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Gape Tryouts

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 10/22/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Gonzo/Anal




Cast: Adriana Chechik/Rachael Madori/Mia Li/Vicki Chase/Dahlia Sky/Mick Blue

Director: Mick Blue & Maestro Claudio

Extras: BTS/Trailers/Web

Release Date: 10/21/2015

Runtime: 4 Hrs 18 Mins


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Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for BAM Visions' 'Gape Tryouts'!


*Audio/Video Levels: This is a web-based review on BAM Visions' Gape Tryouts from Evil Angel Video. The Evil Angel Website allows for 7 streaming options, the lowest being 160p, and the highest being 1080p. The website also allows a direct download of each individual scene, with the options again ranging from low/standard to 1080p HD should you choose to view it that way. The audio elements are very basic, and the Evil Angel watermark lies on the lower right hand corner of the screen being mostly unnoticeable to viewers. This review is based on the 1080p HD streaming video of this DVD in it's entirety, noting that it's also been released in double disc DVD format with a runtime of 4 hours and 18 minutes in total. The audio portion of the scenes have a conventional gonzo theme, containing no music and consisting of conversation introductory segues. 


*Scene 1:

Adriana Chechik/Mick Blue

Anal, ATM, Dildo DP

The premiere scene in BAM Visions' Gape Tryouts kicks off in the typical fashion that we've seen many top tier gonzo titles do lately, with porn's leading starlet Adriana Chechik. Adriana is dressed excessively wonderful in a colorful porn-inspired bikini get-up, with bright blue fishnets over her legs, colorful high heels, and a buttplug wedged in her asshole immediately upon arrival. The early moments consist of Adriana showing off her talented gaper, with Mick stuffing various things into her asshole before she plops them out, moving into the pool early on to give us some underwater viewings and ultimately indoors to get the scene underway. The assplay intro runs for about 20 minutes before action sets in with Adriana chugging on Mick's cock while he throttles her throat, cradling his balls in her hands and spewing out mass amounts of dickspit in the process. The blowie is as solid as one would expect with Adriana involved, with an unrestrained energy and loads of facefucking action as Adriana's mouth overflows like a volcano while Mick thrusts her cakehole. Sex goes "straight to the A" immediately upon it's start, continuing with great energy and running rampant with huge gapes and a generous viewing of the action thanks to the Maestro's meticulous angles. Some more assplay takes place at around the midway point, with Mick stuffing a monster-sized dildo into Adriana's anus that looks like it's going to come out of her mouth if he goes any deeper, later blasting her pussy while the dildo lies lodged inside her ass for some DP action. Things progress fantastically as the scene unravels, keeping a strong yet playful vibe that mixes in lots of vaginal sex as well as anal before the finale. It caps off after a rough doggie style fuck, with Adriana falling to her knees and slurping up the contents of Mick's balls, spattering over her face before she stands up and winks her asshole at the home viewers to say goodbye. Aww. At this point I'm not sure if there's anything more positive I could say about Adriana Chechik that I haven't already said; this scene was a stellar effort on all facets. From camerawork to performance I loved every second of it. 




*Scene 2:

Rachael Madori/Mick Blue

Anal, ATM, Dildo DP

Rachael Madori is next up, with the camera capturing her bright colored panties directly upon arrival while Mick chats her up from behind the camera. Opening moments consist of Rachael sharing a few things about how she got her name and the like, with Mick asking her about her limits a bit throughout the intro while she shows off her bush for the home viewers. Things move forward in a relatively uneventful manner, showcasing Rachael's asshole being poked and prodded with various plugs and props, translating pretty slowly and running entirely too long as things move forward. The early parts are almost a constant upshot, focusing on Rachael's ass and the purple diamond buttlug that's inside of it, neglecting any full body views and flurried with constant conversation from our co-director. Rachael's dressed in a green and black porn-inspired fishnet outfit, with pre-sex foreplay ultimately running the course of the first 30 minutes before the opening blowie ultimately sets in. Once things finally start moving it's pretty solid, with Rachael letting out some exaggerated cock-chokes as Mick thrusts her cakehole, drawing up some hard gags from our featured starlet as she munches his ballsack and takes care of business convincingly. Sex sets in with a doggie style buttfuck, already 37 minutes into the scene as Rachael bends over for an ass slamming over the chair. The angle gives the viewer primarily a penetration shot (aside from the moments where it rushes up to her face), as she yelps in modified pitch like she's riding a roller-coaster while Mick pumps her hole ruthlessly.  The sex bounces from vaginal to anal in the latter parts, translating fairly well to the viewers thanks to some mildly intense moments, but there are so many breaks and interruptions that it tends to drag in parts. The finale definitely serves as the most memorable part of the scene, featuring the all-too neglected pile driver buttfuck where Rachael pummels her pussy with a dildo and the cooze drips out of her like a cascading fountain. The scene caps off after a full hour and 3 minutes, with Mick blasting Rachael with a load of cock-juice straight to the face, some landing in her eye, before she stands up and shows us one final ass-wink to send us on our way. Ok, so where do I begin...? I felt like this could have been a great scene without the excessive lag; there were some really strong moments at parts but it was all over the place. Although I didn't love it, I think the performances were there and most who skip through it will enjoy it. But the front to back viewing had a lot of lag.



