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Anal Models

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 10/20/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Anal



Cast: Megan Rain/Kimberly Brix/Taylor May/Cassidy Klein/Manuel Ferrara/Mick Blue/Chris Strokes

Director: Greg Lansky

Extras: Photo Gallery/Web

Release Date: 10/19/2015

Runtime: 150 Mins

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*Audio/Video Levels: Greg Lansky's Anal Models from Tushy.com was enhanced for widescreen viewing, with Lansky's authentic style of filming adding to the vibe quite nicely throughout the entire 150 minute runtime that the film runs for, adding a sensual vibe to the overall effect while still maintaining the gonzo feel that makes many of Greg's scenes stand out from most typical gonzo driven films. There was some music thrown at various points throughout the intro segments, giving a nice effect to the given scenario, translating well with no recognized distortion or inaudible moments. 


*Scene 1:

Megan Rain/Manuel Ferrara

Anal, ATM


The premiere scene in Greg Lansky's Anal Models kicks off with a scenario where Manuel Ferrara plays the role of affluent businessman, neighbor to Megan Rain, who's unfortunately at odds with her boyfriend in the introductory moments as Manuel comes home from work. Manuel invites her up to his house for comforting, and after some initial hesitance, Megan decides to take him up on his offer. In the following moments the two go up to Manuel's loft for a glass of wine, Megan looking gorgeous in her short blue dress with black heels, soon letting nature take it's course with some sensual petting that evolves into a wonderfully slopped up blowie from Megan as things unfold. The scene begins with a slow vibe that bodes well to the style of the filming, still managing to capture a hardcore feel thanks to the overt actions of Megan and Manuel. Sex sets in with Megan getting a full fledged dose of dick thrusts in a spoon style positioning, moving into anal quickly afterwards as things gain a gradual steam throughout the course of the scene. Things progress exceedingly well throughout the course of this sensually driven 48 minute anal romp, with the attentive camerawork being the proverbial icing on the cake, giving viewers some great and somewhat uncharacteristic looks at the action given what I've watched from Lansky in recent memory. The final moments consist of a doggie style buttfuck, moving forward as Megan hops up onto her knees to recieve her reward in the form of a semen splashing load to the face, holding her mouth open with a smile to capture as much of Manuel's monster load as possible. Nice. A solid front-to-back effort here for certain; I've yet to see Megan in a scene that I wasn't fond of and I'm looking forward to what the future holds for this hottie. As for Manuel, well he did what Manuel does, unequivocally as well or better than anyone in the industry. Still. 



*Scene 2: 

Kimberly Brix/Manuel Ferrara

Anal, ATM

Brand new beauty Kimberly Brix is the focal point of the second scene, opening things up as she plays the role of "little rich girl", with things setting up as Manuel Ferrara plays her driver who's dropping her off at her house. Early moments of the scene give the viewer an appealing look at Kimberly's adorable persona, not only having a convincing voice that would make any able-bodied male putty in her hands, but an overall look that is perfect for the specific role she has in this scene. After Manuel drops her off at her house she mentions that he's her favorite driver that her father has ever had, with Kimberly walking onward and into her house with a devilish smirk while Manuel gazes at her in this abbreviated slow motion walkshot. Once Kimberly gets into her house she sends a note to her driver that she needs some help, waiting for him as she's stripped out of her white dress and sitting spread eagle on the bed. Action gets underway quickly to follow, with Kimberly giving her co-star a magnificently performed blowie, looking up at him with gentle eyes before he tosses her up on the bed and starts in on the sex in a spoon style positioning. There's a great energy throughout the action, with anal setting shortly thereafter as Kimberly's expressions continue to drive this encounter nicely, switching positions in an organic manner and tossing in some solid ass-gapes in the process. Things ultimately close out with Manuel blasting out a load of dick fluid over Kimberly's adoring face, as she sends us off with a few final throats for goods merit. Another winner here in my opinion; Kimberly not only seems like she's going to have a bright future in the industry, she also seems to have a natural beauty that will make fans flock to her in droves. Top notch ass-fucking goodness here. 



*Scene 3: 

Taylor May/Mick Blue

Anal, Squirting

Taylor May is next on the list of anal models, opening the scene up as she chats on the phone with her "daddy" about a new outfit she just received in the mail. Taylor continues getting ready for her encounter as things move forward, covering her eyes with a sheer blindfold, wearing gloves and panties that match as she soon waits topless for Mick Blue to enter view. There's a fetish inspired vibe to this scene that centers around Taylor playing a more submissive role to Mick's dominant one, continuing as her male counterpart feeds her his jizz-nozzle and she slurps his knob with her blindfold still in place. Action is decent as opposed to the other scenes showcased so far in the film, having a slower moving vibe that didn't translate quite as well as the others, with sex setting in with a missionary style bangout from Mick. The anal comes into play at around the midway point, with Mick slowly plunging his dong into Taylor in a missionary themed buttfuck, drawing up a flurry of pussy squirts from the brunette beauty before things progress into a cowgirl butt-romp. After a few position switches things close with Mick emptying his balls over Taylor's mouth, as she's slurps up the goods and compliments him on the taste of his cum. Aww. I wouldn't say that this scene was particularly bad but it had a lot more drag in it than the others in the film, and even though Taylor had a great look that played well to the overall effect, it just didn't have the extra push that it needed to be great. 



*Scene 4: 

Cassidy Klein/Chris Strokes


The final scene in Greg Lansky's Anal Models kicks off with a classic boyfriend/girlfriend scenario as Chris Strokes and Cassidy Klein playing the role of significant others who are celebrating their two month anniversary. Cassidy explains that she plans on letting Chris fuck her butt for the first time, waiting for him on the kitchen counter in the introductory moments, wearing a lingerie ins[ired get-up with her naked ass pointed toward the sky. After some brief introductory chatter, Strokes dives into Cassidy's asshole face-first, to which she returns the favor with some hard deepthroats as her stud holds her hair behind her head and thrusts her face while she lies on her stomach on the counter. The early blow-j lasts for an extended period of time, moving forward with some missionary style dick plunges from Strokes to set up the sex. There's a pretty nice tone to the scene right off the rip, with anal setting up pretty quickly as Cassidy pries open her asshole for Strokes as he pummels her anus in a missionary themed ass-reaming. Things move into the bedroom at around midway point, continuing in a variety of different positions and centering around anal for the rest of it's runtime, before Strokes unloads his load over Cassidy's chest, spraying a bit on her face before she says, "Happy anniversary, baby." Aww. A pretty nice scene here to close out the movie; the angles played well to the translation and the energy was well captured througout. 




Greg Lansky's Anal Models from Tushy.com had a nice visual appeal as always in his films, starting out wonderfully with a top grade scene from Megan and Manuel, as the remaining segments followed suit nicely with a seemingly gradual pace. The scenes were captured nicely with a few different angles than we're used to seeing in Lansky's films, adding a nice contrast to the overall effect with performances adding just the pop that it needed to make it a memorable watch. Tech specs were strong, having less atmospheric shots than usual but still staying attentive to the primary focus in the film quite well, while DVD extras offer up a nice grouping of photos from each of the scenes as well as web access. Overall, this one's well worthy of a solid recommendation based on the above info; if you're a fan of Lansky's previous works then I think you'll really enjoy it but standard gonzo fans should appreciate it as well. Check it out. Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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