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Aaliyah Love: All You Need Is Love

Studio: AE Films » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 10/25/15

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Category: Spotlight/All Sex



Cast: Aaliyah Love/Penny Pax/Cherie DeVille/Abigail Mac/Prince Yahshua/Ryan Driller

Director: Jay Rock

Extras: BTS/Trailers

Release Date: 10/29/2015

Runtime: 145 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for 'Aaliyah Love: All you Need Is Love'!


*Introduction to Review: Jay Rock's 'Aaliyah Love: All you Need is Love' from AE Films is a spotlight showcase based around solo porngirl turned performer Aaliyah Love, with four scenes that feature everything from Girl/Girl anal sex to an interracial 3-way. Aaliyah has been involved in the industry since around 2003, starting her career with a successful solo site which she still maintains, and starting in boy/girl scenes only a couple of years back. The blonde haired, high-spirited beauty is known for being one of the more outspoken girl's in the industry, building and maintaining a huge fanbase throughout her time in porn, resulting in AE Films giving her this spotlight showcase release that's due to come out later this week (October 29th). AE Films describes the movie like this: 'It only takes one glimpse of Aaliyah for Love at first sight! Bubbly and bright, Aaliyah has a mischievous, playful side that will drive you wild and tantalize your desires. Watch this sexy starlet go deep with Ryan Driller, get dirty with Penny Pax, slip between the sheets with Cherie DeVille and Prince Yahshua, and get intimate with Abigail Mac. Blondes have never had more fun, and neither will you! AE Films' latest is a labor of Love... and Lust.' 



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*Audio/Video Levels: 'Aaliyah Love: All you Need Is Love' was enhanced for widescreen viewing, with solid lighting and a clear picture that helped some of the tease and outdoor sequences, with the second camera operator being credited to Donnie Cabo. There was no continuous company logo featured on the screen througout the movie and there were some musical intros that added a nice pop to some of the pre-scene teases, with the theme song having a more indie feel than the commonly used dubstep intro teases that most gonzo producers are using these days.  Each segment started with a pre-scene interview, translating well with no recognized distortion or inaudible moments, with two of the scenes having a tease sequence to open up while the others started more spontaneously.


*Scene 1:

Aaliyah Love/Ryan Driller

Jay Rock's Aaliyah Love: All You Need Is Love kicks off with a few words where our featured starlet thanks her fans, followed by an introductory tease that sets up yet another talking piece from Aaliyah where she speaks about the upcoming scene. The opening tease is solid, set to the sounds of an indie-esque musical piece with a female vocal as Aaliyah shakes it up for the home viewers with the camera capturing mostly close-up views of her face and body, lasting upwards to 4 minutes in total. The scene fades in as we see Aaliyah getting frisky with Ryan Driller, known for his suave looks among a few other things, as things set up with a pretty sensual themed vibe that initiates with Ryan taking a face-first dive into Aaliyah's pussy to get the ball rolling.  Aaliyah returns the favor with a blowie to follow suit, leading into the sex that ultimately sets in as she hops on Driller's dong for some cowgirl dick rides. The viewing is loaded with sporadic close-up penetration shots, carrying a mostly exaggerated vibe from Aaliyah that translates as fair at best, even in it's most memorable moments. Positioning runs through a variety of different looks, performed decently as things unfold with much of the same throughout this 32 minute endeavor, and ending as Ryan shoves Aaliyah's panties into her mouth and busts a load of cocksauce over her face. Meh. This was a pretty drab way to start the film; there were some moments that I felt were a little over-performed and some desperate attempts to make it  better tthan it ever had the chance of being. Add that to the unnecessary excessive close-ups and seemingly inattentive direction and I'd call this a mid-level scene at best. 