*Scene 3: 

Mia Li/Mick Blue

Anal, ATM, Dildo DP

Mia Li opens up the third scene, in an introduction that I can safely say I've never seen in a porn movie; it consists of Mia singing us an ass-inspired melody about buttfucking while showing off her ukulele skills, and although this is simply a porn review I have to say it was a pretty compelling piece. Sure, it's about buttfucking and it's pretty silly but Mia is fucking good! Anyways, onto the porn. After Mick ogles at her for her efforts, we get some walkshots of Mia, dressed appropriately for the role in a black fishnet number with blue underneath, finalizing the look with a clear buttplug lodged in her asshole for added effect. The intro again lasts for an extended period of time, mainly featuring Mick stuffing a variety of dildos into Mia's asshole while she gushingly thanks him in the midst of it. The blowie sets up at almost 30 minutes in, with Mia making mouth love to her director's cock while he thrusts it in her mouth and the flurries of dickspit drip down her body, soon leading into the sex that sets in with a doggie style dickdown. There's a nice energy to the scene through most of the action once it begins, moving into the anal at midway point and running through a nice array of positioning through it's hour and 3 minute runtime. Things ultimately close out with an extended doggie style buttfuck, leading up to Mick dropping his load over Mia's face before she sends us off with another tune on her ukulele. Cool! Much like the last scene I thought the prolonged runtime might have served as more hindrance than help, but nonetheless the sex was great once it got started and Mia's talents certainly go far beyond her stunning looks and stellar gapes.



*Scene 4: 

Vicki Chase/Dahlia Sky/Mick Blue

Anal, ATM

The final scene in BAM Visions' Gape Tryouts begins with Vicki Chase encapsulating our view, looking sensational as always in a porno-esque black swimsuit, with her buttplug visible through her fishnet bottoms as it lies tightly lodged in her anus. Vicki lies as the center focus early on, chatting it up with Mick Bue before the camera gets a generous walkshot of her ass going into another room where Dahlia Sky eagerly awaits. Dahlia's dressed in a nicely porn-inspired black get-up with a foxtail buttplug shoved in her asshole, purring to Vicki tawdrily as they kick off the action with some girl/girl muff munching fun to predicate the action. The girls' exaggerated expressions and acts make this intro the most memorable one in the film, as Mick eventually joins in on the fun to poke and prod at Dahlia's ass while Vicki lends a helping hand wherever needed. Dahlia and Vicki switch roles throughout this ass-inspired segment, showing off their gapes and slamming each others holes with a multitude of different toys and lube before the ass-fucking sets in at about 34 minutes. Dahlia's the first to take Mick's cock, doing so wonderfully in a well-shot pile-driver anal sequence where Vicki sloppily slurps at her pussy while our co-director pummels her ass, pulling out sporadically as Vicki gives him some ATM throat chugs for added effect. Afterwards, a mid-scene double facefuck from Mick sets in, evolving as Vicki hops on his schlong for some cowgirl style fucking, with Dahlia taking her place below them to lick whatever part of their body she can get het tongue on. Intensity levels are spot-on in the later stages of the scene, having a really authentic feel to the sex that translates quite well as Mick rifles through both of their assholes like a freight train. Things cap off after an hour and 5 minutes of buttfucking fun, ending as Mick drains his ball over the girls faces and they have a quick makeout sesh to send us on our way. Cool!! Great scene to end the film on here; Vicki and Dahlia's convincing affection toward each other made it even better than it already was, and the final result is a win/win for all. A great pairing with Dahlia and Vicki, and Mick did what Mick does. Good stuff. 




Mick Blue and Maestro Claudio's Gape Tryouts from Evil Angel Video captured a pretty solid sequence of extended ass-inspired events throughout it's double disc 4 hour+ runtime, starting with an excellent scene from Adriana Chechik that I wasn't surprised to be the strongest in this mainly solid overall effort. All of the scenes stayed true to the title, and while I enjoyed the better half of what I saw here, I also thought that the ambitious lengthiness of some of the scenes did less of a favor for the viewing than perhaps editing some slow segments out and adding another scene, but that's why I make the small bucks, I guess. Either way, there's some great stuff wrapped into each and every scene, but you might have to skim through some of them to really find them. DVD extras include a BTS segment from each scene with candid post scene conversation, rounded out with a grouping of trailers from the BAM Visions crew to cap it off.  I appreciate that Claudio isn't afraid to get his hands dirty when shooting, noting that some of the angles he gets because of it are as good or better than anyone in gonzo; penetration shots seemed to be the common theme through a lot of this particular movie, but he also managed to capture the girls' expressions nicely throughout the sex. I'd give this one a solid recommendation based on the above material, noting those who love watching hot babes getting their assholes stretched to their limits will probably be smitten to have this one in their collection. So give it a look if you see something you like. Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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