here. While there is a picture gallery that provides some wonderful reminders of the scenes contained on the DVD, the rest is very poor. We have a Pornstar Interview but it's not even with Ariella Ferrera. Whats the point of that? If I am going to buy a DVD featuring one specific performer I want the extras to relate to performer not some randomly picked out pornstar. This was disappointing especially since Ariella is relatively new to the scene. The rest of the extras are just trailers from other releases. 

Body of Review:

Let's be honest, everyone loves a MILFs and Cougars. These women fulfill our fantasies and desires. Their popularity certainly has created a whole genre of releases in the Adult Industry.  MILFs/Cougars like Julia Ann, Nina Hartley, Lisa Ann, and Nikki Benz are household names for any lovers of porn. It's time we add one more name to that list the busty, beautiful Colombian Ariella Ferrera. Though she has been performing for a few years now for various studios this release provides us with a look at five scenes from Naughty America. Not so much a showcase but a compilation this release is a great way to introduce yourself to Ariella. We are treated to her beautiful body and stunningly sexy skills, While there is no Girl-Girl action there is a threesome. I certainly enjoyed acquainting myself with Ariella. I am sure you will too.   

Ariella As MILF

This is a lovely first scene. I will admit I had no previous experience with Ariella Ferrera. This scene begins with “Billy” looking for his friends but can’t find them instead finds Ariella getting ready for a shower. It is clear he is slightly embarrassed but Ariella does her best to make him feel at ease. She soon begins to seduce him with her body and even admits that she admits she invited him on the fishing trip so she have “some play time”. She soon begins to enjoy all Billy has to offer. Ariella is very dominant during this scene and it's fun to see. She is the one is obviously in control of both her pleasures and the pleasures of Billy. They move from the bathroom to the shower, to the bed. Ariella’s appetite can’t be satisfied.  She certainly has many ways of enjoying his cock from oral to riding him cowgirl. One of my favourite parts of Ariella is her beautiful smile as she indulges in what Billy can offer her. It’s fun to see the pleasure cross her face. These two certainly do enjoy their “playtime” in a variety of positions. Billy soon is enjoying Ariella as much as she was enjoying him. Once he gets started there is no stopping and he enjoys “playing” with her. The scene closes with an orgasm from Billy and a very happy Ariella.

Ariella As Teacher

This scene begins in a very familiar setup of a classroom. Ariella is trying to grade Johnny’s work but soon becomes obvious that she isn’t having too much luck. Her pen runs out of ink. In her quest to find a new one she ends up dealing with a stuck drawer and papers flying everywhere. Johnny notices this and asks his teacher what’s wrong. Ariella recounts the week she has had and how everything seems to be going wrong. Johnny suggests to her a very inventive solution to her woes “Rub One Out, Have an orgasm”. At first she seems a little reluctant to the idea but Johnny acts as a guide. It isn’t long before she learns that this indeed helps with all the stress and shares with us one very loud but satisfying orgasm. Johnny soon eagerly helps her have another to which Ariella declares she wants seven to make up for the whole week. I think this once more shows us how much Ariella enjoys sex and wants to indulge with Johnny. She clearly can’t get enough. Ariella is indeed a true sexual dynamo. We are treated to a variety of positions so we can enjoy ALL Ariella can offer a lover.

It’s important to note that she gives as much as gets and happily enjoys smothering Johnny with her tits at one point. I loved how this scene although very similar to the one before gave us a different variation on the BG. Ariella is very different, or at least until her pleasure overwhelms her, in both scenes. It’s fun how she can be very dominant in the first and then in this one definitely more mousy and submissive. This release is certainly shaping up to be a fun introduction to Ariella Ferrera.

By the end of the scene Ariella gets her wish of making up for her week and gets an extra special bonus of a wonderful facial from Johnny. Does this make this scene an “A+”?

Ariella as Sexy Neighbor

Johnny is with a friend who encourages him to help out with a neighbor in moving some furniture. Classic setup am I right? Ariella is certainly grateful for the help and Johnny teases his friend that he could of sealed the deal sooner if she had asked him to help. The boys go back and forth a bit but Ariella is quick to point there is certainly enough of her to go around and can reward both of them. Ariella starts with a bit  of oral for both partners but soon moves to being between them so one can fuck as she sucks the other. It’s clear Ariella enjoys sharing herself and knows that “sharing IS caring”, but she doesn’t stop there. After a bit more fucking she suggests to the boys that that they share her asshole as well. So we are given a treat of some anal. Soon though we are given one more treat: Double Penetration. Ariella once more shows that her appetite for pleasure can rarely be contained and once more I enjoyed her smiles and moans of pleasure. Pleasures for all! I am sure you will enjoy the double facial cumshot that closes out this scene as much as Ariella did.

Ariella as MILF 2

Once more we are treated to a very sexy and beautiful Ariella Ferrera. She is once more a very confident woman who knows exactly what she wants. Johnny drops by for a visit and Ariella puts it plainly that she is getting back in the dating scene but doesn’t want someone “old” but instead wants Johnny. Johnny is certainly more than happy to comply and indulge in this request. Once Ariella gets going it's not hard to see why. There is plenty of oral by both Ariella and Johnny so pleasures can be had either way or even BOTH. We soon move to fucking where you just might become hypnotised by Ariella’s hip movements as she moves against Johnny. In the end we close with a very familiar facial cumshot from Johnny.

As much as it is fun to see Ariella enjoy being with another I found a few flaws in this scene. One is that I feel at this point it is becoming repetitive. This scene is VERY similar to first scene on the DVD only replacing Johnny with Billy and slightly changing the location.  I was also slightly disappointed that once again we see Ariella with Johnny Castle. I would love to see her with a different partner and see if the chemistry and interaction changes.  I think the previous two scenes did a great job at establishing and sharing the chemistry these two had for each other. Also it becomes clear that this release is more of a compilation rather than a showcase because the video dramatically changes. The aspect ratio is completely different. This can be slightly disjarring and slightly confusing.

Ariella as Seductress

So here at treated to Ariella as slowly simmering seductress. Ariella shares with her partner how happy she is at the success of her friend with her friend’s husband. She soon comes on him and wants him to enjoy with him. He is very reluctant at first so Ariella does what she can to convince him through seductive touching and kissing. At this  point viewers may find themselves wanting to be her partner. The scene moves to plenty of oral for both. I know I found it pleasurable to watch the way Ariella’s body reacted her partner’s tongue. The way her thigh would quiver is a delightful pleasure. Another delightful pleasure is seeing the way Ariella’s boobs bounce and wobble as she is fucked on the couch. The overhead camera angle give us some of the best views yet in this release. We are also treated to some delicious closeups during the fucking and of her ass as she rides her partner. All this adds up to a wonderful feast of pleasures and wonderful examples of Ariella’s wonderful looks. This was my favourite scene of the release for these reasons. In way in this scene I am being seduced by Ariella Ferrera and not just her partner. I only wish it had come sooner in the DVD but perhaps patience has great rewards.

Final Thoughts

Ariella Ferrera provides us wonderful pleasure which to enjoy in this compilation. I was disappointed though that release proved to be a compilation of scenes from Naughty America rather than a showcase. These scenes tended to be a little cliche in nature but did certainly highlight the beauty that is Ariella. I did find that having Johnny Castle in three out of the five scenes was a bit much. In fact, the third scene in this DVD seemed to be a slight rehash of the first and decreases the replay value of each of the scenes. All of these add up to me saying you  would much better off to RENT IT rather than buying it. Though if you are looking for a busty MILF who certainly has passion and enjoyment for what she does why not check out Ariella Ferrara?                               

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