*Scene 2: 

Aaliyah Love/Penny Pax

Girl/Girl, Dildo Anal, Dildo ATM

The next scene starts up with another pre-scene interview where Aaliyah opens up about her assertive nature and willingness to speak her mind, soon cutting into another quick interview segment featuring her and her co-star in the scene, Penny Pax. After the girls talk about how they met and became smitten with each other, the screen rolls into a quick tease segment where Aaliyah and Penny strip out of their clothes, then leading into a playful lesbianic affair that begins as Penny slurps at Aaliyah's asshole to get the action moving. Aaliyah returns the favor shortly thereafter, whipping out a conveniently placed dildo in-between the mass of playful conversation that flurries the scene, ultimately shoving it into Penny's asshole while dittling her cooter simultaneously throughout. A lot of the scene focuses around assplay and the like, with both girls getting their fair share of dildo-to-ass action, relying heavily on what seemed as a more simulated style of sex than what I'd personally approve of. The camera angles were again flooded with penetration shots of dildo's going in asses, not really giving the viewer a good look at the girls' expressions and sort of dragging because of it. Things ultimately finish off as they share a few final kisses and the screen fades as Aaliyah blows a kiss to the home viewers. Unfortunately, this was another scene that I wasn't really too fond of. It felt a little forced to me and although I will continue to sing Penny's praises I really don't think that this is a scene she'll be putting at the forefront of her list when she one day reflects back on some of her best performances.



*Scene 3: 

Aaliyah Love/Cherie DeVille/Prince Yahshua


Next up is Aaliyah's interracial scene with Prince Yahshua, featuring the gorgeous Cherie DeVille as her partner in crime. The scene again opens with an interview piece where Cherie and Aaliyah talking about the upcoming events, moving forward as the screen fades into Prince Yahshua centering himself between the girls and they give him a slopped up blowie to initiate the action.  The blowie has it's moments, eventually moving into Aaliyah being the first at the helm, taking a cowgirl dick-ride on Prince's plonker while Cherie lends a helping hand wherever needed. The performance in this scene is more convincing than the scenes showcased thus far, having a pretty strong vibe that's again somewhat negated by overt close-up views that run rampant throughout. Both girls get their fair share of Prince's jizzwhistle, switching up sporadically as the scene unfolds, and running through a mostly organic theme of position switches. Most of the switches are bridged by the girls eating each other out, with Prince staying focused on the task at hand, which is fucking whichever pussy he can get his hands on. Things ultimately reach their finale point with a cowgirl fuck given to our featured starlet while Cherie plays spotter, finger-blasting herself in the closing segment while Prince releases his nut inside of Aaliyah and drips it into her mouth. A nice scene here overall that probably serves as the most memorable in the film thus far; it was far from perfect but I think Cherie's presence made for a nice contrast and Prince did his thing, which is no surprise given his recent track record. 



*Scene 4: 

Aaliyah love/ Abigail Mac


The final scene in Jay Rock's Aaliyah Love: All You Need Is Love starts with Aaliyah saying her goodbyes through a "What's next for Aaliyah Love" interview piece where she talks about how she never thought she'd be doing boy/girl scenes, etc. etc. The opening of the scene itself begins with what is definitely the most visually appealing sequence in the movie, featuring our primary focus lying face down on a tanning chair as the sun lies low in the distance. The action gets moving right off the rip, with Abigail Mac ravaging Aaliyah's pussy and being the "giver" through most of the early parts of the scene, switching roles around midway point and altering sporadically throughout the progression. Action has a nice vibe and gives the viewer a good enough look at the action to allow it to shine if the performance is right, but there's no question that it trails off a bit in the later moments, relying mainly on the 'eye-candy' appeal and ending as the theme song plays in the background while the girls share a kiss to finish. This was a mainly predictable ending to the film; a decent energy that gradually declined as the scene moved forward. Hey, their hot though!




Jay Rock's Aaliyah Love: All You Need Is Love from AE Films manages to capture Aaliyah's personality and known outspokenness much better than it's advertised scenes, having a mainly dull feel to it all when looking back and resulting in one of the less noteworthy spotlight movies I've seen in recent memory. There didn't seem to be much care or concern in the actual filming or editing of the movie, and when you calculate in the simulated impression that a lot of the sex gave then there just isn't much to be said about this one. I thought some of the camerawork here was disastrous to put it mildly, giving it a low-end feel with a replay value that I couldn't possibly say is even close to mid-level. Extras on the DVD include a 14 minute BTS segment where our featured starlet chats openly with the producers, rounded out with a grouping of DVD trailers from the AE Films crew. Overall, recommending this one would be a physical impossibility for me; I think Aaliyah's gaggle of fans are likely to thinks it's decent since she's in it, but if someone tells you the performances are anywhere close to great then that person is lying. I'd give this one a low-end Rent It marking based on it being a showcase to recommend for superfans of Aaliyah Love, everyone else should stear clear. Rent It. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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